Travel Writings

The Complete Travel Journal from Jennifer’s Autumn Trip to Greece and Italy to teach at Delphi…


Back to Delphi

September 10th, 2008 ~ Delphi, Greece

I made it.  Through weeks of preparation and days of travel.  Through a lingering desire to not leave home at all.  Through a burning in my heart that begged me to let go…of all that I could, and could not.  Through missed ferries, missed flights, missed meals, and missed friends.  Through not being able to keep my head up on endless-feeling flights and then…finally…opening blurry eyes to see the moon hanging over my beautiful Delphi.  Waiting for me, as it always has, and as my home always will when I pick up, again and again, to open my arms and my heart to the world once more.  The moon hung low and sweet as we were driven around the last mountain curves and by the sacred spring in the dark, just exactly as it did when my mother, sister and I first arrived here eleven years ago.  Again, the calling here was strong enough to uproot me, and make me cross oceans to answer it.

Because what I really made it through to come back here this way is about 1,700 years.  It has been that long since the last Oracle here spoke her final words…  “Tell the king the fair-wrought house has fallen.  No shelter has Apollo, nor sacred laurel leaf.  The voices now are silent.  The spring is stilled.”

That it would be 1,700 years before an Oracle returned to speak her truth aloud in that same place is incredible.  That it is happening now is incredible.  I know many Oracles have returned and re-visited this place, whether they were conscious of it or not…but to come here to teach…to stand at the rock of the Sibyl and the spring of Gaia…and to bring a group of Oracles to do the same.  This is history of the most profound kind.  The kind that gets written in the book of the Goddess forever.

I used to think it was grandiose to speak in this way.  To think that the work of one or a small group could have this kind of cosmic proportion…but now I know it is the only thing that does.  We are it.  We are the new deities and the living Oracles.  We just need to be reminded of what we are and can do.  And as long as I live this will be my path…to help remind the other Oracles.  The other “Ones who Remember”…so that they can spread the great remembering across the earth.  It is time.  And I am going to stand in Delphi as a living Oracle to prove it.

Tell the king the fair-wrought house has been restored.  There is shelter for both Gaia and Apollo, and the Oracles will dance in sacred laurel leaves.  The voices are no longer silenced.  The spring is full.

Love, Jennifer

Reveling and Revealing

Friday, September 12th, 2008 ~ Delphi, Greece

The only thing missing as I sit to write you all is my cup of coffee and enough time to really indulge.  But it is late and beyond the time to be having the perfect writing moment (or espresso)…and yet this, this sweet tired moment, will do.  Writing to all of you is too special and too important to miss.

I am overcome.  Being here and sharing with a group in these energies…and group of open, beautiful, willing souls…is so magnificent.  As I write that I feel so clearly how many of you are here with me, with us.  You are here in the same way the beings are…participating from other realms and yet truly present.  This is a time and a gift for all of us.

Today the workshop began and we started at the sacred spring.  Tomorrow we will visit the temple of Apollo, the next day the temple of Athena, and finally the cave of Pan on Monday, with a final day together Tuesday.  Yesterday our dear friend here in Delphi, Lydia, drove Sebastian and I up the rocky mountain roads to the Corycean Cave (Cave of Pan) and my friends, let me tell you, it was beyond my wildest imagination, and yet so familiar from visions of my past.  It will forever have been one of the most profound energies of my life…a vast cavern in the Parnassus mountain, full of living beings of stone and energy unlike any I have ever known.

There is more to say about all of this, but my writing tonight is mostly a “report” from the path, for those of you traveling along.  Sleep well tonight my friends, as I will, and dream Oracle dreams as the full moon comes…

Love, Jennifer

It is time…

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 ~ Delphi, Greece

This is it…one last stolen moment to write to you in Delphi before we ride away tomorrow…this last day, like all last days I guess, was a blur of visiting your favorite places one last time and getting too-short minutes with new and old dear friends. This is what happens when you fall in love with a place.

But I fell in love here long ago. And it was a love affair that would last eons. What has happened here with the group and during the retreat was beyond what I can do justice to in words. I have made a perch in the rocks of Mt. Parnassus and I have seen the Remembering spread across the land….it is done.

In many ways in coming here with Oracles again, and in the name of many others who traveled with us in spirit, I have kept the promise I made when my soul was young. I kept my promise. Now my soul can rest.

Thank you for keeping the promise too. It has meant more than I can ever say. The other words I so longed to tell you of this journey beyond description must wait. It is so late and I am aching with the things that can’t be said or done now. I don’t know how we will get where we are going next tomorrow, so cross your fingers for us. It is time, in truth, for miracles.


Sacred and Profane

September 19th, 2007 ~ Mykonos, Greece

New!  Jennifer recorded a “message from Delphi” with sharing and sound blessing, click here to read more!

First travel will break your body, then your spirit, and then your heart…and then it will make you whole again…

And if you watch carefully you can see it all happen right before your eyes. You can witness your rebirth through the ever-changing mirror of waking up where you have never been before, again and again.

I have never been in an internet cafe with laptops, a disco ball and a bar…but then I have never been to Mykonos before. Very shortly after arriving here I saw a boy in a skirt…and I knew I was in a good place.

It helps to have a good new place to keep your mind off of one you just left behind. I cried leaving Delphi…what else could I do? It isn’t just that I feel that I completed a soul mission grander than any I have known, or that I shared it all with a group of souls that I felt so completely honored and moved by. It isn’t just the energy of the sites…beyond description…or the fact that I am forever changed. It was the way we made family there that I will have for the rest of my life. It is the people. It is the fact that in my heart ancient Delphi and modern Delphi merged, just like the old and new worlds coming together in the remembering.

In our last twenty-four hours there we ran around finishing business, seeing dear friends for the last time, and trying to plan a trip to the islands last-minute. We also found out one of our debit cards had been being used fraudulently for several days, and had a couple of friends really let us down. And that is when the others rallied, and we were so lovingly cared for, once again. It was with that love that we were left to catch the one afternoon boat to Mykonos yesterday, and it is that love we carry on with…

It is something else here. I love the winding labyrinthine walks through town and finding my way around them through feeling. It is strange to share them with hoards of others carrying video cameras pointed above their heads at nothing in particular, and the awfully-resilient locals who live with it all the time.

Today we went to the sacred island of Delos. I have to admit there is a part of me that gets great pleasure from the fact that you access the sacred island from the party island. They are very close together you know. One of the greatest moments was riding at the bow of the boat, hanging over the edge looking at the intense twilight-blue Aegean sea. There was nothing but twenty-five feet of free fall between me and the rolling sea, and it was as close to flying as I have ever come.

And then to arrive at an island covered in the ruins of temples…a scene like nothing else. Sitting at the natural grotto on the mountain, the source of the magical energies the island has been revered for, was like putting my finger in a socket, but I wasn’t aware of the extent until we got back here and I couldn’t move much for a couple of hours. Traveling to sacred sites is like that for me though. I get charged enough to carry the energy onward with me, like a crystal, and it generally blows me out if I do it long enough. It isn’t the same as being burnt out…blown out is like having been so wide a channel that you have to gently let it reset again afterward. I have a high threshold, but then I am a lover of intensity. How could I not be?

We have had postcards of the Greek islands around our house for so many years. Coming out here yesterday was a longtime dream come true. It is a really fun walk on the wild side, even just to look around sometimes, but my heart will be looking back to Delphi for some time now, as it has for a very long time. Just as I look back to my island home every single moment I am ever gone from it. These islands are beautiful, for sure, but none could replace the sweet one I call home.

Well, these are thoughts for tonight. We are going to try to stay up late enough to really see the town light up before we travel on tomorrow. My heart is with you all…

Love, Jennifer

Leaving Santorini

Monday, September 22nd, 2008 ~ Santorini, Greece

You may think that it is funny that I will be glad to leave the beautiful island of Santorini today, but glad I am.  I have even counted the hours a few times.  It’s not that it isn’t exquisite.  It is magnificent in many ways.  But it is raw, and rough in ways I never imagined from my postcard-view imagination.

This island was once named “Strongoli”…the round one.  Now it is a crescent that cradles the volcano that reshaped it…many times.  And I know in my bones it will someday do so again.  Though I also know it will not be while I am here it is a little like riding the Titanic for a few minutes.  Strange and intense.  I feel the lost worlds too…the civilizations that disappeared.  The only difference between here and Pompeii is that people still live here, and that the destruction of an entire people here has happened more than once.

It isn’t about fear.  And it isn’t, truly, that land elsewhere hasn’t experienced just as much trauma at one point or another.  It is the seismic activity that has kept me restless and clenching my teeth in my sleep.  It is the primordial movements constantly occurring.  Perhaps it is the loss of Atlantis that aches in my bones, and the fact that we would face a common fate if our world didn’t shift enough in time.

It was the Hotel Atlantis that we ironically took shelter in on our first night here when the storm arrived when we did became torrential and made rivers of the streets and lightning and thunder erupted everywhere.  Then, yesterday, it was sunny and we went to the Red Beach which was the highlight of our time here.  The rocky cliffs were truly red and the volcanic pebbles of the beach itself were beautiful and unique.  They also happened to produce a large number of agates, to my wonderful delight.  That’s what roughness often does though…polishes and crystallizes and cleanses.

So for this special day, autumn equinox, I wish for myself and for all of you that any recent roughness be something that produces a great beauty as softness returns.  Wish me good journeys as we return to Athens (just a few hours to go…)

Love, Jennifer

Bella Firenze

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 ~ Florence, Italy

Well my friends, it has been quite a trip since I wrote you last…hard and beautiful as so many of the best things are, and finally I write you from Florence, just about to leave for our final destination on this trip…Venice.

There would be no way to tell you everything that has passed since Santorini in the time I have, so I will just say it has involved a lot of movement, from Santorini to Athens to Rome…from Rome to Assisi where the energy was stunning and magical, and a cold front blew in and I got sick…to here in Florence where I got better and have experienced exquisite art, delicious coffee, and organic gelato, and where some of the meals have been the kind that bring you back to life.

Now my time is running out…so quickly…and we are off on the next adventure. I will write you from one of my favorite cities in the world very soon. Sending love from Italy, Jennifer

City of Beauty

Monday, September 29th, 2008 – Venezia, Italy

Even with thousands of others, in weather that is at one moment too hot and bright and stifling, and at the next blowing cold wind all around you in the alleys, even not feeling well with everything throbbing inside and outside of you…Venice just steals your heart.

I was prepared of course.  My love affair with Venice started long ago.  It is an enduring romance, as none of the surface tensions rob it of its glory.  It is a work of art slowly sinking, which makes you love it even more.

This has been a trip of miracles and radiance, and it has also been very difficult at times.  Traveling from city to city, from boat to bus to train, never stopping long enough to recuperate is not a vacation…it is harder work than being at home.  I start trips soft, and finish them hardened.  But then the shell cracks and a new self is born.  I start trips green, and end them ripened.  I always remember the world in my heart, but I forget the world in my body when I am secluded on my little pearl of an island in the green-blue sea.  Every time I come out into the world again and force myself beyond what I can possibly take, I become more and more worldly in a way it is hard to describe.  My sense of home stretches, whether I like it or not, to include everything.  The world is my home.

However there isn’t a trip I have taken, to eighteen countries in eleven years…many of them two or three times, that I haven’t felt like Frodo having wandered too far from the shire.  I have everything I need at home.  Sometimes I think I am a masochist to do this to myself…to love the world and travel the way I do.  A masochist, a hedonist, a glutton of experiences…it is hard to say which.

When it is particularly hard I don’t really feel myself anymore.  I am still me in my heart, and I still look and act similarly, but the truth is that the light begins to go out of my eyes when I am so deprived of sleep and food and clean air for such long periods of time as often happens when one travels.  This all sounds rather rough, I know, and the truth is it frequently is.  But then I finally stumble into some restaurant with divine food and candlelight and my spirit begins to return to me.  Or I sleep well one night and I wake up remembering what relaxation feels like.  Or I find myself looking out the window of a cafe that Casanova once had many rendezvous in looking out onto the Plaza San Marco, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world.

Or someone, rather than bustling by you in the crush of massive waves of tourists, takes the time to be more kind and generous than usual.  Those kindnesses are golden.  So many people have been like angels along the way.  Never underestimate the power of a simple kindness.  I don’t.

We have been invited as guests in a woman’s home on the Grand Canal…another great kindness from only a slight connection.  It is luxurious and a special pleasure to be there, and tonight we will have dinner with a meditation group she holds there.  How wonderful to meet the spiritually kindred here in Venice.

Venice seems born from a dream world…a city with streets made of water.  It is as if birds could swim here, and fish could fly, and somehow it wouldn’t be surprising.  It is a perfect place to do my end-of-trip reflecting, on what has passed and what is coming next.  It is so important for an Oracle (and a Pisces) to dream, and to reflect…

So, again I have shared with you a slice of my life this Monday afternoon in a bookstore near the Piazza San Marco, still drifting in the world, a fish out of water and yet surrounded by it…a feeling so many of us know so well.

May you all be blessed with time to dream and sweet comfort within which to do it.

Love from Venice, Jennifer

Free to Roam

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 ~ Venezia, Italia

Finally, my friends, I feel more free again.  I have decided that it isn’t enough to just board a plane for some exotic or glamerous location.  If you don’t have free time you are just as trapped as you would be anywhere else in the world.  Sometimes you want to pack your days with one activity after the other…it’s fun…but when it has stopped being fun it becomes a grind, like any other.  I have designed my life to be free of the grind so I certainly don’t want to search the world for it.

So to just wander around Venice for hours and hours is heaven sent.  To sit by the Grand Canal when your feet are tired from walking day after day, and to just go wherever you want to, without any destination, is pure poetry.  I don’t ever get tired of little canal after little canal.  Though I will be so ready to come home that I can barely think about it, there is just nothing in the world like this city.

It was so incredible to tone here for a group of about eighteen people who usually meet to meditate.  I remembered what marble and water do for sound, and it is epic.  And to feel the energy rising up from the land and water here was ecstatic, and made the most hauntingly beautiful sounds.

I am going now to see Piazza San Marco at night…I will send you all a gentle breeze from my favorite plaza in the world…

Love, Jennifer


Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 ~ home

Outside my window the sun is laying a golden fabric over everything, and softening the chilly winds that kick up crisp leaves, and let them softly drop again.  The air is so very clean I feel that I could drink it.  All of the sudden everything seems so very easy…and I can barely move.

When I do move it is as if I am watching myself from a distance…wondering how it is that I am putting one foot in front of the other without even meaning to really.  I am once again in awe of the way that life unfolds, surprising you at every turn.  Even the feelings you expect are so ever-changing, always with something new to teach you.

I have been home for three nights and two days, and I still wake up wondering what city I am in and what kind of day I need to be ready for.  I still dream of Venetian canals and living sculptures…and of Delphi.  Always of Delphi.  And then I realize I made it home, by some miracle of nature it was waiting for me at the end of another very long road.  It seems so unchanged, and at the same time I am fully aware that it is a blank canvas for me to begin a new life within.  I sit, in repose, wondering what I want this new life to be like.

I think we forget what we would like to create and be in this world because we forget to stop and dream about it.  To stop.  To pause and reflect.  We think of this time taken in rest as nothing more than empty space not put to good use, but truthfully it is the womb of our power of creation, inspiration and joy.  We have to take precious time to ourselves, and not just to sleep or eat.  To be.  To let go.  To feel.  And nothing more.  We don’t think this is productive time, and it is not…it is instead what is literally vital to being productive, and to producing that which is most aligned with our soul’s desire.

So I am not making plans yet or leaping into the future.  I am just sitting here, quietly…considering.  I am making space for the dreams to find me, rather than forcing them to come at my calling.  I am letting the playful space of being open be my dream, and its fulfillment.

I don’t have answers, because even the questions keep slipping through my fingers and falling away.  And I am glad.  It leaves just me, and the great silence, and putting one foot in front of the other with patience and faith.  It lets me look, only and truly, at what is at hand.  No reaching.  No striving.  Only a natural movement made from the yearning of my being, to be that.

It isn’t a secret to live this way.  It is about noticing the wind pick up the leaves and let them go again.  It is about tasting the flavor in your cup of tea.  It is about spending a longer time doing nothing important by outer standards, and finding out what is important to your heart again.  It is about strolling.  Going nowhere.  Leafing through magazines or talking about silly things that make your heart feel light.  It is about rolling over, sometimes with your last strength, and depositing yourself into the arms of the goddess, and just letting yourself be held, without thinking about it.  It is about skipping school sometimes, and school’s later equivalents in our lives.  It is about taking unexpected chances, to walk alone in the trees and hear what they might have to say to you, when there is no other sound but the soft turnings-over of your mind.

May you be blessed, in this day, in this week, to find yourself in many of those moments, stringing them together like berries on a line, until you can’t remember where they start…and where they end…

Love, Jennifer


The following is the complete journal from Jennifer’s Spring 2008 trip to Egypt and Greece…


Ecstasy and Desperation

The travel journal begins…

Saturday, April 18th, 2008 ~ Luxor, Egypt

Travel, for me, is like life concentrated. It is like a strong espresso or a stiff liquor. It hits hard, and you pay for it later sometimes, but it also takes you to incredible heights. It is like injecting something straight into the vein, and though I am glad I am not as addicted as I could be, I am afraid I started young and will probably never really get it out of my system. I make up for this by hiding out and going almost nowhere when I am at home. And then I take a big leap and find myself in Africa. In a different kind of home, both familiar and foreign, every time. But travel itself, as uncomfortable as it usually is, becomes a sort of companion whose endless change and total mutability is a strange reprieve from a life of what is often false security anyway. Travel pushes me…sometimes onto my knees…but deep and hard into myself, and out of myself. And I am glad to say it is the only, thank the universe, semi-abusive relationship that I have never been able to let go of.

It is hard, and soft. It is labor, it is birth. It is a miracle, and a suffering. It is something brilliant, and it makes me fearless. There is suddenly no “great world” out there, but I am in that great world…it is all around me…I am it. The world becomes small and reaches out a hand to touch me, and I am everywhere.

All the while my body is stretched beyond its capacity, and somehow it always makes the stretch. After the first ten-hour flight to Paris I actually felt quite good. I was so proud of myself. This is going to be a smooth trip, I thought. After five hours in the Paris airport, having been up all night I was still feeling good. Though the walls were beginning to move and delerium was setting in, I ate a designer sandwich and felt alright. The five hour flight to Cairo is when it started to hit me. By then we had traveled all day and night, and the four-hour wait at the Cairo airport was a limbo-land someplace outside of my physical form. My stomach ached from the airline food I always have to resort to when my healthy food bars don’t cut it. I willed my legs to keep moving (and even to run when we found out our luggage wasn’t going to come with us to Luxor…but to no avail).

So by the time we made the one-hour flight to Luxor, arriving at midnight, and tried to file a report to get our luggage, we were exhausted. Two days later we still don’t have our luggage, but you know there is something very simple about wearing the same clothes every day and using lotion to condition your hair. And travel does make you grateful for the simple things…the kindness of strangers when you find it, someone who speaks your language enough to understand what the hell you are talking about, a decent meal…and then there is the arrival…

The moment when you realize you have made it to the place you made all that effort to reach…the moment you see the nile again stretching out before you, and the palms waving at you accross it. The moment you feel the presence of the beings you hold so dear reaching into you from deep in the earth…welcoming you. The moment you see the temples rising straight up out of the ancient past and filling your broken body with absolute and total bliss. And it suddenly doesn’t matter if you are starving or aching…you will something beyond your body to set you free and you move on pure prana…and as long as you can still stand upright you are alright for a while.

I wonder sometimes if everyone travels like me or not. I wonder if some people take simple trips, or have a different endurance level. I wonder if some take it softer…water down their stiff drinks. I know there must be a wisdom in that, and yet I am already ruined for that kind of travel…or that kind of life really. I have learned to enjoy it slowly when needed, but never to water it down.

It is good to know how to go with the flow when traveling, especially in Egypt. Apparently our conference was flagged as unfavorable in some way (threatening perhaps?) and blackballed. No hotel in Luxor, or Egypt for that matter, is allowed to give us space to hold this metaphysical conference. (Don’t try to understand why…it would make you dizzy with its irrational circles.) But this has forced the facilitators to split the group into parts and take them to the temples for three days. In the temples we are allowed to lead our meditations and talks, which I think is extraordinary and thrills me to no end. Instead of teaching in a conference room I will be toning in the temples. Like a dream come true.

In the meantime, before the conference starts tomorrow, I will be praying to the Goddess of Lost Luggage to help us with a miracle tonight. And I will go out now just in time to sit on the barge on the nile and watch the sun set with a flame inside my heart. I am nowhere somehow, and yet I wouldn’t be anywhere else right now. I am grateful, for everything my life has held, and for the chance to be in this homeland again.

I will hope you will all be with me in spirit in these next few days, as I tone, chant to the Egyptian Deities, and teach fellow oracles in the great temples…at the dawn of the Great Remembering.

My love to all of you…


Bliss in the Temples

Monday, April 23rd, 2008 ~ Luxor, Egypt

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you today with so much joy in my heart. The long travel to arrive was worth it in every way imaginable. For those of you who don’t know, I came to Egypt to teach at a conference called the Planetary Leadership Conference (you can read about it at and at the last minute the venue was forced to change, and by a miracle it was moved right into the ancient temples themselves. So for the last three days I have been teaching, toning and channeling inside the temples. It has truly been a dream come true.

I was able to chant to the goddess sekhmet at the feet of her statue at Karnak in that very special chapel so many of you have visited. I was able to chant for the divine feminine in the Hathor temples at Hatsepshut and Deir al Medina. Today, at the latter, I experienced a kind of full-body chanelling of sound unlike anything I have ever known. It was beyond exquisite. It was breathtaking.

To live in these times as an Oracle, and to still be able to return to homelands like this and to sing and to speak in the temples as we did thousands of years ago is a gift beyond explanation. It makes my heart so full that I am at a loss of words to describe it.

I am in love with life for bringing me here at this time in this way, and excited to visit Abydos and Dendara temples tomorrow, and then to carry on to Cairo and Greece. I will write again soon, and I have carried you all in my heart.

Love, Jennifer

The Flame of Remembering

Wednesday, April 24th, 2008 ~ Luxor, Egypt

No matter how esoteric my other loves may be, I must admit I have an incredible weakness for an empty computer room with coffee and plenty of time to write in a country far away from home. Such luxuries…

As wordless as most of my reality and perception as an Oracle may be, it is words, especially when written, that somehow integrate those ethereal worlds with this one for me. Words tie them together and make lovely bridges accross beautiful rivers inside of me. Rivers I might otherwise be swept away on so much of the time. So when you add travel to the most exotic places in the world, and coffee, it just gets that much better.

I am in a one-day window between my experiences in the temples around Luxor and leaving for Cairo tomorrow. Two days in Cairo will then lead to our leaving Egypt for Greece…for Delphi. It is all too incredible to do at once. And I know I have done this voyage before. In fact I think many Oracles did. Egypt became hostile to those ways when the real power struggles began, and Greece still welcomed them.

Something I love most about both travel and writing is the perspective they afford. They are each an altered state all their own. They take you to a perch on a mountain somewhere and allow you to look down at what you think your life is, and who you think you are. They allow you, like so many other creative acts and surrendered states, to see it all in a different light, and to have a great deal more vision about where you want to head next. It lets you see your path more clearly…and change what you would like to. It removes you from the surroundings you usually live and operate in and reminds you that you are writing your own story, and that you can change the way you feel about it and see it at any time. It reminds you that you are not bound by the things you think you are, or in the way you believe yourself to be. These things create space. They let you breathe more deeply again, and become new again.

Who knew I would lead such an amazing life? I did, I guess. Once, Egypt was a far-off dream…a memory from ages ago in my soul. Now the temples are familiar to me the way places I grew up are familiar. It’s how they speak to me that so moves me. It is how they fill me with an energy one feels who is truly loved. It is how I don’t even walk when that feeling comes…I float, as if the primordial ocean has rushed in and filled the rooms and I have become one with its waves. And I don’t have to create this space. It has already been created for me…thousands of years ago. The memory is there.

All places are sacred, but those that have been acknowledged, honored and celebrated as such carry that memory…that vibration…and transmit and amplify it, like crystals. We were the last ones to leave both Abydos and Dedera temples yesterday, as the other people were with groups and were led out ahead of us by their group leaders. In fact, at Dendera we were down in the crypt (an underground hall beneath the temple) when the “crypt-keeper” (who was very nice as it happens : ) came down to tell us that the whole caravan was leaving. Being down there alone I had been able to hear the silence. The beautiful, resonant silence that seemed to beckon to one to go even deeper, and deeper, and deeper…

Singing and toning in the temples, as I have been able to so much in the past few days, it has felt as though the thousands of years had never passed. No more were the priestesses and priests a thing of the past…times merged and the lost times weren’t lost anymore. Yes, my friends, they are coming back, and you and I are going to live to see it. I wrote that in my book when I wrote about the “Return of the Oracle,” and every day I see it coming to be more and more. Don’t be distracted or disuaded by the things which make it seem untrue. That is what they are here to do…to distract and disuade. Keep your eyes on whatever brings you joy and makes you feel that home might indeed be here on this earth for you still…that there might be something so grand happening on this planet that it would be big enough to encompass all of who you are.

Because who you are is so vast…and I know it has been hard to fit in a little body in an even tinier context sometimes. But let me promise you that this life, this earth, this embodiment has so much bliss to yet offer you that it might be hard to comprehend from the place of pain so many of us have known so well, and even still know.

Just keep your little flame burning and know that the hardest moments where everything looks the darkest will pass. They always pass. Stay close to whatever brings back your faith and your joy. That is the only spiritual path worth taking. Draw near to whatever lights and feeds the glowing flame in your heart. Leave the rest behind. It is time…

I love you all and hope to write again soon…

Love, Jennifer

Cairo to Delphi

Saturday, April 26th, 2008 ~ Delphi, Greece

Like a dream…

I woke up this morning to the sounds of the streets of Giza and the most amazing view of the Sphinx and Pyramids, and will sleep tonight in sight of the most amazing valley from Delphi…surrounded by towering green mountains covered in red and yellow spring flowers, leading all the way to the Corinthian Gulf in the distance…

I am in the land of Oracles, and tomorrow I will wake up and walk down the road to the place where so many sat and spoke the words that would change the world, over and over again, through a veil of gases and smoke. Already the mountains are speaking…the springs and the stones have never lost the knowing.

We had such a wonderful time in Cairo with our dear friend Abdullah, and since we stayed at an apartment belonging to a family we know, we really got to feel the life of Giza (the part of Cairo at the edge of the Sahara where the pyramids are) and we had the most incredible view…the building is the closest to the Sphinx and our window looked directly out to its face, with the three pyramids spread out behind it.

Driving to Giza after we flew in to Cairo the pyramids appeared on the horizon and I stopped breathing for a moment. They have such an effect on me that they create an involuntary response in my body. They just dwarf all the development around them. They are literally like an apparition from the past, but solid.

By this morning we were dying for fresh food and clean air, and we got it, and the cost of leaving one of the most magnificent places on earth. However that was also buffered considerably by the fact that we were on our way to an equally magical place. I could hardly believe we were headed for Delphi…

Climbing the mountains to come here is like ascending to the heavens…like entering the celestial realms. You begin to feel it about thirty minutes away. Something shifts noticeably. It is this quality of energy, this pristine presence that made it so perfect for the Oracles to meet, and to give prophecy.

For me it is a return to a sacred vessel. A place that held the Oracles so perfectly that they could give themselves completely to the art of their souls…to remembering.

We checked-in to our hotel and went to a restaurant to eat our first meal of the day aside from bread and cheese, and had the most unbelievable greek salad. I have never tasted anything like it. Now we have strolled the streets in the chilly evening (weather so much like what we are used to at home) and enjoyed a greek coffee. Life is very, very good.

It only took two hours to fly from Cairo to Athens. It seems unreal, and yet unsurprising as well. I have come from the land where Isis reigns, to the place where Gaia speaks…and in both cases her sweet voice is just the same. And this, is just the beginning…

Love, Jennifer

Ancient Wind

Sunday, April 27th, 2008 ~ Delphi, Greece

Standing in an ancient site today here in Delphi, the wind picked up heavily and suddenly, and made the most beautiful whispers and wave sounds through the trees above me. I closed my eyes and listened with my heart. Being an Oracle is really that simple.

I knew why the Oracles at Dodona gave prophecy by listening to the wind as it moved through the sacred oak trees.

The beauty here leaves me without words, and almost without thoughts, which is a nice experience…but certainly, and never, without feeling.

This will be a short entry as it is late now, but I promise to write more and in greater detail soon.

Love, Jennifer

The Silent Spring

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 ~ Delphi, Greece

Dear Friends,

Thank you for journeying along with me. Writing to everyone occasionally is such a special way of sharing my experience as it happens, and so often the amazing things that occur when we travel are too quickly left behind when we finally return home. Now you have all traveled with me in some way…somehow you are here in this internet cafe drinking the iced espresso with me (sounds good doesn’t it…) on a street in the small town of Delphi, built on the legacy of a site where women went into ecstatic trance and spoke to goddesses and gods. It is a place tens of thousands of people visit every year…maybe more…one of the most famous sites in all Greece. The energies in the sites and the land are alive and incredibly magical. One feels high just being here. All that is missing…are the Oracles.

I came here for these few days after Egypt to prepare for the workshop I will teach here in the fall. Originally I looked for a spiritual center to bring people to…some kind of meditation retreat space. I had no idea that no such place exists here. In fact the memory is silent here, just as the Oracle said of the “voice of the spring” in the last prophecy she made about 300 after Christ was born when the temple finally closed its doors forever. Now I know it has been silent all this time…or perhaps never silent, only unheard.

There were many springs here, but a couple of importance to the Oracles. The first Oracular site here actually was a spring itself, through which the nymphs would listen to the voice of the Mother…Gaia or Ge…and receive the prophecies in that way long before the temple of Apollo was built.

I have called this retreat I will teach here the “Return to Delphi” and only now do I realize how poignant and accurate a phrase that is…for that is what those of us who come here in the fall will truly be…Oracles returning to Delphi at the time of the Great Remembering. And we…we will hear the voice of the spring again.

We made a contact here, a lovely young woman, who when I told her about what I teach said, “That is nice! Even we don’t know about the ancient Oracles or intuition…we who live right here at the site!”

It is time. This I have always known. It is time to bring back the ancient knowledge. And not just the ancient knowledge that has been passed down for hundreds of years, some of it losing its meaning along the way, but the ancient knowledge that can only be found in the heart…the power of revelation that is the true spring within each of us. No matter where in the world we reawaken that memory we are powerful contributors to the Great Remembering. I want to thank you all…each of you…for hearing the voice of the sacred spring…it is more important than you may know. It is not always easy to hear that voice within, but it is a light beyond all lights.

Love, Jennifer

It Will Come…

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 ~ Delphi, Greece

It will come…

That is what the young man I met today in a store, a kindred spirit, told me they say in Greek when they do the traditional ancient handshake. “It will come…”

And it always will. Even when it seems least likely, whatever you are waiting for, even if you feel you have been waiting forever for it, will come.

Being here in Delphi is like being in a constant energy bath…like the whole location is a temple itself. It is supremely intense…and changes you from the inside out. At first it felt too quiet though. It felt like the Oracles, Nymphs and Sibyls were gone from physical form. I knew they (we) were only waiting to return in full force, but I looked around at the stronghold of a different faith and a modern world and felt myself almost like a relic. But I waited…what else is there to do? Wait and hold faith…

And then everything shifted and opened…and now we have made friends here, in such a short time, and I so much see the hand of the universe having reached right in to connect us deeply here before we go. It is like a miracle. Tomorrow we will ride away from this place, but like Egypt, we won’t really be leaving.

We also made dear friends with the Greek co-presenters at the Egypt conference and we are going to meet them at our Athens hotel tomorrow and go to the Poseidon Temple at Cape Sounio, on May Day and the last day of our adventure. It’s like a dream, again.

And home…home sounds very, very good. New life is waiting, and I can’t wait to live it.

It will come.

Love, Jennifer

Back to One

Saturday, May 2nd, 2008 ~ Seattle, Washington

It’s hard to know how to find words in moments like these, but then knowing myself as I do I just wait a little longer and they always do come. Besides, now that I have coffee to drink a bit of the travel hangover will soften and leave more space in my achy head for poetry. Poetry for me isn’t just pretty verse…it is everything I see all around me all the time. It is the ongoing song of life as I experience it…one long poem.

Sometimes it is painful, but there is redemption in the fact that it is somehow still a poem.

As you can see from the entry I am back in Seattle, just as of a few strange between-the-worlds hours. I flew for 13 hours, starting my day at 4am in a hotel in Athens. Now it is the middle of the night for me after that long day…but here it is only the afternoon and I am trying to stay awake to get adjusted. And now you are helping me do it just by being “out there” for me to write to.

I am back where I started, and yet completely changed. It is always this way after travel for me. In fact we are changed in each moment…we just don’t always know it or feel free to rejoice in it and exercise it. We are surrounded by people, places and things which expect us to stay somewhat the same. That, and we ourselves sometimes hold back as not to lose whatever structure we have created around who we think we are. It is rare to find a person who really lives out the ever-changing work of art that they are…but I think it will become less and less rare.

I think anything that sets us free…anything that returns us to ourselves, is an amazing blessing. These blessings are more valuable than the most precious gold. I thought about this yesterday when our new friends came and picked us up at our hotel and took us to the ocean. It filled me up completely in one instant to see the it again, and the place they took us, to the Poseidon Temple at Cape Sounion was one of the most exquisite places I have ever been. The sheer rocks from the temple down to the vibrant blue and green Agean sea were magnificent, and I felt as though I was returned to myself. It isn’t that we ever leave ourselves, but certain special things remind us of this, and get us in touch with what we most connect with in our being.

Then there are the things that remind us who we are by making us forget. They offer us a fresh look by stripping away everything we thought we knew. Like travel, for instance. Anyone who knows me and saw me right now would probably say I wasn’t looking so good…exhausted and pretty delirious…but at the same time with some new light in my eyes and my skin. I have physical pain and soreness everywhere and my stomach feels like its full of stones from the foods I have been eating. I have a second-hand-smokers cough and will probably be ready for a good detox after all of this…and at the same time there is a different radiance coming from me. This is what happens when life breaks us…it puts us together more beautifully than before…more as we really are.

I can’t believe I am writing at this point, and since the letters are actually beginning to swim around a bit on the screen I think I had better stop for now. I will just say that I feel really good underneath. I feel that I have yet another chance to take a new step, and to make it anything I want to. We may break a lot of pots, but life never stops giving us new clay to work with. And I am ready to keep getting my hands dirty making shapes from the poetry of life. I hope this day, and those coming ahead in this very special month of May are filled with light, hope and new life for you. I hope the fires of Beltane light a flame in your heart that illuminates the next steps in your path with passionate joy.

Here is to new dreams…

Love, Jennifer

(this is a picture of Sebastian and I and our friends at the temple I wrote about in this post.)