A rising legend in the Sound Healing genre…

“A rising legend in the Sound Healing genre, Jennifer Posada’s toning and chanting are like the sound of purest heaven as she channels the potent healing songs of ancient beings, offering us a healing experience unlike any other.” — CD Baby Review

Healing music from the heart of an Oracle.
“Jennifer unites Heaven and Earth, transforms the quantum realm into an elixir of pure bliss and restores the harmony of the human experience with her voice. The wisdom of her heart opens the soul of the listener to a world of full potentiality. Soul Sounds is the most powerful healing vibrations I have ever felt. Thank You Jennifer, thank you so much!…”

George LeVans

“Soul Sounds” is like listening to a pure, deep voice within your own heart.
“Listening to Jennifer on “Soul Sounds” is like listening to a pure, deep voice within your own heart. A voice that lifts us up and places us back on the path “home.” With “Soul Sounds,” Jennifer offers a truly magical experience which eloquently reflects her own unique and powerful gifts as a sound healer.”

— Wendalynn Jones

About Soul Sounds:

Oracle, sound healer channel, writer and lecturer, Jennifer Posada takes us on a journey of pure sacred sound and bliss.

In her voice the deities of the inner realm find the place to express a timeless message: that we are all creators of ultimate beauty and joy.

Jennifer opens our hearts so we can receive the blessings of those who guide our paths upon this Earth, inviting our souls to celebrate the radiant essence of our existence.

“If these songs offer a sense of loving comfort, I am greatly honored and fulfilled. If they offer the sense of being guided and held, I am overjoyed. And if they give you just a glimpse of the amazing star that you are, I am ecstatic. The gifts that I have been given are gifts that each of us have to offer in our own unique way. We are all oracles, angels and artists. Here is to the special light that shines only from you.” – Jennifer Luna Posada

Song Notes:

Hymn to Madrona Point: (4:58)
Click here to listen to: Hymn to Madrona Point

This is a song that reminds us of our true nature, our true origins and our true home. I dedicate this song to the special places in the world for each of us that represent the beauty of the home within. Imagine ocean waves, warm sun, stretching Madrona trees and purple sweet pea flowers against a perfect sky. When we feel displaced in the world, this song reminds us of where we come from and gently takes us back where we belong.

In the Wings of Isis: (4:01)

The Egyptian Goddess Isis is the great bringer of resurrection and rebirth. She is able to gather all the pieces of our fragmented Self as she did with her husband, Osiris, and bring new life and remembrance of immortality. She does this by wrapping her beautiful wings around us and offering us the depth of nurturing love. During these sounds allow yourself to be held in the loving and healing embrace of her wings.

Healing Waters of Quan Yin: (4:10)

Goddess of grace and mercy, Quan Yin sails on waves of peaceful relief. When we are in need of clearing and tender healing, Quan Yin uses sound to act as the energy of the watery realm pouring over us with sparkling light. Her offering fills the spaces that feel empty inside and restores the broken pieces of our trust. Quan Yin’s love is like the water, it permeates everything, leaving nothing untouched.

Song of Sothis: (5:08)

To the ancient Egyptians the star Sirius was the Goddess Isis in her form as Sopdet or Sothis. Through this chant, Sothis brings new life force to our endeavors with the energy of the stars. Her name inspires in us a field of luminous potentiality and bliss. Offer her your tribulations and let her sustain you with her presence until every obstacle is removed from your perception.

Song of Goddess Nut: (5:49)

This is a song from the Egyptian Goddess Nut, whose body is the night full of stars. Mother of many Gods and Goddesses, every night Nut swallows the sun, and it travels through her body until she gives birth to it again every morning. Like the sun we can surrender to Nut, and be reborn in her energies of deep transformation and unconditional love. Listen carefully for the heartbeat of her lover Geb, the Earth, as it travels through the sounds.

Heart of Hathor: (4:23)

Goddess Hathor is a great keeper of the wisdom of the heart. In this song she offers her most profound healing energies in deepest ceremony. Hathor draws the poison of what aches from our hearts and pours on her healing balm of love.

Blessing of Tara: (2:11)

Goddess Tara blends her emanations into one pure stream of joy in this song. This is the song she would sing to herself in her garden to rejuvenate herself and bring about new growth in all creation. This is a song for restoring faith and joy and bringing new life to the gardens within.

For the Ancient Ones: (5:03)

This song invokes and honors the Ancient Ones in our lives, those most compassionate and wise beings who guide and protect us in our path. They sing to us and rejoice in our existence, always ready to be present in the sanctuary of our Self love and our pure intention, and to remind us of our ancient selves.

Angel Beloved: (4:43)

This is a song for my beloved angel and Soul Mate. It is also a song of the sounds of heaven and the angelic realms. It can be used to commune with your angels and your present or future soul mate. Open your heart to this companionship, knowing that you are never alone in your journey.

In the Void: (5:54)

Song of the Primordial Ocean. The Ocean of our origins and the birth place of transcendental love. For me the void is the birthplace of all that is, and it is made of pure love. It is the place of all things potential, nothing in its material form. It is a blackness that is full of color and light. It is what we see when we close our eyes. From here we explore the immense potentiality that exists within the universe and feel the power of that love and innocence. We surrender one more time and realize that home is near and full of miracles for us to see.


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