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Here are some testimonials specific to Courses from the S.w.e.e.t. Program!  Enjoy!


Taking this course with Jennifer has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself…

Taking the Magdalen’s Fire Course with Jennifer was a turning point for me in my love for myself.  Magdalen’s presence was so evident in each class and she opened each energy center so gently throughout the course that I became much more accepting of myself and was willing to embrace those parts of me that I may have thought of as less than perfect or not very spiritually enlightened.  Taking this course with Jennifer has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself and I whole-heartedly encourage anyone who is ready to make some changes in their lives to sign up with Jennifer.  Everything that has changed in me has only served to make my life more rich, abundant, pleasurable, loving, powerful and gentle, amazing and wonderful!!!  Thank you, Jennifer, Magdalen…and ME!!  xox0

Amy Auset Rohn, Reiki Master/Teacher, Harpist, Sound Healer, Oracle, www.awaken2light.webs.com, Thorntown, Indiana

I embody a strength and clarity I didn’t feel before.  It’s because of what I’ve learned in this course…

I absolutely LOVED this course for so many reasons!  Over and over again I got the message that my body has the answers to the questions I’m facing right now and that I can trust myself.  I’m going through a divorce and there have been many difficult conversations I’ve needed to have, but what I’ve found is that I embody a strength and clarity I didn’t feel before.  It’s because of what I’ve learned in this course.  I trust that when I want to walk through the grass barefoot with my red painted toenails, it’s my own wisdom guiding me to nourish myself.  From that place I am able to express myself more fully in a clear and compassionate way.  I look forward to deepening into the work I do as an animal communicator, trusting my intuition even more through listening to my internal knowing.  I can’t wait to feel the continued opening and growth that’s begun with this course!  Thank you SO much for your wisdom, Jennifer!

Shelly Gibbs, Animal Communicator/Healer, www.shellygibbs.com, Santa Fe, New Mexico

With all my heart I recommend you gift yourself with the experience of taking Jennifer’s courses…

I am so grateful I took her “Magdalen’s Fire: Sacred Sexuality Oracle Course” — it nourished me to my core. Jennifer teaches with great Love, laughter and wisdom.  I was deeply supported and transformed by her profound teachings of Self-Love, her exquisite soundings of Magdalen and others, and the potent gathering and intimate sharing by women around the world on the calls. I have gained confidence in being my authentic self and allowing myself to feel all of what I’m feeling, to speak my truth, and to create vibrations of love and joy — loving pleasure –- in my body. It’s safe to be present in my body now and to deeply honor my body’s guidance (beautiful Yoni and all). I feel “sewed together” more alive and juicy. I fell in Love with me — my authentic, powerful, creative, self. Yay!

Deborah Craig – Love Channel, Life Artisan, Writer, Painter, Sounder and Environmental Scientist. Jersey City, New Jersey

How do I put into words what the Sacred Sexuality course has done for me? I am completely empowered on every level…I feel shameless….

How do I put into words what the Sacred Sexuality course has done for me?  I am completely empowered on every level.  And it is so much more profound than just “sex,” – depending on your definition of the word, because what I want to talk about is Life Force!  Creativity!  Love!  Exploration!  Expansion!  Dreams!  Pleasure!  I feel shameless.  SHAMELESS.  I don’t feel the need to apologize for anything that I feel.  I am more authentically myself, and open about what that really means.  I’m open to talk about how I’m really feeling, even in a land where most people aren’t.  But even better than that, I’m deciding to be around people who want to do the same.  I am paying attention to what feels good, and what feels supportive, and what feels PLEASUREFUL.  And my Goddess – we can also talk about the sex!  I have all of these resources now, and now not only sexually but holistically, I enjoy myself – every day.  Deep experiences are held in the container of self love.  And not only does pleasure come to me independent of someone else, I have that much more to give. I feel so excited to share this with a partner!  Because I know how to honor myself now – ON EVERY LEVEL. I feel a deepened connection to my body, and I feel BEAUTIFUL.  I feel radiant.  I feel excited to be alive!!!

Samantha Thompson, Artist, www.theoceanunderneath.com, Seattle, WA

My life has changed since starting The S.w.e.e.t. Program…

My life has changed since starting The S.w.e.e.t. Program.  When I started the course I thought it would be about (Sexuality) In my eyes how to be sexy to attract someone into my life in order to feel sexual with them, etc.  What I got was an amazing opening into myself. I learned how to look at pleasure, desire, turn on, power in totally different ways.  I was able to look at things that brought me pleasure and turn me on. I learned that I could desire something and allow myself to go beyond all the limits that I put in my own way to keep me from getting them. I learned to allow myself to dream. I have learned so much from Jennifer about allowing myself to explore my sexual pleasure in ways I would never have thought of. Feeling things in my body I have never felt before. Not even having the slightest idea they were possible. Jennifer’s love for herself and those of us she was teaching was unbelievable.  I am now looking at what feeds me. What I love. Looking at the difference between what I have been doing and what I would love to do.

Having Jennifer channel the Goddesses at the end of each call was amazing. Not only did Jennifer teach us about the Goddess but if felt as though she was right there with us giving us blessings or a further teaching that came through on a cellular level to a depth that is unimaginable. I know that I have learned things that I am not aware of yet but they are reactivated and will be used by me when the time is right. Yesterday I registered for the next part of the course. It took a bit as my head went into the money issue. However just before I did register I decided to sit a bit. I sat in the chair that I sit in when I am on the calls. My body  immediately gave a response that I could not ignore. I believe it was responding to being on calls with other women of like-mindedness. Other women who are willing to open ourselves to the memory of who we are. Not to who we and others have limited us to being but to who we are called to be.

Jeanine Lajeunesse LPN, Certified Sound Healer,  Putnam, Connecticut

When the course completed, I felt much free-er and more alive, more authentically happy, joyful, vibrant, juicy…

Since I can remember I have felt inhibited/shut off when it comes to my sexuality — for many reasons, old limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences when I was young and not so enjoyable sexual experiences when I became sexually active.  It was like I had nothing flowing in that area, no sex drive, no interest, no desire…. and also that effected my creativity – I felt creatively blocked.  When I finally met the man I knew I wanted to be with for the rest of this life, I knew it would be something I would have to heal and really look at.  We had been having difficulties with intimacy for a while when I saw Jennifer’s course and felt deep within me that this is just what I needed.  As we went through each week of Magdalen’s Fire, I could feel myself opening up a little more and then a little more – a little flame was lit and was starting to grow and grow. I began to experience more pleasure and ecstatic moments throughout the day, and really took time to enjoy the little moments of pleasure.  I started to feel DESIRE – something i had not felt in so long, and things began to improve with my partner, more intimacy, more sensuality.  When the course completed, I felt much free-er and more alive, more authentically happy, joyful, vibrant, juicy.  I am so grateful for the work Jennifer is doing and can’t wait to dig deeper and stoke the fire even more with her S.W.E.E.T program this winter — I was so excited to see the program, that I asked my fiancé for the program as my birthday and Christmas gift this year – as I know it will be a gift, not just for me, but for both of us, and for everyone else in our lives.

Karin Scott, and Executive Director of The 8th Fire School of Algonquin Medicine, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I know that in awaking this part of me there is no limit to what I am capable of in my life…

I am a mother of two. I am a nurse and take care of both men and women.  I have seen many genitals in my life due to my work. Tonight I have explored my own!  When I have had sex or masturbated I found it most comfortable in the dark. Well tonight was different. I actually explored pussy by admiring her.  I was able to masturbate with the light on looking in the mirror. Allowing myself to experience it fully.  I do believe this was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had, and am feeling as though taking the course is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.

Jennifer has such an ease with her sexuality and her solidness of who she is, that I it is easy to use her as a role model to rekindle parts of my sexuality that I have shut down.  When Jennifer channels Mary Magdalen there is no question that she is with us and that there are cells in my body that are activated that have been sleeping or dormant for years.  I have just finished the course and I know that this is just the beginning of a fire in myself that has only started to light.  I have signed up for other courses and know that if I get even a small amount of what I have gotten out of taking this course I know I have gotten my money’s worth.

I know that in awaking this part of me there is no limit to what I am capable of in my life.  I feel as though I have been walking up a huge mountain working hard to get to the top. It feels as though in taking Jennifer’s courses I have reached the top and have jumped off and am trusting that I am ready to fly. Knowing that if I am flying and question what I am doing I have tools to remind myself that I am flying, and keep going…

Jeanine Lajeunesse, LPN, Putnam, Connecticut

I learned to feel excited about who I am because I let go of shame…

I loved the Magdalen’s Fire Course. It helped me break some barriers that kept me from feeling good about myself and my sexuality.  The course gave me permission to enjoy doing whatever my heart desires without guilt or shame; it also gave me permission to honor the not-so-feel-good times with love. Jennifer made me laugh with a sense of giddiness when she talked about pussy, clitoris, etc, because most of the time these words are used in ridicule, anger or jokes that are degrading. For me, it was always such a taboo to say these words that to hear them said freely and with love made me feel like a school girl, hearing these words as though for the first time.  I learned to feel excited about who I am because I let go of shame and can now forgive and love myself for being who I am.  This course served as a spring board for me to move on to develop more deeply and to express myself in a more loving, sexual and joyful way. It has opened and will continue to open new doors and experiences that I can not wait to have!!!!!! THANK YOU.

Suzanne, Yakima, Washington

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