In Good Time

by Jennifer on August 25, 2009

in-good-timeTuesday, August 25th, 2009

One of the greatest secrets of guidance is that we hear what we are meant to hear at the time we are asking.

There are so many experiences we would never have if we knew everything ahead of time…and they are experiences we absolutely need to have.  No guide or vision that is a true friend or benevolent force would ever steal that away from us.  If we do not know this we may feel betrayed at times that certain things weren’t shown to us, but if we do know it our trust in the universe and our deepest selves will grow by leaps and bounds.

When I was 18 I started a journey into certain issues with my health that unfolded into a profound research project, informing me about the body in ways I would never have imagined.  Recently another key was uncovered that probably could have made the last two years of my life much smoother, and though my guides and inner guidance have given me enough information to fill a large book with, they never directed me to this key.  But looking back on the last two years, I know exactly why I needed to be perfectly at the vulnerable edge it kept me at not knowing.  My guides could have, in fact, laid it all out when I was 18…but then I would have missed so, so much…so many opportunities to heal and grow and experience certain things in human form.  I wouldn’t have been given all kinds of opportunities to re-create past life challenges and release their pain.  And I wouldn’t trade any of it.

In the past when my guides didn’t tell me about something that seemed important I would go to them and ask why.  Their answers always made so much sense to me that I could no longer feel it would have been more right to know.  I don’t even ask anymore.  I can simply see why I wasn’t meant to know something.  And now my trust runs so deep in most cases I don’t even feel the need to know why.

Being an Oracle isn’t about knowing everything.  It is about not needing to.  It is about being reminded, and affirmed and shown just enough to keep us going.  Being an Oracle usually includes a commitment in one’s soul to learn the most one can, to therefore be of the greatest service.  This is why an Oracle must also know how to love themselves so very well.

Everything…all the dreams you wish to see come to be, all the knowledge you wish to receive and all answers to all the burning questions of your heart…will come in good time.

I am a night owl.  I have tried to change this unsuccessfully many times, and I still go between surrendering to it and making a new plot to change it over and over again.  Being a night owl, it isn’t surprising that 2am last night found me by the ocean in the darkness, listening to the wind.  It was speaking of change, again.  It was rushing through the leaves of the trees around me that it would soon be bringing to the ground.  But I have been learning to not only love the seasons (for I always have) but to trust their wisdom more than ever.  I do not mourn winter anymore…or even if it brings its grief I do not fight it or hold on to summer in all things.  For I am not speaking of the seasons around me on the earth, but in my friendships, in my creative projects, and in my heart.

Instead I let winter come.  I bless and greet it and allow myself all the feelings it brings.  And then I seek the places where something new is blossoming.  For something, somewhere in our lives always is.  I have been, in my life, so much the cultivator.  It is an incredible thing to be.  But I am so content at this time to be the watcher of what grows on its own if I will but notice it, offering its flowers to me…

Trust your own rhythms my fellow Oracles…and trust the unseen.  Let winter in so you can let it go…and look for what is in blossom and waiting for you to embrace it…

Love, Jennifer

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