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The Oracle Within, Jennifer Posada

I thought I would never say this about a book, but if you’re just going to read one book this year, make this the book.

The Oracle Within by Jennifer Posada is a multidimensional meditation; it is a reading; the words are encoded; unusual energy is transmitted when you read. It is an experiential event which cannot be seen on the paper; you are not alone when you read the book.

The language is deceptive, subtle—then suddenly you find yourself slipping behind a veil. You are pulled into a winding labyrinth, following a path into a very different world: A guided tour of a world of deep vision, its textures, its beings, its unusual joys, its happiness with life, through the eyes of a young woman who brings back the memories of being in love with the corridors of eternal Light. Rare insight into the mind of a young being who never forgot. In wordless wonder, through the simple words you feel again the surprise of life that you found in you when you were young.

I rarely get to read books all the way through. I read this book twice. Probably will again. Because when I read it, I find myself remembering, feeling deeply and comfortably connected with vaster parts of me.

But in the end, it is the compelling certainty of Jennifer the Oracle – a certainty that this path of wisdom is available to each and every being – that assures some forgotten part of you that the Oracle Within is most incredibly alive.

Sandra Hudlow Rodman
CEO, Parallel Universe

Divinely Inspired and Beautifully Written

I just read The Oracle Within by Jennifer Posada and I would highly recommend it as both a source of inspiration and a guide for living the intuitive life. The book is a unique combination of Ms. Posada’s true-life story of being born an awakened Oracle, who began giving readings when she was 7-years old (now 28-years old), memories of being an Oracle in her past lives, and an authentic approach for living the intuitive life in today’s world.

I found the book very moving because the description of the accounts of the author’s life and what she has learned are obviously a heart-felt expression of the love and appreciation she has for all life. And, because of the higher wisdom and purity of thought in which The Oracle Within was written, I frequently had the thought as I was reading it of how wonderful it would be if it was a part of the reading curriculum of every school and higher educational system across the country. It would definitely raise the consciousness of the world.

Paul J. Scott

An Inspiration…

If you are looking for something more meaningful then the usual “self-help” books currently available, this is it. Here is your chance to learn at the feet of an actual living oracle. Feel the power of her words as they reawaken a memory that has been slumbering in the depths of your being. Understand your connection to ancient wisdom, to your deepest longings … to the divinity of who you are.

“The Oracle Within” is like having a huge box of chocolates all to yourself. The writing is so magical that it can leave you breathless if you simply hurry through it!! Jennifer Posada is a truly gifted and radiant Soul. We are, indeed, fortunate that she is stepping ahead of us along life’s path, illuminating the way.


Back Cover Material:

The Oracle Within is a rich and profound
approach to living a life more aligned with
the memory of the true Self. Asserting that
each of us is an Oracle containing infinite
wisdom, this book offers us the tools to access it.

These pages tell the story of the Soul, and
include a History of Oracles as well as
the ancient memories and life of an awakened
Oracle in our time. Walking us step by step
through the various aspects of the “Intuitive Life,”
Jennifer Posada weaves a legend of our own
liberation and empowerment, culminating
in the epic return of the Oracles, and the
memory of who we truly are.

“The Oracle Within is lyrical and evocative poetry, a symphonic paean to the inner voice. This is the story of a young woman born with no veils, and the only guidebook you will ever need into the misty waters of the self. I can attest to the validity of what is written in these pages. She is my daughter.”
—Judi Sion, The Magdalen Manuscript

Oracle and Sound Healer, Jennifer Posada has
had the gift of direct revelation since early
childhood, bringing forth both sound and verbal
transmissions—from ancient mystical traditions
to current and newly emerging energy systems.
Jennifer’s teachings always focus on the
completeness and wisdom we each carry within,
affirming that by loving ourselves we discover
spontaneous healing.

Jennifer Posada works with clients around the
world, offering intuitive guidance and the
healing power of sound to individuals and groups.

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