Becoming the Sexual Priestess Mini-Course

A Three-Session Online Video Course with Jennifer Posada

venus-verticordia no borderThis is the secret…the secret your life has kept lovingly for you that is ready to be revealed.  It is the missing link…to the most revolutionary change on the planet and in your life.  If you feel anything less than vibrantly alive and empowered at this time, then the Sexual Priestess has come into your life as a revelation now…and if you already feel vibrant and thriving this will be a celebration and expansion of that experience in every cell of your being.  You see, the missing link is vital energy, also known as orgasmic energy, and no one understood this truth of the universe and of love more than the ancient Sexual Priestess…

Now it is her time to return to the world, to be again the leader and the healer, and the first place she will emerge is from you, and the first thing that she will heal is your life.  There is no more direct path to empowerment and revelation than this…

If you are called to alchemy and sexuality, to healing and empowerment, you have found exactly the right place to head next…the vein of gold.  Take this online mini-mastery course with Jennifer Posada to learn about the ancient Sexual Priestesses…the great mystics of their time…and about how to allow the gifts of the Sexual Priestess to emerge in your life right now…in your body, and in your world…

The Three Sexual Priestess Video Sessions:

The Ancient Sexual Priestess

The Gifts of the Sexual Priestess

Becoming the Sexual Priestess Within

Special Bonus Audio Sessions: 

What Kind of Sexual Priestess Am I?…  (30 minutes)

Special Q & A about the Sexual Priestess (60 minutes)

How and where does this course take place?

This is an online course that is available 24 hours a day…and you can move at your own pace and have access to this information for a lifetime!  Course content is available on a members-only website via video and audio recordings.  (The audio recordings will also be downloadable.)

Why register right now?

Though you can register for this course at any time, signing up right now begins your journey of deeper connection to your inner Sexual Priestess, and begins to change each day of your life so beautifully from today forward…  And since you can listen in your own right timing after registering, right now is a perfect time to start!…

Are men and people beyond-the-gender-binary welcome?

While this course is generally directed toward and taught for women, the principles apply to people of any gender.  We all have a Sexual Priestess within, there are certainly sexual healers of many other kinds throughout history of multiple genders, and those who have been Sexual Priestesses in the past regardless of current gender as well.  Men and people of all genders other than female may feel like the course content directly relates to them, or it may feel as if they are observing a sacred event, designed for women but with profound applications and implications for their own sexuality and lives!

You will receive as a part of this Course:

~ Three video sessions (40 minutes per session)

~ Bonus audio recording, “What kind of Sexual Priestess are You?…” (30 minutes)

~ A special Q & A Recording about the Sexual Priestess (60 minutes)

~ PDFs with optional explorations to deepen the experience

~ Access to this material indefinitely!

~ Recordings of each audio session can be downloaded and listened to on the device of your choice!

This is an 3-part course available around the world at the online Oracle School & Community.

“I can only begin to describe how much this has changed my life…”  Monica Hope Dunn, Cle Elum, Washingtonmore testimonials…  

Available Now!…

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