The New World Soul: 2012 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, December, 2011

I speak these words at the time of Great Change, the great turning of the tides, the rise of The Great Remembering.  They come from the mouth of a great Oracle of many ages.  They pour from the same cup of wisdom the Goddess first drank from.  They speak the silent whisper you carry in your heart…

I knew tonight, as I sat on the beach in the peach-colored light and caught my breath on the new eyelash moon, that it was time to write this message.  This message I have waited so many ages to write.

We are entering the year of 2012, the year much prophesied.  The year we begin again.  There are countless ideas about what will happen on the date the Mayan calendar is believed by many to end in December of this coming year of 2012.  My personal prophecy is simple and yet as grand as any could ever be.  For I remember further back than time…much further, and I have known, like many of you, that this era would arrive for many ages.

In fact, I came back now to be an Oracle again, in great part just so that I wouldn’t miss this.  This turning point that marks our passage more fully into what I call in my book, The Oracle Within, “The Great Remembering.”

For when we arrive at the threshold at the end of 2012, what we will find is the crossing into greater, more embodied love.  A love that has forever existed and will always exist.  A love that makes up all of what we are.  A love that is our essence and always has been.  All that will be different is that this love that has been building, pressing up against our walls and becoming a pressure we can barely stand, will finally spill out and over.  It will find the missing brick and instead of slipping through it slowly, it will use its force to topple every place we have ever held back from it.  It will move both like the most tender breeze or the softest balm, and like an unleashed primordial ocean, or a brilliant, blazing wildfire that rages through us and overturns the very fiber of our being.

I know you are probably thinking that you might not be able to bear it.  Not after everything you have already born, and barely survived.  After all, we live in the most intense times that ever have been.  And that, I can tell you, remembering some of the times we have known before on this earth, is really, really saying a lot…

We face daily pressures not just in our fast-paced world, but in the potent transformational and evolutional energies that hit those of us who are sensitive and conscious the most.  Those of us on the frontlines of change.  Those of us who are living on the edge and always have.  Brave souls, we are indeed.

People will begin to open up in ways they didn’t expect to.  Not everyone at once.  It will take years, but many will be impacted very quickly.  In fact, people will burst open so intensely and open so suddenly and widely that they may visibly fall apart.  Many people will stop being able to keep up appearances.  And this is good.  Those of us who are more open already will be natural guiding lights.  (Though it won’t be because we drop everything to take care of everyone else, it will be because we are caring for ourselves so well we become a model, and an inspiration.)

Right now, as I write these words, we are getting a preview of this experience in the midst of these two powerful eclipses, one in November and another coming up in December at the full moon.  Emotions are running high…perhaps at such a fever pitch sometimes it is hard to bear it at all.  This intensity is preparatory for the changes of next year, and will help us be more ready to enter into it more powerfully.

So, to help now and throughout next year, I am going to tell you right now how we will survive this heart-racking, body-breaking-to-make-whole, flooding rush of both devastating and life-renewing love.  We are going to surrender to it.  If we do that it will be like riding the blissful waves of an ocean.  We will still be thrown down on the beach once in a while, but far less often…and the rest of it, will be ecstasy…new realms of joyful feeling and liberation.

It is only fighting this love that will cause the worst suffering.

After all, with where you have already been, is it such a stretch to think of losing everything you think you know?  Probably not.  You’ve been primed.  That is the blessing of being on the frontline.  By the time the worst hits you will be swimming with the dolphins.  And your joy will inspire the new world.

Did I mention that?  Oh yes, I absolutely see the new world.  It isn’t born yet, but its birth is imminent.  There is only one thing that is required.  It’s in you.  In fact, the entire new world is within you.  And I don’t mean it has anything to do with how well you align your thoughts or take the perfect actions.  It has everything to do with your heart, and it’s desires, and nothing else.

I am going to let you in on the deepest secret of all ages…the most hidden, golden truth of all times.  You have always known it deep inside.  It is that the desires of your heart are the greatest power in the universe.  They are the portal to all gifts, all truths, all answers, all creation.  And they are the absolute and the only hope of the new world.

I am not talking about the false desires that just really point the way to something deeper.  I am not talking about the addictions to the things that cover up feeling and knowing.  I am not talking about the false wants for something that will just hang a pretty fabric over the hole in your heart.  Most importantly, I am not talking about the adjusted desires you have compromised and bargained down to because you thought your real desires were too real, too big, somehow unacceptable or too much…

I am talking about the real, raw, fresh, wild, aching, astounding, scary, thrilling yearnings of your heart, and trusting yourself enough to find out which ones those are.  I know.  I know that even if you are somewhat in touch with these desires there are still the ones that you buried in your back yard with your favorite, private, sacred toys and objects when you were little.  And yes, I am absolutely suggesting you head out and get a shovel, maybe a shiny red one to spur you on, and go out back and get your hands dirty, and muddy with your tears, and dig it all up.

And then go back to the next place you went.  The secret place you took your boat out in the dark night when no one would see you, so you could hide the ones…the desires…you had been shamed for…quickly, before anyone would ever see.  I am suggesting you drop anchor there.  I am suggesting you bring your net and dredge it all up from the bottom of the sea.  She kept it for you.  I am suggesting that if the net doesn’t work you peel off every layer of clothing you wore out there, getting naked in your boat, and then dive in and search the bottom of the sea with your hands until you find them.

I am suggesting you go back to that dark passageway.  The one in the temple that you had forgotten, deep underground…and that you find that tunnel you took in your sleep one night, and go back to that little room.  The one you said you would never return to, promised yourself you would leave well enough alone, and find the sealed box there, and break the lock that you forged yourself.  Reclaim what you sealed away there.  Cry if you need to.  Howl at the moon.  Scratch the walls.  The world needs your wildness.  The world needs your passion.  The new world.

You see, the new world is going to be born of the dreams of your heart.  And if you don’t dream it, it can’t come.  If you and I can’t trust our hearts enough to listen to their dying wishes, they can never be reborn.  For the soul of the whole world is dying, and only our dreams can give it new life.

Oh yes, that means thinking of what seem like a child’s hopeful imaginings while life may at the same time seem to grind along painfully, taking us through peaks and valleys of the kind of exquisite strain that causes breakdowns and would bring anyone to their knees.  While it may not be this way for everyone, there may certainly be hard times when it seems the last thing required for one’s sense of self or physical well being at the level of survival, is to dream.  But I promise you, I have seen worlds come and go, and I know about these things.  Dreaming, desiring, reaching the hot, burning, sweet aching yearning inside of you is literally what will save you, and this whole world.

(Spoiler alert here!  Run out and see the following movie before you read on if it is important to you not to know the ending!)

In the movie The Neverending Story, there is an Empress who is the Oracle-Priestess-Queen, (a combined role many of us have taken,) and a boy.  He has been reading a book about a land called Fantasia, a land of dreams.  That was the land of the Empress, who was trying to save it from a force called the “nothing” which was consuming it.  The nothing was taking over because people had stopped dreaming.  At the end of the movie the Empress comes to the boy who was reading the book and had almost reached the end, when the nothing was completely taking over and then everything had gone black.  “What happened?” he asked.  “What happened to Fantasia?”

“It’s all gone,” she told him.  “All that remains is this one grain of sand.”  And she opened her hand and showed him the one, glowing, tiny point of light.

The boy was devastated that Fantasia was gone, a land he had come to love so much.  A land full of friends he believed he had lost.  Tears fell down his cheeks.  “That’s it then?” he asked desperately, “Fantasia is lost?”

“No,” she replied.  “Fantasia cannot be lost.”  And she opened his hand and dropped the grain of sand into it.  “All you have to do to bring it back is to dream.”

“I don’t know how,” he exclaimed.  “I don’t know what to do.”

“Just close your eyes,” she said, “and make a wish.”

As he dreamed of being with his friends in fantasia, that whole world came into new being.  And just as he promised the Empress, he never stopped dreaming.

There isn’t any right way to do it…to find the new world in your heart.  It just takes absolute diligence…the diligence to find out what you want again.  And not just once but over and over and over again.  You just have to come to know the feeling of true want again, and what it feels like to let it flow through you…to let it be your friend, to let it guide you.  It will show you the way, and it will construct the new world.  The new world is ready.  It just needs artists with a vision who will dream it into reality.  Not out of practicality, or function.  Out of pure, raw desire.  Out of unreasonable want.  Out of unadulterated passion.

(Which has its own perfect design.)

Do you think you could become unadulterated?  If it meant reclaiming your soul’s true power and saving the entire world?  If it meant that much?  It does.

You see, right now I am the Empress in this story.  The old world is dying.  It is being consumed by the nothing.  In fact it is nearly gone.  And I have the last grain of sand in my hand, glowing  softly with promise.  I am placing  it in yours and asking you…imploring you…to dream.  But not for me, or for the new world.  Only for you.  It must only be for you in order for it to really work, and to do the most good.  I know that may seem strange.

And though I implore you, I am not worried.  I am not afraid.  I have faced the nothing before, and even let it move through me.  It cannot take the seed of all.  The seed of love.  The seed of love that is sprouting stronger than ever, and about to spread all over the earth in new ways, blooming and blossoming everywhere.  Bursting through concrete in people’s hearts and bringing in the golden rivers of the new world soul.  It is to be.  I have seen it…for a million years and more.  If we can let the world fall, we will rise from it.  The whole new world will rise.

And it all starts with you.  You and your own heart.  You and your own heart and one little question that you will answer a million times…

What do you want?

What do you really, really, want?

Let it, for once in this life that taught you, in every painful way, not to…guide you.  Touch the aching center of it, where it burns because you haven’t had it fulfilled.  Trust, against every odd and all the screaming warnings of your bruised mind, that it could still be fulfilled and discover the miracle that you can relish this want in a way that makes it even feel already fulfilled, so that by the time it actually is that will just be the cherry on top.

Chase your illusive wantings down winding paths, and find that soon you are running like a child, laughing so much it slows you down…so you can collapse with joy into the flowers…happy and full of life.  Find that you are suddenly running toward things rather than away from them, and yet you are not even concerned with destination.  Let the love rip and rush through you, and find yourself asking for more.  Don’t fight it anymore.  Don’t swim against your own tide anymore.  You always have the power to stop in the stream, stand up, turn around, and let yourself be carried instead by the rhythm of your own pulsing blood as it courses through your veins…pumped, of course, by your heart.  It is time to live in your own rhythm again.

I know it may be hard to find again at first.  And perhaps be scary to even look for it.  There may even be long nights where you think you have lost it forever.  But then it will surprise you, soft at first, one day when you decide to put your ear to the ground just one more time, and there it is, like the sound inside a shell…the roar within you.

Once you can dream again, and do make sure it is the kind of dreaming that makes your heart fly (not the kind of dreaming you think should, or might, but doesn’t)…see if you can dream bigger.  See how big you can make it.  How much bigger could your dreams be than you ever allowed yourself to consider.

Above me the moon waxes, moving us toward the second of two eclipses.  Two more portals of powerful change leading us into the new year of 2012.  The year of preparation, and release.  The year of the return of magic, the year love will overtake us as never before, and guide the ship more strongly than ever before.  Remember to do whatever it takes to nurture, nourish and be incredibly gentle with yourself.  It will keep you in good stead for the rest of your days, and transform your life more than anything else.  And it will carry you like a ship through these intense times.  It will be your lighthouse, and your surrender to the waves of loving darkness where you need no boats or lights to shelter or guide you.  In that place where there is only the thump of your amazing heart, and where that is all you need.

Lean in, when you catch sound of it again, and listen carefully.  Find out what your tender and fierce heart wants, and take every chance you can to respond to that want.  It will lead us out of the dark, and into the light of the new world.  You carry the shining-star answer to every prayer, courageous soul.  You are the morning sun.  You will rise, and the world will be colored with light, and warmth.  And you will dance in the joy of true knowing, again.



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