Persephone’s Pomegranate: The Visionary Oracles Course

The Quintessential Course in Vision

A Seven-Session Course by Telephone Conference

If it has always been your dream to walk as an awakened Oracle, clear and able to call forth vision and guidance at will, trusting in your abilities to do so and the universe itself, pulsing with the knowing of the cosmos, then this is the course for you…

Have you been waiting your whole life for powerful vision? Have you always had visions you wished you knew how to dive deeper into?  Have you been wanting a place to share your visions and revelations with others?

Join Living Oracle Jennifer Posada on a magical journey to the realms of your own vision. This is an opportunity to deepen and refine the skills you gained in accessing vision and guidance in the beginning course, to learn to use discernment and more deeply trust your intuitive gifts, and to more directly access past lives, the voice of the body, and reconnect with your ancient gifts.

Learn the tools of the ancient Oracles in accessing and interpreting vision, and have a place to practice and share your experiences over this seven-week course. You will walk away with a full set of tools for accessing profound life guidance, and will also have the advantage of hearing others’ experiences as Jennifer works with people one-on-one.

This year, the Goddess Persephone will also be offering assistance on this journey throughout the course.  When she tells her story, as channeled through Jennifer, she shares that she was actually profoundly empowered by her journeys in the underworld, and ate the pomegranate seeds as a symbol of that empowerment and revelation, so that she would never forget.  Allow her to show you how you too may be gifted by your past experiences in the “underworld”, and how the fruits of those journeys can be increased potency, fearlessness, vision and power in your life.  The juice of this pomegranate, the fruits of our trials, represents the most powerful altering force of alchemy and Persephone would like to show us all how to drink it and forever be nourished by it.

Open up the worlds within, and access the information and memory of your own ancient Soul. Perhaps most profoundly, find the encouragement and inspiration waiting in the hearts of your fellow Oracles and Visionaries. An experience to remember and re-access for a lifetime.

* Learn to remember past lifetimes at will and re-access ancient gifts

* Journey into the wisdom and voice of the body to determine the deeper meanings behind health issues and how to heal them

* Refine your ability to receive vision, hear messages, and communicate with beings and guides

* Deepen your trust in your own abilities, your discernment and your inherent protection

* Build profound confidence in your gifts as an Oracle

* Receive and encouragement specific to the experience of walking the path of being guided by your own heart at all times…

You will receive as a part of this Course:

~ 7 two-hour sessions by telephone conference, including the teaching for each week and a closing sound healing session

~ Optional weekly explorations and exercises for the time between sessions

~ The opportunity to ask questions and share live on each call

~ Recordings of each session that can be listened to online (in case you need to miss some!)

~ Membership in an online group so you can continue the discussions and sharing the experience after the course is complete!

Pre-requisite: Beginning Oracle Course: Finding the Oracle Within Please note that there is one more offering of the beginning course in September that finishes in time to qualify you for this course…click here to read more.

This is a 7-part course at the Oracle School offered by telephone conference.

October 17th – December 12th, 2011  (skipping the weeks of the 24th and 14th)

Mondays, 6 – 8pm Pacific time

(Please note, this was a previously offered course and there are no current dates available, but please subscribe to Jennifer’s newsletter if you would like to hear about a time at which this course may be offered again!)


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