Interviews with Jennifer

Sacred Sister Solstice Interview…

Hear Sarah, Anne and I talk about my work with sexuality, the Sexual Priestess, and why all of this matters so much to the world…and trust me, it is a stunner.  Hope you enjoy!  (there is some distortion at about nine minutes in but it passes soon! : )


Blossoming the Sacred Feminine: Jennifer’s Newest Radio Interview…

Listen to Jennifer’s newest online interview with the wonderful Myra Jackson of GAIAFIELD Radio as they discuss the embodied feminine!…

Listen Here!…


Interview with Jennifer on “Shootin’ the Spiritual Shit” Radio

interview on “Shootin’ the Spiritual Shit” Radio with the beautiful Elisa Romeo and Sera Beak! We talk Oracles, Sound Healing, Sexuality and so much more!

Elisa says, “Listen to our interview with Jennifer Posada, oracle, sound healer and Love bomb. We talk past lives, Magdalene, when to fire your spirit guides and sexual women bringing the Divine Feminine back. Yowsa!”

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“Christine Marie and Julie Talk Authors” with Jennifer Posada July 2010

Join Christine Marie and Julie Talk Authors! as we interview Jennifer Posada author of, “The Oracle Within.” The Oracle Within is a rich and profound approach to living a life more aligned with the memory of the true Self, asserting that each of us is an Oracle and contains infinite wisdom, and offering us the tools to access it.

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“Living Music Radio” with Janet and Naryan May, 2008

Join us with Oracle, Sound Healer and Author Jennifer Posada to discuss the healing power of music and sound!


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“Now Vibrations” of World, July 2007

Join Host Barry Goldstein and Sound Healer and Oracle Jennifer Posada as they delve into new and ancient cutting edge aspects of Sound Healing. Jennifer has studied many different aspects of Sound healing with masters throughout the world and will be providing our listeners with insight and tools to create shifts in their lives with the use of sound and vibration!!

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