The Goddess and the Serpent

by Jennifer on September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Tempestuous.  Unruly.  Emotional.  Insatiable.  Things I can easily feel all in one afternoon.  Not perhaps words you would associate with enlightenment, but of course that depends on what kind of enlightenment you are talking about.  And what kind of path you are planning on taking there…I am talking about the path of the Goddess.

While we often might imagine an enlightened person alone standing on a mountaintop, or sitting in lotus position under a bodhi tree, there is another path.  A nearly forgotten path.  Not forgotten because it slipped to the bottom of a purse like a a set of keys.  Buried quite intentionally.  And this may be the only case where it is actually a good thing that it was buried alive, for this “way” is still alive inside of every one of us.  Rather than the saintly and static image we have of  those who have “transcended” earthly life, this way involves the swirling and thrusting of dancing bodies, the ecstatic screams and lose, wild hair of one in total abandon.  This way involves the pounding of ancient music, drums playing the sounds of the heartbeat we have always known.  This way includes the act of sex seen in it’s most beautiful form, the ultimate proof of human and divine being one.  This way embraces the full spectrum of emotion, like the sweet rush of the uncontrollable ocean.  This way embraces the whole of experience, embraces the body, and doesn’t have to avoid temptation.

This is the way of the Goddess, and once upon a time she and her serpent power ruled the world.  For in it’s time of true knowing and glory, the Goddess religion was not about one gender being higher than others, or gender at all.  It was about being led by the feminine life force that undeniably rose up from the wells of your body and being and shed grace on everything within and around you, no matter your gender, age, race or even specie.  That grace then allowed the experience of the full, true, beautiful masculine to be known in all life too.  Gender and our ideas about it were so different then.

We answered to the body.  It knew everything (and still does.)  We didn’t have to look up to the heavens to pray for answers about our confusing lives on earth.  We just asked our bodies.  They store all the information in the universe.  We literally do have all the answers within.  But we were closer to our bodies then.  We really opened ourselves up to pleasure, as we have since been taught not to.  We didn’t have to wonder about the Goddess, we could feel her alive inside of us.  We could feel that serpentine life force throbbing up from the base of our spines and undulating through our hearts and minds.  We lived by that rhythm.

Sometimes in this life I feel as if I walk among the ruins, picking up fragments, seeing images disfigured on the remaining walls.  Though I have really done this in places around the world in locations like Egypt, Greece and India, I also do it in my mind and heart.  I stumble upon the distorted myths, altered to disguise and repress the true knowing of the feminine.  I see that so many of the serpent goddesses have been turned into the demons of stories, bearing monsters, referred to as child-eaters, described as having been “slain” by this god or that, or this saint or that, as new religions took hold.  I remember Python, Protectress of the Nymphs, and Priestesses, and Oracles of Old, wrapped around the stone pillar in the cave at Delphi.  I remember the serpents who came to “lick or clean the ears” of those who would then have the gift of prophecy.  Always the life force, there to protect and guide us…and still it waits for us to know it fully again…it waits for the return of knowing of the serpent power within.

It takes courage to come back to the body.  Back to feeling.  Back to allowing in pleasure and emotion and sensation when we have been purposefully taught to be numb and quiet and complacent.  Taught not just in this lifetime, but in many, and by incredibly brutal means.  But this is the only way back, back to that path that sings in translucent light.  Back to that path that is golden.  Back to the way we once knew.  Back to throwing our head back to laugh too loud.  Back to writing in ecstasy.  Back to not holding back.

Seem far-fetched?  Not as far-fetched as what I am about to suggest then.  What I see is that this is where the world consciousness transformation is leading us…back to embodiment.  Only it will be even better this time.  What we’ve learned along the way is priceless beyond all measure and will make our experiences more powerful than ever before.  In the coming years we will simply be stripped of everything that supresses our true glory and beauty, and in that nakedness we will truly see ourselves completely for the first time.

We will greet the serpent, when we feel her again moving, not with fear which makes us demonize and hide from her, but with glowing excitement…we will get lost in her luminous coils and press our face to hers until they become one, and that is how we will see the face of the goddess, of god, of ourselves…

Love, Jennifer

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Arnold October 4, 2012 at 6:39 pm

Beautiful Jennifer! It is amazing what has been lost and forgotten and distorted, even by those claiming to teach “the path” to enlightenment. I’m not even saying that all of those paths are wrong, but they’re not the life that we have come to Earth to celebrate and restore, and to re-imagine and recreate. I bow to you, and dance with you all!


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