Don’t Look Back

by Jennifer on December 13, 2008

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Considering how much time I spend still riding down the Nile somewhere in the far reaches of my mind, or sorting through visions of past lifetimes like sifting through old photos, it is funny to talk about not looking back.  For an Oracle, looking back is just as important as looking forward, but neither are more important than looking inward.

Being committed to remembering the true legacy of the Soul has made the past a sort of obsession.  I live in a realm of nostalgia the way one lives in the mists of Avalon, even when I am completely immersed in the moment.  It follows me like a guide to the future.  I am a bearer of memory.

But there are moments in this life when the next step cannot be taken unless we do it utterly and completely without looking back.  Everything behind us would be a lie if it tried to speak to what we are moving into.  There is something new trying to talk to us in those moments, from a place we have never been.  It is calling us and we can only answer the call if the song of the past is not playing too loud to let us hear it.  In those moments, we have to forget.  We have to forget…in order to remember again.

In an incredibly short period of time I will be moving, Christmas will come, and then a new year.  To pick up and leave a home of five years in a matter of days, to leave the most magical land I have ever known, seems impossible.  But the hours that pass will show me otherwise.  The hours that pass will lead me into a future even greater than I am hoping for now.  But only if I don’t look back.  I know there isn’t any other way.  This particular future is one I can only travel into lightly.  I have to jump.

It’s funny though.  The past never leaves anyway.  It is the air I leap through.  It is the ground where I land.  It just won’t be anything I am carrying.  When you are an Oracle, it is all the same landscape…past, present and future are one long breath.  One continuum.  And it is not about the stories so much as it is about the living song inside your heart.  It never dies.  It just keeps being reborn as a deeper beat, no matter how low the flame seems to burn sometimes.  It is always getting ready to burst into new fire.  Love is the oxygen and our soul’s uniqueness is the fuel, and we will never run out of either.

Remember that old worlds have to fall before the new ones can be built, and remember this must happen in our hearts first.  If the old worlds of your heart are falling away, know that it is the best thing that can happen right now.  The new world of your heart is waiting…

Love, Jennifer

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