The Intuitive Sound Healing Course

A Six-Session Online Course with Jennifer Posada

Intuitive Sound HealingSince the most ancient of times, sound has been used as one of the most powerful healing forces ever known…It has been used around the world in every sacred tradition, but it was also in use before the world existed…before the universe was born.  Sound was the first wave-form of creation from the pulsing heart of the love behind all things…

We have the power to use this force in our lives every single day…to remove obstacles and dissolve pain, to invite and magnetize all that we desire, to be more at home in our bodies and to manifest our soul’s most potent gifts into the world…

Vibration is the radiant heart of all powers of transformation.  It is the voice, sometimes audible, sometimes subtle, of love itself and the purest vehicle of physical manifestation.  We come into the world knowing how to use sound to heal and re-align ourselves, as babies, and like animals, but we forget.  It is time to remember.  To remember our innate and inborn abilities to use sound to heal, and to remember our skills from other lifetimes as Sound Healers and bring them into this one…

Many of the shamanic traditions of Sound Healing are documented, from around the world, but for some of us the most powerful sound healing experience we may ever have had was the time we cried in the shower, and moaned, and a new world of vision opened up…this connection between sound, intuition, and vision is accessible to us as much now as it was in ancient times… 

In this course we will enter into this vital, fertile space and learn the practices of ancient Prophetesses, called Nymphs and Sibyls, and the Priestess lineages that came after them.  These ancient, enlightened beings knew the power of intuiting messages from the sounds of nature, and knew how to create and heal with their own voices.  This feminine tradition in sound has been mostly lost, but is the missing piece in our inner work, and the healing of the planet…for people of all genders, as we all contain the feminine.

In this extraordinary course, learn to tap back into the primordial force of creation, and how to bring that healing power into your life and practices…

The Six Intuitive Sound Healing Sessions…

Intuitive Sound Healing 1Introduction to Sound Healing

The role of vibration, intention, and love in all creation.  The basis for sound healing, and the heart of the feminine tradition.  Connecting with the body and self-love as the foundation for all deeper levels of work with sound…

intuitive sound healing 2Intuition and Sound Healing

Discover the connection between intuition, vision and sound.  Learn about the ancient Nymphs and Sibyls and how they offered prophecy through song, and used the ability to listen and the sounds of nature to receive messages and experience healing.  Explore a practice that opens you to sound, connects you to your deeper self, and primes you to open more profoundly to your intuition.

Intuitive Sound HealingThe Healing Song of the Heart

Learn what it means to make sound “from the heart”, and about the gateway that distinction opens up to deeper healing, for yourself and for anyone you bring healing through for.

intuitive sound healing 5Finding Your Ancient Voice

Find a deeper, more primordial layer of your voice, both your vocal abilities, and your resonant voice as a soul.  Tap into this cosmic ocean of healing potentiality, and find out how it can bring you home to yourself as you have never experienced before.

intutive sound healing 7Calling in Your Sound Lineages

Learn the powerful art of “Sound Channeling”…the ability to bring through the songs of deities or other guides you are connected to, and how to make contact with your spiritual lineages related to sound.

intuitive sound healing 6Sacred Release & Embodying the Sound Oracle

Understand how becoming one with the flow of trust in the universe and your own inner wisdom frees you to create the most powerful beauty in the world, and how to integrate your ancient inner Sound Healer with your current life, blessing it forever onward…

How and where does this course take place?

This is an online course that is available 24 hours a day…and though it is meant to be taken over six weeks, you can move at your own pace and have access to this information for a lifetime!  Course content will be available on a members-only website via video and audio recordings, also available for download.

Why register right now?

Though you can register for this course at any time, signing up right now begins your journey deeper into intuition and sound, and begins to change each day of your life so beautifully from today forward…  And since you can listen in your own right timing after registering, right now is a perfect time to start!…

Who is this course best for?

This course is equally fortifying and revolutionary for those who are new to sound healing and those who are already very experienced with sound or in the healing professions, or on the self-healing journey.  There are always new levels to be reached, experienced and enjoyed, and wherever you are in life there will be new ways to blossom as never before with the material in this course…

You will receive as a part of this Course:

~ An introductory audio and 6 weekly 60-90 minute sessions by audio recording, including the teaching for each week and a closing sound healing session

~ PDFs with optional weekly explorations and suggested exercises for the time between sessions

~ A 60 minute Q & A Recording to supplement each session

~ Access to this material indefinitely!

~ Recordings of each session can be downloaded and listened to on the device of your choice!

This is a 6-part course available around the world at the online Oracle School & Community.

Available Now!…

Taking a course with Jennifer has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself…” Amy Auset Rohn, Thorntown, Indianamore testimonials…  

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