advancedAdvanced: The Oracle Council

The Oracle Council is the space for the deepest Oracle’s exploration to take place.  It is a chance to delve into all the many avenues of the Oracle’s path, and integrate them with our lives here on this earth.  If you are called, it is because of an ancient soul agreement, to meet and reconnect with other Oracles at this time, in this most profound way.  Because it takes place over six months, we are able to take the alchemies to places of unfathomable richness which then spills into our lives in countless ways…forever changing each of us…

The Oracle Council is an ongoing conference that occurs every other week for a two-hour session.  During this session Jennifer will present a theme that is pertinent to walking the path of the Oracle, and there will be time for members to share and interact with Jennifer, followed by a sound blessing to close.  The Oracle Council is designed for those who have completed the Beginners Course (or equivalent) and one or more of the Intermediate Courses.  The heart of the advanced program is the opportunity to have a council of other Oracles to meet with on a regular basis, to relate to and be encouraged by which is a nurturing balm for the Oracle’s soul.  It is also a chance to connect with Jennifer’s loving support and touch base with ones own path of remembering on an ongoing basis…

New six-month series by telephone conference will take place February – July 2011.

The Oracle Council will take place, beginning February 7th, 2011 every-other-Monday from 1-3pm Pacific.

(Please note, this was a previously offered course and there are no current dates available, but please subscribe to Jennifer’s newsletter if you would like to hear about a time at which this course may be offered again!)

Cost: $160 monthly for the two or three sessions

It is necessary to contact Jennifer by email to confirm attendance and arrange subscription to the Oracle Council.  Email: jennifer(at)

The Oracle Council is available for this next series and thereafter may continue as is or be replaced by yearly five-day Advanced Oracle Retreats at locations such as Delphi, Greece.