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Hello!  If you have emailed us for support, we will get back to you asap!  However, in the meantime the answers on this page have address nearly every tech issue we ever have come up!…

I registered for one of the courses, and received my paypal receipt but nothing else!  How do I move forward?

Our apologies that you did not receive the automatic email prompting you to complete your registration and set up your login!  Please know this email was sent to the email address associated with your paypal account, and also, it is worth checking your bulk folder.  If you do not have this email please click here to complete your registration!

Can I use a different email for the course than my paypal email address?

Absolutely!  When you complete your registration you can use any email you like, and course information will be sent to that email address from that point forward.

How do I login to begin the course?

Just visit  and use the login information you chose when you registered!  This link is also in the email with your login information that you got after you completed your registration.  (Check your bulk mail folder if you don’t see it! : )  Also, remember you must complete your registration before you can login!  (see first question above.)

I’ve lost my password and/or username!  (Or I’d like to change it!)

Just visit and then click on “Lost your Password?” under the login box to receive an email with both your username and password, and the option to reset your password if you like!

I purchased an mp3 and haven’t received the download link?

Sorry about that!  It’s worth checking your bulk folder, but if for some reason the automated email didn’t reach you we will have it re-sent as soon as we get to your email!  Thank you so much for your patience and we’ll get it to you asap!

When I login, the webpage for the course says I don’t have access to this “membership level”…?

Sorry about that and if you have emailed us about this, we will look into it and get back to you asap!  Thanks!

The recordings won’t load or play fully or properly…

The following options have cleared up this problem every time, which often has do do with a period of slow internet or page loading issues.  Try the following options one at a time:

(The easiest option if you are having trouble streaming the recording is just to download it…if you are having download problems as well the following options can also help with that…)

1. Refresh the page and wait for it to fully load.

2. If that doesn’t help, logout and log back in.

3. Next you can try closing your browser completely, quitting and reopening it.

4. Lastly, you can try waiting a few hours or logging back in the next day, as sometimes your internet service may have heavy traffic and be slowing you down that much.

Of course making sure your computer and browser are updated, that your internet is as fast as possible, and that you have room in your computer for processing can also help if this is something that comes up for you often on websites and listening to or watching audio or video files!  However the tips above have helped every single person so far that had issues with the files stopping or breaking up!

If you have another question or this does not take care of your needs, please let us know at jennifer(at) and thank you so much!

Warmest Blessings,