Ode to Sun

by Jennifer on December 21, 2008

sun-love1A Love Story

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

You were born in my heart.  You are there forever my perfect friend.

I want to tell you something about love.  Because it is what I have discovered the world needs most to know about, and wants more than anything else.  Forget enlightenment. Remember love.  The secret truth is that love is enlightenment.  If you can learn to receive more love in this world, you will be sure to give it more effortlessly as well.  But we are not taught to receive love, not in most of our upbringings, not in school, and not even in many of our paths to spiritual awakening.  It isn’t “out there” everyone…its in here…in your heart.  It is something, love, that waits already within us to be known and felt and discovered and explored.  First we must give ourselves permission to even approach this forbidden door.  This is self-love.  The permission to feel good.

But there are helpers everywhere.  Somehow, among life’s pains, love and lovers come out from behind corners and meet us everywhere.  We just have to be willing to open to them, otherwise we won’t even see them at all as we pass them by.  I don’t think I want to be anything more than a lover.  It is all that matters, really.  It is what being an Oracle is all about.  Because when you know the secrets of the universe, when you can hear the deities whisper in your ear, you find that all they talk about is love.  That is all anything and everything important is about.  We wonder how and when will we ever find love, not realizing it waits for us in every moment.

When I was ten years old I met a master.  It changed my life forever.  This master was instrumental on my path of discovering love in its truer forms.  His name is Sun, and he came into my life when my mother let me get a kitten.  But really he was more than that.  He was a companion of so many lifetimes, a best friend, and a lover of the highest order.  He was as pure in his love as the sweetest summer day, or the most elegant ocean’s waves.  He was like the loving warmth of the sun to me, and for twenty years he loved me in the best way one can be loved.  He slept, purring, in my hair in all my nights alone. sun-and-jen-little-copy He curled up with me on the closet floor when I was little, and in his bed by the heater while I did my readings in recent years.  He would fall asleep with his head in my hand, or against my cheek at night with his paw stretched over my neck, embracing me.  He would follow me on walks to the beach with the rest of our animal family, and was the only one to stay with me when the rest of the family dissolved and went in different directions.  He came with me to the desert, and the snowlands.  He waited with me until I met someone else who could love me that way, and then he loved him too.  I knew the gift when I had it…I cherished every single day we had together…every single moment I took into my deepest soul.  And I still know the gift now.  He was, and is, truly the Sun in my life.

Don’t wait for love.  There are lovers waiting for you everywhere, ready to help you learn how to open your heart even more.  Don’t be afraid.  It only hurts a little.  The cost is so much smaller than the gift.  I hope you don’t send me condolences about my cat…there is no need.  You can instead send me congratulations…on twenty years of love.  A miracle.  A true miracle of the only kind I care to hope for.  Sun has made me the luckiest woman in the world, and will be by my side forever.

As the light returns, so blessedly, on my side of the world today, I send you this message of love.  As christmas comes, and a new year, I have a resolution to suggest if you need one: love more, and be loved more.  If you don’t know where to start, remember that the goddess gave us animal masters for a reason.  They are love, and they me-and-sun-copyremind us that we are too.  They open us to even more love, and make us true lovers.  The ancient Egyptians knew this, as did all ancient cultures who revered these great masters of love.  They aren’t afraid of love.  They look for any reason to open to it, and to show us how to do the same.  Love somebody.  Take a risk.  Open up, leap…

Love will save us all.  It is forever more powerful than any other force.  Love endures beyond form, into the land of beauty from which it comes.  No matter what you go through in this life, what terrible phases of pain and desperation, love will find you in the end.  It is the only end in an endless universe.  When there is nothing else to lose, there is love.   No love you ever have or make can be lost.  It is held and cherished in the heart of the universe forever, and will come back to you in some new more beautiful way than ever before.

I love you all.  I can’t help it.  And I sure don’t want to.  And I love you with Sun’s love, now that it has touched my life forever, and made me real.

Love, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice and New Year, and more Love, Jennifer

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