What is an Oracle?

sibyl delphi

or.a.cle n
1a: a Person (as a Priestess of Ancient Greece) through whom a deity is believed to speak
b: a shrine in which a deity reveals hidden knowledge or the divine purpose through such a person
c: an answer or decision given by an oracle
2a: a person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions
b: an authoritative or wise expression or answer

Other names: Pythia, Seer, Prophet(ess), Priestess or Priest, Psychic, Channel, Medicine Person, Shaman(ess), Sibyl, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Record Keeper.

Many would tell you that an Oracle is a method or vehicle of divination…a person, object, or place who predicts the future, offering mysterious answers to life’s questions. An ancient priestess who speaks words from another world, a bag of stones cast on the ground or cards laid on a table…a whistle of sound through a tree. An ancient medicine person entering into trance and speaking in strange tongues to be later interpreted or used for healing.

These perceptions would all have truth to them, but they only hint at the true nature and origin of Oracles. Oracles have existed in human form in every culture around the world. Many are still noted in our time, such as the Oracles at Delphi in Greece, the Chief Oracle of Tibet, and the Oracles of ancient Egypt, but there are countless examples. They are the remnants in our minds of a time in which we all remembered.

In my book, The Oracle Within: Living the Intuitive Life, I include what I call a “History of Oracles” in which I describe the Oracles as the “Ones Who Remembered” our origins from the earliest of times and even during and through what I called “The Great Forgetting.” I expressed that this entire cycle would only lead us back to “The Great Remembering” as even richer and wiser beings…and that time time for this remembering is now.

In this light, an Oracle is a being who remembers her or his true Self, and the nature of their origins as Love. As such an Oracle remembers interconnectedness, and how to communicate with plants, animals, and nature. An Oracle inherently knows how to offer healing energy, and apply it in one’s own life. An Oracle also knows how to travel between the worlds or dimensions to gather wisdom, speak to beings or guides in those states, and bring the messages, sounds, signs, or symbols back to this world. An Oracle is both a time traveler, and timeless. An Oracle knows how to move in and out of altered states as a vehicle, and a birthright. An Oracle hears and heeds the voice of her or his own heart, and is naturally led to be an example of this or to assist others in reconnecting with the wisdom of their own hearts. The Oracles are the ones who remembered and recorded the stories and the songs to keep them alive, and who could re-find them in the great hall of records when they had been lost.

The Oracle of Delphi told Socrates when he asked how he could become more wise to, “Know Thyself.” And though the self is an ever-changing organism, the heart remains the same in essence. In one way or another we have all been and are Oracles. We may have practiced this path of remembering the true Self in many ways, but anytime we practiced something that pointed the way back to our universal and loving home, we became an Oracle, a record-keeper, a memory-holder of that truth.

The time of the Oracles is returning. As I wrote in The Oracle Within, “It is the dawn of the Great Remembering, and nothing can change the turning of the tide. It is done. Oh, Keepers of the Flame light the way for others, and in reigniting their flames watch the world burst into light.”

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