To Those Who Deeply Feel

by Jennifer on March 15, 2009

hughes2Sunday, March 15th, 2009

I know it seems it would be easier…to feel less.  More than easier, it seems as though it would be the secret to making life just seem bearable most of the time.  But oh, to you who feel too much, while you have lived long in a world with no room for your heart, you are soon to live in one that needs that heart for its very existence.

I know you have been pointed at, and scorned.  I know you have been walked away from, outcast…even just for loving.  Yes, even your love has been a threat…a gift misunderstood, seen as a weapon, and for this you have been apprehended, and at times even imprisoned in loneliness for many, many years.  I know you hide it carefully now, under many layers of fabric and down many long halls.  I know you only show it to those who have walked through the fires at the gateway to heaven, and indeed, this has been wise.  But you are being pushed up to it now…the moment has come.  And you will probably resist, and resist it, until you have run out of hallways and hiding places…until you are pressed up against the walls of your very own heart, and you can’t pretend it isn’t bleeding, or that you don’t know how to heal it.

Feel. Feel more and more, feel your way out.  Feel until the pain becomes unthinkable…and you break through.  This is how we will come to trust feeling again…trust ourselves again.  This is how we will really know that we do know how to feel our way home.  We always have.  We who feel deeply will become the leaders, the guides who know the way and have become fearless enough to take it, and to show others.

Your feelings will consume you if you give over to them.  That is why you are afraid.  But that is exactly what they are meant to do…take us comepletely over so that we find what remains, and what the tidal wave brings to the shore from the bottom of the ocean.  When the time is right, the feelings that consume us will never be destructive, only to that which is not the authentic self.  And that, my precious and sensitive friends, means you are only being consumed by love… in a world that desperately also needs to be consumed by love.

Shake it off.  Shake it up.  Fall apart.  Open up.  Die.  Live.  It will all be love.  And the world, finally, is making space for your amazing, exquisite, vast heart…and will gratefully, and joyously, receive it.

Love, Jennifer

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