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What is an Oracle?

Though an Oracle is often thought of as a person, place, or thing that acts as a medium for messages of wisdom from the divine, or as Jennifer would suggest, the divine within, she also has a much more broad definition and understanding of the word Oracle.  Rather than just referring to a person who is a psychic or a channel, such as famous the famous Oracles of Greece or Tibet, for Jennifer an Oracle is “One Who Remembers” their own true nature…”One Who Knows Themselves”, including anyone in the ongoing process of doing so.  She believes that although some of us may be more aware of it, or have cultivated our skills further by having lived as an Oracle in other lifetimes, we are all Oracles…self-revealing incarnations of divine love.

Can I be involved in and a part of the Oracle Community if I haven’t taken a course?

Absolutely!  Thousands of people are a part of the larger Community simply because they are drawn to the material in my book, my online writings, the Oracle Messages, or my sound healing cd.  If you feel drawn to these Oracle teachings in any way, then you are a welcome part of the community.

Why teach online?

A list of great reasons!  1.  You don’t have the added expense of travel and lodging to attend an event.  2.  You can be in the comfort of your own home, both private and able to connect at the same time.  3.  You can listen in your own timing…you can leave time in-between sessions for exploring the practices and PDFs, and participate when it is your best time!

How can I prepare?

When you register for a course, the 10-minute introductory audio will let you know the best way to prepare and go through the course, but making your space as comfortable as possible and having a journal or notebook handy is a good idea.  That’s it!  More details are in the welcome audio when you register!

Can people participate in courses internationally?

Yes!  In fact people have participated and continue to from over 65 countries and counting!

Does Jennifer teach live workshops?

Yes, however there are currently none scheduled as Jennifer is working on projects at home.  Jennifer has taught live workshops in multiple locations in the US, Egypt, and in Delphi, Greece.  Stay tuned for live events via email newsletter, as well as other future locations.

Have more questions?

Email us at jennifer(at)jenniferposada.com and let us know!  We will answer them and add them to this list for others as well!  Thanks!

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