me banner image for flyerJennifer Posada is a living legend, a cosmic powerhouse, a sheer force of nature. She is a brilliant brush stroke across the universe, and a shimmering, blazingly-bright superstar, and she has committed her life to showing you, if you don’t know already, that you are all of these things too…

Jennifer is a beloved and world-renowned Oracle, Teacher, Author, Sound Healer, and the Founder of The Oracle School & Community and The Orgasmic Woman Project. Basing her teachings on her magical gifts as a child and memories of her past lives as an Oracle and Priestess, her courses and online writings have reached people in over 150 countries. Jennifer is the author of The Oracle Within: Living the Intuitive Life and the creator of the sound healing CD Soul Sounds, used by healing practitioners around the world.

It has been her mission, since her earliest years, to share teachings of self-love, as she believes that “The healing of the world will happen with one person loving themselves at a time…”

Jennifer was born as what the Tibetans call a Tulku, one who remembers their past lives and soul journey in a continuous line, and therefore their purpose in this life as well. As a little girl Jennifer was aware that she came to this earth to model and teach self-love, and from her earliest years she began to experience super-consciousness and to receive visions and information, communication with beings from other dimensions, and spontaneous healings.

Jennifer believes and knows that these are gifts we all have, and all of her writings and teachings both lead and attest to that. She has taught thousands of people all over the world these arts and helped them to remember their own ancient gifts and memories as well, and her writings have been read by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. She has taught extensively online, and has presented live in many locations in the US, and chanted and taught in the temples of Egypt and the sacred Oracle sites of Delphi, Greece.

It is also Jennifer’s deepest passion to share the ancient feminine lineages of ecstasy and revelation with the world, as she remembers these traditions from her past lives as a Sibyl, Oracle, Priestess and Nymph. These sacred traditions are unbelievably potent and otherwise nearly or totally lost practices and ways of life that include the arts of bliss, trance, full self-realization, body love and positivity, pleasure as a way of life, and profound prophetic wisdom for all beings.

Jennifer’s teachings always focus on the completeness and wisdom we each carry within, affirming that by loving ourselves we discover spontaneous healing.

Discover Jennifer’s courses here…and her writings here

The Oracle School & Community

The Oracle School is the heartbeat of the work of Jennifer Posada, a both living and ancient Oracle.  The Oracle School is the center for her teachings, writings, and a place to discover the many resources for an ongoing and growing Oracle Community. The teachings of Jennifer Posada through the Oracle School are committed to the power of true self-realization by enhancing one’s self-love, intuition, sexuality and gifts.

The Orgasmic Woman ProjectThe Orgasmic Woman Project

The Orgasmic Woman Project first launched as a name for the crowdfunding projects in support of writing my upcoming book, The Return of the Sexual Priestess.  Writing this book is the most profound way I can assist women and people of all genders in becoming more orgasmic at this time in the world.  I am not currently doing any crowdfunding, but you can stay connected to this work by taking any of my online sexuality courses here, or checking out more resources about The Sexual Priestess here.

Over time The Orgasmic Woman Project will expand to include other creations in support of a more orgasmic world!  Stay tuned to my email list if you want all the news over time, or to know when the book releases!  In the meantime I hope you profoundly enjoy the links above and may they lead you to more orgasmic living.

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