Taking Sanctuary

by Jennifer on April 13, 2007

sanctuaryFriday, April 15th, 2007

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Being a mystic in our world, and in these times, requires a great deal of courage and strength. It requires clarity, and an enormous reservoir of resourceful energy. It requires faith, and heart, and hope against all odds. It requires drawing inspiration and confirmation from as many pools as possible, both in this world and beyond…and it requires the drinking of those waters to renew the soul.

It requires feeling sometimes crazy, and stumbling off the path over and over again, only to have it illuminated again for our journey deeper. It requires being both a vessel and a strong personal voice. It requires all that you are, and every day more.

In return it gives you the sun, and the moon, and the voices in the trees. It gives you vision, and freedom, and the love of the universe strong in your heart.

This morning I woke to the sound of the wind outside, blowing strong and hard. It was comforting, but even more comforting still was the feeling that I could lay there as long as I liked to enjoy it. I didn’t have to rush off, or to push myself. I could just lay among the sheets and listen to what the wind might tell me.

We live in a world and time in which the greatest unspoken robbery is that of our peaceful moments to just be, and listen, and receive. It is a trade we are told we often must make in order to survive in this world, but that is only a pervasive and painful lie. The truth is that those moments are one of the only things that no one can ever take away from us…because we can always steal them back for ourselves. Perhaps it begins with a five minute walk in a park between work shifts, but if we ritualize it by doing it every day, we will somehow find those opportunities expanding.

The truth is that it is the level to which we let ourselves drink in our free spaces that starts cracking the walls that have grown up around our lives, or that we have built. I have found that even just a crack begins an entirely new process of shifting, and before you know it the entire structure of your life will have changed.

It is about reclaiming the open spaces and allowing ourselves to enjoy them. Sometimes, when I only have a few moments to lie down, I actively tell my body to let go completely into those moments, rather than holding on in knowledge of their brevity, or waiting for a longer rest. If we can release into the small spaces, they will grow, and we will let go of the places that hold on inside of us for a rest that we may never get if we don’t start somewhere. In times like these in which we live, finding this freedom and nourishment is all the more important.

I called this entry “taking” sanctuary rather than just finding it because we have often found sanctuary over and over without actually taking it. We are not taught that taking sanctuary for ourselves is a requirement in life, but I have found that the new paradigms necessitate it, and beautifully so. For in taking sanctuary we find the safe spaces inside of us to rest, and from rest to feel freedom, and from freedom to create and express the true beauty and gifts of who we are. May you find and take sanctuary in your life, and may it be deep and sweet. Love, Jennifer

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