Time to Change the Ending

by Jennifer on May 22, 2012

Monday, May 21st, 2012

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…and I’m feelin’ good.”

As sung by Nina Simone

It was a moment that chilled the blood in my veins.  It took place in the movie Mirror, Mirror, a new version of the story of Snow White.  She is leaning down to speak through a small door explaining why she has to go and fight the beast of her greatest fears alone.  She says she has read a lot of books where the prince rescues the princess, and that she thinks is time we changed the ending of the story.

I couldn’t agree more.  Not just that women facing their greatest fears will change the world most powerfully right now, but that, gender aside, it is time for a new story.

While we all know it is coming collectively, that collective new story can only be born of each of us finding our own individual new stories.  I felt mine coming yesterday, as I stood by the ocean in the fresh twilight, seaweed in layers of colors encircling my feet.  My new story and my ancient story are meeting, like my mermaid-self and the ocean in that moment…bathing in the soft, bright silence after the eclipse when I knew everything was forever changed, again.  Yes, my new story and my ancient story are meeting…and so are yours.

For many years I have talked to Goddesses.  Gosh, for too many years to count as they sift back through lifetimes.  But for me talking to Goddesses is not a fancy and elite gift…it is like talking to girlfriends, and something I have taught thousands of people to do all over the world.  It is something we are all able to do inherently.

One of the things I have noticed all of these Goddesses want to do, and want to model for we embodied Goddesses, (guys and other-than-female identified peoples that can include you too) is to re-tell their stories from a place of true power.  In doing this, false myths are dispelled and healing is dispersed.  Very, very potent medicine.  That’s right…we can heal ourselves and the entire world by changing our stories.

Eve wants the world to know she loved that apple, and the serpent, and never left “the garden” because it is within.  Pandora wants you to know that there was already evil in the world and she knew the box also had hope, and released it with intention.  Persephone wants you to know that she became empowered in the underworld, and was never at the mercy of it again.  Aphrodite wants you to know that she was the one who created herself from the sea foam, which is what made her truly beautiful.  Hera wants you to know that her anger was an asset and freed her…like Durga, and Sekhmet, and Kali.  And Isis, she wants you to know that she lived as both human woman and full incarnate of the divine…she was both fully enlightened, and knew grief and rage, and that those experiences enhanced her journey rather than being a distraction from her Goddesshood.  These Goddesses know where the power is…in their lives, their experiences, their stories…and deep inside, so do we…

I am going to share the one magic key that will enable you to get down to re-writing and telling your story.  Know it is yours.  That’s it.  Just don’t let anybody else tell you what it is, or that it doesn’t have value.  It is love incarnate, written across the sky of your soul’s journey in stars.  It is more valuable than its own length in diamonds, by a greater measure than can be made.  We may think that making our own interpretation of our stories is akin to playing imaginary games at best, and outright falsifying truth at worst.  But of course that begs the question of who decides what is true.  It can only be you.

You see, as you look back over the long fabric of your life, even just this one life of many, you are going to find patches where you took someone else’s version of your story as true, and covered some of your beautiful self with it.  You will be glad to find that if you remove them there are no holes underneath.  Only the rest of the picture that allows you to finally make sense of the pattern of your life that didn’t seem clear before.  It will all start to come together, and you will know why things happened the way they did.

You will see where you took someone else’s story, about you or what you experienced as true, because they were persuasive, or in a position of authority, or they sought to consciously or unconsciously usurp your power and keep themselves well hidden from the real.  Your real.   The real in you that upset them, so they sought to cover it up, and that is why they gave you a patch.  They were holding their hands over their eyes because your sun was too bright and hard for them to understand…to scary and a threat to their perception of security.  You even accepted some of the patches for the same reasons.  Our own brilliance is a lot to accept.

Once you have decided you can re-tell the story of your past and self from an empowered place (because it is your work of art, after all) then you can begin to decide what story to tell yourself in each moment, and about your future.  And you will find the courage to tell these stories to others, and they will be touched by them in ways you could never expect.  There will be miracle healings because you decided your story was your own to write, to re-envision, and to share.

And, like Snow White, you may find that the beast of your darkest fear turns out to be the fulfillment of your deepest longing.  Oh yeah, that’s what I said.  We’ve heard this truth before, and we also feel it deep in our bones.  The scary part of the story…the phantom that haunts your future, telling you bad things could happen there and to beware, throwing you off the scent of your own path like the patchy cover-ups of your former glories too…facing it is going to be the best part.  You are going to reveal what is at the throbbing center of your soul’s lust.

And soul lust is exactly what we need to find and reclaim in this world…it will change everything.

We have numbed and dumbed down our feelings and made little reduced, animated, caricatures of the one role model we could have for finding them again…the girl.  The girl who feels, and who, as Eve Ensler so beautifully shares, lives within all of us.  Yes, we all have a girl within, and she is more powerful than we have any idea of.  She knows just how to save this world.  She has all the answers, and she is not afraid to feel her way to them.

And now the myths that have held the “girl” captive as a powerless, foolish, or evil creation are crumbling.  Even our fairytales are being re-written to replace our docile sleeping beauties with empowered, fearless truth-seekers and knowers.  Alice in Wonderland can still have a kitten, but she could also have a sword.  She can be pretty and slight perhaps, but sharp as a tack and deep as the ocean.  It isn’t about girls becoming more war-like or violent…it is a metaphor for accessing her power, fearlessness, and courageous heart.  We are getting heroines back.  It’s about freaking time.

So what kind of stories do you have about yourself and who you are?  Because you know what I am going to suggest, right?  Oh yeah, it’s time to get out your big teal feather-pen and all the ink your heart desires, and start writing your own story.  Though this may happen on paper too, I am talking about deciding for yourself who you are, who you have been, and who you will be.  This is about becoming, quite truly, a living legend.  You are a fascinating creature of the most gorgeous and exquisite order, and if no one else has noticed that by now you can certainly notice it for yourself.

It takes the greatest courage of all to fall in love with yourself, but once you do, everything changes.  You begin to want to give yourself everything you would give someone you were in love with.  You value yourself so highly and think of yourself so well that nothing is impossible.  And anyone can attain this kind of self-love.  You just have to be your own heroine.  You have to face your darkest fears and once you have walked that dark forest you own yourself, fully.  Persephone did it.  Innana before her.  You can do it too.  That’s why their stories are so important…because it lets you know for sure that it can be done.  And that is why your story matters so much too.  You are the Creatress…you are the one writing this story, so why not make it juicy?  You will spend your life reading it, so you want it to be good…

Larger than life.  Your own heroine.  A living legend.  This will be you.  I can see you now, looking so hot in your armor, and also without it because you don’t need it anymore…knowing when you want to eat the apple, and don’t…with nothing left forbidden…claiming your throne.  Because we are each royal.  We are meant to be Queens, Kings, and titles that mean something in-between or beyond.  Oh yes, you do have a throne, and a kingdom all your own that is waiting for your mighty rule.  And the world needs to be ruled by girls…the wise, all-knowing, all-feeling girl within us all.  The world needs heroines.  The world needs you to write your own story, and to be the super-star who plays you in it…as fabulously and freely as you can.  Look around and find out what script you’re in now, and ask yourself if you like it, and who wrote it, and what parts are waiting for you to release the beast and free yourself…and that is the moment, like a new star born in the still night, that your new story will begin…

Love you, Superstar.

Love, Jennifer

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Susan Mavity May 22, 2012 at 6:14 pm

As always your sweet wisdom echoed through my soul. The vibrations send a ripple of remembrance with love, encouragement and hope:)) Just what my soul was searching for today! Inspriation guidance and LOVE.
Thank You


Grace Lawrence May 22, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Oh Jennifer
how this rings so perfect and true to me – to day!
the swirls and depths of what has been showing up as pointers, as whispers in my inner worlds, have been suggesting just this – of writing my story – the story of awakening, of empowerment of coming through the mists and fogs into remembering what had been lost – of awakening to a rebirth.
I might just myself that peacock feathered pen.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you !!


Auset June 9, 2012 at 9:41 am

Dearest Jennifer,

The Uni-verse is so amazing and the synchronicity of the messages I have been hearing and what is out there in black and white to validate them is so utterly Divinely guided. My own story of Isis and Persephone has been stirring around in my heart, like the wise serpent who waits until the time is right to strike. I have definitely beenthrough some dark times and have shed many tears and many skins to finally get down to the true essence of ME that I cannot ignore. My scars are reminders of my strength and courage to survive and I am ready to express that experience to help others in their own journey. I have been working on this story of ME and somehow just came across your writing this morning! What a validation from the Uni-verse!

Again, thank you so very much, Jennifer, for expressing your beautiful light to help us all to shine!

xox Love to you,



Allison Carr June 21, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Yes! You have a wonderful way of lovingly saying things that have also been on my mind. This is what I try to tell my patients all the time. I’m re-posting this on my Facebook page in hopes that some of those patients will read it. Thanks for being a light in the world.


Nichole August 11, 2012 at 9:48 am

I’m falling in love with this website, I just found it today. It feels strange and wonderful to hear myself in other people’s words – my hopes, my fears, my questions, my answers. There’s validation and encouragement here. Not the kind that tries to define a path for me, but instead the kind that lets me know it’s okay for me to choose my own path. More than that, the women here seem to know I’ve chosen a path already and they’re just willing to hold my hand as I open my eyes and take my first steps onto it. Thank you, I’ll be coming back here frequently.


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