A New Kind of Love: 2013 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, October, 2012


“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…”


How do I describe it? It is like the crumbling of the worlds before, but this is the one that makes whole. This is the full circle completing. This time when the moon turns red, it is with the blood of new beginnings. The blood of remembering. I have seen this change coming since before the beginning of time, I and the other Oracles of old…and we will celebrate as none have ever celebrated, that this time has come…

For many years I have been asked what I thought would happen in 2012, and I would answer (you can see my 2012 prophecy here), but all the while I was thinking, “What you should really ask me is what is going to happen in 2013…that’s when it is really going to get interesting…”

To describe this coming year and the transition it holds, I would have had to tell of so many things…the return to true wholeness, the return of the feminine…and to do that I would have to go deep into the ancient beginnings of our story, just as I am about to do with you…I have to go back to the original splitting of the worlds…

Long ago, in the time before time, there were highly sophisticated and aware human, animal and “magical” beings on this earth. Our civilizations were profound, our consciousness incredibly advanced. I describe in my book, The Oracle Within, how, very slowly at first, the forgetting began to spread over the land. That’s how what I call “The Great Forgetting” started…when we lost sight of the truth of who we are and what we come from: Love. What I have not written about was the point of the greatest shift at that time…when what had just been a troubling but certainly overcome-able loss of memory in some individuals, became a massive black-out…

Those of us most attuned to the earth and the universe itself felt it coming…like a great storm. We dropped everything we were doing and headed immediately for the epicenter, knowing both what must happen and that there would still be some good in our presence there. But we began to arrive only as it hit…the earth opened up, a canyon forming the size that would hold a sea, splitting the heart of the places of strongest remembering, splitting the dimensions that were more subtle from those on earth’s awareness, and splitting the timelines…removing those of the more subtle previous existence, those histories lost, and beginning the feeling of time as we know it.

In what would be called moments now, we of most sensitivity felt it…like watching sections of a city go dark one at a time…we felt the shutting down and the forgetting rage like a wild and just-freed ocean over the land. At first some of those who kept the remembering were revered and honored, but not all, and over time those who kept the remembering had to translate, re-shape or water it down to have it be accepted. We had to compromise, deny or hide it in some cases, to keep our lives. And even that didn’t always work.

For years in my intuition, self-love and sexuality courses people have been afraid to really re-open to their gifts because of the trauma we experienced as it became deadly to access those powers. In these groups we are able to have the context to revisit these experiences and honor them. Only as we enter the remembering can we begin to truly heal the pain of the time of the forgetting.

We are entering now what I call the time of “The Great Remembering.” It has been gently coming on for some time, like sparks of awakening, but thus far the overall forgetting has still been so much stronger. Like the splitting of the worlds so long ago that ushered in the epic wave of the forgetting, this next year proves to be the turning point that will usher in the fuller strength of the remembering. It will take a long time to deepen it’s roots and fully take hold, but the tide will have turned, and again it is those of us who are most sensitive and connected who will know it. We will finally be able to access and use that leverage of the shift, but it has been a long time since we really used our muscles of remembering and power, and I wish, as an Oracle since before the oldest of times as I have always done, to provide insight as to how to most gracefully enter through this passage and what insights to keep close to your heart. For we have only just begun.

But finally what we begin is the return to grace…

Even this return of remembering will be a storm…a greater storm perhaps than any other. It is a new wave, and one we will welcome with our whole hearts…but one that will destroy a great deal of the world we have known before. Even if we are grateful for this destruction in the knowledge that it makes room for the new world, we will have to endure it. It is not a destruction, for the most part, of the outer world around us. The empires will not fall right away and in obvious ways…the foundation beneath them will just slowly erode away until one day, they will simply fall through. This sooner and more obvious destruction that I speak of will occur where it may be even more difficult to endure it…within.

I know…we who are more aware have already been through so much stripping away. We have already been through so many dark nights of the soul that some of us wonder if there will ever be anything else. We have stood naked and bravely, and lost so much of who we thought we were that a sense of identity itself has perhaps begun to slip through our fingers. But not fully. We still have not completely died to who we have been, and been fully reborn as the truth of our soul. And it isn’t something that will happen in some far-off heaven after we leave the body. This will happen here, on earth, while our hearts beat and in full view of one another. It will happen while we drive our kids to school or grocery shop. The lines between human and divine will truly begin to slip away, in the very midst of living.

You will probably think you have lost everything. At least once, and probably many times. Even if you clearly haven’t, you may feel that way…and deeply. You will feel the pain of the lifetimes that caused you to make yourself small, and you will burst through it, even though it will feel as though it may cost you your life to do so. Not because it actually might now, but because it once did. You will face every fear, and again and again until each one doesn’t scare you anymore. You will come face to face with your own true power and beauty. You will break away from everything that holds you back but which you had come to think was comfort. You will know a new, deeper comfort that doesn’t clip your wings. You will stop caring what other people think enough to be set free…enough to find out who your authentic self really is. It will break your heart. Over and over again. And then it will make you whole. You will think you have sacrificed everything for this wholeness, but instead you will witness the coming into being of all your greatest dreams, even if you had already lost all hope.

There will be times you will be shocked at how you are experiencing the fulfillment of your wildest dreams, and times you think you have truly, finally lost your mind. When you think you are losing it there is only one grand remedy…being incredibly gentle with yourself and turning to activities that are comforting and nurturing. That will be the saving grace and balm of self-love actualized. It will carry you through the madness, for it is sacred madness restored if we can make a safe container for it to occur.  If you can at the most difficult times, get outside and/or move your body.  A simple walk could be the most potent medicine at times like that…could feel like it is saving your life.  At moments you couldn’t even think of getting outside or moving your body much, you might get that same life-saving grace from a long bath or curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a book or movie, or to write.  This may sound simple and mundane but only in light of forgetting our abilities to self-heal through connection to self-nurturing, nature, and the body.  (Also see my previous prophecy here for more suggestions.)

And now, if you have made it this far in this prophetic writing, I wish to share where I suggest you hold your focus to navigate this coming revolution. I believe the most powerful place we can place our intention is on becoming self-complete. Of course you already are self-complete, and what it means to become so as I am describing here is simply to consciously accept, and then be able to celebrate, all that you are. The process of shedding all you need to let go of will happen naturally, requiring little focus now. But to find and embrace the cast-away parts of yourself…the exiled. There is the process now. There you will discover the ancient gifts and strengths you have been missing. To find that everything you thought you needed that is outside of you, you indeed do not…there is the greatest treasure of all. The buried treasure, that which has been hidden. Self-completion and full self-love marks the spot.

It’s very important that you don’t get the idea, however, that becoming aware of being self-complete is something you have to do alone, or that ends in your being alone.  In fact it is all the contrary.  More than ever it is the people around us who will help shine a light on and reflect what is unseen and needed on our journey.  It is more important than ever that you choose your close company wisely, only choosing to be around those who honor you, letting go of the others.  It is also more important than ever that you don’t isolate yourself…still taking all the time you need to be on your own which is also absolutely essential right now, but recognizing when it is time to connect…whether with friends, by going out to a new group or gathering, or just to a cafe to read or write for a while among others.  What’s so essential for you to know right now is that, if you are thirsting for friends, companions, a partner, family…it is coming.  It is a wonderful thing to yearn for, even if you have been waiting a long time, for it is time for this coming back together of the kindred, and  the focus on becoming self-complete will not draw you away from but toward connecting with your soul companions and back to your communities and tribes.

Carl Jung said, in my words, that the attainment of perfection is a masculine goal, while the goal of the feminine is completion. And it is the feminine, in all her power, and in all of us and all that is, that will lead us in this next chapter of earth, and into the new world. The feminine will embrace what has been shamed and cast-out within us, and welcome it back into the whole of who we are.

For it truly, and my heart heaves a sigh of relief as I write this, is the time of the return of the feminine. And while the feminine lives in all beings and things, it is the feminine in women that must come forth most powerfully first. It is the women who will lead. It is the discovery of the true feminine that will guide us to know the true masculine, (for the true masculine is more beautiful than we can imagine) and what is between and beyond these two prescribed genders as well. But first the women must be able to reclaim what was brutally oppressed in them: their wholeness, their completion, their shameless and endlessly powerful self-love and self-knowing.

Alongside the women will be those in our world who cross gender boundaries or do not identify fully as one gender or another: those who are transgendered, intersexed, gender-queer, and anyone else who blurs the binary gender and stereotypical gender lines and molds. These molds must be broken for any of us to learn about what is beyond gender, and these brave and beautiful souls have decided to help us understand, among other things, the exquisite wisdom that are all so much more than we have been told we must be.

Women, (all who identify as female regardless of what gender you were assigned at birth) you will begin it…but not because you have to. You have been doing things because you thought you had to for many ages now. That era is over. This revolution will come from choosing your joy. I know, for some it may take a long time to even uncover that joy that was so long ago buried. But when you allow yourself to find the graves of those joys, to grieve them, and to bring them back to life, you will know your Goddess power…you will be Isis bringing life back to the dead.

We were silenced once. We will not be again.

We were also sexual once. Not just once in a while. Not just for a little while in our lives. Not just in acceptable ways. We were the High Priestesses that embodied the Goddess and her/our most beautiful gifts with lovemaking, with sacred sexuality, in full power and choice. I will say it over and over again, the sexual woman is the most powerful force on the earth in our time. For, the sexual woman is the woman who reclaims all of the gifts we have otherwise all but lost: intuition, ecstasy, bliss, joy, truth, knowing, power, life force, creativity…complete divine embodiment.

We need models. Not just the static Buddha under the bodhi tree but the dancing, writhing, undulating embodiment of divinity…the ecstatic enlightenment of embodiment…all in one, hot breath of the Goddess…of a Woman. You are that Woman. All it takes is learning to say yes to your pleasure, in all areas of your life, perhaps with the tiniest steps, one at a time. It’s like turning back on the oxygen after nearly suffocating. You know that feeling, right? Like you can barely breathe? I know you maybe haven’t counted on life including air and easy breathing for a long time now, but I know it is possible. I am breathing that air right now. That air of freedom. I know we have forgotten that ancient language, and I know it isn’t written anywhere…but I am here to tell you that you have it inside, and reclaim it you will…

If you are male or in some other way do not identify as female in your gender identity, your focus is on being self-complete as well, and if you have begun or begin to realize how hungry and how thirsty you are for the feminine, you will discover that you know (if you didn’t already) so well, deep in your bones, how to honor it and make space for it inside of you. And as you do you will find within you what you have missed beyond all comprehension…like manna from heaven, and from earth, the golden river and waterfalls of the Goddess will be restored. As She is restored, so all will be held sacred and there will be none held higher than another.

For we all have missed it. We have all been malnourished. Longing for a sustenance we could not even name and had lived so long without. The Woman will stand again, where she had been struck down. She will rise. She will return. She will know herself as never before, and so we all then will.

Self-completion means you are whole unto yourself and do not need others for validation or wholeness. If you think that doesn’t sound very fun or very sexy, you are really in for a surprise. There is nothing more grand, more delicious, more sexy than being self-complete. While still interconnected, when we do not lean against others to hold ourselves up, we become radiant and alive in ways we never have, and when we come together with another or others who is or are whole unto themselves, entire worlds are born. Wonderful, thrilling, beautiful-beyond-words, and yes, incredibly sexy, worlds. Triumphant worlds of pure creative bliss. Worlds we have known and will know again, and new worlds that could only be born after the experience of the forgetting. We cannot yet imagine these worlds, even in our wildest dreams.

I will then call this year of 2013 the Year of the Return to Self-Love. For in knowing self-love we will know true love. Whole love. We will know all. We will contain all again. We will be self-complete. And in that self-completeness we will know the brilliant, exquisite beauty that we are, and perhaps connect fully with others too for the first time since the beginning…with other humans, with nature, with animals, with the universe. Do you remember when we felt this all the time? While in a body at the same time? I know it has been a very long time, and it takes an epic amount of trust to consider re-opening to all the beauty and splendor and gifts of who we are, after all the disappointment, and after all that happened in the forgetting…and to trust that the forgetting had a place, and gifts yet untold.

But think of what might come…and that this risk of opening may be the greatest risk you ever take, in what is much more rightly the actual greatest story ever told, and that deep in your heart, as you read these words, you already know this risk holds the greatest fruits. For thousands of years we have been told not to eat these fruits, but I lean down now from the branches like the serpent of the goddess and whisper in your ear, “go…eat.” It is your fruit, it is good, and it always has been. It is your tree of knowing. Return. No one can cast you out from your inner paradise. Your nakedness is beautiful. You are free.



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