Rituals for a New Day…

daybreakHere are dozens of ideas for your fresh, new start and how to kick it off!…

Restore the Soul, Heart, and Mind:

Be Alone all Day:
Turn off the phone, switch off the modem, leave the car parked, or drive it down a road that could lead anywhere for hours. Get a great book or even just watch movies back-to-back…it doesn’t matter if you just listen to the rain on the roof until you hear it speak to you…or never leave the bed…just give yourself a day of time.

Get Rid of Stuff:
Give it to a friend, good will, the garbage can. I like the rule of thumb that if it doesn’t bring me absolute joy, why do I have it? Make space for the new. It will arrive.

Find a New Resolve:
Commit to something you know would rock your world if you took it seriously. Do something against odds…do something daring. Take a chance.

Put it on Paper:
In high school I once read the anonymous quote, “Sometimes paper is the only thing that will listen to you,” and though I know it isn’t always the case, sometimes it is the best friend you could ever have. Journaling or poetry, in any form, are things we all have access to, and which have been known to save the soul on occasion. Also, the next few suggestions on the list are great to do on paper…

Get Perspective:
Try to stand back from your own life and ask yourself what is serving you, and what is taking from you or simply not bringing you affirmation or joy. Look at your friendships, your house, your habits, your work, your possessions. Imagine you were looking through someone else’s eyes or from a distance at the whole picture of your life. Then…

Set Intentions:
Take a piece of paper and write down on one side your desires and things you would like to manifest, and on the other your resolutions or the actions you could or want to take in your life to make those dreams happen. It is amazing how quickly we can get out of touch with what we really want, or still have outdated notions rolling around in our minds. When we sit down to really spell it out, it may look different than we had thought it would. But the most important step here is that after we sit down to do this we meditate upon it…really think about it before we write anything down. Then take the commitments you make in your resolutions seriously, which should feel exciting, liberating, and joyful…or you didn’t do it right. : ) Seriously, if you don’t feel excited about your resolutions, go back to the seed of your desires and try to make your resolutions sprout from that. That is what makes beautiful flowers.  (leaning in toward things you want, rather than feeling pressured, even from within…)

Write your Year in Review:
Reflect on what has happened in the last year for you…or expand it to look at the last three years, five, or ten. Consider the scope of your life, and the point at which you are within it now. Where do you want to direct your sails? Then…

Predict your Own Future:
Imagine what you think will happen to you in the next year, then perhaps few years, or decade, or throughout the rest of your lifetime. First you may just be reasonable about what is likely to happen if necessary, but then review it and potentially re-write it to reflect your deepest dreams and hopes about what your future could be, and what could happen in the best of outcomes. Begin to imagine that you were sure this would happen and that it is already set in the stars. You can also create a great collage to look at regularly of the images that represent this future.

Find New Creativity:
Take a class or learn from a book or a friend a new creative skill, or teach someone one you know as a way to renew your inspiration.

Go on a Retreat:
Go somewhere…anywhere! Get out of your house, get out of your town, get away from everything and everyone you know…even if it is just for a long afternoon, though preferably for at least a night or two. Lose context, so you can find a new one back at home. (A retreat immersed in nature can be a great option.)  If you are already a wandering soul, consider a long, still breath somewhere or reflect as you travel on.

Receive a Healing, Clearing:
Have a session with an energy healer or do a clearing ritual for yourself. Set the intention that your energy is being completely renewed. This can also be done in a group, class, or workshop.  (Great option: Consider taking a course with me!  )

Give Yourself Something:
Something you told yourself you shouldn’t prioritize. Something you just want.

Find a New Style:
Really this is just a chance to update the way you adorn yourself and have it match the ways you have changed. We are lucky when a piece of clothing or a hairstyle suits us for many, many years. But the truth is we often just keep things because we haven’t noticed they don’t really feel like “us” anymore. Really think about how a certain item you wear makes you feel (sharp, dull, wonderful, poor, cramped, sloppy, alive, wild, elegant?) Get something new or do something drastic with your hair…you might be surprised (or thrilled) at how making a change on the outside can really mark the passage of a change on the inside. (Besides…hair grows back : )

Make a Sacrifice:
Give up something you never thought you would, and trust that if it is meant to, it will come back to you.
(Handle with care…if when you release it your heart sprouts wings, though you thought that was impossible, then you are on the right track. : )

To Restore the Body:

The Bath:
Give yourself an hour or more. Buy candles and sublime bath salts with natural fragrance. Put on music that speaks to your soul. Soak.

Get a massage or other form of hands-on healing from someone who comes highly recommended. Better yet, make a promise to yourself to receive regular treatments. When you experience the treatment, receive it as deeply as possible with the aim of letting go and being nourished.

Go to a Spa:
It doesn’t matter if you have to travel, have never been to a spa, feel anxious…go and get a series of treatments that feel totally indulgent.

It doesn’t have to be a 40-day fast or anything too major…(in fact, I avoid most fasting!)  even a one-day or one-week clean-eating focus can help clear the mind and the body. One example would be to try an elimination diet which allows you to still eat plenty of food but removes potential allergens, allowing the system to more easily clear.

Move Your Body:
There is no wrong way to do this (as long as you are taking care of your body)…take a new dance class…find a walking buddy…anything will do.

nuff said.

Sweating and heat purify more than the body, they give the soul a chance to let go as well.

Rediscover your Sexuality:
Or indulge it if you are already quite in touch with it. A partner (or more than one) is nice but not required…find a good book that makes you contemplate your sexual nature or gives you exercises to try…or just expand beyond what you have been willing to try or reflect on before. This may mean a new kind of conversation with your friends, a workshop on sexuality, a new practice of some kind with someone else or yourself.  (You can check out my exquisite, life-changing sexuality course here! : )

and breathe more, and go deeper if you feel called to. No really, if it sounds good…right now…I’m serious…give it a try.

Enter an Altered State:
Through one of the above aforementioned methods, or through trance dance, a train ride, a bottle of wine, or good old-fashioned sound and music. There is nothing like finding your own sound somewhere from surrender, and letting it overtake you. Any altered state you have while feeling safe within it can afford greater perspective or insight (or just a good time…whatever works, they go hand in hand.)

Try something new. And love yourself as much as possible in every moment…new magical dreams are being born in your life in each new sparkling instant…

With Great Love,

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