The Orgasmic Woman Project

The Orgasmic Woman ProjectThe Orgasmic Woman Project first launched as a name for the crowdfunding projects in support of writing my upcoming book, The Return of the Sexual Priestess.  Writing this book is the most profound way I can assist women in becoming more orgasmic at this time in the world.  I am not currently doing any crowdfunding, but you can stay connected to this work by taking any of my online sexuality courses here, or checking out more resources about The Sexual Priestess here.  

Over time The Orgasmic Woman Project will expand to include other creations in support of a more orgasmic world!  Stay tuned to my email list if you want all the news over time, or to know when the book releases!  In the meantime I hope you profoundly enjoy the links above and may they lead you to more orgasmic living!  : )

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