The New World – An Oracle’s Prophecy

At the changing of the seasons, in the ninth month of the seventh year, I, an Oracle of many ages, write to you these words…

When I was a young girl, my mother asked me, as a child who was already aware of my role as an Oracle, how long it would be until the great changes came. I told her that if the word “soon” could be laid out like a journey, we were traveling along the letter “n.”

Recently, before a presentation I did in Seattle for about two-hundred people, I was approached by the Egyptian Goddess Isis and her mother Nut, Goddess of the Night Sky. They then commenced to tell me that they would offer through my sounds that night a conversation between the two of them, through sound, about how they see the state of the universe, and our place in it, right now.

I was immediately deeply moved. They told me it would have a healing effect for people simply to hear this “conversation” between them. Later that night, as the sounds moved through me, I understood.

Their conversation was pure love.

It was hope, and healing, and bliss. At one point Isis expressed her concern or lament for the loss of an old world. Her mother, Nut, told her, “Don’t worry…the Universe has dissolved before.”

But the interesting thing is that Isis already knew this, and could never really “worry” about anything. What was actually happening was an example of what is occurring within us…the even more ancient self is telling the great creator within that it is okay for the old world, the old self, to die, and that it is not the end. It is the necessary step to rebirth.

More has been revealed to me about the phenomenal meaning of this time. Most people think of the time of the coming of the new earth or great shift as occurring in 2012 (I have always felt the real effects will be shown in 2013.) However, more and more it has been shown that now is the time. Now is when we leave the old world behind and begin to dream the new one, and bring forward its birth.

I have spoken also of the “red moon” as a symbol, in this case brought into physicality once again by the recent lunar eclipse, and of remembering seeing it in past lives many times when the “old world was dying.” In those times, it had come to mark that death, like a visage of the blood of that old world, infusing the new one with what was beautiful, valuable and worth saving of it.

I tell you this now, not just because it is happening in the world around us, but because it is happening inside of you. As we pass through the great shifts of our time, the intensity fluxuates, giving us moments of more stillness…and yet this stillness can bring forward an uneasy feeling of death. This is the death of who you have been. But, like the red moon hanging over a world that is dissolving, what is beautiful and true will remain and be brought forward into the new being you are becoming.

We are used to focusing on creating, and intention, and working on ourselves. To die to our former selves, we must surrender, and all that requires is trust…and letting go. When an old self and an old world are dying, the immediate response is to want to hold on…to think we are losing something we should not, but as Nut reminded Isis, the Universe has dissolved before, and it only brings new life. Nothing is ever really lost.

I bring you an important message for the coming times, and that is don’t be fooled by how things appear. It is going to look like things are going wrong when they are not. If we can trust at our deepest core, we will be shown the confirmation every time…but first we must be blind when we most want to see. We must sit in the dark of the night, alone with our deepest selves, and all the while trust somehow that we are not alone.

We are simply becoming what we really are. This is not easy, I know. Aside from the fact that we have cellular trauma from the ancient shifts to overcome and heal, there is the fact that the outer world does not reflect the inner changes yet. So we still interact with the remains of the old world every single day, and all around us. But it is we who will bring forward this new world, and we will do so from within. So what we are being called to do now is to cultivate this new world within us, so we can give it birth in the outer.

The current and upcoming astrological movements and energetic shifts will also assist in our bringing forward the new world from within. It will assist us in trusting enough to express it. We have had terrible things done to us in the past for expressing our truths…but if we trust enough to know that this time it will be different, we will be shown the support we are hoping for.

Remember that now is the time for deciding. Deciding who you are, and who you want to be. Deciding what you want to become, and what you want the new world…your new world…to look like. Remember to decide by your own heart and its sacred desires and wisdom. If you try to decide for others or the world at large, you will dilute the power of your own divine knowingness, but if you trust your ability to create a new inner world for yourself, it will benefit all.

Your inner world must become so strong by your commitment to honoring, realizing, cultivating, and trusting it, that it will carry you through the outside world as it dies and is reborn. You will be asked to let go of the things that don’t support this burgeoning new life within you…the people, places, and things which hold you back. Trust this. You have to be willing to give up everything you never wanted, to gain what you do. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always, I know.

The old rules don’t apply. The old shift is over. This one is new. We are going home, and staying here, both at once. Yes, we can have both. This is heaven, and we are going to find out what that really means, even though we have seen hell. Hell will have taught us things about heaven that we would never have otherwise known or understood.

It is a time to be soft with yourself. To be gentle in your soul, and to try amidst the dying old self, to begin to dream when the skies open again. Remember. You will find yourself suddenly remembering a past life and its connection to your purpose now, or remembering something you loved to do as a child so much, that you had totally forgotten. And then the doors will begin to open more and more to support you being able to do those things that bring you joy…that make your heart sing.

Trust. Remember things are not what they seem, and your heart knows all.

What it means to not pay attention to the panic or the dark energies around us is that we focus on what we desire to bring into being, and hold it there. So if you are feeling seized with fear, nostalgia, or change, know that all is alright. We are all letting go, and even grieving, to make space for the new. For the new, as I have mentioned before in my “upcoming eclipses” message, is what we have been praying for. It is all the things we have been wanting for this world, and in our own lives. It is the manifestation of our dreams, and the collective dream of what is good and whole. Sometimes we don’t recognize our prayers being answered right away, because we don’t realize what has to happen first in order for them to take place.

Know that this is a time of vulnerability. It is okay to be vulnerable, and indeed may be where you find new strength. Mary Magdalen has often told me that it is in innocence that we will find this new world, as she says all true passion exists within innocence. Find whatever place is a sanctuary for you within or without, as the old world dissolves away. If you are drawn into the confusion of others, recall that you do them no good by joining them in fear, and instead gently remind yourself where to return in your heart to hold your center and your vision of a beautiful new life. Hold strong this vision and trust, for it will provide the very anchor or channel for the new world to come through…the very ground for it to be planted in and the seed of love for it to grow from.

Don’t be pulled off track by the forces around you. Learn to always find your center in the storm, whether that storm be severe or a simple social gathering or city street. Every moment is a chance to stay in that center, where it is warm and the light of the divine is clearly holding you. You know that place, and there is no need for you to leave it, no matter what happens.

Yes, as Nut said, the world has dissolved before, and as you watch the traces of your old life passing, begin to feel the quiver of the new life growing, full of love, and hope, and grace. May that same grace fill your heart and carry you into the new world, and new life you are beginning.



© 2007 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
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