What is Sound Healing?

sound healing
Jennifer Posada

What is Sound Healing?

Vibration. Intention. Intuition.

Sound is audible vibration. Everything vibrates. Bodies, thoughts, objects, light, colors, and songs are all vibrating. That means everything, living and non-living, has its own unique song and is singing it all the time. We can’t hear every song, but we can hear many, and if we listen very closely, we can hear the sound of heaven behind it all.

If we refine our hearing deeply, then we can intuit the song of any being, and we can find the sound to heal it. If a vibration, whether it be in an organ or an emotion, has become disharmonious, we can help it remember what harmony feels like with the gentle yet powerful influence of sound.

It is intention that influences sound and vibration most intensely. We immediately know when someone is “singing from the heart” and its vibratory effects are different. In fact when we sing or make sound “from the heart” we are traveling the dimensions and bringing a certain energy into the sound. This is what some shaman and holy people of every ancient tradition in the world have done.

However important research can be, there is none that can tell you truly how to do this but your own heart. Only the intuition can guide us in knowing what to draw from and which direction to look. We can seek teachings on how to become more open to this intuitive voice, but when it truly begins to speak, only we know it best.

This is the voice, that when blended with intention and vibration, can make miracles happen.

Vibration is what allows us to take shape and hold form. It is what makes the chair beneath you feel hard. It is simply vibrating at a slower rate than the light filling the room you are in which vibrates faster and is non-dense. It makes sense that if we want to change the shape of our lives or the form of our bodies, we can use vibration to transform and adjust, since it is what holds it all together to begin with. Sound can travel between the worlds, and into the cells. It can transmit the benevolent and loving energies of our guides and angels. It can be the current by which we keep in touch, and gently coax the channel open.

Sound healing is a walk by the ocean, a good song about heartache when yours is hurting. Sound healing is a long, needed moan, or a deep cry. Sound healing is a word, or a sigh…the birds, or the whales. Animals and the earth are healing by nature. The song they sing is constantly offering us healing.

At this very moment, your own song is playing from within your heart. Experiencing sound healing is simply to find ways to hear it more clearly, and then to be able to sing it out loud…whether it be through art, dance, lovemaking or laughter…whether it be through the daily drive or moments of brief silence. We will never run out of songs.

When we seek healing we seek resonance…we seek a mirror of our already-healed state. There are countless methods and techniques. Some Sound Healers use instruments or tuning forks, sacred singing bowls or bells. Some use their voices, in chant, song, or toning. Just remember that under the often-painful screeches of the streets and the machines, there is an endless song of love, and whenever we tap into that in any way, we are experiencing the healing power of sound.


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