Magdalen’s Fire: The Sacred Sexuality Oracle Course

An Eight-Session Online Course with Jennifer Posada

If you are looking for the one course to take you deep on a journey of sacred sexuality, this is the one…this is the most comprehensive, exceptional course on sacred sexuality anyone could ever receive…

Take this chance to dive in, be reborn, and find a portal into one of the greatest secrets of life and creation…the sexual and sensual energies in your body and being…

This course moves far beyond just the acts of sexuality and into the energies behind them…the energies of loving creation. Discover the richness and the fruits born in that fertile space within, and welcome them into the light of your life. Get ready to start a new life with a new commitment to being the fullness of who you are, in extraordinary and powerful beauty.

Led by Mary Magdalen, move through the “Seven Purifying Fires” in profound support of this deep rebirth.  Allow her to assist you in reconnecting with your body, your creativity, and your passion.  Discover an endless source of energy inside of you that is healthy and always available.  Open the most direct door to self-revelation and powerful love.  Find a new approach to healing on every level, and a renewed way of experiencing your Soul…

Because this course is an exploration of self, it does not matter if you have a partner or partners, or are single, if you are active sexually or not at this time. All that matters is that you are willing to consider that path which the Goddess takes you on into the source of love, the source of your being…the source of all things…

Each session will involve a teaching, practices for exploration during the week, and a special question and answer session…one of the most powerful facets of this type of group experience. It is time to bring back the voice of the feminine in all forms, female, male, and beyond.  Time to know the body again, and know this power that has been so long repressed…time to know it, time to speak it, time to bring it back to life…

The Eight Sacred Sexuality Sessions

juiceIntroduction to Sacred Sexuality

Discover what “sacred” sexuality really is, and open your mind to an entirely new view of what sexuality and sexual energy are, and what they might mean in your life.  Learn about the “Sacredly Sexual Priestesses” and the Priestess within you.  Understand how Self-Love provides the foundation for all the explorations of your sexuality, your body, and your deep soul empowerment, and how to most simply and profoundly increase it in your life…

FrederickLordLeightonFlamingJuneFalling in Love with Your Body

Receive the deep nourishment needed to fall in love with your body more deeply than ever before or for the first time…to truly understand how and why “embodiment” is so powerful.  Discover how to nourish your body and health, have a wonderful body-image, and open to deeper levels of sensitivity to increase your innate sexual knowing and pleasure.  Understand why instinct and the “animal body” can guide us to deeper joy in ways we might never have imagined…

dolce-far-niente-L-A_nceQ copyThe Nymphs and the Healing Power of Loving Pleasure

Learn about the ancient enlightened beings known as the Nymphs, and why these magical creatures understood the deepest mysteries of the universe through the experience of loving pleasure, and the connection to nature and the body as the primary way of experiencing it.  Discover powerful secrets of self-pleasuring, and of living as a Nymph in your current life…


Understand why desire is the most powerful and misunderstood force in the universe, why desire is love and how to identify true heart’s desires.  Know the role of turn-on and arousal in living an ignited life.  Reclaim the burning flame at the center of your being and forever live in its glow, changing your life for the better forever onward…

Proserpine copyForbidden Fruit & Reclaiming Your Sexual Power

Learn why the desires we have most been told to avoid contain our most profound nourishment, why and how shame holds us back from full soul expression and how to break free.  Understand what sexual and soul power really is, and how to access the most beautiful gifts you have to offer in your life…


Tanoux-Salammbo-1921Sexual Possibilities and Sacredly Sexual Past Lives

Explore the realm of new sexual possibilities, how to be the true lover within to yourself and others, and how to be led by your inner Nymph and Sexual Priestess…your innate sexual wisdom.  Receive guidance in being able to remember past lives related to your ancient sexual gifts, abilities, and wisdom…


The Orgasm Course with Jennifer PosadaOrgasm and Ecstatic States

Understand why pleasure states and orgasm are so powerful and potently healing, and why they can be revelatory and profoundly empowering…why pleasure brings us back to our true nature and supports us through the rest of the spectrum of feeling and human experience.  Receive support in being able to more easily access these ecstatic states.  Learn skills to more easily or intensely orgasm, and how to have energy orgasms…

rossetti_verticordiaBecoming the Sexual Priestess…Living the Orgasmic Life

Receive support in walking through the world and living life as the Sexual Priestess within…in your sexual encounters with yourself and others, and in all that you do.  Understand how living the orgasmic life can encompass all that your soul journey includes, and light up your life with the endless beauty of your true nature forever onward…

How and where does this course take place?

This is an online course that is available 24 hours a day…and though it is meant to be taken over eight weeks, you can move at your own pace and have access to this information for a lifetime!  Course content will be available on a members-only website via video and audio recordings, also available for download.

Why register right now?

Though you can register for this course at any time, signing up right now begins your journey of deeper sexuality and self-love, and begins to change each day of your life so beautifully from today forward…  And since you can listen in your own right timing after registering, right now is a perfect time to start!…

Who is this course best for?

Originally this course was taught for women only and the content is geared toward women, but it is now open to all genders since it is an individual experience for anyone who is called.  This course is equally fortifying and revolutionary for those who feel that they are new to or re-opening to their sexuality, and those who are already very experienced with sexuality and sexual healing.  There are always new levels to be reached, experienced and enjoyed, and wherever you are in life there will be new ways to blossom as never before with the material in this course.

You will receive as a part of this Course:

~ An introductory audio and 8 weekly sessions by audio recording, including the teaching for each week and a closing sound healing session (60-90 minutes per session)

~ A Q & A Recording to supplement each session (60-90 minutes)

~ PDFs with optional weekly explorations and suggested exercises for the time between sessions

~ Access to this material indefinitely!

~ Recordings of each session can be downloaded and listened to on the device of your choice!

This is an 8-part course available around the world at the online Oracle School & Community.

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