Mysteries of Isis: Heartbeat of the Priestess

A Special Spring Oracle Course with Jennifer Posada

A Seven-Session Course by Telephone Conference

The near-lost tradition of the Priestesses of Isis lives on…in the hearts of those who remember…

Even if you do not consciously remember a lifetime as a priestess of Isis, you may still feel a calling when you hear of this sisterhood.  You know, somehow, in your blood and your bones, that this has been your sisterhood too.  That this was your practice too.  You still feel, and long for, the warmth of the temple stone beneath your feet…the feeling of being in rhythm with all life around you…

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis is thought to have been one of the most widely followed forms of the Divine Feminine in the world, her “cults” stretching farther across the globe than any other.  She is also thought to have “morphed” into other Goddesses by many names, and by some to embody the original and unified form of the Goddess.

Her story is not just one of a Goddess however, but of a human woman, and she understands that journey so very well.  Perhaps this is what brought so many to relate to her.  She is a Goddess of healing, rebirth, rejuvenation, wholeness, and creation.

The Priestesses of her lineage were far more than mere followers of some distant Goddess.  They were embodiments.  They learned to access the power of Isis within their own hearts…their own power…and to possess the gifts that came along with it.  They were incarnations of the Goddess, scholars, healers, Oracles, prophetesses, dancers, and whole beings capable of bringing great beauty and infinite wisdom to the world.

If you are called to this it is because you remember, deep inside, and I invite you to remember even more fully, in a group of fellow Priestesses of Isis, once again…

* Remember the 7 foundations of the Priestess to fortify your life now with them, allowing you to walk in this life as the Priestess you have been, and are even more so, now…

*Re-access direct teachings on healing and embodiment as held in this lineage…

*Invite back into your life the essential practices of the Priestess which will nourish you profoundly, and guide you forward into a life aligned with your deepest callings…

This is a special 7-part course at the Oracle School offered by telephone conference.

May 17th – June 28th, 2011

Tuesdays, 5-7pm Pacific time

(Please note, this was a previously offered course and there are no current dates available, but please subscribe to Jennifer’s newsletter if you would like to hear about a time at which this course may be offered again!)

Cost: $795 in three payments

To Register:
Mail $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space now to: Jennifer Posada P.O. Box 1715, Eastsound, Wa 98245
Second Payment of $300 due May 17th
Final Payment of $295 due due June 15th

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