The Oracle Within

The Oracle Within: Living the Intuitive Life is a rich and profound approach to living a life more aligned with the memory of the true Self, asserting that each of us is an Oracle and contains infinite wisdom, and offering us the tools to access it. Read More…

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Soul Soundssoul sounds

Oracle, sound healer channel, writer and lecturer, Jennifer Posada takes us on a journey of pure sacred sound and bliss. In her voice the dieties of the inner realm find the place to express a timeless message: that we are all creators of ultimate beauty and joy. listen | read more

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An Oracle Speaks: An Evening with Jennifer Posada

an oracle speaksOn this CD recording of Jennifer Posada, experience the stories, myths, and memories of a living Oracle as she presents her work to a group of Sound Healers. This CD also contains two healing toning sessions, including the very special transmission with Egyptian Godesses Isis and Nut, expressing their love and feelings about where our Earth is now. (click here to read a message about this recording)

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