Aphrodite’s Pearl: The Self-Love Oracle Course

A Seven-Session Course by Telephone Conference

This summer give yourself the gift of all gifts…the lushest, richest, sweetest, deepest, most vibrant, luxurious, luminous, gift of all.  This summer dive into a pool of the most nurturing essence of your own soul, and reach a level of being nourished that you have never experienced before.  Witness for yourself how Self-Love changes the very landscape of your being…and the entirety of the way you see your life…

Like finally kicking off your shoes…dropping all the balls you’ve had in the air, letting all the papers you carry fly to the wind…and sinking your toes into warm earth.  Like letting yourself walk through an enchanted, sun-lit realm you once knew…  Like letting your hair down and finding out just what an amazing, beautiful creature you are…immerse yourself completely in the most powerful force that exists in the universe…Love.  Find out that loving yourself first really does make you the purest and truest vessel of love of all.  And in the process discover the hidden bliss of your secret joy…a secret to you never again.

This course will also be guided by the Goddess Aphrodite, who will offer her own special “pearls” for entering into Self-Love, and lead us through deep and profound states of healing.

This will be the time that you finally learn to give yourself all you may have postponed out of conditioning, and unlearn what you have been taught and shown about how to relate to yourself.  It is the new era that you discover how to stop time again and learn to live in alignment with your true nature, and your soul’s bliss.  This is the moment that you learn what it means to make the most radical act of all…to deeply accept and love who you are.

Find out why Self-Love is the ultimate foundation of every aspect of walking the Oracle Path…why it is the truest “tripod” that supported the work and hearts of the Oracles of all ages.  Though all of the Oracle Courses and teachings offer a foundation of Self-Love, there is nothing like this course which allows a full and complete focus on nothing but luscious and outrageous Self-Love all summer long.  Be a renegade…find out how to take back your life…and you will never want to let it go again.

There is no more potent force of healing and change in the universe than Self-Love.  It was the love of the universe for itself that gave birth to creation, that is in every beat of your heart, and each rolling wave of every ocean.  To love oneself is to know love in the most profound way, and to attract love and goodness into your life on every level.  It is to become an ambassador of love itself, a lover in the deepest possible sense.  It expands your abilities to both give and receive nourishment, appreciation, love, respect and reverence.

Self-love, and any new levels of it you invite, entirely change your life…your health, your relationships, money, manifestation, your creativity…your world.  If you have been looking to radically change your life, there is nothing more powerfully transforming than falling in love with your Self.

Inviting Self-Love into your life is a radical commitment to your soul journey and its unfoldment, to the revelation of your true soul’s beauty and gifts, and to the manifestation of your heart’s truest desires. It is the foundation for inviting all forms of love and joy into your life, and opening to receive these blessings in their fullest expressions. We have, in Self-Love, a hidden miracle…the truest gold of all the ages.  Spend this summer discovering an entirely new way of seeing yourself, and enjoy the power of knowing how to change and consciously create your life in communion with the love of the universe…

This is a 7-part course at the Oracle School offered by telephone conference.

May 30th – July 11th, 2011  (Please note, this was a previously offered course and there are no current dates available, but please subscribe to Jennifer’s newsletter if you would like to hear about a time at which this course may be offered again!)


10% of profits on this course will go to: girleffect.org

Visit the site to see the incredible work this organization is doing, and to watch the WONDERFUL opening video…you will be inspired!

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