The Beginning Oracle Course: Finding the Oracle Within

A 4-Session Course by Telephone Conference

This is the gateway, into the inner sanctum of the Oracle within you… This course is more than your average beginning…it is a full discourse and training on learning to receive vision, connect with guides, entering altered states, discovering your foundation for doing this work, and learning how to access profound guidance at any time.

In this course you will:

* Learn about what an Oracle is, the history of Oracles, and how to find the great knowingness within yourself

* Find your foundation as an Oracle: Self-Love

* Learn how to enter altered states at will with the use of breath and sound

* Discover the power of imagination as the gateway to inner vision

* Experience receiving messages, visions, and communicating with guides and beings

You will receive as a part of this Course:

~ 5 two-hour sessions by telephone conference, including the teaching for each week and a closing sound healing session

~ Optional weekly explorations and exercises for the time between sessions

~ The opportunity to ask questions and share live on each call

~ Recordings of each session that can be listened to online (in case you need to miss some!)

~ Membership in an online group so you can continue the discussions and sharing the experience after the course is complete!

Watch a Video About this Course!…


4-Session Course by Telephone Conference

September 20th – October 18th (skipping week of the 27th)

Tuesdays, 6 – 8pm Pacific Time

(Please note, this was a previously offered course and there are no current dates available, but please subscribe to Jennifer’s newsletter if you would like to hear about a time at which this course may be offered again!)

cost: $495 in two payments

To register for the next course and reserve your space, send your $200 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to:

Jennifer Posada P.O. Box 1715 Eastsound, Wa 98245

Final payment of $295 due October 1st or payment can be sent in full at time of deposit.  Further information about the course will be emailed to you when your deposit is received.

This offering of the beginning course will qualify you for the upcoming Visionary Oracles Course.

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