True Embodiment: On Not Ascending in 2012 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, December, 2011

(This is part two of my 2012 prophecy, read part one: “The New World Soul: 2012 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy” by clicking here)

I write, trembling, not with fear or nervousness, but with the golden power of the goddess coursing through my veins. These words I have always written…these words I have always said. They sing along with me on the unbound currents of the sea and the wind that kisses all the stars. It is the time of returning, at last…

I will admit it. Even I, with my incredible resources, found myself tossing and shifting in bed the other night…aching and fevered without being hot…praying for the moment to come when the full moon and eclipse would finally release me, and leave me in her wake, transformed…

The next night was even worse. The night of the actual eclipse. It wasn’t just that I was sleepless. It was the terrible ache in my body that seemed to extend to the edges of my very being. It was almost a feeling of poison, and though I knew it was a healing death-and-rebirth process it still took great power within me to bear it and hold space as it occurred. The next day, when the eclipse had passed, I was fine again after days of difficult experiences in my body and heart.

I am writing this because we need tools. The tools I have get me not only through the most intense nights of transformation, but allow me to have increased benefits from them, and profoundly further my joy in this life on a daily basis…even as the storm of alchemy in the universe rages on, preparing us for a new world, and releasing us from the old.

I am about to give you my very best gifts for getting through these times…not only for enduring them, but for thriving through them, spreading your wings, and flying across the new, open skies…

We live in times of almost truly unbearable waves of intense and transformational energies. They push and pull us, pressure and release us until we can hardly function, especially those of us who are sensitive and aware. We who are sensitive receive and process these energies first, and most profoundly. We may often feel like we’ve been brought to our knees energetically speaking, or finally to the point where we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore, over and over again. And just when we think it couldn’t get any more intense…it does.

Yet somehow we pull through it all…the symptoms that swing from fatigue, to over-excitability, numbness, acute anxiety, unexplained frustrations or loss of hope, overwhelming sadness, sometimes out of the blue…and countless others. The headaches, the rejection of foods and upset stomach and gut, the achiness and stiffness and strange joint pains. The moments when you are sure you have finally lost it and are just plain crazy. Sure, some of these symptoms certainly come from other causes too, (and check with a health professional to be sure!) but even in those cases they are often exacerbated by these intense transformational energies.

These energies are sometimes predictable…they come with eclipses, solstices and equinoxes (all of which are powerful portals of transformation.) They may also come with solar flares, earthquakes and other seismic activities, or magnetic shifts. But sometimes they are not operating at those more obvious or at least readable levels. They just come when the time is right, and you may only know they have come because you have learned to sense them, or because suddenly everyone around you is feeling like they are going crazy too. (Yes, it is very important that you know that you are not alone!)

So we are coming up on the year 2012, and that special date in December that is reputed to mark the end of the Mayan Calendar. (See my previous prophecy for more on this.) And, as you might expect, the energies are kicking up a notch, many notches actually. In fact, the extreme intensity of that wild moon that just eclipsed is my inspiration for writing you all this. I want to tell you how to best handle and bear some of what I see coming.

(Don’t get me wrong…most of what I see coming is wonderful, but getting through these catalytic energies, and doing so with power and grace, is going to be crucially supported by all the resources and assistance we can get.)

I have been hearing about earth changes and shifts in consciousness for a long time, since I was a little girl. And I could always tell that I had a different perspective on them, since I have had extraordinarily psychic vision since I was very small and could see a great deal about the potential futures of the earth.

You see, I’ve always known these changes are not about ascending. They are about embodying. They are about finally, fully being able to be in our bodies.

Yes, we are here, now, to learn how to fully embody. For embodiment actually contains all the blisses that we associate with ascension, and we have just lost awareness of them. We are, however, about to find them again. This is how the divine feminine will return…in our discovering fully and truly the divinity and the sacred pleasure of our bodies again.

Some of you are excited by this thought, and some of you perhaps can’t imagine that kind of heaven. The heaven of the body. Maybe all you have known is pain. Maybe you feel far too numb. Maybe it seems like too long and winding a trail back to where you once might have felt that, or could again. And most importantly, it may feel dangerous.

After all, why wouldn’t it? This love of the body and the pleasure it holds for us has been the single most repressed knowing and awareness of all in our entire recorded history. For it contains the greatest power ever known. It’s not far off in the heavens, this most potent power. It’s not in the right practice that lifts you out into another dimension. It’s right here…right, literally, at your fingertips.

There is so much more to say about all of this, but for the purposes of this writing I wish to offer you tangible, actual, clear, specific examples of how you can use your body to be healed and strong through these times, and ultimately access the bliss that is your birthright and where we are all headed until the time we leave it…the bliss of embodiment.

You see, I remember and teach a great number of ancient practices that have to do with this embodiment of ecstasy…female lineages (with wisdom for all genders) such as the Nymphs, Sibyls, Pythias, Oracles, and various Priestesshoods, many of Sacred Sexuality. Because I remember actually living in and being a part of these lineages I am sure you can imagine that I have gotten pretty darn good at being able to experience this bliss in my body, even through difficult times. But whether or not you have this ancient training, (or remember it) I will distill all of my lifetimes of background into the simplicity that can be applied right here, right now in our times…by anyone.

The first step of all of this is radical self-care. It is something most of us have not made a priority of in life, and have actually been trained in many cases not to practice. The practice of radical self-care is about taking self-loving actions. Self-loving actions are those which allow you to feel pleasure, (and therefore pleasure in the body.) It is on the pleasure in the body which we will focus when learning to embody.

Feeling pleasure in the body will first provide pain relief, (if and when needed,) and then, with diligent practice, be the same thing that takes us ultimately all the way into bliss. If you are already comfortable experiencing pleasure, and pleasure in your body, then being diligent about practicing doing so will simply take you ever deeper. The more fully you allow the pleasure to move through you, the more fortified and illuminated you will become.

Though you are the one who will best know (or discover) what brings you and your body pleasure, I have five basic suggestions that will offer a powerful framework, starting point, or points to return to over and over again if you find that they work for you. These five tools will be like the best survival (and thriving!) skills you could possibly have for facing the shift in consciousness on the earth over the next few years.

These skills are movement, orgasm and sexual play, water, laughter and touch. I know they sound pretty simple and straightforward, but they are powerhouses and miracle-makers, each one. In addition there is a magic ingredient: actually experiencing the pleasure (or at first it may feel more like comfort) as you use these tools.

What I mean is that you may be able to take a bath, experience lovemaking or self-pleasuring, or move your body, for example, right now in your life, without the truly powerful results I am speaking of, simply because you are not letting yourself really feel, or fully feel, the pleasure they produce. It is letting yourself feel the pleasure that brings about the miracles and opens the alchemical doors of embodiment.

1. Movement

I know, I know. We just want to run the other way sometimes from “exercise” but I promise you this, if you choose something fun (dancing, yoga, hula-hooping, tree climbing, swimming…) and you listen to your body, after two to four weeks of regular movement it will actually feel good to move! And you will crave it! And it will reduce your bodily discomfort and inflammation, give you energy, and so much more! Anything that moves your body at all (even vacuuming, painting a wall, or playing an instrument like a drum) will help when you are overwhelmed. Extra healing bonus points if it is also something that makes you feel creative. Overall, movement might just feel as though it saves your life.

2. Orgasm and sexual play

Did you know that when you are experiencing sexual pleasure (any pleasure really, but sexual pleasure more so) pain receptors are temporarily blocked? (Not to mention that endorphins and other yummy hormones and neurotransmitters are released! Again, this is true of any pleasurable experience, sexual or not.) I have heard of orgasm reducing pain by up to 80%, or even taking it completely away! It doesn’t have to be an orgasm though, any pleasurable sexual play will have some of this benefit. And remember you can do this on your own! No partner required! (If you have trouble reaching orgasm and would like to, there are fabulous resources out there…or take my Sacred Sexuality Courses!) I am with Mae West, “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!”

3. Water

Submerse yourself in water as often as possible. It has healing and cleansing properties, and pain-relieving benefits have been shown from immersing the body in water. It is also a great way to exercise, especially for an injured or weak body you wish to strengthen.

4. Laughter

I am on a comedy diet. Really. I save my stress hormones and chemicals for other uses and just watch funny things. I search long and hard for anything that just might make me howl. It is pure therapy, as we know from studies showing its restorative effects. Laugh daily, and as often as you can, laugh until it hurts and you want to fall over. (Other types of movies or entertainment also may have their purpose for you so follow what you are drawn to of course.) My best laughs are with friends.

5. Healing Touch (Massage and Bodywork)

Get touched. As often as you possibly can. Try to see a professional regularly, or trade off massages with a friend, or ask a lover for regular touch and massage. You can also try self-massage, use a tool, machine, or tennis balls if need be. Just get those tissues moving around (with gentle and loving consciousness, and while listening to your bodies needs,) as much as possible!

(A note here…I would certainly be discussing the skill of loving and feeling pleasure in your body by thinking about what we eat and drink, but since most of us are already thinking along those lines so much, and there is already such a wonderful focus on this now among conscious communities, I am counting on you already making loving choices about what you put in your body that way, and am focusing on the places we might not be looking as much that are rich with body-loving resources.)

These five options will not just help relieve pain, or help us enter into pleasure…the core of all of this is about the fact that entering into pleasure helps us open to love. Pleasure is love. The more we open to love the more we are rapidly healing, reaching new inspiration, and flexible and in touch with our deepest self and truth. And the more we open to pleasure, the more we open to love…

It isn’t enough just to read these suggestions though, you have to do them. And it isn’t even enough to do them. You have to do them regularly. And it isn’t even enough to do them regularly! (I promise to stop soon. : ) You must do them regularly with the never-ending diligence of one who has found water in the desert and must remember, over and over again how to return to the spring and drink…and then, you must be sure to allow yourself to feel the pleasure while you do these things. Remember, this is the ultimate secret and magical key of everything I have shared! You have to let yourself feel the pleasure in your body as you do these things.

This seems simple but it is the greatest alchemy I know. This is letting in the love of the universe, pure love, and letting it heal you and empower you. This is your power, and having full access to it.

Love is the most inherently organizing, harmonizing, healing and coherent energy in the universe. Its innate intelligence and supreme wisdom is the essence of all magic and beauty, and the most potent amulet of protection you could ever have. It is a stabilizing force that assists in providing mental and emotional wholeness and wellbeing, and anchors us firmly in our liberated sovereignty and natural power as divine beings, therefore also allowing us to bloom as sensual creatures in freedom and joy.

Even several years ago the world wasn’t ready for this…for me…for a young woman who is older than time itself to tell everyone in a supremely profound prophecy to touch themselves, rent funny movies, and take more baths (in order to save their own lives and most powerfully change the whole world no less!) but the world is ready now. The tide is turned. We are ready for the feminine. Not just the female…I am not talking about gender here. I am talking about the feminine, present in all people and all things. (But we are also, blessedly, ready for that to come through a woman and for all to hear.)

For this is how the goddess speaks…in the wind, in the trees, in your body. You are never too far gone. You can start with just letting in one good feeling at a time. It doesn’t have to be instant bliss. You can just let in a slightly relieving or calming feeling. See what it is like to allow yourself to feel that as you soak in the bath, or drink your favorite hot tea. As you begin to feel comfortable with that level of calm pleasure, you will find yourself opening to further pleasures, and your life will change forever.

Once you let pleasure in, as long as you keep returning to the spring, it will keep nourishing you. Your whole experience of embodiment will change. Your life will have joy again, or increased joy if it already contains joy now.

There is one more thing that will help keep you on the path of pleasure (well there are many!…but one more major and important one that belongs here.) It has to do with having the proper environment of support for staying on the path.

For the metaphor of the “spring” is one that comes often for me. That is because of my memories of being a Nymph. As a Nymph, in all sincerity, all life was just the variation of states that we would refer to as differing levels of orgasm.

It was very, very good being a Nymph.

Nymphs loved springs and caves…one bubbled up from the body of the mother and the other led inside her. The earth and nature were considered the body of the mother, one of the greatest sources of ecstasy for the Nymphs. They considered their own bodies to be that same divinity. They were the mother embodied. And so are we.

So the Nymphs had water (the springs and other waters they loved) and laughter amongst themselves, and sexual pleasure, and touch, and movement (they loved to dance.) They had everything I suggested above, and it was all right around them, all the time. We, however, may not feel surrounded by nature and laughter and happy dancing. Our challenge may be that we have to generate these states without the support of proper context.

That’s why we must make the context. We must try as best we can to make our spaces where we live and work feel good and pleasure-prone whenever possible. We must try to surround ourselves with people who we laugh with (and cry with too when needed of course!…but we need people who are pleasure-positive around us and who want to see us feeling good.) We must go out and buy the bath salts and maybe set up the candle on the rim of the tub to inspire us to have that hot bath sometimes. We must go out and join that class on hula-hooping, or yoga, or ecstatic dance so we can get moving and be around others who are doing the same. We then become the example and the better environment for others who are trying to be pleasure-positive as well.

I have made such a context in my life, and I delight in it. I don’t have to imagine the divine feminine returning to the earth and how it will happen. It’s happening now for me. I am her. You are her. She is our bodies and our ecstatic birthright.

So the other night when I burned with the moon and she pressed her hot revelations into my mind and heart to the point that I was frenzied, body and soul, I knew just what to do. I’d already had my bath and been to work out, so I chose one of those other options I mentioned above (ahem) and let the waves move through me. And then I slept, the soft sleep of one who is awake with the moon in her heart, and readied myself for all that would come next…

When the moon keeps you up, or the solar flares rock your boat…when the crescendo of energies reaches heights you can barely stand and you lose track of your center and your will, when it hurts…go to the body. Go always to the body. Ask what it wants. Trust that the pain you feel will dissipate more easily if you are willing to feel it, and can then feel something else…what is beneath it. We have to learn to fully feel again if we are going to make it through these changes like a blossoming flower.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it out in your body. Return, ever ardently, to that radical self-care. Only you know what it looks like for you. Only you can learn to hear what the language of your body is saying to you again, and only you can respond. Everything you invest in yourself will bless you manifold times, and spill over to serve the universe naturally and in the best possible ways.

Find your spring. Find your place of connection to your body, the mother, the Nymph within. Whatever your gender, she is waiting for you. Answer to her, the ancient calling from deep in our blood and bones that we have silenced for so long, and all the magic of the world will return…and the new world will be ecstatically born.



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