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by Jennifer on October 19, 2008

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

At “art night” the other evening with friends, I was savoring the feeling of being home, and commenting on the irony of the fact that many at this time might wonder what a “Great Oracle” (we are all oracles, we become great when we simply know it…) would have to say about what is happening in the world, in the country right now.  “Well…” I told everyone I would probably say, laughing, “I am really into knitting right now.”

Yes.  I am into what is at hand.  What is under my fingers, moment to moment.  My fingernails are dyed slightly wine-red because I have been eating pomegranates every day, pulling them apart seed by seed with absolute relish.  I would say I am taking more time to be present than ever, giving more and more love daily, and living as consciously as possible.  In essence I believe I am getting better and better at living and loving, the most important thing I can do in this life….what I am always doing.

There is always the threat of danger and always the chance to fear it.  There have been tragedies on this planet, continually, as far back as we have history.  Today, right now, many people on this planet are facing the very situations we are just now beginning to fear.  Fear is good for only one thing…it is a messenger.  Receive the message and leave the poison behind.  Because when fear lingers it only debilitates you.  Look at your fears, head on.  Ugly, scary, painful.  Then decide whether they have anything valuable to offer you, and if not send them on to the next door to knock on.  You don’t have to invite them all inside your home.  They may have nothing to do with you.

It is a heck of a lot easier to face these fears and send them on if we have nourished ourselves, body and soul.  If we have learned how to receive and how to give to ourselves.  That is the truest way to be a resource to others in the long run.  There is nothing to be lost by feeding your soul what nurtures it, and the likelihood is that only you know exactly the things that do that for you.  Only you can say yes to them.  Can this save the world?  According to this Oracle, yes.

So when I was far from home recently I remembered being taught to knit as a child, and I suddenly knew what I wanted to do with some of my free time when I got home.  I wanted to knit soft orange yarn, and string madrona berries, and laugh with friends, and drink lots of yerba mate tea.  You see, I have been being prepared for the end times since I was a child, and I have foreseen them since then as well.  I was labeling jars of beans for that reason before I could spell the word right. The beans from that time aren’t even good anymore.

Here’s the thing.  Having died so many times I am not very afraid of it.  Having made the most of very little I am not very afraid of that either.  I would be much more afraid of not knowing myself, of forgetting who I am, of losing touch with what is right beneath my fingers, and constantly gifting my life.  It’s not just for my own sake that I wouldn’t want to lose sight of who I am.  I have, through long-time experience, found that I would not be any light, any source, any beauty, any hope to anyone else if I did.  It is in knowing myself that I believe in the light of the world.  Worlds have fallen and been rebuilt before.  It isn’t the end of the world. : )  It is lack of love that is the real end of the world, so how can we remember and re-infuse our lives and each other with love?…real, honest, unique love…that is the question.

We have a chance here to not get so caught up in fear that we forget our power.  We have a chance here to decide what we still have choice and energy for and about.  We can still choose love and hope, and as we have seen in courageous examples of profound souls around the world, we can always choose that if we want to.  A Tibetan friend of ours said that the greatest danger she experienced when being tortured was the danger that she would lose her compassion.  Take faith.  We have the power to birth the new world in total splendor, as long as we don’t give that power away to fear.

Any of us may go through hard times, and we may even go through hard times together.  If you are concerned about your future, spend your afternoon reaching out to someone who is already experiencing poverty right now while we are all just worrying about what might happen next.

Or ask yourself what place in your heart has been starving and how to feed it.  You could always take up knitting…

I believe in you.

Love, Jennifer

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