The Gestation: 2020 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

by Jennifer on April 3, 2020

Jennifer Luna Posada
April, 2020

Take heart, for what now seems sudden, shocking, heralds instead from the deep and the ancient…a place you know in the marrow of your bones and of your very soul. We called this. We called this because this will bring the medicine for a wound the world didn’t know how to address and was hiding from. The wound is out now, visible, unignorable.

This is an echo that has finally reached us from the place of its origin…the beginning of all and the first crack running through the design of everything…not a flaw but a perfection, even now as it opens into a gaping chasm. This chasm is the place of healing we need, individually and as an entire people on this planet. This, my dearest souls, is most certainly part of the great plan.

It’s time, now, to remember. It’s time, now, to heal…

You might be thinking that I must mean it will be time to heal when things ease…when there is more clarity and certainty and when we can all re-gather, and while so much will happen then too, I am talking about right now in this moment…in the great gestation.

Later we will heal more by gathering, now we will find the antidote to the poison we are all feeling come up from our deepest places of fear by going in. And we are going in like we have never gone in before.

In fact entire layers of our being and knowing are going to open to us that hadn’t been open before. We are going down further into our deepest pain and wisdom, like we’re on a soul-saving archeological dig, and we are going to find entire worlds within ourselves that were long forgotten. More so, over time, we will find that these worlds emerge and come back to life.

I can’t possibly tell you what this means…that forgotten worlds within us are returning.

And it’s all being facilitated by disaster, or the impending threat of it.

There isn’t anywhere else to look anymore, and essentially there is nowhere else to run. And thank fucking god, because the treasure is under our feet. It’s in the one place we were scared to look and now we can only look there. This may sound scary but this is love of the highest kind…this is magic of the deepest expression. And this, as confining as it seems, is the utter and absolute promise of freedom.

This moment when we face our chains, feel their rust and their heft and the weight of the years we have spent with them…this moment that we cry heart-wrenching tears of the helplessness we have felt for so long without being aware of it…this is the moment of power.

Because when we have seen these chains without covering them up or looking away…when we have sat with them and what they make us really feel…soon we will find out what was waiting behind and beneath this recognition. All the power we buried to survive. And it is coming back.

This is the time of the great gestation. The time when we will go within and find the answers we couldn’t find any other way. The time we are forced to heal in order to survive, and that fear drives us to our greatest blessing.

It will help immensely to remember that first you face the “guardians at the gate” inside. First you face what feels scary, painful, even terrifying. It is why so many of us have stayed away even from our places of great power within. What’s most important to remember is twofold: they will not consume us if we can just bear letting the pain move through us as long as it takes to do so. Yes, it will feel like being consumed, but you will wake up on the other side. And two, the other side is your most sacred place of knowing and you will be blessed for the rest of this life and your ongoing soul journey for making this reconnection with this part of your deepest being.

I want to pause here to say that it’s also very important to know when to reach out for help. If the fear and pain feel unbearable but some part of you knows you are also okay, great…but if you are doubting whether you are really going to be okay that is the time to reach out for support. Call a friend, call a hotline, but know that there is help if you are drowning in despair and facing your fear and pain (even if you are in quarantine), doesn’t mean you have to do it alone or face potential harm. We are together even if we are apart, and there are helpful, loving people in the world even if you are feeling or living without loved ones right now. In fact even if you think you’ve got this, reaching out to loved ones as you feel guided to can be a crucial part of this journey.

Just because we are going in doesn’t mean we are alone.

In fact this going in will lead us to be able to connect with others in ways we never dreamed of before, and is one of the greatest blessings of this entire experience. We are remembering, and we are reuniting.

It is time that we remember that we are magical creatures, and that we gather with the others again. Before many of us can gather physically though, (even if we are still reaching out to connect across the distance with technology or energetically) we need to go in and reclaim the lands within us that are ours, so we can then share from that greater place of being.

On the other side of letting yourself, in the most safe and honoring ways you can, feel some of the intolerable feelings that are coming up, we break through. We reach the inner sanctum of a temple within that we have waited lifetimes to reach again…we reach the sacred grove of magical trees we have longed to revisit and be nourished by. We access the inner wisdom that will help us lead the kind of lives we have been asking to live.

So how do we create safe and honoring ways to feel intolerable feelings? And then how do we go in?

Some helpful guidelines for allowing yourself to feel intolerable feelings are to take it as gently as you can, taking it slow or taking breaks to distract yourself when you need to. The things you may do to distract yourself are medicine too and comprise the second part of my suggestion which is to do what nourishes you…watch a funny video, talk to a friend, take a walk, have a private dance party in your house, rest…whatever sounds good. And do as much of what nourishes you as you possibly can.  

Make it an art form, make it a practice, every day as much as you can ask yourself what would feed you and give yourself as much of it as you can.

Sometimes you won’t feel like you have a choice about which way you experience the intolerable feelings or how much of them come at once. You may be flooded with these feelings day and night sometimes. If that is the case use any of the suggestions that still seem helpful and apply, and remember you can reach out for help. Reaching out for help is power.

How to go in?

I know some of you have your ways already. If you do, use them for sure. You know where to go or what kinds of things draw you in, and for most of us it is just about making the space to do it. If you have time at this moment in your life, make time to go within and be open to guidance as often as you can right now…it will give back to you exponentially and in ways you can’t even imagine yet. This is a moment so ripe with potential it is dripping from the fruits on the tree. It is all waiting inside of you.

They could come, these fruits of wisdom, messages and visions, while you are doing something creative, walking in the woods, at night in your dreams, or while you are relaxing on your couch letting your mind gently wander. But if not keep in mind they may come more often, and the inner worlds may sometimes open more deeply if you make special time specifically to go inside if it isn’t happening naturally in other ways.

If you have a place in your home or surroundings where you know you can be alone and sit with what you feel and what you want to know more about within yourself…what you want answers about, it may allow you to go deeper. If you don’t have specific tools you use to access your intuition or inner knowing, try free-writing about anything and everything that comes to your mind and do this as often as you can. It’s incredible what can come, especially at a time like this. Even in just five minutes at a time…just grabbing a notebook and a cup of coffee can become a revelation.

If you are not at home like a lot of people are right now but instead are out in the world doing work, helping others, or if having your kids at home has you busier than ever, still see if you can find ways to go in…maybe just in the moments before you fall asleep at night, looking out a window for a while, or going in as you look into the eyes of someone you are helping and seeing what reveals itself to you. You may not know what you are “getting” right in that moment but it might come forward more clearly later.

Because this time is so important and ripe for reclaiming our ancient knowing and power, I am going to make the deepest wisdom I can offer on how to go within available and accessible to the whole world by making my very special course The Oracle Course: The Essential Course in Intuition and Vision a pay-what-you-want offering for the entire month of April. It usually costs $495. and right now you can pay literally anything you want, so even if you think you want to listen to it later I would grab it now just for the deal! But now is a wonderful time to use it to go deep within, and in all honesty (just being straight forward) you won’t find a better course on accessing your intuition out there. I’m sure there are many as good, but I truly believe there are none better. It is my heart’s joy to make it available this way and at this time, and please feel free to share it with any and all of the people you love who could also benefit. It’s my gift of pure love for these times. Click here to pay what you want and get access right now.

You see we aren’t just getting new intuitive insights about specific things in our lives…we are dreaming the new dream, for ourselves and for the world.

It’s time to turn this thing around. And to do that we need a new dream.

And to dream the new dream we need dreamers. We are the dreamers of the new dream. And this gestation time is what will allow us to find the ability to truly dream again. I am not calling it a gestation time because it lasts nine months…there are many different cycles in nature. I am calling it a gestation time because this is where we grow a new world.

This is a cosmic reset.

We won’t come out of this the same and that’s a good thing.

Whatever was broken in your life, heart and body, has a deeper chance to mend now. We can open to more healing energy than we ever have before. The guidance we need to do this is inside. We just have to be brave and willing enough to go within and let it surface, and most of how we need to do this is by making the time to let it happen…to look in that direction…the direction we are pointed in when the inside starts to come out.

What I am writing here is not the important part. The important part is what comes out of you. This message is only important in the case that it happens to support that. Because the world needs your magic…the world needs your hidden worlds to return…the world needs your dream. And it’s not even really about the world. It’s about you. It will bless and heal you first, and then and only then does it naturally become a blessing to the world as a ripple effect. It will just happen on its own once you make contact with that glorious, luminous treasure within you that is waiting to be rediscovered, and brought back to life.

You are brave. They don’t get any braver than you. And no matter what you think this message is telling you to do and what all the other messages are saying, you are doing it perfectly. Whatever is coming up for you and whether you do or don’t go in in a certain way, you can’t do this wrongly. You were born with the perfect unfoldment of your being coded into you the way a flower is destined to blossom.

Remember the key to all of this is to nourish yourself as much as you can, even if what you’ve got is a hot cup of tea or coffee on your rushed break, or a quiet hour to yourself when your kids are watching a movie. Take what you can and, this perhaps is the true key, let yourself have it.

Time to really let it in.

You being nourished isn’t selfish. It’s really the best thing we can do to “save the world”, because we can’t do much for anyone else, much less creatively problem solve or dream a new dream if our cup is too low.

I know you may not feel like you can very easily fill your cup right now…you may be under loads of stress, ill, or up against those intolerable feelings, but when any sweet drop of goodness comes into your chalice, welcome it if you can. The more you welcome it, the more it will start to fill your cup.

Let’s find our way back to overflowing.

You are not alone, wild soul, and this is not random or a terrible accident. This is the meeting you made long ago so that you wouldn’t miss tasting the nectar of your true magic, and so the world could live on. Because the world can’t live without enough magic, and now is the time.

Can you sit, like Sebastian at the end of The Neverending Story, with just a grain of a lost world in your hand, and make a wish?

What is your wish?

Let it be your starting point. Let it draw you inward. Let it allow you to allow in the nourishment you need to keep going, and then to thrive…and for all of us to thrive together. We are ready to begin.

I love you.



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