The Pythia’s Mirror: Return of the Delphic Oracles

A Special Late-Fall Oracle Course with Jennifer Posada

the pythia's mirror

A Five Session Course by Telephone Conference

It is time to remember the sacred arts and rituals of the Pythias, the name for the Oracles of Delphi, Priestesses of the “Python” and the Goddess Gaia.  For a thousand years they spoke their prophecies and words of power seated on the tripod in the mists of euphoric gases in the Temple of Apollo.  But the roots of their practices come from a time long before that, and a tradition even older.  It is there that their story begins…

Join us in this very special Oracle Course to hear that story told again in its fullness, and to remember the deep and ancient mysteries of the Pythia.  We will revisit the lives and experiences of these women, and the Goddess lineage they carried, and that we carry on now.  It is time to bring these gifts back into our hearts and lives, and into the world.  We will be blessed by them as will many, many people the world over.

* Learn the stories of the Pythias movement from caves and streams and Goddess communion to temple Priestesses in a whole different paradigm…

* Remember your own lifetimes in Delphi, and discover what they mean to you now…

* Explore the rituals the Pythia used to access wisdom, move between the worlds, and stay deeply centered in their sense of self…

* Discover how the Pythia handed down their information to one another and kept an ancient tradition alive in secret…and remember that ancient tradition now yourself…

* Understand the meaning behind the important symbols to the Pythia such as the pure mirror and the sacred leaf…

This is a special 5-part course at the Oracle School offered by telephone conference.

May 11th-June 8th, 2010

Tuesdays, 5-7pm Pacific time

(Please note, this was a previously offered course and there are no current dates available, but please subscribe to Jennifer’s newsletter if you would like to hear about a time at which this course may be offered again!)

Cost: $595 in two payments

To Register:
Mail $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space now to: Jennifer Posada P.O. Box 1715, Eastsound, Wa 98245
Second Payment of $395 due May 25th

(since this course is being announced relatively close to its starting date and will certainly fill, please feel free to email me by clicking “contact” above and let me know you are sending your deposit so I can temporarily hold a space for you until your deposit arrives to secure it.)