The Great Hope

by Jennifer on February 12, 2010


Friday, February 12th, 2010

What is to give light, must endure burning.

–Viktor Frankl

I am going to tell you something very important today.  A secret that relieves all burdens.  A secret I can only tell you if I tell you more about my life.  And by telling you more about my life, I reveal to you the ancient mysteries of the Oracles.  For we Oracles do not just speak of what we know…we live it.

What I want you to know is that being what we would think of as “spiritually advanced” does not necessarily remove you from suffering.  It may, but just because we may suffer it does not automatically mean we are not evolved enough.  Indeed, for a great age, those who have been spiritually aware have often suffered the most.  We are sensitive, and we are committed to being of service to humanity and the universe at large.  This is a very intense combination.  It means we have more likely than not been through the underworld so many times we know it like the back of our hands…in fact that was the whole idea.  If we know it we will not fear it, and we will be able to guide others who similarly suffer.  We have crossed the desert of blistering pain and thirst again and again, and we have survived the most terrible fires.  We have drowned in every ocean, in every emotion.  We have been crushed, wiped out of the picture, and rubbed out of the records.  We have traveled to the very depths of sorrow.  We have lost everything….so many times.  We have been pushed beyond our endurance, and capacity, over and over again….and only through brokenness found new openness.  This is all part of the gift that we are and have become.  This has been part of our paths as Oracles.  And, thank goddess, this is mercifully shifting.  We will now be of service by way of our own personal and great joy.

I have been dealing with severe adrenal fatigue, in part due to long-time food allergies, over the last year that has been very difficult to manage.  I didn’t know about it’s nature until I was at a very drained point, and without even talking to my beings about why, I knew it must be because I needed to get to that point.  It was the feeling of being weak that I hadn’t allowed myself in so many lifetimes.  I have always been strong and capable.  My mission depended on it.  Only now that my mission is gentle in every way, and my life so very sweet, can all of this old weariness and pain come out.  So first of all, I would like everyone to know that even if you are in dire straights around something in your life, it isn’t because you messed up or should have known better.  It is because you needed to get that far to experience and release whatever that pain or difficulty brought up for you.  Sometimes these things simply must manifest in the body in order to fully heal and release, as they needed to in mine.  We find out what we are meant to know when we are meant to know it, no matter how powerful an Oracle we are.

Our suffering is golden.  It is becoming the greatest riches we could ever ask for, and if we but knew that we could relax much more and trust the process.

You would think that having all the answers means accessing instant healing and specific responses to issues all the time.  No guide, no knowing in the universe or in our hearts would ever rob us of the journeys we must take.  As I have dealt with my health issue I followed my intuition in doing my own research, and in which treatments to use.  All my guides and the records do is assist me in knowing why this is coming up, that I am on the right track, and that I am supported.  They are friends as we walk through the mystery.  But to walk among the mystery, to be okay with it and to trust the not knowing which I call being the “Blind Oracle”…this may be the most advanced path of all.

I appreciate vision with all my heart, and I have taught thousands of people all over the world how to access it.  It is available to all of us.  But it is only a small portion of what I teach.  I teach about trusting oneself, loving oneself, and all the natural wisdom that pours forth when we do.  Being an Oracle is not about answers.  It is about trust.  A trust that shows us more than any other form of revelation ever could.

If you have pain in your life now, or struggle, or if you have had a very difficult life, please know, dear Oracle, that this is not a punishment or a sign that you are not doing things right.  You are brave, beyond all measure.  You have been willing to experience everything you have in the name of healing and blessing others with those gifts.  And the rewards my friends…I have seen them.  They are beautiful past all description.  All is changing now.  The sweetness and the nectar are coming.  Once again to be an Oracle, One who Remembers, will be a joy to our souls and playing in golden fields feeling bliss in our bodies and laughing…and laughing…

We are still in the long, dark night friends.  The day, that we have almost lost hope for, is coming.  Just rest in any way that you can, trust everything that happens, and keep your eyes on the stars…

Love, Jennifer

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