Perpetual Spring

by Jennifer on May 7, 2007

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Monday, May 7th, 2007

I will admit, my friends, that in the midst of such energies lately, the title of this entry may seem ironic. But the truth is that it is in the times of greatest challenge that one most needs a perpetual spring. A spring not only meaning a time of endless blooming and regenerated life, but a spring that runs like a healing and restorative nectar through our being.

Some of you don’t know what I am talking about perhaps…all is going wonderfully and you are not experiencing the “challenges” I just referenced, but for the rest of us, even if we have truly glorious lives in all ways, these last few months may have been like a ride on a seriously rocky boat or wild roller coaster. It is as if everything which was already intense enough just got bumped up a notch…and another, and another. And the escalation is dizzying, and sometimes the rocking is sickening. Everything in the body yearns for an equilibrium which is often hard to find.

And so, we move forward, one day at a time as best we know how. We sustain our strength amidst a storm of energies, waiting for it to pass, again.

Yet within these times there are also seeds of infinite and amazing possibility. One by one, tiny cracks open up in the membranes between these worlds and others, and through them can slip miracles. When we watch these miracles enter and take form so quickly, our faith is renewed and our excitement about what these energies may ultimately mean, and bring.

If you have not caught sight of these magical events in your life, just try to hold on and watch carefully in dark moments, for something like fireflies in the night. These gifts and opportunities are reminders that we are on the right path, and that the things we have been holding intention for are still in motion and indeed, moving in our direction in each moment. Even through the storm.

These are times in which it is more helpful and necessary than ever to build our strength and our ability to receive energies of nurturing and support. There is plenty available to us…from the universe, the celestial realms, our guides and beings, and nature. When we allow ourselves to receive these gifts we also offer a gift to that which we received it from. It is a mutually beneficial act.

A powerful meditation to practice is that of the “inner spring.” While in a relaxed state either sitting or laying down, begin to imagine that there is a stream that runs through your body, sourcing at your heart, and that the stream is being fed by an ocean of healing subtle energy in the universe, or from your guides. Bathe and rest in the energies of this spring for as long as you like. You can listen to soothing music, or do this outside, or while actually submerged in water, such as a bath. When you are very comfortable with this meditation you can do it for short periods of time while you are at work or in other potentially-stressful situation. It is a way to tap into, open up to, and be reminded of the endless energy available to us in every moment, and through any trial. May the perpetual spring within your radiant heart be lit with the light of a thousand moons and suns. Love, Jennifer

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