The Maenad’s Dance: The Healing Power of Ecstasy

A 5-Session Course by Telephone Conference

The Maenad's Dance with Jennifer PosadaThe earth shook when they surrendered, it trembled with their abandon…it matched its heartbeat to theirs.  For nothing embodied the power of the cosmos like the thrum of a body in ecstasy, and few embodied this grace so fully as the ancient Maenads…

Forever connected to the most ancient pulse of pure love, the Maenads were originally nymphs, and later human Priestesses who carried on the traditions of their Foremothers in dance, song, feasting, free sexual expression and ritual, and all the revelries of life and the body…

The Maenads knew how to enter into Sacred Madness in a healing and powerful way, and how to use ecstatic states as sustenance of the most nourishing and soul-transforming kind.  They could align themselves with the rhythms of the moon, the ocean’s waves, or the undulation of the clouds across the night sky.  They spoke the languages of the stars and were not afraid to try anything with their bodies, so long as it aligned with their heart’s desires…

The Maenads understood that life was meant to be a celebration, and they knew how to use their precious freedoms and wild abandon to bring themselves back to this truth again and again when they might have otherwise lost it…

We too can learn the tools and ways of these ancient Priestess-Nymphs to rediscover our natural rhythms, re-align with the pulse of the loving universe, and be returned to our ecstatic heritage to allow it to nourish our lives in radical and life-changing ways…

In This Course you Will:

*  Learn how the Maenads viewed and related to the four seasons, the moon, and the elements

*  Recapture your relationship to your own inner rhythms, forever realigning your life with your true source of energy and beauty…

*  Reclaim your relationship to ecstasy, to abandon, and to Sacred Madness

*  Understand the relationship between surrender and power

*  Learn the “Sacred Ways” of the Maenads and how they can fit into your life now…

*  Discover the healing power of indulgence

*  Find out how ecstatic trance induces intuitive insight

*  Learn the sexual practices of the Maenads that opened them to their deepest power and freedom…

*  Rediscover your inner wilderness and all that it can offer your life…

You will receive as a part of this Course:

~ 5 two-hour sessions by telephone conference, including the teaching for each week and a closing sound healing session

~ Optional weekly explorations and exercises for the time between sessions

~ The opportunity to ask questions and share live on each call

~ Recordings of each session that can be listened to online (in case you need to miss some!)

~ Membership in an online community so you can continue the discussions and sharing the experience after the course is complete!

This is a special 5-part course at the Oracle School offered by telephone conference

March 24th – April 21st, 2014

Mondays, 5 – 7pm Pacific time

5-Session Course by Telephone Conference

“This experience has been life changing for me…” Rita Yeager, Charlottesville, Virginia…more testimonials…  Or You Can Read “10 Reasons why you should take my courses” here!

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Part of the proceeds of this course will go to:

Eve Ensler’s Organization to End Violence Against Women


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