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2019: Coming Back To Life ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada
November, 2018

They came like water…the visions…the knowing just poured over me in warm waves.  The other day I suddenly just understood, as I lay in bed, as I walked down the hallway, as I had my shower…so many things about my life and path that I hadn’t before, despite my long history of visions.  I could hardly keep up with the beauty flowing through me as I grabbed my notebook and thanked the universe that it is time…it is finally time…for us to fully know this way again…

Once upon a time we used to tell these stories in the caves…around the fires, aside the waters.  We used to carry this knowing in our bones…and now we will carry it once again this way…

It’s time…

A time you have waited for…for so, so long…a time when you felt like you’d finally be ready.

You’re ready now.

I know…maybe it’s a little like getting somewhere and not really feeling like you have arrived.  You might be hungry and sleep deprived, and feeling like everything is surreal and all you want to do is fall into bed.  That’s okay.  I know…you have dreamt of this moment and probably you thought it might feel different.  You thought you would disembark from whatever vessel you arrived on and want to run out and explore a new city, a new vista, a new day…but perhaps instead things look cloudy and you want to turn around and go home.

Don’t worry.  You just need rest after your journey.  And when you rest you will dream…and in this new dream you will suddenly see the vision you had been holding differently.  You will realize this arrival is even more perfect and destined than the one you imagined.  Even the unknown of it is so, so very blessed.  In fact, the unknown of it is where the blessings are that you hadn’t even imagined, even in your dearest wishes…

In fact, it may be an immense, incredible relief to shed and release the things you used to want.  They may feel like clothing that doesn’t fit anymore, and it is time for the fresh and the new…


You see, you have been cocooning recently at some very deep levels.  Entering into the most frozen parts of yourself and bringing back blood flow…going to the numb, sleeping places, and waking them up.  And at first that may have felt or may still feel scary, and perhaps sometimes even terrifying.  But you have rousted enough of your dormant power and beauty that it is butterfly time.  It is wake-up-sleeping-beauty time…and you will be the one to kiss yourself awake.

You might have once believed that to be strange and uncomfortable, but you have been so broken open, so brought to your knees, so unbound, and disrobed, that you are ready, even if you don’t know it yet.  Even if you are like an animal that has been set free from past restraints but doesn’t quite know it yet, and still lingers near the old ties.  It’s okay…it takes time to realize you can run free again…to warm and ready the stiff muscles of having been bound.  And just like no one can truly hold you back now, no one can push you to set out before you are ready…

Rest is wise…again, whether this is actual rest or the permission to simply pause between the greater breaths of your life…before you take the first new huge inhale after a deep soul death and rebirth, this is when the new dream will show itself…the new vision…

2019 is a year of miracles…

2019 is a year of coming back to life.

Maybe parts of you are already alive and thriving…pulsing with life force.  But parts of you that have been arrested for years, maybe decades…maybe since before this life…are being freed like wild horses that can no longer be held captive.  And your life will never be the same…

These miracles of 2019 will come in many forms, and I have some recommendations to best prepare as we move toward the new year:

Get comfortable with the pause…

This is where, when and as it feels safe to do so, we allow ourselves to deepen into the darkness…the warm, loving darkness everything comes from.  This is where we allow ourselves not to know what’s coming next, and just to do our best to relax into resting there, and resting as much as we can in general.  This will begin to nourish and rejuvenate us and we can just linger here as long as it takes…

Let yourself dream, and look for signs…

As we linger in this resting phase, new dreams and visions may begin to stir and rouse us.  There is no need here for us to jump into action, but just to begin to feel inspired and moved from within.  We can just let this unfolding start to slowly bring us back to a gentle awareness of a new life coming into being.  We can just linger here, also, as long as this phase takes…

Build warmth, let energy build and flow in your body…

This is the step where it will begin to feel more easy to move energy again, and in new ways…to boost the circulation in your being and your body.  This circulation may come about from actual movement of your body, from connection and new interactions with others, from sexual energy and orgasm, or from a fresh energy of creative flow in your life…

The most important thing about this step is that you won’t have to force it.  It will just move like water downhill…you will just find yourself drawn to what you need.  You will just suddenly be grabbing a pen and free-writing spontaneously, or leaning into a new attraction easily, or wanting to go up and take a walk in the bright new day.  But again, this step can’t be rushed and will come on its own…it will come about because you let it and waited without pressuring yourself, rather than because you thought it had to.

And oh my god will it feel good…

This is where it all comes together and the rest, which leant itself to dreaming the new dream, is now supported by refreshed energy and flow to bring magic into being.  One day you will just know it is time to kiss yourself awake, and you will know how.  Even if you don’t realize it is happening until it is underway, suddenly you will feel that you have let slide off heavy blankets you didn’t realize you’d been carrying for such a very long time.

And your muscles will be stronger because you met your burdens, and finally learned, through relationship with them, to cast them off…but only when they had taught you everything they came to teach you, and gifted you with everything they had to gift you.

This is when the spark catches fire.  This is when the flame of new goodness comes into your life, burns out the old, and heats up the life force of a new era in your reality.  When you break free, it may disrupt the status quo of some things in your life, and at first it may upset some people around you.  But you can’t keep a beautiful bird caged forever, and it was inevitable that you would eventually burn through your binds.  You are too bright a creature to stay in a box…

And everything you have ever wished for and have not yet experienced is outside of that box…

It’s time to trust being a phoenix…because every other option will become a life of dust.  It is time to burn or fade away.  And you will never fade away.  So, you will find a way to trust your fire again.  Your true fire is never harmfully destructive, but a force of healing nature…a thing of beauty…a balm of truth.

Just keep your beautiful phoenix eyes open for the truth it will reveal.  And while you may gasp at first, then you will finally exhale, with a relief you have waited lifetimes to feel…

You do deserve this freedom, and you can have it here on this earth.  And 2019 opens the doorway to make bring it right to your fingertips.  You won’t even have to reach or grasp for it…it will come to you.  And you will laugh, dip your fingers in that honey, and laugh again…that it all finally happened…just as you dreamed it before this lifetime.  Just as you dreamed it in a faraway time and place.  And all the other place-holding visions will fall away and reveal more of the master plan than you have ever seen before…

So just rest if and however you can…trust this pause between breaths, and trust that the dream will come, followed by the signs to lead you into the new flow of energy that becomes the fruition of some of the deepest destinies of your path.  Destinies of joy and realization…destinies of freedom and release…destinies of knowing and sharing your power like never before, like a spring bursting forth finally from dry ground, watering the ground again…and bringing you back to life…




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Time to Refresh: Mid-2018 Eclipses ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy


Jennifer Luna Posada
July, 2018

In the wake of a fresh new moon and solar eclipse, there is a silence.  A pause…but one covered in frantic, intense energies, obscuring that precious pearl of new knowing you attained by moving through recent deeply transformational energies.  Your boat has been rocked, rocked again, and perhaps even struck by lightning or thrown against rocks recently.  You perhaps may wonder where you veered off course, and how you lost sight of the stars even for a moment…

I am here to tell you that you didn’t lose sight of the stars in some terrible momentary mistake…you simply closed your eyes and trusted as you never have before…

Maybe you didn’t know such a powerful moment was coming.  It wasn’t in the plans or on the map.  Maybe you were just sitting on the edge of the boat on a quiet night and you dipped between the worlds without even meaning to…and when you came back from that mere moment the waves were upon you.  I want you to know you did nothing wrong.  You were following a deeper guidance than maps, or even stars.  You were following the beginning of a wave of eclipse energies that have been perfectly designed to take you to a new shore.

Yes, it might not be what you had planned, but whether you realized it or not at the time, you truly let your boat be guided by a deeper force than ever before.  Now, as has happened at other times, older structures have crumbled and you may feel too weary from the destruction of the old to continue on your journey.  That is precisely why this is a good moment to rest…

“Jennifer,” you might be thinking, “that is a lovely message and sentiment, and I appreciate where your heart is coming from but really…rest?  Now?  Now I am being pushed along by a tide I can barely keep up with…now I am being forced with great energy to go, go, go…whether I have little or a lot to do.  How…in the world…could I possibly rest now?”

And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that a bit.

But I would like to share a different view of rest that will allow us to take the best advantage of the current eclipse and other planetary energies in this great alchemical window between the recent solar eclipse with the new moon that happened on the 12th, and the two upcoming eclipses over the next month, July 27th and August 11th (search online to be sure of the correct dates for your time zone.)

This different view of rest involves resting more deeply into yourself.  And while it would be profoundly advantageous to experience it on long afternoons in a hammock, on a beach, or just snuggled into your bed, it can also be experienced in moments…and the more often we dip into it the better.

But how to feel this deeper rest inside yourself and be nourished by it?  Get everything else you possibly can out of the way.  In my prophecy message for this year, I wrote:

“So cast off…cast off your inhibitions and the things you don’t love anymore.  Take the risk of unburdening yourself in whatever possible ways you can.  Clear out your garage or do that releasing ritual from your last relationship you know you so much need to do. Buy new sheets or a new piece of clothing or whatever you know it’s really time to refresh.  But, whatever else you do, donate, recycle, or throw away every possible item that weighs you down and holds you back.  Burn some things if needed.  Just get the layer of dust off of your life and your heart and get ready to shake the fuck free.  It’s time for your spine to move again, your lungs to fill again, and for life force to flow through you like music…”

So when I speak of this being a time of being refreshed by a deeper rest within in order to make room for new freedom and powerful new blessings in your life, while that may mean painting your room a new color or getting a radically different haircut (and those things might be a part of this for you!) I am not just speaking about physical things or posessions, I am really speaking about releasing on a fundamental level possibly more than you ever have before, in all areas of your life, and being left with a lightness you have perhaps missed since childhood, or before…

Secondly, take every moment you possibly can to be more deeply sensual…notice the colors of flowers, look around at everyone’s faces at dance class, sink your fingers into ocean water, or stones, or run them along the bark of a tree.  Sink in to anything you can that feels good.  Sink further back into your chair for a few moments before you pop up to run that errand.  Find out what it means, right now for you even a moment at a time, to feel languorous.  Because right now that is the alchemy that can change your life.

And the path to languorousness, is quite simple: lingering.

And the path to lingering is noticing when a moment feels good, and letting it hang in the air of your being.  Stay with the fragrance of that moment just a second longer before it fades and you face the next thing that comes your way.

Because a lot is coming our way right now.  And so much of it unavoidably needs to be addressed.  This is your chance to weed.  This is your chance to get better and better at choosing.  This is a time to really decide what you want to bring forward into the rest of the year and a new life with you, and what absolutely must be left behind in order for you to fly free.  And even when you can’t decide, the Universe (you at the soul level) will decide for you and make it absolutely obvious what needs to be released.

After these potent energies pass, you will be able to feel the new space, and deliciously decide what you want to invite into that space.  But the space must be made first, and sometimes that may feel painful, (other times wonderful,) and if it is painful we need space to heal, rest and refresh…

I am talking about experiencing the feeling that you can lean into yourself.  That you can lean back more profoundly into your essence.  That you can let go into yourself as you haven’t been able to in so long, or perhaps ever.  And rather than this being a sudden destination, it will be a slow realization…something you ease into by possibly first being jarred out of it by the intensity of shifting energies during these eclipses, and then finding your way over and over again to sink back in…to lean in and listen to deeper knowing emerging from deep within you…

If that sounds like a lot of work, I understand.  But I promise it is just surrendering to nature…your nature…and that the circumstances of your life and the current energies will simply guide you there.  I am just recommending that if you have moments to weave your fingers into the fur of your cat like the woman in the painting with this writing, please do.  It is one of the most potent ways you can take advantage of the current support and transformational energies…to sensually recharge in whatever feels like “your way” at any given moment.

Know that the sensuality and rest you might be able to find or forage for or ferret out of this wild time is valuable…it’s not just like finding a lucky penny or a pretty leaf, (though those are special too)…it’s like finding pure, alchemizing gold.  It’s like finding a fallen star.  If you cherish it…if you can remember to pause just long enough to languor in it for even an instant, leaning into even a slightly deeper rest into yourself, you will be rewarded in a way that carries you with more ease through this passage, and ultimately that changes your life forever…

What’s crumbling away now is some of the last of what has held out the things you want most.  Letting it crumble means making the way for some of what your heart has cherished and dreamt of, and it is such a very big deal to do that.  Please know that I think you are amazing for doing it, even one crumbling bit at a time…and one little bit at a time is just perfect.

Because there is nothing more beautiful you could offer this world but yourself, free.  Yourself, wild.  Yourself, released and shining.  This is a process and the time it takes is blessed beyond measure.  No need to have a perfect outline of how to sensually rest…if you have one minute now just see what it feels like to close your eyes and sink deeper into your being in whatever way comes.  If you have ten minutes or more, step outside, or make your favorite beverage and drink it languorously…do anything that feels good languorously even for a few minutes…for langurously is the way right now to the language of your soul…and trust me, you are going to want to hear the exciting things it is going to start to say…

I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and I am by your side through this.  We will make it from shipwreck to new shore, and we will even do it while lingering wherever the magic leads us…and the magic always leads us somewhere wonderful…



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2018: Coming Full Circle ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada
December, 2017

You know you still ache for it deep inside

That fresh feeling a flower feels when it suddenly knows it is time to open…when new energy fills you and every moment is like a first morning in a magical land, precious and perfect and whole.  A feeling of falling in love with one’s life and the rightness of it…

But unbelievably hard times may have made you question that desire, and bury it, and quiet its whispers with coverings until you don’t remember it is there…

If that’s the case, I have good news.  This year we pull all the coverings away from that fresh, bright vitality you long to feel again.  This year we get naked in the most sumptuous way and it is all because we are coming full circle, at last…

Yes, 2018 is the year of coming full circle.  Many long chapters will be coming to a close, and new beginnings will flourish.  What major phases or cycles of your life could be coming to completion now?  What new ones would you like to begin?

In preparation for this year of coming full circle, this coming month, December 2017, is going to be one of the most amazing portals of letting go, casting off, and releasing that I have ever witnessed in this life.  The energies are ripe the way a fruit ready to fall from the tree is ripe.  We don’t even have to do anything to make these releases happen.  We just have to be able to make peace with all the fallen fruit, and trust the seeds within them will bring new beginnings.  And, if the energies feel peak for it for you individually, maybe even drink some honey wine and crawl beneath the tree of what you want most, and roll around in the fallen fruit.  Let it coat your body and feed you through your skin.  Nothing is truly lost, and it was time for that fruit to fall.  It’s okay if you can’t eat it all, or don’t want to.  It’s okay if your desires have changed, or if you don’t know what the new ones are.  Don’t worry about waste…nothing is wasted.  The old fruit lived a full life and informs the new seed.  It lives on in a new and even more pure and elegant expression of its essence.  Like you and I.

So cast off…cast off your inhibitions and the things you don’t love anymore.  Take the risk of unburdening yourself in whatever possible ways you can.  Clear out your garage or do that releasing ritual from your last relationship you know you so much need to do. Buy new sheets or a new piece of clothing or whatever you know it’s really time to refresh.  But, whatever else you do, donate, recycle, or throw away every possible item that weighs you down and holds you back.  Burn some things if needed.  Just get the layer of dust off of your life and your heart and get ready to shake the fuck free.  It’s time for your spine to move again, your lungs to fill again, and for life force to flow through you like music.

Again, because it matters so much, light a fire inside.  Light a fire and let things burn.  You know just what to put there…you know just what to set aflame and how to burst with light when you are freed from it.  And when you follow the first inkling about what to purge or cleanse, something else will reveal itself to you.  Follow the trail of release that opens up…one breadcrumb after another you will be guided…

All of this shedding and releasing in December will prepare you for 2018, the year of coming full circle.  And it’s not just one circle in your life that will come to completion this year, it is many at once.  It will be like a textured and orchestrated piece of music that is just about to come to one bright, blessed, consummatory note of resolve.

And then you will take such a sweet, deep breath, and start anew…

And this time you will start the dance with a different consciousness.  You won’t have the heavy bags you tried to dance with before, but you will keep the beautiful and weightless gifts of what they taught you.  This coming full circle is about one thing most of all: freedom.

So, look for new blossoms and new stirrings under frozen ground, and most of all: forget the rules. Forget the rules in your heart. 

Forget the rules that you bound it with…trying only to protect it.  The heart will show you its own organic, ever-shifting boundaries, and their sacredness.  But the rules that constrain you, and trap you in the fears of yesterday…love them, hug them goodbye, and when you are ready throw them right in the fire.  Make sparks, make wildfires, make moonfires and bloodfires and new universes with your awakening luminosity.  Shine all the rest away.

So, shed your skin bright one…slither and shimmy until the restrictive layer on your being and your life comes loose and slides off of you.  Let go of the people, places, projects, possessions, activities and influences that are making your wings heavy.  It’s all coming full circle again, and for the first time in many years you will feel the liberation of being so deeply complete, and a new chance at spilling into a sparkling, radical new life…

Just lay, soft, under the tree of your desires and let the old ones fall.  You don’t have to grab any of them.  Let them tell you secrets as you sleep there, and give you new dreams.  You will be shown the new way.  It will wake you from your slumber in a love so great it pounds in your heart and ripples out from your soul…and a sky of new stars will open itself to you, all yours for all time…



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It’s Let go Time ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada
October, 2017

So let go,

let go,

just dive in…

because there’s beauty in the breakdown…

~frou frou

We are all looking for the days of light. The days of waking up to the pleasure of skin against sheets, silky and sweet…feeling the ease of breathing soft like the movement of lightest wings, unencumbered, organic…free. Filled only with the ache of wanting to know another day, and no other ache. No pressure against any part of us, and still hearing the faintest whispers of faeries in our ears from dreams of magic and promise. The days of feeling each moment is an inspiration fulfilled, and that every step is in perfect rhythm with the beat of your heart…meant to be, flawless and shimmering like each moment of the life of the ocean…

I love those days, and every pulse of the blood through my veins carries their glow…but the path is winding, and I am not here to hail the days of light and flow today, but their precursors. Their foundation, their sustenance, their nourishment, their catalyst, their beginning and their end, their mother and their lover and their very best friend.

I am talking about the dark days. The days when you try to fall asleep at night hurting, body, mind and soul, or lost…not sure if you did anything that day right, anything that mattered, anything that led you somewhere better or truer. I am here to remind you that every single day that you face, even the dark ones…especially the dark ones, moves you forward and toward healing release. I know some days it seems like that couldn’t possibly be true. Like you have been waiting in the same station for years and nothing has changed. But you are not the same person you were when you got to that station. You have changed a million times over. You don’t even know yet that you have become a butterfly while you believed almost nothing moved. I know you won’t feel it until the wind hits your wings. I know I am only giving you words, but I have a strong message of hope today…

Wander the ancient forest within where it seems now perhaps that there are only fallen trees instead of new life…the ruins in your heart where there was supposed to be sparkle and joy and where you think everything has died, and maybe even that it is all your fault. Wander there because soon it will be gone, but keep a candle going in your heart. Keep even the tiniest of flames lit there, because as the darkness deepens even a glimmer of hope will become your new world. If you think that the darkness couldn’t get deeper and can’t imagine more, just know that this isn’t a punishment or a bad dream…it’s how you will find the deeper glow you couldn’t otherwise see. It is the way to the greatest gift you will ever know…

And so, if you know this…if what I am saying rings true in your heart…how can you best let go right now? What is aching to be released in your life so that you can be unburdened? Can you truly decide it is okay that you don’t have the answers now, and that you don’t have any kind of plan? Can you trust your burning longing, or its absence, and that whether you “do it right” or not, you will meet exactly your most beautiful destiny? Because there is no way to “do it right” right now. Can you trust that it feels wrong right now in some ways, for a reason? Can you fall into bed on the hard nights and let yourself hurt, and love yourself for just making it though the day…for breathing in and out over and over again?

This is a waiting time for some things. Some things aren’t ready to be born, but if you can surrender to the pathless path, you will still go the right way…even with a blindfold on. I talk a lot about “The Blind Oracle’s Path” as a way to describe the times when we can’t know what is next, and the messages aren’t clear because they aren’t supposed to be. We are meant to find out what we will learn when we have to feel our way along in the dark, never sure how the space we move through will change.

As I wrote that I flashed back to being about eight years old, my eyes glued to the TV as Luke learned to use the force in Star Wars. His eyes were covered and he had to feel his way. We too have to feel our way now more than ever. We need not to rely on old ways of sensing, practical summaries, or pre-planned steps. We are uncovering buried instincts that will lead us directly to the holy of holies in our lives, in our bodies, in our very souls. It is time for more of our soul wisdom to enter into our conscious awareness than ever before. It wants to take a special route…along a dark river that runs right through the underworld of our being…washing us, and nourishing us. For it to do that, we have to get out of the way as best we can, and let the darkness roll through…

I know we have been taught to do anything but that. And if it feels like letting the darkness roll through would be dangerous to you or others around you, please reach out to someone to get support. But even if you aren’t worried about actual endangerment it is very important to know where your touchstones are…to have support. Since this is a time when touchstones have been scattered and you may not know where to look, think of holding that small sweet flame of hope in your heart. Find anything that reminds you of it…autumn leaves, birds singing and puffing up against the cold, a beautiful writing, a hot cup of tea, the soft face of a friend…absolutely anything that comforts you as you let so much fall away.

This is a time of deep detoxification, happening on many levels…the energies are primed for it on a planetary level, and we are feeling it both energetically and physically. That means as we surrender our bodies are detoxing too. It means it is a wonderful time to drink plenty of water, eat clean foods if it feels right, and do whatever other detox rituals you love (this is deeply personal right now, so check in with yourself and what feels right, but it can be as simple as moving around more, having a sauna, or getting more rest…)

Just as importantly, know that this time will pass. There will be breakthroughs. Things will feel lighter and freer, and you will finally feel the new flowing through. This process, rather than distracting from that state, insures it.

That means in the worst moments when you are sure everything is all wrong, you can remind yourself that this too is meant to be. We know this, but every reminder is a blessing…because with every breath that we remember that truth, our insides can let go a little more. We can feel held by the universe instead of gripping every muscle against a storm we are sure is going to take us down.

And hell yes, sometimes we know it’s time to fight it. And sometimes it’s time to let it take us down.

You can do this, love. I can already see the beautiful color of your wings peeking out. It is the same for me. I can see the bright fire and the new life. I can see you shaking off the decaying leaves when the time is right, and the deeper soil you will be fed by after that. You are going for those deeper minerals…you are diving further into the darker soils now that carry those more authentic memories and desires your soul left there so long ago for you to find…the ones that have been aging with a truer love than you knew before you buried them there to let them germinate. And then here will be silky mornings and bright days, and they will be beautiful too. By the time you are back to them you will love all the days for what they are…each a leaf of a different color, each with a different gift…each leading you to more beauty, and healing, and love. But now you will be able to open your arms to them so freely…like a child. You won’t have to carry all the things you still carry now. Those things will be gone and there will only be starshine on warm nights inside, and that sweeter glow you found beneath everything.

I love you.



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2017: The Turning Point ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

71a25534ed3d425b515c640dce84cf92Jennifer Luna Posada
November, 2016

White, like the face of the high-up moon, the new blank page presses against your heart. You mistake it first for just another pressure you can’t respond to, can’t handle. You close in on yourself further and the shell that keeps you going. You find that in its furthest corners is another way…a softer way you hadn’t seen before. You find that the new blank page isn’t pressure, but grace…

Do I have the words?…

When I left Tibet, I myself was a shell, riveted by beauty and broken in body. I had left under emergency conditions and, once back to oxygen at a fancy and clean hotel in Kathmandu with smooth lines and empty margins, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my red eyes and wondered if anyone could tell. If anyone could see the full collapse of my fragile shape. I got a massage and while the woman touched me I cried tears into the bowl of flower petals placed beneath the face cradle on the floor. One by one they dropped into the water and onto the orange fragments of calendula sunshine. I prayed for the goddess to help me.

I think that is what we are all feeling now, in little or big ways…like what is left of broken blossoms. Like scattered petals. But haven’t you seen the path to heaven? It is strewn with flower petals too. They are a sign that we are on our right way…they are the breadcrumbs to show us the way home…to that heaven within. I do not mean that pain is the only way there. I just mean that pain has been showing many of us the way in these past weeks or months, and where we are going is the turning point.

2016 gave us so much. I spoke of 2016 as a rebirth and in so many ways it really was one. It also allowed old worlds to fall in order for that rebirth to happen. Only as this year concludes can we really see beyond the rubble of the fallen past to the shore that opened up beyond it. My best recommendation for right now, before the new year begins, is to let the dust settle…when it does things will look different than you had expected them to. You will see the new passageway opening up at that deepest place in your shell. A softer way. A journey to something new.

So climb up into your shell as much as you need to. It will lead you where you need to go.

I know. Even if you are sixteen you may have this ancient feeling that you are too old for this. Too old to start down a path for which you have not only no map, but no language, and no name. Too old to remember what paws feel like against wet earth. I know. I have seen it all myself. I have seen whole civilizations be born and fall, but I know the realms that remain untouched and that are glowing deep inside of you…waiting, ultimately only further rejuvenated by that which has felt like it harmed you most…because those things only opened you more to the wide arms of the magical where footfall and nightfall come together without words. Where stars are friends who lead you deeper, and where the moon both remembers everything about you…and sees you as entirely new.

We are about to be asked to reclaim our gifts. The ones we are afraid to remember because they are so beautiful and we hid them so well. The ones that will be like taking sunlight from a box and hanging it on the wall to illuminate everything inside of us, to clean us of everything we no longer need, and to finally show us the way that feels right. Not the way presented to us when we were twelve, or twenty or yesterday. Not the way forced upon us by necessity and gravity. The way. The way we were born. The way we come into light. The way that dark gave us and loved us through. The way of wholeness when the fragments melt back into one. The way that lets you feel strong in your muscles anew as you perch like a bird ready to fly again after letting your wings heal…the way that lets you lift one foot, and then press off with the other. The way that lets you feel the wind and forget…everything…else…

This is the turning point. When you land again you won’t be the same person. You will be the same person at your essence, you will just be more of your essence than you have ever been before…

It will start with your winter coat. No matter what season you are in right now, here on the earth we have all been wearing a metaphorical winter coat (or several) that still hid some of our radiance from the world…to the degree that we felt would allow us to carry on, and cover our pain, and fit in enough to relate to others. We’ve begun to think the coat is who we are, and how we look, and when it finally falls away like a shed skin, we will suddenly burst free with a joy we thought we’d never know. A lightness that we have craved for perhaps lifetimes. But we won’t take the coat off all of a sudden and for no reason. We will take it off because it is going to get hot.

Our glow inside will get so warm that we won’t be able to wear it anymore. We will go to the creek and wash our naked bodies and wash away all the hurt of the decades before. We will lift our heads and know ourselves while our heart beats with the earth. We will see beyond circumstances to the truth beneath them. We will feel inspired, and that inspiration will lead us into the rest of our lives.

The time of questions will fall away, and the time of knowingness will roll in like a sweet tide, lifting us up. The questions will still be there but the stream of knowing will rush over them like soft stones and they will be, answered and unanswered, loved just the same.

You won’t have to strive the same way for the same things, but you will start to want like never before. You will feel hungry when you wake up from this long sleep and the wild dreams, and thirsty…you will want to feel again and you will feel ravenous for sensation and experience again…but you will get all you need often from things as simple as the view of the sky at your window and a sip of cool water and the sound of the wind at your back.

There will still be scattered petals sometimes, but you will feel differently about them. You will add them to the sunlit path made by darkness, and the bowl of petals you need to cry into. That will be your alchemy…the way you make gold.

And you will make gold this year, in 2017. Gold like you have never known. You will take risks this year you didn’t expect to, and fall into the loving fabric of the universe as you never have before.

You will wear stars for earrings, and you will laugh again. And all of you will laugh, not just the dry place left after the flood, but all of you. So while the dust settles, climb into the best place in your shell where you fit perfectly. Fold into yourself until you make your smallest shape and notice your dreams. Soon you will see a wide sky again, and a narrow path made of light, and strewn with petals…



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Return to Your Wild Self ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Eugene-Ansen-Hoffmann-Bacchante-600x431-1Jennifer Luna Posada
Beltaine, May 2016

It hurts. It ignites. My whole life is on fire. But I have waited ages for this moment. When even the corners burn and nothing is left dark but the night we all come from. The night made of love…

What is it that you most want?  Not yesterday or last year, but in the beating of your heart in this very moment of your life? Can you feel yourself pulled toward it? Or has the ache of living dulled it down? Don’t worry if it has. The current energies are about to cause it to erupt in quakes of deep feeling…

For some of you it has been happening already, and you are wondering how much more you could possibly take. I have good news for you. There are ways to shift the flow and have it move through you in a way that assists in more fluidly opening the doors inside of you that have been closed the longest, and that contain the greatest treasures. In fact, that is what will happen anyway, but there is one focus that will catalyze and free that flow the most: returning to your wild self…

What better moment to hold this focus, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, than Beltaine? May 1st, no matter what part of the world you are in, is a mid-season portal of transformational energies that will build on a process that started in March with the eclipses and Equinox. Those events in March blew open passages inside of us we had long forgotten, and may not have even recognized as our own at first. They may have looked like dark, desolate paths we’d be crazy to take. Like the path right into hell even. But they are actually the most direct way to your holy of holies, your unclaimed lands of infinite beauty, your gifts of greatest luminosity and the ripest fruits you no longer remembered in your garden, but that taste like home when you return to them. These overgrown passages that look like decay or fire lead you right to the places where you are about to shake free into the new morning of your life.

If you are tired, you may be thinking to yourself right now, “Oh god, more dark passages and fire? More hell and heaven? No thank you!” But I promise you this is worth it. These current energies aren’t opening a path of years, but a path of lightning-fast change based on the many years you have already been doing deep inner work. And you won’t have to dig around for these paths, or be unsure of which one to take. One by one they will open their gaping mouths at you and you will either decide whether to enter or your soul will decide and you will find yourself thrust in without even a moment’s thought. If you have a conscious choice and decide to wait, that is absolutely fine…you will get as many chances as you need to do this until the time feels right.

So what will help as you tumble through these catalyzed and firey changes of deep feeling, deep healing, and sudden shifts? As I mentioned, this is a time of returning to your wild self, or what I call your “animal body”. This is a time when your instinct will be re-ignited and lead you again in a way that will feel like finally breathing after years of holding your breath. It will feel like your first drink of water on a long desert journey. We have been waiting for this. This kind of power is what blows through whatever most stubborn walls inside you haven’t been able to cross, climb, or bring crumbling down. This will open you up in a way that will heal your life.

If you are going through a pretty vital, energized and exciting time in your life this deeper reconnection with your wild self might come from an all-night fire, dancing with friends under a full moon. There might even be some howling, and bare feet, and bliss. And if you are in more of a space like me, crawling out of the cave of a winter that seemed to last hundreds of years, healing from an illness that can never be described, this return to your wild self might be quieter. Softer. Your bare feet might touch the ground ever so slowly. As if for the first time. You might simply step outside when everything is just too much, and spend time with the rosebuds outside your window that know just what to do. Nature is its wild self all the time. Go there.  Go there outside when you want to, and go there inside of you…where you are wild.

It just so happens that I am healing from one of the most enigmatic and potentially-debilitating diseases of all time. I have had Lyme Disease since I was a little girl, and been experiencing symptoms for eight years, and have passed it along to my beautiful husband. I was diagnosed only a little over a year ago, and have about another year of treatment to go. (thank you so much to everyone who has supported my healing fund, and if you wish to help me continue my treatment I am honored to receive any donations here.) There are no words for the brutality of my experience, but there are also no words for the beauty. I wouldn’t change it, in part because it has given me the chance in this body to live my own teachings at a level few ever witness or experience. I am getting to heal my animal body with pure instinct, giving it all the time it needs. This is so very holy.

I mention this because there is no experience outside of the wildness of the body. The ecstasy of the body isn’t just for good days, for experiences that “look” spiritual or celestial. This is dirty. Dirty and heavenly both. On your knees you can both cry and laugh, and it is all wilderness. Your wilderness. No shame, no ugliness. The beauty is embraced with the sadness, the pettiness and frustration with the joy. You are a beautiful wild creature and none of it is less divine than the rest. I know you have likely been taught to see the placid face of enlightenment as the goal, but the anguished, ecstatic face of the wild soul within you is no less holy and indeed the greatest healer of our planet in this time. If we haven’t already, we are once and for all going to stop always looking up and start looking down, and in…

To bring this to a real life example, I have made a practice of feeling my wildness every day in multiple ways that come naturally, and am able to be in my animal body all the time.  My favorite communion with or celebration of it at this exact moment is when I meditate at night…I turn off all the lights and just listen to the frogs which I can hear from inside my room. Like the roses, they tell me everything I need to know. They are singing what my heart says.  They know my wild self and every sound they make is a testimony to its heartbeat.  Hope. hope. hope. redemption. beauty. hope. love.

Like you, I answer email and have to call customer service when things go wrong. I pay bills, and take care of business and do things that sometimes feel not so close to my wild self as I stare at screens like the rest of us. But even now as I stare at a screen I am pulling from deep in my wild self to write this. I am doing so no matter what I do, and if I ever forget that I just lift my eyes a little, like I just did, and see the last rays of sunlight on the new green growth of the tree outside my window. A thousand lamps with a thousand flames light up in my heart when I do. All is well and my wild self is restored, as if I had just leaned over a sweet fresh spring to drink when I was soul-deeply-parched.

The first step is to notice when your inner wild self is thirsty. If we have felt this thirst for a long time it might be quite strong, and yet we may have also numbed ourselves to it for that very reason. It’s okay. If you just tell yourself you are ready to feel it again, it will come. The next step is to find out what will quench that thirst. If you have no idea, just go outside. Even if it is winter where you are or you can’t get out of bed, you can watch the moon or the stars from your window. You can even get the same results from visualizing being in nature. It may take time. At first you might not feel much or you might only feel the ache of the caged animal…the animal that has given up trying to be free. But be free we all will, once again. It is in those very stars that this will be so.

The secret is in your animal body…your wild self…your return to instinct. The dirtier you get, the more time you spend in nature, the faster these changes will alchemize into pure gold, and pure freed-up joy and healing in your life. And length of time is actually less important than repetition…and the amount of repetition that is most powerful is specific to you and your own unique journey.

For some having a forest walk once a week will fill your cup, and for others stepping outside every hour or so, or really immersing yourself for a while daily will create the biggest changes.  For some people it might be just thinking of nature in your visioning or meditative times, or in your bath or before falling asleep.  Or it might mean just opening a window to a fresh breeze or bringing flowers into your house.

It also might mean having that good, long cry you’ve needed, or that soft summer nap.  It might mean finally singing from that raw place, or letting yourself get angry without shame.  It might mean having an orgasm, or many, or putting your hands in the earth.

Trust your body. And when you feel sick, in heart or body, remember that right now the universe is raining potent change on you and the medicine to get you through is right outside. And that medicine will take you deep inside, and reignite your pure life force as never before.

Then all the new dreams of your life can be born, and lived…

I love you all dearly.


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The Rebirth: 2016 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Lady-Lilith-Dante-Gabriel-Rossetti-e1440516580563Jennifer Luna Posada, December, 2015

Lean back…feel your spine against the wall…only this time you don’t feel trapped by it.  Your spine uncurls and is held by the large hand of sweet resistance.  Soon it will feel safe to open your eyes again, to open your heart again, to taste the nectar you once knew…and be unafraid…to feel the blood rush back to your inner world, and nourish your new life…

I guess some could say crossing into a new year is arbitrary…an artificial new beginning.  But not to me.  And, of all years, not this year.  I feel the waves of 2015 finally cresting, rolling in together now and resolving in layers of ripple effects whose messages are complete and who are finally free.  I feel 2015 like a leaf connected only by a last tenuous bit to the tree, to what it once was, and ready to surrender to a greater adventure than ever.  An adventure that begins with becoming the earth again.

Your new adventure begins now too, with 2016, and with forgetting how you knew yourself before and what you expected to come next.  You are a ripple effect slowly disappearing with pure ease.  Because pure ease is what you have asked to be able to remember.  Pure ease, and trust.  Trust that you will be reborn.  And be reborn, in 2016, you will.

Because in 2016 you are going to shed a skin, and not just any skin, but the last most persistent one that has kept you from really knowing yourself more fully and freely.  There have been other skins, and may be more to come.  But none quite like this one.  This is the year you release the burden you had given up on ever being able to leave behind in this life…the one you did your best with but that you finally accepted would stay.  This year a firey liberation will unbind you in a flash of light and you will be able to breathe more deeply, like taking a deep drink of water you have thirsted for, deep inside, for years.

For some of you this has already happened, and for others it will come late in 2016…for most it will be somewhere in between, facilitated by transformational energies and astrological alignments and events that will unfold over the year.  And by the time you are close, you won’t even feel impatient.  You will be free-falling but you won’t be scared.  You will feel peace again.  Deep, deep peace.  You will just be noticing.  And noticing will be everything.  There won’t be any more “trying” when you make it to this threshold.  You will just be following the guidance in your heart and body, and it will feel so right.  You will be riding the wave that has finally been freed to roll through you again.  You will be throbbing with that pulse again, the one you have not been able to hear at the core of your being will suddenly rush back.

It’s okay if you want to run and hide because you are scared of what you will feel.  It’s even okay if you do run and hide.  As many times as you need to.  But at some point you will start to simply move to it, unintentionally…freely…because it is your nature.  And because we do not have to wait until we leave this earth to feel that again.

This is how it will begin: with another thinning of the veils.  But before even that, the veils will become very visible.  The veils that represent every less-than-true self image we still carry.  That, too, may be scary.  There may be moments of feeling lost or overwhelming shame.  There may be difficult memories coming up, or crippling doubt.  You may simply feel as if you are stumbling more than usual, or you may lose all hope.  And some of you will feel none of that, and will simply glide into this new place.  But before you feel afraid of which direction you will go, and what your experience will be like, a promise: the path will take you somewhere beyond all comprehensible beauty…and if there are dark patches they will only add to the luminosity of your soul.  They are holding you, too.  And you will get there, no matter what.  You are an angel, and fallen or not you will fly again, and higher than ever.

My wings are broken at the moment, but I am not even seeking heights.  I am so happy with my heart against the ground that I want nothing more.  I feel the perfection in where I am, and therefore I am already free.  I am flying inside.  There are many ways to be an angel…your way, and living it in this life more than ever, is coming.  Your way that makes you wake up feeling alive, and aligned, and in love.

Do you remember the movie The NeverEnding Story?  Do you remember how the hero, Atreyu had to go through three great challenges, and the last was supposed to be the scariest?  Nope, not the oracle sphynxes that could shoot lasers out of their eyes and reduce him to bones.  No, it was the mirror…the mirror that shows you your true self.  That was the one he was told was most sheerly terrifying and that none had ever survived.  But it can be survived.  I promise.  You and I are that heroine/hero and the world we are saving is our own.  I am not talking about the world around us, though that too will flourish ultimately as a result of what I am talking about…I am instead referring to the world within us.  That is the world that needs saving first, and most…

We have generally taken our energy away from our inner worlds and poured it into the outer.  But the inner world is where we need to reclaim our lush forests, our mossy knolls, our dreams.  When there is warmth, and moisture, and light, and soft nights again inside, nurtured by care and atttention and self-love, we will thrive again, and the world around us will too.

So you have to ask yourself, what is the nourishment my inner world needs in order to grow lush again?  Is it open time, or space, or a book you need to read, or more hot baths or laughter, or crying, or walks in the rain?  Without a plan, without knowing how you would live this out next week or for the whole year, what does your body, your animal self, need or want right now?  Right this second does it want to lie down?  Does it want for you to kick off your shoes, or to feel warm water rushing down your skin?  A deep breath?  Does it want to eat something, or something hot to drink?

Find just one whisper and let it lead you, right now, to the first step back to nourishing your inner world.  Let it lead you into 2016 and the kind of listening inside and small changes that naturally revolutionize your life.  That lead you like a will-of-the-wisp into the enchanted forest that you belong to.  Because I know you are tired of waiting for magic.  And it is waiting for you now.  Just step toward what you need, even in the tiniest of ways in each moment that you can.

So, first the veils will come up.  They are coming up in order to fade away finally, but they are the gate keepers too.  That just means they just need to be heard, but that doesn’t mean you need to believe them.  In fact the more you can decide to hear but not believe negative thoughts about yourself that are clearing from within or coming from around you, especially right now, the better.

Then those heavy veils will begin to thin.  They will blend and merge and play tricks with the light.  You won’t be sure what to believe at all, and that will be perfect.  Just keep your hands open and your back against the wall.  Eventually as they melt away, you will melt too.  Hard places will soften.  You will cry.  You will laugh too.  You will wake up laughing.  And you will remember what you dreamed…

You will take that dream, that now-unobstructed vision of your luminous authentic self you have glimpsed, and let it lead you into a new era in your life.  Everything will change and you will look back and see that it started now.  Everything you have been through has been preparing you for this.  Trust me, you’ve done perfectly.  Honestly I admire you, brave soul.  This hasn’t been for the faint of heart, but neither are all the glories of truth, trust and love.  The gifts that your heart, soul, and arms will be wide enough to hold…

Remember the veils are not really you.  Remember when they are gone you will be left with only what is more true…more of the pure and holy being that you are and have always been.  Remember to nourish your inner world.  Do this by answering the needs of your animal body and letting it lead you.  Every time you make the choice to nourish yourself some new part of your inner world lights up and grows new roots, new leaves, new fruits.  Remember the dreams you have there will come to you here, and lead you into a new life.  May golden ferns unfold at your feet as you walk into a new day, open, healed, free…

I love you.

Love, Jennifer

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The Time of Inner Knowing ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Oracle Prophecy Jennifer PosadaJennifer Luna Posada, March, 2015

Under a hidden Pisces moon and her bright eclipse, a new era begins…one of deeper inner knowing finally rising up from the depths within us to be known…to guide us once again as it did when the stars leaned in to kiss us, and the earth lifted herself to whisper all her secrets in our ears…

Once upon a time we walked with inner knowing in our every movement, our every breath…our every journey was laced with truth, and trust, and the kind of magic we dream of now, or taste in our most cherished wishes. We can walk that way now, here, on this earth again. I know because I do. And the upcoming eclipses, beginning March 20th on the equinox, usher in a time when the transformational energies in the cosmos will support our return to this way of being like never before…

I know how you yearn. How you yearn to finally feel totally aligned with this body, with this life…to feel absolutely right in your skin and in your world. I know how you wish you remembered more fully the ancient secrets you sense that you once knew. I know how you want to wake in the morning or lay your head down on the pillow at night and, with a soft breath, slip into the bliss you know is somehow meant to be yours. I know you want to feel like you can easily find out the reasons why things have happened the way that they have, what you most need to know about what is coming next, and how to trust all the things you aren’t meant to know yet…

I know you want to feel the freedom you glimpsed as a child, and in your moments of most profound breakthroughs…the freedom that slips through your fingers like sand much of the time. I also know that this freedom doesn’t come because all your circumstances become “perfect”, but because you feel this inner knowing pour through you that helps you understand more deeply than you ever could have imagined…then the circumstances are not the most important thing. You carry the freedom in your heart and your life begins to re-orient and re-design itself from that place…

In my two prophecy messages for 2015 I talked about this being a year of breakthroughs and rekindling the flame. This time of revelation will really get underway beginning with the eclipse on March 20th, the day of the spring equinox, (autumn in the Southern Hemisphere,) when a series of waves of supportive energies will begin to wash away what obscures your knowing and clear your vision. Suddenly things you have spent even years mulling over and perhaps feeling desperate confusion about will open up like the sky after a storm and you will finally know many new things. You will see the missing pieces. Some of them will open slowly like night-blooming flowers and others will be thrown open quickly like windows when spring finally comes.

Both eclipses and equinoxes/solstices are always powerful portals of transformation, each with their own distinct gifts. Following the March 20th new moon solar eclipse and equinox, (dates are based on pacific time), there is a second eclipse on April 4th…a total lunar eclipse with the full moon. The March 20th eclipse/equinox with the new moon is a wonderful time to explore (in writing if you like) any desires and intentions you have for the next six months and a return to a deeper connection to your inner knowing.

But whether not you make a list and check it twice, or just turn your sweet warm cheek to the new blooms in your heart and notice where your spring is returning, this new inner knowing will find you. You were always meant to find each other this way now. And this coming to be may satisfy other wishes and desires in your life you thought required something more. And even your dreams may change, and grow lush, wild and fierce…with the newly fanned firelight of your soul lighting them up from within…

This era of deepened inner knowing begins this month and comes to a resolution and fulfillment this fall in September with another set of eclipses on the 13th and 27th, and the equinox perched between them. So for the next six months you can expect some radical revelations. Some illusions will suddenly make themselves known and fall away, others will fall away like a slowly-shed skin. Sometimes this will hurt, but much like ripping off the band aid, this pain will be a necessary step in your healing and ultimate freedom.

Because, aren’t you tired of the heaviness? The symptoms that won’t go away and the heartache that lingers? The sense that no matter how much inner work you do, in some areas you feel it is still an uphill battle? The hopelessness that comes with that one particular wall you hit over and over? The hard edges of the thing you want most that never seems to come? The reach and the stretch and the waves that keep coming over your head when you have hardly caught your breath? Wouldn’t you do almost anything to break through in a way beyond anything you have yet known? To be lighter and feel the sun shine right through you and know…know…that who you are is beautiful and right, once and for all? To finally shed that secret shame and silent fear underneath all of your heart’s mantras and most fervent prayers?

We are Oracles. We are pure knowing and pure love wrapped in skin and our souls have everything we need already right inside of us. We don’t need proof or external change, we don’t need promises, except for the promise that the universe is good and we are love. Once we really know that, it isn’t that the boat stops ever rocking, but we know how to be with the storm differently…and finally we feel the rain on our faces again, and finally we are released.

I was born knowing. Born remembering I was love, that we all are, and that I was here to remind others. This is what we do as Oracles. This is what we have done, each in our own way, for ages and since before the beginning of time. I remember then too. I know infinite bliss. I have also been through most of the darkest, most painful corners of the underworld. I have been through levels of hell that don’t feel survivable, and lived to say that love is all there is. I know what it means to walk the earth, soar in the heavens, and wander the underworld on my knees, but as an Oracle. In my book, The Oracle Within, I define an Oracle as “One Who Knows”, or “One Who Remembers”. And let me tell you, a guided life, guided by the sacred love that is myself and all things, is the only life I would ever want to live…

This is your life too, Oracle…your guided life is ready to be born in you as never before…

So, when the new Pisces moon rises over the new day and the new season, it is your new day too. While you don’t have to do anything specific to help these transformational energies along, as they will meet you wherever you are, if I could recommend just one thing it would be that you pay attention when the signs start coming. Just that. The thing is, to pay attention, you just have to be able to afford it…

So, rather than giving you something else to have to focus on when you have a million balls in the air, my suggestion is to let some balls drop. Cut some of the sandbags off your hot air balloon so you can travel more freely. Just start with whatever you dread that isn’t absolutely necessary to your survival or the survival of your chosen loved ones. Clear just a little space. A corner in a room. A drawer, metaphorical or actual. An afternoon a week. An hour before bed. Then just don’t jump to fill it. Even with the things you think you should love to do. Just let there be some space. Look at a cloud. Remember to take your shoes off for a minute, or an hour. Let go of something you saved for later. Let go of something that hurts you, that you kept because you thought you had to hurt more to keep breathing. But only let it go when the signs come…only let it go when you are ready, even if part of you screams out that you are not…

While illusions falling away can hurt, it can also be absolutely amazing, and fresh insight can literally feel like it saves your soul. And deeper knowing poured over your life and path is like a golden light that touches everything and leaves nothing but miracles in its wake. Where do you need a miracle in your life? Where do you want a total rebirth? This inner knowing will seek out those places like water seeks out low ground, and bring life back to the cracked and barren landscapes inside that you had given up on. Life will return there.

Go ahead. Make a wish upon a star. Don’t worry about doing it right. Don’t worry about doing anything right anymore. You are about to find, more deeply than ever, the rightness within, and nothing will ever be the same…

I love you. I love your blossoms and your dreams, and all the magic you will unleash next…here is to you, Oracle…



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Mary Magdalen on 2015: Rekindling the Flame

s640x480An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, December, 2014

I like to imagine that we meet in a cabin. I have channeled Mary Magdalen for many years and I know we aren’t really meeting in a specific place, but I like to see us by a warm fire, cozy and deeply intimate. In my daydream we have all the time we need, and nothing can’t be talked about, and she has red hair. The color of her hair doesn’t matter, but I like to imagine it is red. Guides often like to reveal themselves in ways that make us feel at ease, and to me that happens when Mary Magdalen looks deep into my eyes in our little cabin where we meet, and she takes my hand, and she tells me what she sees for the world…

I’ve known Mary Magdalen for a very long time. Since before she was Mary Magdalen and was instead a powerful Earth Goddess, long, long ago. Only a powerful Earth Goddess would have incarnated to become Mary Magdalen, and only Mary Magdalen could bring forth the messages so needed on this planet right now in this most special way…

She is the epitome of the “silenced” feminine, and the silenced feminine sexuality, and of its un-silencing and return for all of us…and what a grand return it will be…

I want to tell you today, with the current and upcoming energies for 2015, how to most easily begin this return of needed healing energies inside of you, in a deeper way than ever.

But first, the why is crucial. Why does the return of the feminine mean so much and what could it mean to you? Well, imagine a golden waterfall of the most healing possible nectar, a balm to all of what ails you, pouring down onto you and everyone you love. Imagine a downpour after an epic drought, a deluge filling the cracks in the parched earth of your heart. A replenishment of your essential energy, and an opening of the most profound of your gifts of insight. Imagine the remembering (The Great Remembering as I call it in my book, The Oracle Within) starting to spread less like cold honey and more like wildfire. Imagining it consuming the old structures and leaving behind exactly what we need to begin anew…hope, and fertile ground and new sprouts and deep roots and naked beauty.

Imagine that the feminine is the food for the hungry. The hunger I see in almost every pair of eyes whose gaze I meet. The answer to the prayer humanity is making at a deep level every day, all over the world. And it doesn’t matter at all what your gender is, and this knowing of the true feminine is what will make space for the true masculine to be known as well, and for all the territory beyond, between, and around these divisions, definitions and different expressions of love.

And this isn’t just the nourishment for the hunger, the re-embrace and fuller embodiment of the feminine is the return of the dignity and glory of the hunger. When we re-dignify hunger, it changes. We can want again, without shame, and we can re-embrace our place as divine creators. This is how we will change the world…by becoming inner-directed again. By climbing so deep into the underworld inside of us that we hit fire and light, that we cross into the other worlds beyond, and that we discover what true soul desire is really about…

I bet you both know and don’t know your soul desires. I bet you both want and ache to know more about them at some level and at the same time want to run, as fast as you can, in any other direction. You’ve been through that gateway of fire, or too close to it, and you carry the scars. Still, there is a part of you that knows that nothing else has held a candle to those moments that you were one with the breath of your heart, doubtless and fearless and fine…

We got those scars, those hurts, for grander reasons than we still know. We are now getting ready to go back to our origins within, naked and perhaps afraid, to meet again with our essence and this time begin to let it flow into and heal our lives and bodies as never before. The healing of the planet begins with you. Inside you. It is there in the alchemy where your great heart beats. It is in the moment you put your hand back in that glow, find it is the molten power of love you have sought your whole life and that it doesn’t burn you now, and you enter into it body and soul. You find that this is the only enlightenment you need. You return to that illuminated state and when you forget it, when you lose yourself in the underworld again, you find you now have the strength to pick up again and a permanent trail of breadcrumbs home if you just close your eyes, look inside, and wait for the glow

Beyond the lovely metaphors of dark journeys and bright flames, this is simple but still incredibly adventurous to apply in daily life. I have one suggestion and one suggestion only as we prepare for this new year and move through it. Look for the glow. Move close to it and let it warm you. When you lose sight of it, slow down…look again…wait…and find it once more. If you do this with diligence your life will change in beautiful ways before your eyes. What is this glow I am talking about?

It isn’t a concept, a theory, or a paper moon. It isn’t what you think makes people glow or what makes someone else glow. It’s not what only used to make you glow or what you think should do it. The glow is an experience. It’s something you feel, and it can only be known through feeling. It doesn’t keep to social graces and society’s rules. It may not look “spiritual” or acceptable. You may feel that your glow was snuffed out so long ago you no longer have interest in digging for coals. But even in the darkest night, there are embers. I know.

I know that you know right where some of them are, but you think you could never reach for them…like far-off stars. They represent risk and deeper feeling and are guarded by pain, and fear. But even the guardians are your friends, and they’ve always known their task has an expiration date. They will ultimately only fan the flames. The only thing I am suggesting is that you look toward what lights you up, and then, when you are ready and only then, lean in.

No one will push you…once you get into the inner sanctum there is no one there but you and your own will, your own freedom, your own choices about when it feels right. But I am talking about returning to your original love affair. The one that broke your heart so bad that you swore you’d never go back. I am talking about the kind of healing balm that helps you return to your essence and power, and come to terms with the original pain of breaking from your full awareness of yourself as love. It doesn’t have to happen all at once of course, or overwhelm you. You can slowly sip from the curative broth until you feel your strength again…until you feel like yourself somehow again in a way you haven’t for years, or decades, or lifetimes…

What makes you feel the embers or the glow of your heart’s true hunger? The ocean? Laughter with friends? That painting class you’ve always wanted to take? Studying stars or herbs or butterflies? Sitting still and just being allowed to feel your pain? A long drive to nowhere? A warm windy day? Lying down or a long cry? A walk with your four-legged friend? Music? A scream? A moan? A wild dance under the moon? A good book? Sexual play or self-pleasuring? Writing it all down? All of these things depending on the day or none of them perhaps. Or perhaps you just need a break long enough or space enough to feel or find your hunger again…to have the energy or will to meet it. To feel that you have the room to rage against the cage walls you have known so long, even if you somehow guess they will set you more free than you ever were before…

And you will fall in that original love again, enriched by all that happened, and deeper than ever…

Perhaps you need a little cabin, for a weekend or deep in your heart, where you can meet with Mary Magdalen, and have her look deep into your eyes, and remind you why this all matters so very much. To have her reflect the fire she sees in your eyes, that has never, ever gone out…that only grows while you sleep.

By the warm fire, sharing a blanket over our legs, Magdalen told me 2015 is the year that, more than ever, we will stumble perhaps even blindly, into our glow again. Even if you don’t look for it, the energies are so aligned that it will find you. And if you are already there, that just means you will feel it in new and deeper ways than ever. Either way, it will inspire you and give you a whole new picture where things weren’t working before, where you dreamed but it didn’t seem to take off. It will re-ignite your feminine which will run like golden love through your veins and fill those parched cracks. It will bring back the green and the new in the landscape of the human heart, and where you have been broken open, it will heal what still hurts. It will come like waves of the ocean, one after the other, lifting you and letting you go into what you must surrender to in your nature, in your authenticity…then it will lift you again to help you release the rest…what you are complete with. It is time to be unburdened. You carried out your mission. You brought your sacred scriptures to the new land. Now you can be unwritten again, and at the same time come from your deepest illuminated manuscripts within…your sacred soul words can emerge again.

And then you can run free, through forests and hills again. Through fire and ice. You can know mountains and oceans again. You can move with the pulse of your own heart, and the heart of the universe once more. Just feel around for your embers, watch for your sparks on the long night’s horizon, and lean into the fire that is your own. Return, one tiny moment and one perhaps-slim breath after another, to what lights you up inside. Every time you even warm your cold hands by embers you wonder if ever could know fire again, you are re-kindling the flame. The flame that will light your path in a new way, in every great darkness, for the rest of your life…

This year let your glow be your guide…

I love you all.



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The Breakthrough ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, October, 2014

hughes_e7Remember that time when the earth cracked beneath your feet, and you might have been excited except that you were so terrified…and you ran?  Remember where you set up camp instead?  Somewhere far away from cracks and rivers and wildfires?  Somewhere hidden that made your back bend and soul ache?  Well, the time is coming again.  The cracks will find you, and this time you will fall right through…and it will be the best thing that could ever have happened to you…

We are in the midst of three doorways…the first was the recent equinox, and the second two are the eclipses, one the day this is being sent out on October 8th, and the second on October 23rd, 2014.  The first is a total lunar eclipse, the second a partial solar eclipse.  These three doorways lead to a powerful new time in our lives and the world, and it all begins by falling through the cracks…it all begins with our breakthrough…

I know there is a part of you, maybe it even feels like every bit of you, that has been waiting for a certain kind of breakthrough for such a very long time.  Perhaps so long that it is tight in your throat or your heart just thinking of it, or such a long time that you have numbed yourself to its ache.  Perhaps you have lost hope.  Or perhaps the hope of it consumes your days.  Perhaps you have told yourself that this wish doesn’t matter anymore…that the place you found away from the cracks and the rivers and the wildfires is good enough.

By now you probably know, deep in your very bones, that breakthroughs are often brought on by breakdowns.  Falling through the cracks, the thing we have all tried to avoid with all of our energy for our entire lives, requires falling.  Like falling in love does, too.  It requires losing your bearings and starting over.  But so many of us feel we’ve had all the breakdowns and not enough of the breakthroughs…

So that’s exactly why I have written this message about these approaching breakthroughs…because as a result of these three transformational doorways (the equinox and eclipses) this coming season and the year to follow are going to be filled with them, and we need to know how to recognize them and embrace them, to let them change the face of our lives…and the world, in the most beautiful imaginable ways.

I bet you’ve imagined meeting your long-lost breakthroughs.  You’ve seen the deep recognition and the tears of joy.  So you already know that is one way some of them might be when they finally come.  Like the veil being gently pulled away, and a crisp new vision opening before you.  Like water quenching the dry places in your heart.  Like honey rolling down your skin, covering you in the warm shade of sweet.

Yes, those breakthroughs are coming, but there are others.  Others with sometimes even sweeter fruits that I wouldn’t want you to miss out on, or to not be able to decipher because it speaks in a long-lost, ancient language.  This ancient language is spoken by the type of breakthrough you won’t recognize right away.  The one that looks like anything but what you asked for.  The one that makes you feel sure that you will never get anywhere, and that no one, not even the universe, loves you.  The one that makes you feel alone, or ashamed.  I am speaking of the fruits that come in the night, the ones with dark outer petals or hard husks, the ones that haven’t revealed their beauty yet.  The ones that will only reveal their beauty if you take a bite…anyway.

The ones that have the deepest medicine for your soul, and taste like nothing you have ever eaten before.  They are the dismissed, the discarded, the forgotten.  These night fruits…so rich with answers and light…hold the unknowing that contains all knowing.  While it is common spiritual knowledge that hard times can bear beautiful gifts, and while breakthroughs can happen at any time, this fall (spring in the Southern Hemisphere), and the year 2015 will do for breakthroughs what a meteor shower does for shooting stars.  And this triple gateway of the equinox and the two eclipses is the entry point.

So how to be in the position to best watch the night sky light up with stars, so to speak?  How to best take advantage of this time?  First, look at the thing that is in your life that is the most difficult, and know that by going through it you are letting the earth crack beneath you, and if you can, even for the briefest of moments, trust this fall, you are taking a bite of that night fruit, and beginning to replenish yourself body, mind and soul.  The idea is to take as many bites as you can.  You will get stronger, more whole and more radiant as you do, and your life will begin to align around that new energy.

For these past six months, as I wrote about in my past prophecy message, have been a time of making contact with our most primal energy…even if just brushing with it at first, and even if it was or is scary to make this contact in the beginning.  Returning to this essential regenerative power at this time is crucial.  For it leads us, as the serpent led Eve, to that night fruit…yet another forbidden fruit we have been scared away from but which has the most power.  And it is our power.  Our pure, true, good power.  And it is our fruit, and our serpent energy, and our tree, and our garden, and our world within.  And it is time to be able to reclaim it all, beginning with the whisper of serpents, and the widening of cracks, and the surrender of falling.

Where does it hurt right now?  That’s where your breakthrough is coming.  That is where poison is being pushed out, and fresh clean blood is beginning to course through.  That is the place of most healing and beauty, and the place where the new goodness will ultimately enter into your life.  The places that hurt, if we sometimes don’t run away from them, (you will know more easily when to run and when not to when you listen now), will lead us to the places of our greatest dreams, but we have to take the untaken path.  The path that requires the most courage and faith.  The path that tells you everything is perfect, right now…that everything is perfect, even as you dream of something different on the next page…

You may think your future is like your past, or like the most likely path that would unfold from where you are now.  But the future is magic.  Your future is magic.  And it starts with the magic present.  We have been separated, for ages, from the moment, from our bodies, from ourselves and each other.  That changes now.  You will eat from the tree of knowing, and as you experience these breakthroughs, begin to recognize your true power as never before…

And then the garden is lit with gold, and the dark spots don’t scare you anymore, or when they do you aren’t ashamed of your fear, but walk in the night like an animal that knows it’s home.

Think of the top few things in your life that are causing you struggle.  Know that whether you choose to dive into them further or walk away from them when you are finally ready, what follows these painful episodes is going to be clarity, beauty, revelation.  You are going to become more real, and it is going to be divine.

You will finally reach the crossroads, one of the ones you always thought was coming up and deliberated about which way you would go when you arrived at it.  But by the time you get there, you won’t even need to hold up your lantern unless it is to admire the moment, because you will know that the right path is whichever one you take.  And you will pick the one that makes you feel cracks, and rivers and wildfires.

And the world will open up…

Love You,

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© 2014 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

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Love You All!




The Serpent Powers of Regeneration ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, June, 2014

the return of the serpentSaturday, June 7th, 2014

I have two secrets for you…The first is that there are only two kinds of people in the world right now…those who are breaking wide open and those who are still doing everything in their power not to.  But this breaking, heart-crushing as it may sometimes feel, is something far deeper in nature than the others you have known.  And that is what my other secret for you today is about…

Once upon a time we all lived from the same deep place inside our bodies and souls…the same place where the serpent power lives, and breathes, and moves, and guided us.  And then the world began to forget, and by the time a story was made up about a girl, and a snake and an apple, the disconnection was sealed.  But that lid always had an expiration date, and it only came about to seal something deeper…a destiny of reconnecting with our inner knowing in a more powerful way than ever.  The time for that reconnection is now…

As we get ready to enter into the portal of this upcoming Solstice, and all the way through the Fall Equinox (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere), and the eclipses of October, we are going to start to hear the voice of our serpent life force and deep knowing as never before.  It will begin with stirrings, ancient and deep.  You may have begun to feel them already.  They may bring up strong emotions that you don’t understand, or just press themselves onto you like soft petals.  And they may make you re-think not only what is no longer fitting in your life, but even your fondest dreams…because you may find that there is something much more grand waiting for you than you had ever dared to hope before.

And while you watch the old theater of your life fall down, and the worn-out frames lift off your unfettered soul, you will see a light emerge you had almost forgotten, and had thought you would never see again.  Life is not going to be as you have known it…it is going to be more splendorous and aglow because your serpent power has returned.  Life will regain its sparkle in ways you haven’t imagined yet, because we have lived without the pure, full access to that regenerative power for so long…

Most people are starving for energy.  Not plugged in.  Walking around with their power cords trailing behind them instead of their tails.  We need to learn how to plug in again, and then we need our tails back…to be our animal selves again.  And first we have to shed a skin.  We have to realize we are not even the color or the shape we thought we were…that beneath the conditioning we are fire and ocean waves, and almost nothing else.  And from that place we will regain life…not just the life of shallow breathing we have often known, but the life of pure energy.  Of pure love…

Long, long ago, before stories were told, the serpent reigned.  The ignition of that energy could set a planet ablaze, and write universes into the sky.  We can have all that we want, and want more than we’ve ever allowed ourselves to, if we can truly know ourselves again, and reconnecting with our serpent powers of regeneration is the most potent and direct way to do that at this time.

Begin with the whispers.  Your serpent knowing always begins with whispers, and soft, quiet songs your heart knows so well.  They are the songs you heard when your soul was born.  They are the songs of home.  Over this next six to nine months, you will begin to hear these messages.  They will not always say the things you expect, though sometimes they will say the things you know so well you have stopped listening.  They will lead you to the tree of the knowing of your own deep being, and they will beg you to eat the fruit.  They will upset apple carts in doing so sometimes, but by then you will be content to sit back in your old chair on your porch and watch the apples just roll down the street.  You will let the forbidden fruit fall where it may, and you will be ready for the harvest that we have all avoided in the world for as long as (almost) anyone can remember.  That harvest is the healing of the world.

Become undone.

But only do it your way.  Let it be your own hand, and in your own way and your own time, that slowly unlaces the bodice that has held you in…

I love you.


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p.s.  We were experiencing a first wave of these energies entering almost exactly a year ago, and I wrote a very powerful and important Oracle Prophecy Message about it that offers incredible insights into making room for your serpent powers here.

© 2014 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

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Love You All!



Sleeping with Tigers ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, February, 2014

Hello Lover.  I know that’s all you want to be.  I know that’s all you are.  And I know the world sometimes makes you this lover, but has often squelched your last hopes of knowing yourself this way instead.  I know sometimes you feel like you are gasping, or wondering how much longer you can hold your breath…and that some part of you isn’t sure if you remember how to breathe at all.  This isn’t the way it ends.  You will be woken by your own kiss…

I know you’re scared.  Hell, I am too sometimes.  But I’ve never let that stop me and I’ll be damned if I will now.  It’s scary that we’re finally at the moment when we could truly crack open.  We’ve wished for this day, and dreaded it.  We’ve thought we were there so many times, and almost given up hope.  And now it’s here, and even if things are well in our lives we know there is a part of us pressed to the ground, on our knees, hands tied.  It’s our original wound place.  And every night we’ve prayed for the dam to finally blow, because the pressure is cracking our bones, but now that it might we’re not sure we can take it.  Will the water really rush over us and flush everything away?  And more importantly, is it really okay to be that free?

It had to come…this moment.  We’ve been building toward this shift on the earth, with wave after wave of transformational energy rolling through…sometimes slamming us to the wall and sometimes running soft fingers along our heart and changing everything with a whisper.  And while this isn’t the end of these waves, we can’t progress further…those of us who are ready to…until we crack open in a bigger way than we ever have.

So I’m here to give you courage today, and I am fitting for the job because I remember back to before time began, and I have seen many worlds fall and be reborn.  And none shall be as beautiful as this new world.  And it begins with the seed in our hands.  The seed that has been sprouting in our dreams.  The seed that will truly take root when we crack open and the waters reach it at last, and it can finally reach the light of the sun.

Because we were meant to shine like suns, and not just when we reach some fabled perfection or die…but now…we are perfect suns right now, and we can live our lives from that place.  We are returning to a diet of ecstasy…the breath and nourishment of joy, but we have to re-learn how to live first.  From our hearts, and, most importantly now, from our bodies…

I came into the world in a sensitive body with an easily upset digestive system.  That, coupled with childhood trauma, some unfortunate toxicity, and a few other things, led me to have a condition that caused my stress system to become hyperactive.  Such a small handful of words to describe something that makes you feel like you are disintegrating, literally.

Luckily, I am also a being of almost omnipresent potential, access to full cosmic awareness, remembrance of my entire soul journey, and infinite power and awareness, and my lifelong self-love and connection served me well through the years I spent healing from this condition.

But wait…you say…wouldn’t someone enlightened not even have struggles?  Not even have health issues or suffering?  Sadly, this is one of the splits we have created, along with sexual/spiritual, bodily/spiritual, earthly/spiritual, and many others.  We believe suffering is a sign that we are unevolved.

I have two favorite new images for enlightenment I like to talk about.  What we’ve got now (in mainstream thought) is the bearded dude on a chair, the martyr on the cross, and, at best, the very calm dude under the bodhi tree.  (Of course there are many exquisite, somewhat lesser known images of divinity as well.)  My two additions to these pictures of enlightenment are a woman in the midst of orgasm, and the picture of Isis as an old Hag wailing by the Nile.

We usually hold the “pretty”, “shining”, “graceful” image of the Egyptian Goddess Isis.  And yes, she came into the world as a fully aware divinity, totally enlightened.  And yes, she became even more fully realized, and part of that was her suffering when Osiris died.  Yes, she was enlightened, and suffering was part of it.  This doesn’t mean there isn’t a place in enlightenment that is free from pain…oh yes, there is.  It just means that once you are enlightened that isn’t necessarily the only place you want to hang out.  There is still more to the journey for some.  And only for those who are most brave and who most desire to know even more.  (“Know” in the sense of heart knowing, soul knowing.)

You see, it’s said that Isis grieved so painfully that she turned into an “old Hag” that no one could even recognize.  She paced along the Nile in sacred madness, pulling her long gray hair out in chunks, her teeth fell out, and no one even wanted anything to do with her.  They couldn’t even see the Goddess they had revered.  But it was through this fully feeling her experience that she accessed the power to bring Osiris back from the dead.  It was through suffering that she accessed the kind of magic we all consider to be the greatest of all.  And it was through that same magic that she accessed immaculate conception.  She, even enlightened, had to die to herself in the most harrowing of ways, to be able to give life back to death, and to bring life from the very depths of her own being.

Spirit and body one.  Human and divine, one.  Emotion and enlightenment, one.  She didn’t deny herself, didn’t turn from herself just because her experience took her to a place that looked ugly, or even horrifying.  She claimed it, and felt it until there was no more.  And that she walked by the Nile represents that she knew how to stay close to the source of what fed her, even as she went to the furthest reaches of pain.

I’ve read a lot about the stress response over the years of healing my body.  There is always the story of how our stress response was designed to be triggered by the quintessential “tiger” we might have needed to run from in prehistoric times…and then let go.  How our amygdala signals the adrenals to pump out the hormones that fuel our fight or flight (or freeze response,) but that it’s meant to be a short term solution to a problem and in the modern times our bodies and minds perceive many things throughout the day as a stressor like a tiger running toward us…bills, an angry family member, car troubles, deadlines…you name it.  So our stress response never stops running.  The health impact is massive and it is incredibly worth discovering how to reduce stress in your life and body…I was forced to, down to seeking out any active stressors even from my past, and I am so glad.  I had to clean my house more than most people do by necessity, and it is a very worthwhile endeavor.

Part of the beauty of my situation is that I knew why it was happening to me.  One of the reasons I teach people how to connect with their intuition is that it’s not so much the insights into the future as the insights into your right now that change your life in the most powerful ways.  The reason I went through this pain in this life is because I had been on a mission to carry my message for so long, through trial after trial during what I call in my book, The Oracle Within: Living the Intuitive Life, “The Great Forgetting”, that this was the first lifetime I could let go and feel all the pain of it.  Again, only for the brave are journeys like these, and I would never change anything about it.

What does all of this have to do with you?  Everything, you brave soul.  I know what you’ve made it through, in this life and before, to make it where you are…and all you’ve held onto, and all you’ve let go of, for the sake of your mission.  And I know sometimes you judge yourself, for having traversed the underworld, for having roamed and wailed along the Nile.  But this is of sacred beauty beyond all description.  And it’s time now to let it all open wide up.  It’s time to crack and let it all flow out.

I know…it’s a process like a blossom.  Letting go doesn’t really happen all at once.  And it happens, in increments, just exactly when you are ready and the moment is absolutely perfect…whether it seems perfect or not.  I just wanted to give you a heads up…and tell you more about the tigers.  Because it’s time to stop running from them and turn around and face them.  It may be the hardest thing you ever do, but I have some great news for you.  Long ago, when you turned and ran, it was with good reason.  You were running for your life.  But now it isn’t your tigers you are running from, not them you are afraid of but their cages.  When you face them you will find them bound…it is your animal self that is hurt and caged.  When you have been brave enough to turn around you will know just how to set them free.  And you will run wild with them, again.  Your animal self, in union with your deep soul self, will be set free too.

In thinking about being healthy again, I imagined what I wanted as a visual and I saw myself sleeping with tigers.  I had brown hair and wore a blue silk dress, and I lay on a lush floor with these huge, beautiful creatures pressed up against me.  It was as sensual and rich as it could be.  It is a symbol of our homecoming…coming home to our bodies, to our animal within, home to ourselves after our great journeys.  It’s time to be able to lay down with what once scared us, and feel more at peace than we ever have before.

Trust that your animal body will show you…everything.  Trust that your tears by the Nile have not been in vain, and will bring magic and new life to you.  Trust that your tigers, when uncaged, will run with you to all the free places, and warm your body through every dark night.  I love you, and you are never alone, and there is so much pure, new goodness to come…


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© 2014 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

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A Year of New Vision: 2014 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, October, 2013

Close your eyes…you can feel it better that way. It won’t hurt. It might make your heart sore, but only on the way to making it feel better…better than it has felt in a long time. Because with your eyes closed, in the dark, finally your vision will clear. You will see a vision for your future that shines…like leaves in a fresh rain…and everything will begin anew…

It was in the new stirrings of eclipse energies earlier this month that I first felt it…the promise of next year emerging like a bud unexpectedly, as if from a plant I hadn’t even known would flower that way…a sweet, hot shock of pink emerging from a green world. A new vision, that would blossom for each of us in this coming new year of 2014.

What I could also foretell is that this new vision would be like a welcome rain after a long dry spell. For months, even years, it is as if we have been trying to paste new dreams together out of mere dust, and yet our efforts have actually been beautiful, and the skills and muscles we built trying so hard will serve us later. But often our dreams seemed still not just right, even when we worked on figuring out what we desired and wanted to manifest with true diligence…it was like a painting or poem that still didn’t quite looked how we wanted it to when we were done most of the time, even after tweeking it and even if certain true satisfactions were still found in the process.

In the coming year it will be like a film of that very dust will suddenly be rinsed away from our view and we will see new colors, and textures and shapes. All at once what didn’t quite fit will adjust, or take on a new potential form that suddenly makes it work beautifully with everything around it. We will realize there were things we visualized for our lives that we don’t even want anymore, and discover other things we want much, much more. And even in just having these realizations, some of these visions will begin to actualize right away, and we will become more nourished. And the more nourished and supported we are, the more we are suddenly able to clear the space to bring more of our visions and dreams into reality.

This is a process that will take place over the entire year, with perhaps several peaks of realization, or for some of us one big one that is the pivot point for the whole year and further beyond. But there is one more important element in this unfolding…the next several months that lead us into and begin the year of 2014. These are the months that set the stage for all that blossoming, and, like the bud, they are a mostly cocooned, unseen time that is concentrated within.

This means that although we can look forward to a time of bright new vision, it will be proceeded by a time where we can’t see very much at all, and that time will be the nourishment and fuel for the later blooms. This time in the unknown and the dark will be the very thing that clears the way for that new perspective and clarity. A new, lucid certainty will enter your heart and your life as a result of diving deep into the unknown and flying completely blind in uncertainty for a while. When you fly that way you have only one navigation system: trust.

Because this phase will push us to trust more deeply in ourselves and the universe that makes this a profoundly healing time. The gateway to deeper trust is through our fears, but when we are forced to lean into our fears, we begin to dispel and transform them, and when they finally have no more power in our lives the gift is so great that any trial was worth it. For most of us, this won’t be a time of ongoing dramatic confrontations with our fears so much as a time when we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory of feeling where none of our old languages or tools work, and we have to go without them. (Which might feel scary at times.) I see this happening in all areas of our lives: relationships, self-image, life’s purpose, home, and more…though certainly it will happen more so in some areas than others for each of us.

One of the beautiful things that will come of this soonest, aside from the dispelling of fears, is that we will find that our other inner senses start to flourish. Without certainty about how to approach whatever comes up for us, it will be like feeling our way along in the dark. We will begin to trust not what we imagine to be true, but only what feels true right under our fingertips each time we reach out to orient ourselves…step by step, and moment by moment. Our abilities to feel what is right in front of us, authentically in each instant, will intensify and grow more powerful. Our energies will be called back from past encounters and future worries or projections and we will find ourselves right here, right now, in our bodies…feeling, and ready. So that when new vision comes it will be like a sudden break in the clouds when you least expect it, when you had grown used to the storm and knew just how to weather it, and you will be totally ready to receive this new vision. You will be more healed, strong, and embodied.

So, there are no exact instructions for these next two to four months, (the timing will be a little different for everyone,) but just knowing some of what this time is about provides a helpful touchstone and some simple guidelines. Let it be okay if you don’t know what is coming next right now, or part of the details about it all. Know that ambiguity and uncertainty have especially healing power right now, wherever they show up in your life. Welcome the healing that comes from letting go in the dark. From just feeling your way along with the innocence of someone who knows that they don’t know the way right now…and that ironically that actually is the way. While you may not be able to count on things feeling as you expect them to, and may need to take extra special loving care of yourself when this brings up fears, doubts or heartaches that need to be cleared, you will at times feel yourself begin to sink into the lush beauty of not having to know. The sweet, sumptuous place of being able to just feel your way in each moment…the deep release and welcome relief of leaning back into the universe, into the trust in your own deeper inner knowing, and letting go.

Take supreme, luxurious care of yourself in this time of feeling blind before the new vision comes. You’ll see that this time suddenly affords moments of being able to sink into your body and senses differently, and that it will nurture and sustain you at a level you have been thirsting for. Know that a beauty and richness you have held hope for in your heart for a great, long time is about to be ripe for you to finally know and experience in your life, and let this time in the dark signal your new vision for your life in the coming year, and your sweet rebirth…

Love, Jennifer

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Fires in the Heart (The Serpent Returns) ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, July-September, 2013

“Sometimes you have to burn your house down to see the moon.”

Old Zen Saying

I flung one limb after the other toward the ocean, the wild sweet peas and wild rose bushes tugging at me for flickering moments before I easily burst through them with the will of my body heaving itself toward the only healer it knew right then: the sea…the only healer that would not douse but quench the growing fire in me…that would soothe though not destroy the aching burning of my flaming heart…

We are not creatures of the mind, but of the body. We are animals. We always have been and we always will be. And now, as we reach the mid-point between Solstice and Equinox, we will know it as never before…

For, it’s harvest time, in so many ways…

Are you walking into a store lately only to forget why you entered it? Are you stopping in the middle of an argument because you don’t even know suddenly if you care at all about what you were just passionately fighting for a few moments before? Are you awash in a sea of strange, new feelings sometimes that you can’t even name or describe? Are you starting to wonder if someone is putting something funny in your tea, or if little elves are rewiring your brain in your sleep so that you wake with tied shoelaces in your mind? Are you sometimes suddenly feeling as if a boulder has been placed on your chest and you can squirm but there is no relief, and maybe not even with a noticeable reason? Are you walking around, regardless of what else wonderful or challenging is going on in your life, with a broken heart often in the background (or foreground) that you can’t even always explain? Is there an undertow pulling you that you are struggling against, but it exhausts you to do so and you are beginning to know you can’t win? Or have you already given up and let it lead you to the darkest places inside of you where the white-hot fire can do its greatest work? Perhaps you have instead already reached the point that you are giddy, or half-giddy and half-afraid, of all the new possibilities opening up in your life all around you…

These are signs of the times surely, but they are also more pronounced now due to the fact that we are at the fiery center of a new transformational wave that began with the most recent Solstice…Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern. It also came with a full “supermoon”…(a full moon that occurs when the moon is close to the earth in its orbit.) For those of you who remember the flavor and intensity of that moment in time at Solstice, you are recalling the beginnings of these energies entering. What are these energies about? What is the hallmark of this transformational phase?…

Well, if you look along the tree line of your heart you will see them coming…the wild fires. They are coming, and for some of you have already arrived, to eradicate the life you have known, the way you think of yourself, your relationships, and your work in the world in every single way that these things hold you back or shield you from your own true brilliance. I know, I know. That’s always the message about living in our times, but for those of you who have felt the first lick of the flames in your heart’s deepest chambers, or even who have just seen the undeniable smoke signals rising and curling off your far-off mountains within, you understand beyond all words how deep this level of dissemination and renewal really is. We are collectively shedding a skin. And not just any skin but the one we thought was unshedable. The one we thought we would never be able to leave behind and still have a sense of self.

What is left is the self that is free.

This is the self that refuses to be led by fear, or to be led by anything other than its own deepest knowing. This is the self that doesn’t burn away even in the hottest flame. This is the self that is always on fire. This is the self you yearn to know, and this self knows exactly how to lead you to live the life you dream of living. You may not have dreamed this new life consciously, for this is the life you may not have ever known you could have, or could love so dearly.

The cloaks are falling away, and what will be left is what you find when you have traversed the whole underworld, and aren’t scared of anything anymore. When everything is leveled and you can start new, building from a truer ground, beam by beam and brick by brick from the fearless joy of your heart.

In my prophecy message for 2013, I spoke of this being the year of moving toward being self-complete. This current wave of transformation which will carry out its most powerful shifts in the next two months (through September) is a major part of this process for the year. In my 2013 message I explained that to be self-complete isn’t to be separate or isolated, it is to be whole, to contain all that you are, and that this indeed makes you more able than ever before to connect with others in the most phenomenal way.

So, I am now going to tell you what makes this fire unique…why it is different than all the other purifying-heart-fires of the past. It’s because it isn’t going to enter the heart directly…it’s going to enter from and blaze a path there from your sexuality, or more clearly, from your genitals. It is going to bring a warm, fiery glow to the places you have disconnected in that area, whether you are turned on all the time or think your libido left town years ago and you don’t care where it went, whether you have “sex” ten times a week or haven’t had it in years, (I put sex in parentheses to highlight the fact that sex can mean many things and I am not just referring to traditionally-thought of “intercourse.”) Wherever you fit on these spectrums there are places you have hidden, not just from others, but even from yourself. They are the places of your greatest gifts.

Yes, I just said your greatest gifts are the ones hidden in your genitals.

For, in order to shed this skin we have to reconnect with the sleeping serpent at the base of our spines. We don’t have to wake her. She will awaken when and as she chooses when the time is right, but just as I taught in my recent course, The Five Sexual Goddesses: Return to the Serpent Power, connecting with our inner serpent isn’t dependent on whether she is awake or sleeping. One of the most powerful ways we can connect with her is simply to feel her, to breathe with her, or to begin to experience her dreams. Though in the course we talked about how to be open to this, in most cases it isn’t something we seek. It is something that seeks us. And she is seeking us now, as never before. And she knows just what to do.

So on the days when you think surely that you have fallen off of whatever last true path you had in life, and are desolately lost, know that every single winding moment of your way is a perfect part of the plan of your inner serpent. She knows everything, and you are her. She is about to, sleeping or awake as she chooses, finally re-enter your life more fully, and it is about to change absolutely everything.

(A note here: I don’t refer to the serpent as “she” and “her” because she is female in gender, but feminine in energy. Also, just to be extra clear, people of all genders have this serpentine life-force energy.)

I would tell you to buckle up but there are no seatbelts, and potentially lots of crashes to come. There may be lots of broken things and fallen worlds, but there are also the greatest liberations, freedoms, and sweetnesses you could ever hope for. All that really is getting destroyed are your shackles, (though it very likely won’t seem that way at first!)

While I may not have seatbelts to offer, I do have support at this time. Your fire needs one thing to burn now (and trust me, the more and sooner it burns, the better) and that is oxygen. The fuel is already there but your fire needs SPACE. It needs you to clear and cut everything from your life that you possibly can that isn’t a true joy or nourishment, and then not fill the space left right away. It needs you to be able to sit, to wander, to stare at the wall. It needs you to get uncomfortable because you are finally feeling your body in a deeper way again and at first it might not feel good. It needs to you find and befriend what it feels like to sink into the space you’ve made, rather than wipe it out as we’ve all learned to do so well. We’re afraid of oxygen. We’re afraid even of really breathing…

Because once you take that first full breath it’s so strong and so powerful to simply be with yourself and your own energy again that it may feel like your lungs are filling up with water…like you are drowning. You may fear for your life, before you start knowing what it’s like to really live again.

So, what you do is start gently. You may be nervous about the idea of making a few hours for yourself sometime, and if you did make that time you might go to the default so many of us do…suddenly that time becomes “make-up time”…time to do all that laundry, finish that paperwork, or organize your closet. Don’t get me wrong, these are all things it might feel really good to get done. They just aren’t what I am talking about. The second default is the “creative-time” default. This is the situation in which we think that as soon as we have a window of time we have to fill it with something creative that we love but never get to do. (Which is special and important time too!) But the place where your fire can really burn, that I want to help you get to, is the tall-grass-blue-sky place…

Whenever I get to that place, I feel so proud. I feel as if it’s as great or greater than any other accomplishment. It is the place we knew as children. It is the place our fellow animals know. It is the place we sought in the temples and the caves. It seems unprestigious and isn’t flashy. But it is the secret place all knowing comes from. The place of being. While obviously I write and teach a great deal about this place and getting there, I am going to give you a very simple map right now…Make time. Carve out any time you can, and make it your life’s mission to do so. Then, if you need to, do the laundry. After that, if you need to, do something creative you love. Then, find your tall grass. Your tall grass might be a glass of wine at the dining room table with total silence. Your tall grass might be sitting under a tree. Your tall grass might be swimming in a cool pond. Your tall grass might be getting lost in dance at a wild party. All that matters is that, aside from the natural callings of your body, there is nothing you have to do. That’s right, you can do whatever you want in your tall grass time, it’s just important that there is absolutely nothing you have to do.

I’ll tell you how it works for me (keep in mind I have made this a huge part of my life’s mission for many years, made many choices to remove things from my life, taken many risks, worked my little fanny off at times, and done it all because I know life without tall grass time is not a life at all, and certainly not one for Oracles)… First, I pull the splinter out. I either do the un-done things that could drive me crazy or, when possible, simply put them out of my mind completely for a while. Then, I write. I journal, I channel, I explore, I reflect. I need this. Tall grass time wouldn’t be the same without it. But I don’t presume my special time is over then, (easy mistake to make.) Because that is when I look over from where I am sitting with my writing book, perched like a nymph by her waterfall, at the golden sweetness that awaits me. That is when I wander over and lie down in the tall grasses and look up at the flawless blue sky, and dissolve. I laugh perhaps, or cover my eyes with my arm to block out the sun. A bird flies over me. I wiggle my toes and let my hips lead me onto my side partly. I am not trying to fall asleep. I am not trying to find answers. I’m not trying. My mind is that clear sky and I am totally at one with my body. There is no separation. It was my body that I followed here. It is my body that leads.

And that is how the serpent returns. You have to be able to follow your body, but that can’t happen until you can feel your body. And you won’t want to feel your body unless you can feel pleasure. And you won’t be able to feel pleasure unless you have the space to find out what that means to you right here, right now in your life. Right here, right now in every moment. If you can discover that, life becomes a gentle rub against a soft, fuzzy peach, and the explosion of sweet juice in your mouth. And then even when you burn, and even when you crash and there is seemingly nothing left of you but pain in that moment, you can feel the mark of love in it somewhere deep beneath the searing. You can feel the breath of the goddess, and underneath everything you know the bleeding is right, like peach juice rolling down your thigh.

I know that making tall-grass time, based on what I just told you, may seem about as easy to get to as the moon. But I’ve been to the moon and it’s not that far away. It just takes making that dream the focal point of your choice-making and it takes the diligence of a warrior-saint. It takes squeezing moments out of your day that are almost invisible, but catch the glint of pure grace if you hold them up to the light.

It’s possible that it is making you tired just reading all of this, and the last thing you need is yet another impossible goal, another item for your to-do list, another far-off finish line to squint at while you wonder what it might feel like to be so “evolved”. But oh if you knew how much that is not what I am wanting to share with you at all! (And you are perfect in your evolution right now!) The problem is that words don’t do justice here. They are only a broken sign in alice in wonderland’s great, dark forest and my only hope is that they lead you to close your eyes, instead, and ask your heart where to go. I believe that being able to linger in dappled sunlight and put your toes in warm water, (or some equivalent) is what happens to lend itself to making you naturally want to close those bright and luminous eyes of yours, eyelashes glinting in fresh light, and know.

So maybe you have kids, or a demanding job (or a few of them) but I know, that if you start now, you can begin to make the space your heart and soul call out for. And I know it might not feel good right away. It may make you want to run. It may make you feel as though you are stuck in hot and horrible mud at first, (simply because it’s uncomfortable to feel all you’ve been numb to and to stop your potentially-crazed momentum,) but that will pass. And one day you will relish as never before the simple breeze across your skin in one…free…moment…

From there you can hear the serpent. She doesn’t even need words. You don’t even need to hear her because you are her. Everything hidden can be brought out into the sunlight and everything dark is love. You move and the universe undulates, and the ripple effect happily staggers birthing butterflies and topples cities of shame.

That’s the life I want for you, for all of us, the life in the new world. The life of dipping your toes in the water, and with a rush of pleasure through your body, feeling home…

Love, Jennifer

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The Return of the Bee Heart ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, April, 2013

I dwell in the realms of magic,

I know what the honey bees know,

I speak the language of the babbling spring,

And the serpent power below…

A song of the Nymphs, as remembered by Jennifer Posada

Yesterday, in the dazzling sun on my porch, I leaned into the rosemary blossoms next to me, waiting for the bees…

At first I thought that the Bee Priestesses and Nymphs were on my mind solely because of the upcoming course I am teaching, but yesterday on my porch I realized their messages were clear…that this information was needed on a much more far-reaching level right now. This window of time between the recent equinox and the upcoming eclipses (April 25th, May 9th and 24th) is a powerful one, and these messages are just what we need right now to make the most of this next transformational shift time.

These three April/May eclipses mark a time period of a great metamorphosis of the heart. This change, like a butterfly leaving its cocoon or a snake shedding its skin, signals a radical leaving behind of past material or even identity, and ultimately the bursting forward of new life and energy in the heart.

We have awaited this change for some time, feeling like we are ready for the new but that certain old energies of the heart were holding strong no matter what else changed within or around us, and therefore holding us back as well. We have longed for the sense that our whole selves were embracing the new movements within us, and yet felt tied as if to one last heavy stone deep beneath the waters. Sometimes we have felt clear on what this stone really represents, and at other times its significance has felt very mysterious.

To shed some light on the mystery, this stone is a deep memory stone. It is the cumulative material that is unfinished in our hearts and has most weighed us down, but it is also a great gift and servant. It is the promise we made to ourselves that we would not forget where the treasure was. (Yep, it’s under the stone, and the rope that ties us to it is what we will follow to find it again.)

The rock is not unmovable as it has sometimes seemed…it is not a lifetime endeavor of toiling and suffering that will make it move aside and reveal the treasure beneath…we need, rather than muscle and painful effort, something more like surrender, softening, and the willingness to take great risks…great risks of the heart. The stone will tell us never to take those risks, warn us and remind us of pains we knew before, but it is only doing what we asked of it long ago…making sure we are truly ready to break through and dive in, and that until we are we won’t forget where “x” marks the spot.

So, how do we reach this treasure? How do we attain this softening and surrender that allows us to know which risks are right for us to take with our hearts and gives us the courage to do so? This is where the bees come in…and the Nymphs and Priestesses who communed with them and knew their great secrets that we all so much need again now…

While there are a great number and many levels of these secrets, there are two that I have been asked to talk about today that will serve us in this next great unveiling of the heart…because it is this great heart’s unveiling that will provide the missing piece in all of the work we have been doing, and that is the next step in moving toward the fuller unveiling of your being, and walking whole-heartedly, open-heartedly on this planet in the new world. It is this unveiling of the heart, one more petal opening at a crucial place within that lets you feel your heart’s glow more powerfully than ever before, and that leads to the life your heart dreams of. It is by this glow that we will finally be able to see these dreams more clearly than ever before as well. It is in knowing and hearing the heart that we are guided, and when she reveals her desires the world is made anew…first within and then without.

The first secret of the Bee Nymphs and Priestesses that will help us right now is the how to use the ability to buzz. We have been thinking good thoughts, or doing our best to, for a long time now, and what we really need to take it to the next level is vibration…actual physical movement, especially of the entire chest cavity. Adding this level of physical movement of the chest area will potently increase the energies of clearing, restoration and new inspiration in the heart that will be occurring up until and through the May eclipses. The buzzing is a catalyst, a fire-starter, a magical ingredient in a most potent alchemy of the heart, body and soul…

The Basic Buzzing Practice:

1. Get comfy. Be in a place that feels good and relaxing to you, and where you will not be interrupted. (Really check in with your body and make sure you are physically comfortable before you begin.)

2. Begin with a few deep breaths and checking in with the feelings or thoughts that naturally may come up when you relax. When you have had some breaths and acknowledged whatever needs to come up by simply noticing it…

3. Hum a little. (With lips closed make a sound.) Play with moving your mouth in different ways with lips still closed. See if you can make your lips buzz. Notice where you feel vibration. (This is a very helpful warm-up before the next step.)

4. Now, being sure to take breaths often and take it gently (it’s easy to get extremely light-headed very quickly otherwise,) make bee sounds. (Make “zzzz” sounds…lips must be at least a little open.) Experiment. Do this, or return to exploring this kind of sound until you can feel your chest vibrate. Read on about an intention that is the last addition to this practice…

So, to Break it Down:

1. Get comfy

2. Breathe

3. Hum a little

4. Buzz until your chest vibrates

5. Add visualizations discussed below

While I could go on at great length (and make this a book) about the power of vibration in the process of transformation, creating and holding form, healing, and manifestation, for the purposes of today’s message simply use the exercise above to explore what the buzzing makes you feel. And then add the other secret of the Bee Nymphs and Priestesses that I am going to share today…the secret of making honey.

This too is a vast and powerful alchemy that I will just be able to touch upon here, but I will still be able to give enough information to put to phenomenal use in the coming weeks. So, to begin directly, the first step to creating “honey” in your life (which is the ultimate “gold” of the alchemists…the consummate and most desired outcome of purest transformation,) you have to begin with nectar.

Nectar, as it is for our buzzing friends, is crucially important to our well-being in life. It is what compels, fills, and nurtures us. It comes from any and all of the experiences in life that lift us up, fill us up, and make us feel pleasured and alive. Nectar for you may be a walk in the park, a beautiful sunset, a delicious latte in your favorite spot by the window, a moving book, an all-night dance party, a hot bath, a sky full of stars, a child’s laughter, or any other of a countless number of possibilities. But only you know what brings you nectar, and it can’t be pretended, and it can change from day to day. Really gathering the nectar of a situation requires being present enough to notice it and receiving it.

If you have doubts about whether or not it is alright for you to receive the nectar in your life I have good news for you…like a honey bee, every time you gather nectar you leave pollen. You bless and fertilize every single “flower” you truly and consciously enjoy the nectar from in your life. (Even if it doesn’t look that way on the surface or right away.) And finding nectar, once we allow ourselves the pleasure and give it our focus, is as easy as finding a beautiful flower. If you are paying attention, the moment you notice it, it will draw you right in. Oh yes, it really is about “stopping to smell the roses” in your life. Certainly there will be winters…times where you haven’t seen a “flower” or felt a source of nectar in a long time…but just wait, have as much faith as you can muster, and watch…keep paying attention. Spring always comes.

When you have nectar in your life, the honey comes naturally. You are able to follow your heart and it will lead you right to it. Nectar supports your inner guidance, and honey…well honey is the product of your experience of pleasure. It is the fruit of nourishing yourself that only nourishes you further and more powerfully. We are going to need this nourishment in order to heal and renew our hearts, and to be inspired and energized to step into the new worlds that open for us when we do.

So here is the full practice, to be enjoyed as often as possible for the next couple of months, or as long as you’d like…(in the bath, shower, lying in bed, sitting at your desk…anywhere that works for you.) Begin with the buzzing…getting comfortable, breathing and noticing your feelings, then humming a bit before moving into the basic buzzing sound, attempting to keep your chest area vibrating. Now, bring forth an image or fantasy about something that gives you the feeling of nectar. Something that, very simply, makes you feel good inside. In doing so, you are planting a seed in the most fertile possible soil. You are using the power of something that moves you, lights you up inside, with the amplification of physical and heart vibration.

You can experiment with various imagery or fantasies that you know are sources of positive energy or joy for you. The wonderful thing about this is that you don’t have to even yet have this actual nectar in your life, but you are making room very clearly for it to enter. You can also use, of course, the most potent sources of joy and pleasure you do have in your life now to enhance their properties and benefits for you…and of course the many others touched by the ripple effect of your radiance. You can even use a circumstance you are literally in at the moment (the feeling of your hot shower, the beauty of sitting under your favorite tree on a sunny day…) while buzzing. In all circumstances (using a current experience, using imagery from something in your life now, or visualizations of situations not yet being experienced in your life) will become sustenance in this practice.

What’s really important is that you keep paying attention to whether or not what you are visualizing is actually making you feel good, and continuing to do so. As soon as something doesn’t feel good be sure to refresh your awareness and use new imagery. You will discover so much about what truly moves your heart right now as a result, and how much further your dreams can go.

You may need to start with very brief periods of time working this practice because it is so powerful and, as I mentioned, can make you very light-headed, so remember to pay attention to your body and work up to longer periods of time, if you’d like to, slowly if needed.

There is a reason that honey bees have come into the spotlight in recent years, first and foremost of course because they need our attention so that they can survive. And, of course, we are now aware that we need them so that we can survive as well, since they are responsible for making possible most of the food we eat. But the other great reason is that they carry the messages of the Bee Nymphs and Priestesses who understood the deeper mysteries and power that the bees model for us…you see, that nectar and the honey it ultimately helps to create are not optional for bees, nor are they for us. The Bee Nymphs and Priestesses knew that without the nourishment of pleasure and positive vibration we could not live and thrive, but instead would shut down inside and barely survive.

Remember, on the days that you feel that you are barely surviving and all this nectar, honey and buzzing seems far-fetched and useless to you, to simply be very gentle with yourself. Let yourself feel as down as you need to, without any pressure to somehow buzz harder and change your life. This is part of honoring the flower that you are. This acceptance and self-love is what ultimately makes room for the blossom. This knowing lives in the heart of the bee. It purrs there, softly whispering of honey to come.

These times will be challenging at moments…perhaps very challenging. Our hearts will need to break in some places to make room for the change and the beginning. But when you see the new light coming through the cracks, and the new growth, soft and fresh, replacing the hard spots, you will rejoice. Give yourself plenty of space to have deep feelings in this time, and to express them as you’d like…in writing, song, conversation, paint, dance…any creative outlet for these feelings will support you profoundly in the breakthrough. And the breakthrough of the heart at this time will be grand indeed.

For heady times, free of past constraints and limitations, will be opening before you soon. Times you have waited long for, and often with a longing heart. That longing will be the birth of a new beginning. The seed planted in golden fields…of honey. The seed that you have carried in your pocket since you were very small, waiting for just that moment when the time was right, the time to dare to trust again in the dreams of your bright, buzzing, nectar-filled heart…and revel in the honey that follows…


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A New Kind of Love: 2013 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, October, 2012

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…”


How do I describe it? It is like the crumbling of the worlds before, but this is the one that makes whole. This is the full circle completing. This time when the moon turns red, it is with the blood of new beginnings. The blood of remembering. I have seen this change coming since before the beginning of time, I and the other Oracles of old…and we will celebrate as none have ever celebrated, that this time has come…

For many years I have been asked what I thought would happen in 2012, and I would answer (you can see my 2012 prophecy here), but all the while I was thinking, “What you should really ask me is what is going to happen in 2013…that’s when it is really going to get interesting…”

To describe this coming year and the transition it holds, I would have had to tell of so many things…the return to true wholeness, the return of the feminine…and to do that I would have to go deep into the ancient beginnings of our story, just as I am about to do with you…I have to go back to the original splitting of the worlds…

Long ago, in the time before time, there were highly sophisticated and aware human, animal and “magical” beings on this earth. Our civilizations were profound, our consciousness incredibly advanced. I describe in my book, The Oracle Within, how, very slowly at first, the forgetting began to spread over the land. That’s how what I call “The Great Forgetting” started…when we lost sight of the truth of who we are and what we come from: Love. What I have not written about was the point of the greatest shift at that time…when what had just been a troubling but certainly overcome-able loss of memory in some individuals, became a massive black-out…

Those of us most attuned to the earth and the universe itself felt it coming…like a great storm. We dropped everything we were doing and headed immediately for the epicenter, knowing both what must happen and that there would still be some good in our presence there. But we began to arrive only as it hit…the earth opened up, a canyon forming the size that would hold a sea, splitting the heart of the places of strongest remembering, splitting the dimensions that were more subtle from those on earth’s awareness, and splitting the timelines…removing those of the more subtle previous existence, those histories lost, and beginning the feeling of time as we know it.

In what would be called moments now, we of most sensitivity felt it…like watching sections of a city go dark one at a time…we felt the shutting down and the forgetting rage like a wild and just-freed ocean over the land. At first some of those who kept the remembering were revered and honored, but not all, and over time those who kept the remembering had to translate, re-shape or water it down to have it be accepted. We had to compromise, deny or hide it in some cases, to keep our lives. And even that didn’t always work.

For years in my intuition, self-love and sexuality courses people have been afraid to really re-open to their gifts because of the trauma we experienced as it became deadly to access those powers. In these groups we are able to have the context to revisit these experiences and honor them. Only as we enter the remembering can we begin to truly heal the pain of the time of the forgetting.

We are entering now what I call the time of “The Great Remembering.” It has been gently coming on for some time, like sparks of awakening, but thus far the overall forgetting has still been so much stronger. Like the splitting of the worlds so long ago that ushered in the epic wave of the forgetting, this next year proves to be the turning point that will usher in the fuller strength of the remembering. It will take a long time to deepen it’s roots and fully take hold, but the tide will have turned, and again it is those of us who are most sensitive and connected who will know it. We will finally be able to access and use that leverage of the shift, but it has been a long time since we really used our muscles of remembering and power, and I wish, as an Oracle since before the oldest of times as I have always done, to provide insight as to how to most gracefully enter through this passage and what insights to keep close to your heart. For we have only just begun.

But finally what we begin is the return to grace…

Even this return of remembering will be a storm…a greater storm perhaps than any other. It is a new wave, and one we will welcome with our whole hearts…but one that will destroy a great deal of the world we have known before. Even if we are grateful for this destruction in the knowledge that it makes room for the new world, we will have to endure it. It is not a destruction, for the most part, of the outer world around us. The empires will not fall right away and in obvious ways…the foundation beneath them will just slowly erode away until one day, they will simply fall through. This sooner and more obvious destruction that I speak of will occur where it may be even more difficult to endure it…within.

I know…we who are more aware have already been through so much stripping away. We have already been through so many dark nights of the soul that some of us wonder if there will ever be anything else. We have stood naked and bravely, and lost so much of who we thought we were that a sense of identity itself has perhaps begun to slip through our fingers. But not fully. We still have not completely died to who we have been, and been fully reborn as the truth of our soul. And it isn’t something that will happen in some far-off heaven after we leave the body. This will happen here, on earth, while our hearts beat and in full view of one another. It will happen while we drive our kids to school or grocery shop. The lines between human and divine will truly begin to slip away, in the very midst of living.

You will probably think you have lost everything. At least once, and probably many times. Even if you clearly haven’t, you may feel that way…and deeply. You will feel the pain of the lifetimes that caused you to make yourself small, and you will burst through it, even though it will feel as though it may cost you your life to do so. Not because it actually might now, but because it once did. You will face every fear, and again and again until each one doesn’t scare you anymore. You will come face to face with your own true power and beauty. You will break away from everything that holds you back but which you had come to think was comfort. You will know a new, deeper comfort that doesn’t clip your wings. You will stop caring what other people think enough to be set free…enough to find out who your authentic self really is. It will break your heart. Over and over again. And then it will make you whole. You will think you have sacrificed everything for this wholeness, but instead you will witness the coming into being of all your greatest dreams, even if you had already lost all hope.

There will be times you will be shocked at how you are experiencing the fulfillment of your wildest dreams, and times you think you have truly, finally lost your mind. When you think you are losing it there is only one grand remedy…being incredibly gentle with yourself and turning to activities that are comforting and nurturing. That will be the saving grace and balm of self-love actualized. It will carry you through the madness, for it is sacred madness restored if we can make a safe container for it to occur.  If you can at the most difficult times, get outside and/or move your body.  A simple walk could be the most potent medicine at times like that…could feel like it is saving your life.  At moments you couldn’t even think of getting outside or moving your body much, you might get that same life-saving grace from a long bath or curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a book or movie, or to write.  This may sound simple and mundane but only in light of forgetting our abilities to self-heal through connection to self-nurturing, nature, and the body.  (Also see my previous prophecy here for more suggestions.)

And now, if you have made it this far in this prophetic writing, I wish to share where I suggest you hold your focus to navigate this coming revolution. I believe the most powerful place we can place our intention is on becoming self-complete. Of course you already are self-complete, and what it means to become so as I am describing here is simply to consciously accept, and then be able to celebrate, all that you are. The process of shedding all you need to let go of will happen naturally, requiring little focus now. But to find and embrace the cast-away parts of yourself…the exiled. There is the process now. There you will discover the ancient gifts and strengths you have been missing. To find that everything you thought you needed that is outside of you, you indeed do not…there is the greatest treasure of all. The buried treasure, that which has been hidden. Self-completion and full self-love marks the spot.

It’s very important that you don’t get the idea, however, that becoming aware of being self-complete is something you have to do alone, or that ends in your being alone.  In fact it is all the contrary.  More than ever it is the people around us who will help shine a light on and reflect what is unseen and needed on our journey.  It is more important than ever that you choose your close company wisely, only choosing to be around those who honor you, letting go of the others.  It is also more important than ever that you don’t isolate yourself…still taking all the time you need to be on your own which is also absolutely essential right now, but recognizing when it is time to connect…whether with friends, by going out to a new group or gathering, or just to a cafe to read or write for a while among others.  What’s so essential for you to know right now is that, if you are thirsting for friends, companions, a partner, family…it is coming.  It is a wonderful thing to yearn for, even if you have been waiting a long time, for it is time for this coming back together of the kindred, and  the focus on becoming self-complete will not draw you away from but toward connecting with your soul companions and back to your communities and tribes.

Carl Jung said, in my words, that the attainment of perfection is a masculine goal, while the goal of the feminine is completion. And it is the feminine, in all her power, and in all of us and all that is, that will lead us in this next chapter of earth, and into the new world. The feminine will embrace what has been shamed and cast-out within us, and welcome it back into the whole of who we are.

For it truly, and my heart heaves a sigh of relief as I write this, is the time of the return of the feminine. And while the feminine lives in all beings and things, it is the feminine in women that must come forth most powerfully first. It is the women who will lead. It is the discovery of the true feminine that will guide us to know the true masculine, (for the true masculine is more beautiful than we can imagine) and what is between and beyond these two prescribed genders as well. But first the women must be able to reclaim what was brutally oppressed in them: their wholeness, their completion, their shameless and endlessly powerful self-love and self-knowing.

Alongside the women will be those in our world who cross gender boundaries or do not identify fully as one gender or another: those who are transgendered, intersexed, gender-queer, and anyone else who blurs the binary gender and stereotypical gender lines and molds. These molds must be broken for any of us to learn about what is beyond gender, and these brave and beautiful souls have decided to help us understand, among other things, the exquisite wisdom that are all so much more than we have been told we must be.

Women, (all who identify as female regardless of what gender you were assigned at birth) you will begin it…but not because you have to. You have been doing things because you thought you had to for many ages now. That era is over. This revolution will come from choosing your joy. I know, for some it may take a long time to even uncover that joy that was so long ago buried. But when you allow yourself to find the graves of those joys, to grieve them, and to bring them back to life, you will know your Goddess power…you will be Isis bringing life back to the dead.

We were silenced once. We will not be again.

We were also sexual once. Not just once in a while. Not just for a little while in our lives. Not just in acceptable ways. We were the High Priestesses that embodied the Goddess and her/our most beautiful gifts with lovemaking, with sacred sexuality, in full power and choice. I will say it over and over again, the sexual woman is the most powerful force on the earth in our time. For, the sexual woman is the woman who reclaims all of the gifts we have otherwise all but lost: intuition, ecstasy, bliss, joy, truth, knowing, power, life force, creativity…complete divine embodiment.

We need models. Not just the static Buddha under the bodhi tree but the dancing, writhing, undulating embodiment of divinity…the ecstatic enlightenment of embodiment…all in one, hot breath of the Goddess…of a Woman. You are that Woman. All it takes is learning to say yes to your pleasure, in all areas of your life, perhaps with the tiniest steps, one at a time. It’s like turning back on the oxygen after nearly suffocating. You know that feeling, right? Like you can barely breathe? I know you maybe haven’t counted on life including air and easy breathing for a long time now, but I know it is possible. I am breathing that air right now. That air of freedom. I know we have forgotten that ancient language, and I know it isn’t written anywhere…but I am here to tell you that you have it inside, and reclaim it you will…

If you are male or in some other way do not identify as female in your gender identity, your focus is on being self-complete as well, and if you have begun or begin to realize how hungry and how thirsty you are for the feminine, you will discover that you know (if you didn’t already) so well, deep in your bones, how to honor it and make space for it inside of you. And as you do you will find within you what you have missed beyond all comprehension…like manna from heaven, and from earth, the golden river and waterfalls of the Goddess will be restored. As She is restored, so all will be held sacred and there will be none held higher than another.

For we all have missed it. We have all been malnourished. Longing for a sustenance we could not even name and had lived so long without. The Woman will stand again, where she had been struck down. She will rise. She will return. She will know herself as never before, and so we all then will.

Self-completion means you are whole unto yourself and do not need others for validation or wholeness. If you think that doesn’t sound very fun or very sexy, you are really in for a surprise. There is nothing more grand, more delicious, more sexy than being self-complete. While still interconnected, when we do not lean against others to hold ourselves up, we become radiant and alive in ways we never have, and when we come together with another or others who is or are whole unto themselves, entire worlds are born. Wonderful, thrilling, beautiful-beyond-words, and yes, incredibly sexy, worlds. Triumphant worlds of pure creative bliss. Worlds we have known and will know again, and new worlds that could only be born after the experience of the forgetting. We cannot yet imagine these worlds, even in our wildest dreams.

I will then call this year of 2013 the Year of the Return to Self-Love. For in knowing self-love we will know true love. Whole love. We will know all. We will contain all again. We will be self-complete. And in that self-completeness we will know the brilliant, exquisite beauty that we are, and perhaps connect fully with others too for the first time since the beginning…with other humans, with nature, with animals, with the universe. Do you remember when we felt this all the time? While in a body at the same time? I know it has been a very long time, and it takes an epic amount of trust to consider re-opening to all the beauty and splendor and gifts of who we are, after all the disappointment, and after all that happened in the forgetting…and to trust that the forgetting had a place, and gifts yet untold.

But think of what might come…and that this risk of opening may be the greatest risk you ever take, in what is much more rightly the actual greatest story ever told, and that deep in your heart, as you read these words, you already know this risk holds the greatest fruits. For thousands of years we have been told not to eat these fruits, but I lean down now from the branches like the serpent of the goddess and whisper in your ear, “go…eat.” It is your fruit, it is good, and it always has been. It is your tree of knowing. Return. No one can cast you out from your inner paradise. Your nakedness is beautiful. You are free.



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The Heart Set Free: The Venus Transit ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, June, 2012

This time, if you lean over the waters on your night-walk your heart will pour out into them…everything will finally be released that you have so long carried, and you will see new stars reflected then. And you will walk away, light…

In all truth, even those of us who have a life of love and beauty may have hearts that are also very weary by now…

Those of us who are more consciously aware have walked a thousand miles, taken countless journeys into heavens and underworlds, carried more than our share at times, faced karmic encounter after karmic encounter, been painfully awake through so many dark nights of the soul that we almost have it down, and have been willing to stand at the brave edge…the brilliant frontier of our soul’s pain and glory, without fail. We have accepted having our hearts broken in such succession that it may feel as if they have never had the chance to fully heal from any one single break…but we have trusted…we have had faith, okay…not always perhaps, but often enough to know that the near-constant breaking had a reason. Often enough to know that we were breaking not apart, but open.

We may have grown so used to this type of spiritual growth, pain and work, that we have sort of forgotten that there might be a reward. A day the long-labored-over vines finally bore incredible, abundant, endless grapes. A day the wine had aged to perfection. That moment…the moment of tasting that perfect wine born of endless days of sunshine and heartache, effort and failure, loss and beauty…full of your stories and fermented in your heart and soul…is coming…

And it is going to be so…so…good.

On June 5th (as of the pacific time zone, for many in the world it will take place on the 6th) there will be what is referred to as a “Venus Transit,” when Venus will pass over the sun. The “heart” will pass over the outwardly-expressed “personality”…and though Venus will look like a dot passing over the sun rather than blotting it out in the style of a full solar eclipse, it will be as if a powerful love washes over everything about the way we know and share ourselves with the world.

This event will cause what I would describe as involuntary contractions of the heart, energetically speaking. (I don’t mean you will feel them physically.) Before you jump to the conclusion that this must involve pain, remember that orgasms are also made up of contractions, (so they might just be pleasurable,) and keep in mind that multiple contractions also inherently involve multiple levels of release

Indeed, release is at the very heart of what I wish to share with you today. For your heart has been burdened and heavy for such a long time. You have held so much there that all the old fibers have split, and all the old beams have given way. You have also held back so much of your passion, and desire, and the largeness of who you are so extensively that you may not even remember it, because there seemed to be no room for it in this world. Well, not only is this world changing, but your heart is about to spill forth out from all its containment regardless. In fact, the world will change most powerfully because your heart has become free.

Unless you are one who has already had the flame re-lit in your heart, then you may feel as if you have simply spent years rubbing sticks together there, until the soft tissues became so sore and you yourself so defeated-feeling that you gave it up entirely. It only gave you splinters. But I am here to promise you that all your heart needs to be set aglow once more, since you have plenty of fuel in your soul, is oxygen…space…and you are about to get as much of it in your heart as you could possibly want.

It’s as if, in the coming few weeks, as the energy of this transit and the concurrent eclipses ripples throughout our lives, your heart will shed its skin, and a great portion of its contents that are no longer of use to you. The old pains that have come up again and again like unwelcome plants in your garden will finally cease to return, or you will suddenly see them as gifts…medicine rather than poison. The sore places you have done so much to try to heal will suddenly reach the breakthrough point you have so wished and waited for.

More aptly perhaps, there will be a flood in your heart and everything that isn’t rooted in the new, fresh fertile soil of your being will be washed away. It won’t be a flood you can control, which will make it most powerful. It will crush the old dams you had given up on ever being able to deconstruct. It will take down the old cities of hurt and sorrow. It will be apocalyptic within you in the most liberating and exquisite way imaginable. And you will be left sending out a dove into the new sky to find out whether there is any land left to stand on. And when you do find that place it will be new. It will be the new land of your heart, and life, and eventually the new world.

Though the major initial impact of this will come with this Venus Transit, this whole process won’t all unfold in the next few weeks. It is part of what will take place throughout the rest of this year and into next year. And yes, some of the contractions may hurt, though many will be outright blissful…but even the painful ones will begin to feel different…more connected to their healing outcome, and that healed outcome will arrive more swiftly and fully each time. There will be such joy that follows. For we are speaking of the great liberation of the heart.

And the heart knows.

The heart knows everything. It knows what we need to lead nourished, joyous, thrilling lives, and what we need to create that kind of world around us. First we have to live that life ourselves…then the world will follow suit. I know, sometimes we wonder how we could live that life in a world that is often so unsupportive to those energies, but just wait until you can hear the voice of your freed-up heart. It will know just how to direct you. It’s like everything will finally click back into place inside of you. The connection and navigation you were always meant to have will finally be online again.

Perhaps it seems like it has been so long since you felt truly free in your heart that it never occurred to you that you could return to that state. Perhaps it has been so hard, at least at times, that ease seems alien. All you have to know how to do to smooth this transition a bit is to wrap yourself in soft fabrics and nestle into your sofa, energetically and perhaps literally…how to be very gentle with yourself and take times of respite. This new space in your heart, freed up by all the release that occurred like a cleanse that moved out old toxins, can be felt and explored with great tenderness. There is no hurry to occupy it or to fill it up. The best way, indeed, to discover this new space will be to treat it like a love-making. Let yourself enter into it in the most pleasurable way. Let yourself really feel it, enhanced by the fact that you will be able to feel again so much more powerfully. Taste it…a little bit at a time. Feel the lightness, and yet how grounded you are, and how each energy elevates and uplifts the other. Sense what it is like to just have space there finally…to anticipate, and, more specifically, to anticipate pleasure. It may even feel awkward to even consider this at first, but if so trust me, it will grow on you…especially when your heart is more free.

Strangely enough, some of you may wonder if there has been some mistake made. You may think it wasn’t time for you to be freed yet…that you surely had some penance left to do for some past transgressions of some kind. But that is just because you have been holding the pose of apology, down on your knees for so long that you can hardly remember why or what it feels to hold your head up high and your chest open. It is done. It is time for redemption, release, trust, surrender, renaissance, absolution, completion, return, relief, liberation, freedom, renewal, revelation…rebirth of the heart…

Just as I shared in my recent Eclipse Prophecy Message, there won’t be any right way to “do” this heart releasing…it will just happen like an exhale. This will be like one, giant, delicious exhale from your heart. When that stress is relieved, your heart can simply do what it was meant to do over and over again…blossom.

Just breathe. Let trust wash over you whenever it comes, like a welcome, fragrant breeze. Linger. Notice the sunsets. Write about the things pouring out of you if you’d like, or tell someone. Or just notice what it is like to wake up one morning knowing that you have let go of something in the night that has changed everything, without even needing to know what it was.

Feel what it is like to suddenly be able to stretch your heart as you never have before. Feel the new give, the new flexibility, the new openness. Feel the new fire that has been lit and begun to glow…the new desire…the new love you can’t ignore and wouldn’t want to. The new freedom that is about to change everything you have ever known.

You don’t have to know what to do with it all yet. You will know with each new step. You will feel your inner guidance again soon more powerfully than ever. Just let the exhale happen. Cocoon whenever you need to in order to nurture yourself, and then enter out into the wild, wide open fields when you are ready. Soon they will beckon, with their rare flowers and soft sunlight, and you just won’t be able…to resist…

Love, Jennifer

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You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

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‘Time to Exhale’ Eclipses ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

The New World Soul: 2012 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy


‘Time to Exhale’ Eclipses ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, May, 2012

If you close your eyes and listen carefully, you can hear the cry…the one from your heart that you have held back for so long that is finally coming forward…the one that must be finally heard and known again, the ancient one, the one you have been holding back every day to the point that you have almost forgotten it and yet it colors every aspect of your very life. I know it is the thing you are most afraid of, but I am here, an Oracle of many lifetimes, to tell you that releasing it means only one thing: freedom.

It is about to be yours…that freedom. That freedom you ache for with every fiber of your being. That freedom you long for so deeply that you have nearly forgotten it. The freedom at the bedrock of your being that has just been guarded so fiercely by its most faithful companion…fear. Oh yes, fear has been your friend. It has kept you from opening the box of some of your greatest treasures for so long, but only to keep them safe through what I call in my book, The Oracle Within, “The Great Forgetting.” Safe and intact so that you could re-access these gifts now, during “The Great Remembering,” when it is time again to know yourself fully.

Everything that has occurred in your life, the beautiful as well as the brutal, has been leading you to this freedom. The freedom that will let you taste the sweet bite of salt and feel the sprouting earth under your feet again…the freedom that will bring blood rushing back to your cheeks, and compel your heart to blossom like you never thought possible. That’s what this year of 2012 and the coming next few years hold for us. (For more about this see my 2012 Prophecy Message here.)

As we approach the middle of 2012 we greet two eclipses, one a solar eclipse at the new moon this Sunday, May 20th, and a second, a lunar eclipse at the full moon on June 4th. (Both dates are based on the Pacific Time zone.) Eclipses, like solstices and equinoxes and the midpoints between them, are always powerful portals of transformation. These particular eclipses are here to free up the cry in our hearts…the one that has been there for so long…the one that started the first time you tried to be something you were not, and grew from then every time you did it again. It is the hereforeto silent scream of inauthenticity…of compromising who you are, either for very real reasons of safety, a perception that safety was somehow on the line, the desire to fit in with others or belong somehow, fear of loss, survival…the reasons are countless. They are all valid and have all had their place and reason, thing is, we need our true self-knowing and the freedom to really be who we are, in any given moment, in order to create and step into the new world…

That means that this is the breaking open…be it faster or slower for you, a lightning bolt or slow dig, that is finally more powerful than the fear and hits that bedrock inside of you…of the real, of the fearless, of freedom. You may be so tired of stifling the cry in your heart, having it keep you awake at night exhausted and all the while pretending it isn’t there, that you are ready and wondering how to go about this bursting open…do you pray hard for a lightning bolt to come? Do you go looking for tools and pick some random spot to start the hard work of digging? I am here to tell you exactly what to do at this powerful eclipse time (that will continue for a full couple of weeks at least after the second eclipse)…just exhale.

That’s right. I mean that you have already been all over the desert dodging and finally surrendering to lightning bolts, and you have dug up just about everything you can get your hands on. You are probably weary, but still committed because by now you know there is no way out but through. I’m here to tell you that you can really give yourself a pat on the back (in the biggest possible way) and honor how incredibly freaking brave you have been, and diligent, and strong. And now the biggest trial ahead of you will just be letting go. It will just be not holding your breath anymore, letting out that air that you started holding back so very long ago. And once you have exhaled, it will be natural to inhale, and when you do it will be a fresh, new air unlike anything you have felt in such a long time. It will be the air of remembering, of knowing, of feeling…yourself.

Though at first it may be a shock to the system, it will ultimately give you the new world. Your new world of beauty and joy, and the new world for all of us will also be found this way. Once you take the breath of real air again, you will find that after the initial shock you fall in love with the fact that you can breathe again…

Sure, you may blow away some people that aren’t ready. Let them go. The others who are ready are going to be seeking you out, and you them. It is time to reunite with your tribe, but you won’t feel or find them, nor they you, if you are still plugged in to those who live by fear and wish to hold you back to keep you where they are, in the old dying world. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean you can’t see or talk to them anymore, with some people you may feel that is the right way, but with others you just may notice you are less invested energetically, or see them less often. It will happen naturally if you let it, and keep trusting your heart. It knows everything.

These eclipses, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, are imbued with the energy of the recent “super” full moon (full moon closest to the earth in its orbit in over a year) at Lunar Beltaine. These potent transformational eclipse energies will hit us right at the sensual, the earthy and earthly, the sexual. There is a world transformation occurring here, as we open our hearts we will also finally return to the sexual in a whole and powerful way, which is crucially needed for our passage into the new world.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere the energies of Samhain will imbue these eclipses with a thinning of the veils leading to revelatory insights. There will be some transference of each of these qualities to the other hemisphere as well, so to some degree we will all feel both aspects of the gateway that preceded these eclipses in both parts of the world.

It may sound so easy that it seems difficult…just exhale. Just let go. Just trust that, as we’ve all known and forgotten countless times even in the period of a day sometimes, everything really is exactly as it should be right now. Know that everything is going to fall down in the perfect way for the coming forward of your dreams, and those dreams bring forth the new world. Know that you haven’t done anything wrong that you are now having to make up for in order to step into more of your power. You are in your power, and you are just about to realize it. When you get caught up in thinking that you are supposed to be doing something the right way, just breathe. Just exhale, and let the natural inhale follow. Like that inhale, you won’t have to force what comes next…just let it happen. Just, as best you can, trust. Trust, and let go, and breathe again.

If you can remember how to really breathe again, literally and energetically, you will know just what to do in any situation that arises. You will know how to be carried from within, and how to find out what feels truly right to you again, and you will understand that things are just as they are meant to be and are unfolding perfectly.

You are becoming a butterfly and there is no “right” way for the disintegration of your former sense of self to occur, nor is there a right way for you to break free when the moment has come. It will just happen. And when it does you will know there is nothing more to know, nothing more to do, but fly…and that you have always known how to do that, and were just waiting for your moment, to be free.



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True Embodiment: On Not Ascending in 2012 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, December, 2011

(This is part two of my 2012 prophecy, read part one: “The New World Soul: 2012 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy” by clicking here)

I write, trembling, not with fear or nervousness, but with the golden power of the goddess coursing through my veins. These words I have always written…these words I have always said. They sing along with me on the unbound currents of the sea and the wind that kisses all the stars. It is the time of returning, at last…

I will admit it. Even I, with my incredible resources, found myself tossing and shifting in bed the other night…aching and fevered without being hot…praying for the moment to come when the full moon and eclipse would finally release me, and leave me in her wake, transformed…

The next night was even worse. The night of the actual eclipse. It wasn’t just that I was sleepless. It was the terrible ache in my body that seemed to extend to the edges of my very being. It was almost a feeling of poison, and though I knew it was a healing death-and-rebirth process it still took great power within me to bear it and hold space as it occurred. The next day, when the eclipse had passed, I was fine again after days of difficult experiences in my body and heart.

I am writing this because we need tools. The tools I have get me not only through the most intense nights of transformation, but allow me to have increased benefits from them, and profoundly further my joy in this life on a daily basis…even as the storm of alchemy in the universe rages on, preparing us for a new world, and releasing us from the old.

I am about to give you my very best gifts for getting through these times…not only for enduring them, but for thriving through them, spreading your wings, and flying across the new, open skies…

We live in times of almost truly unbearable waves of intense and transformational energies. They push and pull us, pressure and release us until we can hardly function, especially those of us who are sensitive and aware. We who are sensitive receive and process these energies first, and most profoundly. We may often feel like we’ve been brought to our knees energetically speaking, or finally to the point where we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore, over and over again. And just when we think it couldn’t get any more intense…it does.

Yet somehow we pull through it all…the symptoms that swing from fatigue, to over-excitability, numbness, acute anxiety, unexplained frustrations or loss of hope, overwhelming sadness, sometimes out of the blue…and countless others. The headaches, the rejection of foods and upset stomach and gut, the achiness and stiffness and strange joint pains. The moments when you are sure you have finally lost it and are just plain crazy. Sure, some of these symptoms certainly come from other causes too, (and check with a health professional to be sure!) but even in those cases they are often exacerbated by these intense transformational energies.

These energies are sometimes predictable…they come with eclipses, solstices and equinoxes (all of which are powerful portals of transformation.) They may also come with solar flares, earthquakes and other seismic activities, or magnetic shifts. But sometimes they are not operating at those more obvious or at least readable levels. They just come when the time is right, and you may only know they have come because you have learned to sense them, or because suddenly everyone around you is feeling like they are going crazy too. (Yes, it is very important that you know that you are not alone!)

So we are coming up on the year 2012, and that special date in December that is reputed to mark the end of the Mayan Calendar. (See my previous prophecy for more on this.) And, as you might expect, the energies are kicking up a notch, many notches actually. In fact, the extreme intensity of that wild moon that just eclipsed is my inspiration for writing you all this. I want to tell you how to best handle and bear some of what I see coming.

(Don’t get me wrong…most of what I see coming is wonderful, but getting through these catalytic energies, and doing so with power and grace, is going to be crucially supported by all the resources and assistance we can get.)

I have been hearing about earth changes and shifts in consciousness for a long time, since I was a little girl. And I could always tell that I had a different perspective on them, since I have had extraordinarily psychic vision since I was very small and could see a great deal about the potential futures of the earth.

You see, I’ve always known these changes are not about ascending. They are about embodying. They are about finally, fully being able to be in our bodies.

Yes, we are here, now, to learn how to fully embody. For embodiment actually contains all the blisses that we associate with ascension, and we have just lost awareness of them. We are, however, about to find them again. This is how the divine feminine will return…in our discovering fully and truly the divinity and the sacred pleasure of our bodies again.

Some of you are excited by this thought, and some of you perhaps can’t imagine that kind of heaven. The heaven of the body. Maybe all you have known is pain. Maybe you feel far too numb. Maybe it seems like too long and winding a trail back to where you once might have felt that, or could again. And most importantly, it may feel dangerous.

After all, why wouldn’t it? This love of the body and the pleasure it holds for us has been the single most repressed knowing and awareness of all in our entire recorded history. For it contains the greatest power ever known. It’s not far off in the heavens, this most potent power. It’s not in the right practice that lifts you out into another dimension. It’s right here…right, literally, at your fingertips.

There is so much more to say about all of this, but for the purposes of this writing I wish to offer you tangible, actual, clear, specific examples of how you can use your body to be healed and strong through these times, and ultimately access the bliss that is your birthright and where we are all headed until the time we leave it…the bliss of embodiment.

You see, I remember and teach a great number of ancient practices that have to do with this embodiment of ecstasy…female lineages (with wisdom for all genders) such as the Nymphs, Sibyls, Pythias, Oracles, and various Priestesshoods, many of Sacred Sexuality. Because I remember actually living in and being a part of these lineages I am sure you can imagine that I have gotten pretty darn good at being able to experience this bliss in my body, even through difficult times. But whether or not you have this ancient training, (or remember it) I will distill all of my lifetimes of background into the simplicity that can be applied right here, right now in our times…by anyone.

The first step of all of this is radical self-care. It is something most of us have not made a priority of in life, and have actually been trained in many cases not to practice. The practice of radical self-care is about taking self-loving actions. Self-loving actions are those which allow you to feel pleasure, (and therefore pleasure in the body.) It is on the pleasure in the body which we will focus when learning to embody.

Feeling pleasure in the body will first provide pain relief, (if and when needed,) and then, with diligent practice, be the same thing that takes us ultimately all the way into bliss. If you are already comfortable experiencing pleasure, and pleasure in your body, then being diligent about practicing doing so will simply take you ever deeper. The more fully you allow the pleasure to move through you, the more fortified and illuminated you will become.

Though you are the one who will best know (or discover) what brings you and your body pleasure, I have five basic suggestions that will offer a powerful framework, starting point, or points to return to over and over again if you find that they work for you. These five tools will be like the best survival (and thriving!) skills you could possibly have for facing the shift in consciousness on the earth over the next few years.

These skills are movement, orgasm and sexual play, water, laughter and touch. I know they sound pretty simple and straightforward, but they are powerhouses and miracle-makers, each one. In addition there is a magic ingredient: actually experiencing the pleasure (or at first it may feel more like comfort) as you use these tools.

What I mean is that you may be able to take a bath, experience lovemaking or self-pleasuring, or move your body, for example, right now in your life, without the truly powerful results I am speaking of, simply because you are not letting yourself really feel, or fully feel, the pleasure they produce. It is letting yourself feel the pleasure that brings about the miracles and opens the alchemical doors of embodiment.

1. Movement

I know, I know. We just want to run the other way sometimes from “exercise” but I promise you this, if you choose something fun (dancing, yoga, hula-hooping, tree climbing, swimming…) and you listen to your body, after two to four weeks of regular movement it will actually feel good to move! And you will crave it! And it will reduce your bodily discomfort and inflammation, give you energy, and so much more! Anything that moves your body at all (even vacuuming, painting a wall, or playing an instrument like a drum) will help when you are overwhelmed. Extra healing bonus points if it is also something that makes you feel creative. Overall, movement might just feel as though it saves your life.

2. Orgasm and sexual play

Did you know that when you are experiencing sexual pleasure (any pleasure really, but sexual pleasure more so) pain receptors are temporarily blocked? (Not to mention that endorphins and other yummy hormones and neurotransmitters are released! Again, this is true of any pleasurable experience, sexual or not.) I have heard of orgasm reducing pain by up to 80%, or even taking it completely away! It doesn’t have to be an orgasm though, any pleasurable sexual play will have some of this benefit. And remember you can do this on your own! No partner required! (If you have trouble reaching orgasm and would like to, there are fabulous resources out there…or take my Sacred Sexuality Courses!) I am with Mae West, “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!”

3. Water

Submerse yourself in water as often as possible. It has healing and cleansing properties, and pain-relieving benefits have been shown from immersing the body in water. It is also a great way to exercise, especially for an injured or weak body you wish to strengthen.

4. Laughter

I am on a comedy diet. Really. I save my stress hormones and chemicals for other uses and just watch funny things. I search long and hard for anything that just might make me howl. It is pure therapy, as we know from studies showing its restorative effects. Laugh daily, and as often as you can, laugh until it hurts and you want to fall over. (Other types of movies or entertainment also may have their purpose for you so follow what you are drawn to of course.) My best laughs are with friends.

5. Healing Touch (Massage and Bodywork)

Get touched. As often as you possibly can. Try to see a professional regularly, or trade off massages with a friend, or ask a lover for regular touch and massage. You can also try self-massage, use a tool, machine, or tennis balls if need be. Just get those tissues moving around (with gentle and loving consciousness, and while listening to your bodies needs,) as much as possible!

(A note here…I would certainly be discussing the skill of loving and feeling pleasure in your body by thinking about what we eat and drink, but since most of us are already thinking along those lines so much, and there is already such a wonderful focus on this now among conscious communities, I am counting on you already making loving choices about what you put in your body that way, and am focusing on the places we might not be looking as much that are rich with body-loving resources.)

These five options will not just help relieve pain, or help us enter into pleasure…the core of all of this is about the fact that entering into pleasure helps us open to love. Pleasure is love. The more we open to love the more we are rapidly healing, reaching new inspiration, and flexible and in touch with our deepest self and truth. And the more we open to pleasure, the more we open to love…

It isn’t enough just to read these suggestions though, you have to do them. And it isn’t even enough to do them. You have to do them regularly. And it isn’t even enough to do them regularly! (I promise to stop soon. : ) You must do them regularly with the never-ending diligence of one who has found water in the desert and must remember, over and over again how to return to the spring and drink…and then, you must be sure to allow yourself to feel the pleasure while you do these things. Remember, this is the ultimate secret and magical key of everything I have shared! You have to let yourself feel the pleasure in your body as you do these things.

This seems simple but it is the greatest alchemy I know. This is letting in the love of the universe, pure love, and letting it heal you and empower you. This is your power, and having full access to it.

Love is the most inherently organizing, harmonizing, healing and coherent energy in the universe. Its innate intelligence and supreme wisdom is the essence of all magic and beauty, and the most potent amulet of protection you could ever have. It is a stabilizing force that assists in providing mental and emotional wholeness and wellbeing, and anchors us firmly in our liberated sovereignty and natural power as divine beings, therefore also allowing us to bloom as sensual creatures in freedom and joy.

Even several years ago the world wasn’t ready for this…for me…for a young woman who is older than time itself to tell everyone in a supremely profound prophecy to touch themselves, rent funny movies, and take more baths (in order to save their own lives and most powerfully change the whole world no less!) but the world is ready now. The tide is turned. We are ready for the feminine. Not just the female…I am not talking about gender here. I am talking about the feminine, present in all people and all things. (But we are also, blessedly, ready for that to come through a woman and for all to hear.)

For this is how the goddess speaks…in the wind, in the trees, in your body. You are never too far gone. You can start with just letting in one good feeling at a time. It doesn’t have to be instant bliss. You can just let in a slightly relieving or calming feeling. See what it is like to allow yourself to feel that as you soak in the bath, or drink your favorite hot tea. As you begin to feel comfortable with that level of calm pleasure, you will find yourself opening to further pleasures, and your life will change forever.

Once you let pleasure in, as long as you keep returning to the spring, it will keep nourishing you. Your whole experience of embodiment will change. Your life will have joy again, or increased joy if it already contains joy now.

There is one more thing that will help keep you on the path of pleasure (well there are many!…but one more major and important one that belongs here.) It has to do with having the proper environment of support for staying on the path.

For the metaphor of the “spring” is one that comes often for me. That is because of my memories of being a Nymph. As a Nymph, in all sincerity, all life was just the variation of states that we would refer to as differing levels of orgasm.

It was very, very good being a Nymph.

Nymphs loved springs and caves…one bubbled up from the body of the mother and the other led inside her. The earth and nature were considered the body of the mother, one of the greatest sources of ecstasy for the Nymphs. They considered their own bodies to be that same divinity. They were the mother embodied. And so are we.

So the Nymphs had water (the springs and other waters they loved) and laughter amongst themselves, and sexual pleasure, and touch, and movement (they loved to dance.) They had everything I suggested above, and it was all right around them, all the time. We, however, may not feel surrounded by nature and laughter and happy dancing. Our challenge may be that we have to generate these states without the support of proper context.

That’s why we must make the context. We must try as best we can to make our spaces where we live and work feel good and pleasure-prone whenever possible. We must try to surround ourselves with people who we laugh with (and cry with too when needed of course!…but we need people who are pleasure-positive around us and who want to see us feeling good.) We must go out and buy the bath salts and maybe set up the candle on the rim of the tub to inspire us to have that hot bath sometimes. We must go out and join that class on hula-hooping, or yoga, or ecstatic dance so we can get moving and be around others who are doing the same. We then become the example and the better environment for others who are trying to be pleasure-positive as well.

I have made such a context in my life, and I delight in it. I don’t have to imagine the divine feminine returning to the earth and how it will happen. It’s happening now for me. I am her. You are her. She is our bodies and our ecstatic birthright.

So the other night when I burned with the moon and she pressed her hot revelations into my mind and heart to the point that I was frenzied, body and soul, I knew just what to do. I’d already had my bath and been to work out, so I chose one of those other options I mentioned above (ahem) and let the waves move through me. And then I slept, the soft sleep of one who is awake with the moon in her heart, and readied myself for all that would come next…

When the moon keeps you up, or the solar flares rock your boat…when the crescendo of energies reaches heights you can barely stand and you lose track of your center and your will, when it hurts…go to the body. Go always to the body. Ask what it wants. Trust that the pain you feel will dissipate more easily if you are willing to feel it, and can then feel something else…what is beneath it. We have to learn to fully feel again if we are going to make it through these changes like a blossoming flower.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it out in your body. Return, ever ardently, to that radical self-care. Only you know what it looks like for you. Only you can learn to hear what the language of your body is saying to you again, and only you can respond. Everything you invest in yourself will bless you manifold times, and spill over to serve the universe naturally and in the best possible ways.

Find your spring. Find your place of connection to your body, the mother, the Nymph within. Whatever your gender, she is waiting for you. Answer to her, the ancient calling from deep in our blood and bones that we have silenced for so long, and all the magic of the world will return…and the new world will be ecstatically born.



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The New World Soul: 2012 ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, December, 2011

I speak these words at the time of Great Change, the great turning of the tides, the rise of The Great Remembering.  They come from the mouth of a great Oracle of many ages.  They pour from the same cup of wisdom the Goddess first drank from.  They speak the silent whisper you carry in your heart…

I knew tonight, as I sat on the beach in the peach-colored light and caught my breath on the new eyelash moon, that it was time to write this message.  This message I have waited so many ages to write.

We are entering the year of 2012, the year much prophesied.  The year we begin again.  There are countless ideas about what will happen on the date the Mayan calendar is believed by many to end in December of this coming year of 2012.  My personal prophecy is simple and yet as grand as any could ever be.  For I remember further back than time…much further, and I have known, like many of you, that this era would arrive for many ages.

In fact, I came back now to be an Oracle again, in great part just so that I wouldn’t miss this.  This turning point that marks our passage more fully into what I call in my book, The Oracle Within, “The Great Remembering.”

For when we arrive at the threshold at the end of 2012, what we will find is the crossing into greater, more embodied love.  A love that has forever existed and will always exist.  A love that makes up all of what we are.  A love that is our essence and always has been.  All that will be different is that this love that has been building, pressing up against our walls and becoming a pressure we can barely stand, will finally spill out and over.  It will find the missing brick and instead of slipping through it slowly, it will use its force to topple every place we have ever held back from it.  It will move both like the most tender breeze or the softest balm, and like an unleashed primordial ocean, or a brilliant, blazing wildfire that rages through us and overturns the very fiber of our being.

I know you are probably thinking that you might not be able to bear it.  Not after everything you have already born, and barely survived.  After all, we live in the most intense times that ever have been.  And that, I can tell you, remembering some of the times we have known before on this earth, is really, really saying a lot…

We face daily pressures not just in our fast-paced world, but in the potent transformational and evolutional energies that hit those of us who are sensitive and conscious the most.  Those of us on the frontlines of change.  Those of us who are living on the edge and always have.  Brave souls, we are indeed.

People will begin to open up in ways they didn’t expect to.  Not everyone at once.  It will take years, but many will be impacted very quickly.  In fact, people will burst open so intensely and open so suddenly and widely that they may visibly fall apart.  Many people will stop being able to keep up appearances.  And this is good.  Those of us who are more open already will be natural guiding lights.  (Though it won’t be because we drop everything to take care of everyone else, it will be because we are caring for ourselves so well we become a model, and an inspiration.)

Right now, as I write these words, we are getting a preview of this experience in the midst of these two powerful eclipses, one in November and another coming up in December at the full moon.  Emotions are running high…perhaps at such a fever pitch sometimes it is hard to bear it at all.  This intensity is preparatory for the changes of next year, and will help us be more ready to enter into it more powerfully.

So, to help now and throughout next year, I am going to tell you right now how we will survive this heart-racking, body-breaking-to-make-whole, flooding rush of both devastating and life-renewing love.  We are going to surrender to it.  If we do that it will be like riding the blissful waves of an ocean.  We will still be thrown down on the beach once in a while, but far less often…and the rest of it, will be ecstasy…new realms of joyful feeling and liberation.

It is only fighting this love that will cause the worst suffering.

After all, with where you have already been, is it such a stretch to think of losing everything you think you know?  Probably not.  You’ve been primed.  That is the blessing of being on the frontline.  By the time the worst hits you will be swimming with the dolphins.  And your joy will inspire the new world.

Did I mention that?  Oh yes, I absolutely see the new world.  It isn’t born yet, but its birth is imminent.  There is only one thing that is required.  It’s in you.  In fact, the entire new world is within you.  And I don’t mean it has anything to do with how well you align your thoughts or take the perfect actions.  It has everything to do with your heart, and it’s desires, and nothing else.

I am going to let you in on the deepest secret of all ages…the most hidden, golden truth of all times.  You have always known it deep inside.  It is that the desires of your heart are the greatest power in the universe.  They are the portal to all gifts, all truths, all answers, all creation.  And they are the absolute and the only hope of the new world.

I am not talking about the false desires that just really point the way to something deeper.  I am not talking about the addictions to the things that cover up feeling and knowing.  I am not talking about the false wants for something that will just hang a pretty fabric over the hole in your heart.  Most importantly, I am not talking about the adjusted desires you have compromised and bargained down to because you thought your real desires were too real, too big, somehow unacceptable or too much…

I am talking about the real, raw, fresh, wild, aching, astounding, scary, thrilling yearnings of your heart, and trusting yourself enough to find out which ones those are.  I know.  I know that even if you are somewhat in touch with these desires there are still the ones that you buried in your back yard with your favorite, private, sacred toys and objects when you were little.  And yes, I am absolutely suggesting you head out and get a shovel, maybe a shiny red one to spur you on, and go out back and get your hands dirty, and muddy with your tears, and dig it all up.

And then go back to the next place you went.  The secret place you took your boat out in the dark night when no one would see you, so you could hide the ones…the desires…you had been shamed for…quickly, before anyone would ever see.  I am suggesting you drop anchor there.  I am suggesting you bring your net and dredge it all up from the bottom of the sea.  She kept it for you.  I am suggesting that if the net doesn’t work you peel off every layer of clothing you wore out there, getting naked in your boat, and then dive in and search the bottom of the sea with your hands until you find them.

I am suggesting you go back to that dark passageway.  The one in the temple that you had forgotten, deep underground…and that you find that tunnel you took in your sleep one night, and go back to that little room.  The one you said you would never return to, promised yourself you would leave well enough alone, and find the sealed box there, and break the lock that you forged yourself.  Reclaim what you sealed away there.  Cry if you need to.  Howl at the moon.  Scratch the walls.  The world needs your wildness.  The world needs your passion.  The new world.

You see, the new world is going to be born of the dreams of your heart.  And if you don’t dream it, it can’t come.  If you and I can’t trust our hearts enough to listen to their dying wishes, they can never be reborn.  For the soul of the whole world is dying, and only our dreams can give it new life.

Oh yes, that means thinking of what seem like a child’s hopeful imaginings while life may at the same time seem to grind along painfully, taking us through peaks and valleys of the kind of exquisite strain that causes breakdowns and would bring anyone to their knees.  While it may not be this way for everyone, there may certainly be hard times when it seems the last thing required for one’s sense of self or physical well being at the level of survival, is to dream.  But I promise you, I have seen worlds come and go, and I know about these things.  Dreaming, desiring, reaching the hot, burning, sweet aching yearning inside of you is literally what will save you, and this whole world.

(Spoiler alert here!  Run out and see the following movie before you read on if it is important to you not to know the ending!)

In the movie The Neverending Story, there is an Empress who is the Oracle-Priestess-Queen, (a combined role many of us have taken,) and a boy.  He has been reading a book about a land called Fantasia, a land of dreams.  That was the land of the Empress, who was trying to save it from a force called the “nothing” which was consuming it.  The nothing was taking over because people had stopped dreaming.  At the end of the movie the Empress comes to the boy who was reading the book and had almost reached the end, when the nothing was completely taking over and then everything had gone black.  “What happened?” he asked.  “What happened to Fantasia?”

“It’s all gone,” she told him.  “All that remains is this one grain of sand.”  And she opened her hand and showed him the one, glowing, tiny point of light.

The boy was devastated that Fantasia was gone, a land he had come to love so much.  A land full of friends he believed he had lost.  Tears fell down his cheeks.  “That’s it then?” he asked desperately, “Fantasia is lost?”

“No,” she replied.  “Fantasia cannot be lost.”  And she opened his hand and dropped the grain of sand into it.  “All you have to do to bring it back is to dream.”

“I don’t know how,” he exclaimed.  “I don’t know what to do.”

“Just close your eyes,” she said, “and make a wish.”

As he dreamed of being with his friends in fantasia, that whole world came into new being.  And just as he promised the Empress, he never stopped dreaming.

There isn’t any right way to do it…to find the new world in your heart.  It just takes absolute diligence…the diligence to find out what you want again.  And not just once but over and over and over again.  You just have to come to know the feeling of true want again, and what it feels like to let it flow through you…to let it be your friend, to let it guide you.  It will show you the way, and it will construct the new world.  The new world is ready.  It just needs artists with a vision who will dream it into reality.  Not out of practicality, or function.  Out of pure, raw desire.  Out of unreasonable want.  Out of unadulterated passion.

(Which has its own perfect design.)

Do you think you could become unadulterated?  If it meant reclaiming your soul’s true power and saving the entire world?  If it meant that much?  It does.

You see, right now I am the Empress in this story.  The old world is dying.  It is being consumed by the nothing.  In fact it is nearly gone.  And I have the last grain of sand in my hand, glowing  softly with promise.  I am placing  it in yours and asking you…imploring you…to dream.  But not for me, or for the new world.  Only for you.  It must only be for you in order for it to really work, and to do the most good.  I know that may seem strange.

And though I implore you, I am not worried.  I am not afraid.  I have faced the nothing before, and even let it move through me.  It cannot take the seed of all.  The seed of love.  The seed of love that is sprouting stronger than ever, and about to spread all over the earth in new ways, blooming and blossoming everywhere.  Bursting through concrete in people’s hearts and bringing in the golden rivers of the new world soul.  It is to be.  I have seen it…for a million years and more.  If we can let the world fall, we will rise from it.  The whole new world will rise.

And it all starts with you.  You and your own heart.  You and your own heart and one little question that you will answer a million times…

What do you want?

What do you really, really, want?

Let it, for once in this life that taught you, in every painful way, not to…guide you.  Touch the aching center of it, where it burns because you haven’t had it fulfilled.  Trust, against every odd and all the screaming warnings of your bruised mind, that it could still be fulfilled and discover the miracle that you can relish this want in a way that makes it even feel already fulfilled, so that by the time it actually is that will just be the cherry on top.

Chase your illusive wantings down winding paths, and find that soon you are running like a child, laughing so much it slows you down…so you can collapse with joy into the flowers…happy and full of life.  Find that you are suddenly running toward things rather than away from them, and yet you are not even concerned with destination.  Let the love rip and rush through you, and find yourself asking for more.  Don’t fight it anymore.  Don’t swim against your own tide anymore.  You always have the power to stop in the stream, stand up, turn around, and let yourself be carried instead by the rhythm of your own pulsing blood as it courses through your veins…pumped, of course, by your heart.  It is time to live in your own rhythm again.

I know it may be hard to find again at first.  And perhaps be scary to even look for it.  There may even be long nights where you think you have lost it forever.  But then it will surprise you, soft at first, one day when you decide to put your ear to the ground just one more time, and there it is, like the sound inside a shell…the roar within you.

Once you can dream again, and do make sure it is the kind of dreaming that makes your heart fly (not the kind of dreaming you think should, or might, but doesn’t)…see if you can dream bigger.  See how big you can make it.  How much bigger could your dreams be than you ever allowed yourself to consider.

Above me the moon waxes, moving us toward the second of two eclipses.  Two more portals of powerful change leading us into the new year of 2012.  The year of preparation, and release.  The year of the return of magic, the year love will overtake us as never before, and guide the ship more strongly than ever before.  Remember to do whatever it takes to nurture, nourish and be incredibly gentle with yourself.  It will keep you in good stead for the rest of your days, and transform your life more than anything else.  And it will carry you like a ship through these intense times.  It will be your lighthouse, and your surrender to the waves of loving darkness where you need no boats or lights to shelter or guide you.  In that place where there is only the thump of your amazing heart, and where that is all you need.

Lean in, when you catch sound of it again, and listen carefully.  Find out what your tender and fierce heart wants, and take every chance you can to respond to that want.  It will lead us out of the dark, and into the light of the new world.  You carry the shining-star answer to every prayer, courageous soul.  You are the morning sun.  You will rise, and the world will be colored with light, and warmth.  And you will dance in the joy of true knowing, again.



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Return to Ecstasy ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, May, 2011

So long we lingered in the grasses and the sand…so long we languored in the waters with the fire within burning us to the very edges of our souls, and tips of fingers, and last hidden places of skin…no hidden places…we were open like fully blossomed flowers…always…


Once upon a time we didn’t feel that bliss was a far reach, or a passing moment like catching the sun in our eyes…a fleeting glimpse of something so magnificent that just as quickly slipped away…no, once upon a time ecstasy was our very breath.  It was our bread and our water, our blood and our bones.  Even later, when many had forgotten, for the ancient Nymphs, Sibyls, and many Priestesses/Priests and Oracles, such as the Priestesses of Isis or the Bees or so many others, ecstasy was a way of life.  It was an answered prayer at every given living moment of the day.  It was every movement, every flicker of an eyelid, every song sung from every sweet pair of lips, or spreading tree, or bubbling spring.  As impossible as this may sometimes seem, this is what I see returning for all of us…and not just when we leave this body but here, on this earth.  I am an Oracle, of many lifetimes…and this is my prophecy…

I know…ecstasy is the last thing on many of our minds in this life, at this time.  In fact, it may bring up feelings of distress or anger just to think of ecstasy…that licking fire of life we may feel so very far from.  We think, “Ecstasy?… I would settle for contentment or just a little good old-fashioned happiness…”

But ecstasy is not a luxury.  It is not even only our birthright as souls.  It is a necessity to our very beings.  It is our fuel.  It is our truest oxygen.  However, most of us have been holding our breaths for so long, getting by on so little, even desperately wishing we knew how to do otherwise, that ecstasy seems energetically expensive or unobtainable.

In fact, for many of us, it is all we can do not to be dragged into the mire of the pain of those around us and in other places in the world, and the fear of the big dark-seeming question mark the future seems to sometimes be marked by.  We don’t know if we should be glad 2012 is coming or run for cover.  We don’t know if we should take every precaution and expect the worst, or hide our heads in the sand with our fingers crossed that it won’t be that bad.

I am here to point out another option.  It has probably been whispering its soft petal-like words into your ear for a while actually, or maybe you are already with me, choosing this option and this message will only be a powerful affirmation.

It is the option to decide that what is coming next is good, in fact that the future is rich and healed and juicy and thriving for you and for the earth.  It is the option that allows you to still honor the bumps and pains it may take to get there, the not-so-great feelings that may also come up, and whatever your intuition tells you to do to take care of yourself, as always…but to not presume darkness or lay it over your future or the future for the world.

It is the option of the path of ecstasy, bliss, self-love and pleasure.  For as sure as I am that I once laid my body against the moss of the earth and felt her tremble beneath me as a magical creature before time as we know it began, I know this path is returning for all of us who will pass through this profound transition time on earth.  It will take more courage than running into a fire or standing up against a dark force, to see your own light, and let it guide you.  It will take more courage to say yes to yourself, and to find out where that blaze within you still resides, undiminished at its core and ready to be sparked again.  And it will take courage to sit, and rub the cold-feeling sticks of where you feel you have grown hard together until that spark comes.  As you do this and you feel the pain in your joints of so many lifetimes of having to hold back those flames of your being, remember that the spark that relights that inferno of bliss and beauty within you will be worth it all…this time you will never turn back the same way again.  You will be warmed by this inner fire for a lifetime, and beyond, and all that you experienced in the meantime will have enhanced you in ways you will only discover as you return to the blaze of ecstasy within.  The exquisiteness in these gifts from your journey will shock you, and rock you, and make you fall even more in love with yourself than you ever, ever have been before…

If you have made it this far with me you are either in complete agreement or are very brave to continue.  This is not a path for the faint of heart…it is a path for the lion-hearted.  It is a path for those who have known for the entirety of their lives, and perhaps before, that they have a special kind of heart.  Not because it is better than anyone else’s, but because they clearly chose to infuse their hearts, long ago, with the full power of their souls while embodied…to allow their hearts to expand beyond the point most are willing to, and to explore the deeper regions, time and time again, of that most beautiful realm of creation.

If you have this heart you know it, though you may feel that it still doesn’t mean you know how to take this path.  In fact, those of us who have chosen this realm of the heart in its entirety have usually been through the wringer more than others as well…though the darkest forests and the deepest underworlds.  We have brought back the treasures but we need to rest and nurture ourselves before we can enjoy them.  Because I have news for everyone, we didn’t bring them back for “the world” or for anyone else.  We brought them back for ourselves.  And that is exactly why they will end up benefiting all who cross our paths, the world itself, and the universe at large.  Because we gave ourselves our own gifts of who we are, and the wholeness of ourselves after all the excavations and unveilings.  When we have reveled in this beauty we will become fully consumed by it…consumed by the beauty of who we are.  We will then be revelers, and revealers, and we will be like golden, sparkling fountains spilling out onto everything that surrounds us…

We will be lovers, like we were as Nymphs.  We will be lovers of the body sexually, as well as through the body in countless ways we might not have even thought of yet that cannot be classified but simply exist in the realm of ecstasy and pleasure.  We will be lovers of the heart and mind, and vessels of love, as we always are and were meant to be…but now we will be conscious of it, and the power of that love will expand and touch and change and heal the world.

It starts, and ends, in your own heart.  First, if you wish to take this path, you must take care of yourself, as you would an entirely adored and beloved child or lover.  You must choose yourself, put yourself first in every case where you can and still feel deeply right about it, and say yes to answering to your needs…all of them.  If some are needs that you cannot answer to yourself or in your current life circumstance, just acknowledge them and fulfill all the needs that you can.  It will shift the tide that will ultimately ensure that your needs will be consistently met.

Know that in the periods of your life, or moments or phases, when you feel that your needs, or a few of them, are not being met…trust ever more deeply that somehow these experiences are leading you to your highest good and the ultimate fulfillment of your heart’s desires, or whatever would be even more suited to your heart than you can now tell.  I know it can be hard to keep faith through these experiences, but as you take the next step of nurturing yourself you will feel more supported, hopeful and trusting as you move toward the kind of life-thriving that leads to ecstasy, self-love, pleasure and bliss.

So as you are choosing yourself and meeting your needs or getting them met, the next thing that begins to happen is that you nurture yourself more profoundly.  You take such loving care of yourself that you begin to feel nourished and self-loving.  Once we just begin to feel nourished we can sometimes realize we have a huge thirst and hunger for so much more of it…and this is a good thing.  This is where we discover we can invite in even more nourishment…fun.  Whereas fun may have felt hard to reach before, once we are nurturing ourselves it just seems to happen on its own.  We find that we are playing more, naturally, which then leads to our feeling creative.  When we feel creative we feel directed from within and in touch with our purpose and joy.  Once we feel creative, we start to feel sexy…yes, perhaps in an expected way, and also in new ways we never knew we could.  For we are full of life force and juice again…next thing you know we are feeling guided by our hearts at all times, attracting love and abundance…and, well, everything is leaning toward the ecstatic.  (And dipping into it, and then suddenly you are lingering in that place, and then living in it…) Then, if and when painful or difficult material comes up, we feel nourished and supported through it, and more trusting of ourselves and that point in our paths and its perfection.

From this deep place of knowing and love, our true nature, we will lead and change the world, simply by being in our own ecstatic joy and bliss.

For we will return to that place we have known, not only out of body but very deeply and richly within it.  It is our heritage, and our future.  It is the arriving legacy of what I call “The Great Remembering” that is finally moving over the earth as we have so long known that it would and waited for it to.

You don’t have to wait until everything is “perfect” because it is perfect now.  You don’t have to wait until all the suffering in the world has stopped or you have ideal relationships or you have done every ounce of inner work you think you need to.  You don’t have to wait until every threat of future dischord or calamity has clearly been averted.  This is a world within we are speaking of…this is where the new world begins.  Turn to it, and it will turn inside out and become the world you walk in, in time.

It isn’t a big leap to ecstasy as a way of life…it is many, many small steps.  It is taking a half an hour before bed to yourself and reading your favorite book tonight.  It is having a really nice cup of tea while you do it and wearing your fuzziest slippers as you hunker down in the big sofa and dissolve into the yumminess of your own moment.  And then it is just doing it again, and again, and finding out what else feels that good and doing it too.  It is stealing moments of your own, and then hours, and then days, weeks, months, years…but it all starts with little moments.  It all starts with those tiny sparks.  And once the fire begins, there will be no going back…there will only be hearts lit on fire like stars strung all the way to heaven, on earth, once again…



© 2011 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

The Heart Quake ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, March, 2011

Close your eyes…can you feel it?  A wave is rolling in the likes of which we have not yet known, and in the rising tide and its sure wake we will know ourselves more beautifully and more clearly than ever before…

If you are having trouble sleeping, or exhausted, or wired all day…if you are having headaches, or body aches, or energized like you haven’t been in years…if you are at one extreme and then another, or if they are almost beginning to blur into one…if you feel half of the time as if you are losing your mind and half of the time as if you might finally have found something entirely sane, then you are likely feeling the shifts at hand right now, and all they are about to bring into our lives.

In fact you are probably well aware that extremely intense energies are at play right now and impacting every feeling and moment in your life at this time.  We have waited so long for this very turning point, one of many powerfully arranged transformational portals on our way to a complete shift in consciousness on this planet, and rippling beyond…

Earthquakes, tsunamis, and solar flares, all of great magnitude, are impacting our planet in astronomical ways, just as we approach an equinox and a “super” full moon that will be closer to the earth than any has been in almost two decades.  All of this during a time when a large number of planets are in pisces, sign of integration and completion.  As if all of this weren’t enough to let us know that change is afoot, we can simply and purely feel the rumble inside ourselves the moment we become still and close our eyes, and perhaps even when we don’t.

For we are experiencing the inner and energetic version of what the earth goes through when there is an earthquake.  We are feeling the rumblings of the building up of a pressure within, knowing that a breakthrough and unleashing of these energies is eminent.  For those of us living in a place impacted by an outer earthquake as well, we are experiencing this with multiple times more intensity.

And the epicenter of this inner quake is the heart.  This is where the most potent work is being done…the center point of all else that will shift and change within us.  Up until now we have done such massive and committed work in the heart, but it has been for the most part willfully orchestrated and concentrated work.  This wave of transformational energy coming in, reaching its peak at the full moon on March 19th and the equinox on March 20th, will simply be so powerful that it will push aside our last abilities to control what is happening in our hearts and let our deepest soul’s wisdom take over.  For that deepest soul’s wisdom is love, and not love as we expect it to be or think it is acceptable, but real love in all of its wild and authentic truth.  Real love that doesn’t know conditioning or rules and that is stronger than our self-imposed limitations or fears.  Real love that will role in like an immeasurable ocean and force our surrender…to all that is more true within us but which we were afraid before even to see, much less to embrace.

This wave will take away structures within us and light fires and perhaps even bring us to our knees, as we find that we cannot stand on our own two legs the way we once did.  We must find new ways to stand and walk, on a different kind of strength.  That vulnerability will be our greatest blessing.  We are going to entirely re-learn how to see who we really are inside in each moment, and how to be that self in the world.

And I know we may sometimes feel that we have nothing left but ashes.  And we may even weep into them at the devastation of what we have lost and the lack of security we are experiencing as we face all the old pains without any of the new redemption yet.  But those very tears, whether literal or metaphorical, will be the beginnings of the new life.  They are what will start the alchemy of rebirth.  They are the reason we will rise like a phoenix from the ashes into new life.

For rise, I know, we will…rise on this tide we once thought consumed us, and be reborn within its midsts.

This is a time to be gentle with yourself, perhaps more than any other.  Know that no matter how intense and overwhelming it feels at times, everything is going to be okay.  You are held, and loved, and cared for even when it seems you are not…and it will be shown to you clearly again in time.  In the hard times, being gentle and as loving with yourself as possible will soften the edges and remind you of that deepest and purest love until the full feeling of it returns in your life.  Until you can reap the joys of this shift, remember that if your heart is breaking, it is only breaking open, and ultimately this is going to bring in incredible blessings of love into your life and heart.  And at the same time allow yourself to honor deeply any pain or other difficult feelings that may be arising.  Again, really feeling and freeing those “tears” is what brings new fire and new life from the ashes.

Just take one step at a time down the corridors that are arising in front of you…both the old ones of your deepest fears, and the new ones that are unfamiliar to you yet…or run whenever you decide you want to run.  Only you know how to move at whatever pace feels right to you, moment to moment on this journey.  What is most important now is that you follow and trust what you feel inside as a new connection to your soul’s instinct takes hold during this time.  That is part of what we are meant to discover in this reckoning.

And then, when you feel another heart-opening wave coming, and you know it is yours, and the rumbling inside you is building…let it pick you up and carry you.  Ride it into the new energies that are waiting for you and in your life.  These leaps of courage and faith at the moments that you know are right…when it is as if the golden sun is shining right onto your heart, and you are maybe terrified but so electrifyingly alive…are the gifts of all of the chances you have taken, all the courage you have had, all the work you have done, all you have let go of, and all you have let in…to be here now.

So hold on.  And let go.  Each in their turn and as your heart dictates, from its place, finally and fully, in charge of all.  Guiding all, from now forward…


© 2011 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

2011 – Year of Reckoning ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, November, 2010

The heavens have stilled, holding their breath for just an instant…if we become very quiet we will feel it happening.  And then, as we have waited eons for, all the very cosmos begins to lean back again.  It’s very fabric ripples with the waves of a new era.  Only now back is forward.  Now we prepare to enter into a new world…

In our hearts and in our very bones we know that the world is about to change.  On the longest of nights we may wonder if we are wrong and indeed that change will never arrive, or we may find ourselves tangled in a web of fears and worries over what will come of it.  But when the light shines through us again we remember what we truly know…that powerful good is coming…and that remembering of our knowing, despite any outside input to the contrary, is what this year will be entirely about.

The moment we have waited so very long for is arriving.  We are one year away from the start of 2012, a great turning point for our planet, and for the very cosmos itself.  A turning point that will be experienced within us, that will make way for a new existence, and change our world forever.  This will simply be the largest in a series of waves of energy that support the shifts that allow for what I call in my book, The Oracle Within, “The Great Remembering.”

We live among these waves, and as I often write, at times we may feel that they have consumed us.  All we feel in those times are the wreckage made of our bodies and minds.  We feel steam-rolled by these waves, and crushed beneath them.  We may feel isolated, and somewhat crazy (or even completely mad.)  We may wonder why we don’t feel like ourselves anymore, and how to endure the ever-growing intensity.

We may feel so pushed past our physical and emotional endurance, that in these more trying times, we may hardly recognize ourselves and wonder how we can possibly continue on.  We may lose faith in the hopes and dreams of our hearts under the terrible burden of physical and emotional pain.  We have so long ago begun a journey of cleansing, clearing and purging ancient struggles, and been stripped so completely of what does not feel authentic to the self that we feel there is nothing left to have taken away, and that our wounds must be endless if we are still working to heal them.  We may feel that all of our efforts to bear the fruit in our lives that we wish to have come to nothing, or very little, or not all that we so hoped for it to.  Our trust in ourselves and the universe may feel broken in those times, but I am here, an Oracle since before the beginning of time, to tell you that the story does not end there.  If you are in that place you are only enduring one chapter.  And when I tell you of the chapters to come, your heart will rejoice, and you will find hope anew.  Keep these words with you and revisit them during the year if need be, for in this year we will experience and endure a great number of completions and endings.  Some of which may bring you to your knees.  But I promise you that if you are indeed ever brought to that place, it will only be so that you can see the window that was not in view while you stood, that allows you to finally see the stars whose presence finally answer all your soul’s longing questions, and remove the need for them at the same time.  It will only be because from that vantage point you see the door to a new land you have so long wished to enter into.  It will only be because when you have surrendered that deeply and fallen that fully, you will find you have fallen into the arms of the universe…into the arms of love.  And when you do that, a thousand burdens will also fall from you, and you will never carry them again.

In addition to all the beauty that will come from the fallen moments, there will also be breakthroughs of such enormity that they will stand out like bright points on the very timeline of your soul.  In fact they will break out of the timeline of the soul, into a land so new and so old both at once that you will be filled with the kind of gratitude one feels at a life saved… or that one feels at being able to breathe again when breath was once restricted.  For above all…beyond wishes of even lovers, family, abundance, or fulfillment of one’s life purpose, we wish to return to the True Self.  And this…we shall do.  And as we do this all the other soul’s longings are fulfilled.  For we are self-complete.  And when we know ourselves this fully, we know the universe in its wholeness, we know love, and there is nothing we are without.  We know union.  And we know utter and complete trust.

This may, for some, feel far-off…but it is not.  It is about to come upon you on your way to the kitchen one day in your bathrobe.  It is about to come upon you in the midst of all else crumbling away.  You are about to dance in the ruins, and dream the new world.  It all begins in your heart.

So this is what I recommend.  All is about to begin to come together, even as everything seems to be falling apart.  There will be losses that are necessary for the true gains of your heart.  You are about to find the level of knowing, in these next few years, and even perhaps in these next several months, that you had at the birth of your Soul.  You are about to remember.  To remember who you are, where you come from, what you are made of…love…like never before.

You will find the hot sweet tears of returning to what you once knew, and yet with even more wisdom and beauty accrued during the experiences you’ve lived, and even during the forgetting.  There are gifts to be received and they are so bountiful that they will make you forget all that once felt lost and lacking.  You will find the silk of reunion with your true self rubbing softly against your skin, and you will feel it burn and sing.

So between ecstasy and being on your knees, and finding the line between the two beginning to blur…here is the helpful navigation:

It is time to know.

…To know what you truly know.  This year every last place of doubt in you will project out into something or someone coming along to try to make you “wrong,” and in the places you most know in your deepest soul what is right for you.  You must be strong, resilient, persistent, just when you thought you had no more of those qualities left to give.  You must persevere, but this time it won’t be in a way that drains you.  It will give to you and support you.  It will show you signs that you are on the right path.  But first you must say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean yes.  You must look through your life like a force of nature and move out what is not life-enhancing and supportive of who you know yourself to be.  You must move out what is not you and doesn’t truly fit.  You must get better and better and identifying the people, places and things that hold you back or send you messages that cause you to doubt in a non-constructive way what you know is true inside yourself.

And even if these things end up in your life without your bidding…don’t put your faith in them.  Hold everything up to the light of your heart and ask yourself if it is true.  Then and only then give it merit.  If it has been a long time since you trusted your heart this way it may feel rusty and take some practice.  But if you take a few chances you will eventually reconnect with this feeling of trusting your inner knowing, and then it will be the source that guides you…and you will begin to hear it loud and clear.  You will walk in true knowing, and eventually nothing…nothing…will be able to deter you from your truth.

For you will walk in a luminous wake, and the world will finally have examples of those who walk with self-knowing.  People will begin to rise up and walk in the trust of their own self-knowing and not be lifted and dropped on the strings of outside sources of truth.  Sovereignty will return to the earth, and to the countless small moments that once fell through the cracks where you doubted yourself.  You will move, as you choose, with the power of your Soul now informing your steps.  You will flow with the rhythm that is innate to you, and leave all other forced and pressured ways of being aside.

Take some time for yourself, each day, if possible.  It doesn’t matter if it is 5 minutes or 5 hours.  But take some time every day to just touch base with yourself.  You can write a little bit, or look out the window at the moon or the sunlit trees.  You can do whatever you would like in that time.  But take the time to ask yourself what you really feel and know about things.  Take the time to stop the mad trains that run day and night of other people’s perceptions and ask whether you really want to be riding them, or going where they are going.  Ask yourself what feels true to you, what feels right deep inside.  And then live from that place.  That light will guide you through any storm.  Though in the worst of them it may be that lighthouse far in the distance while you weather the scary and wild waves, it will let you know that peace will come again.  Always.

We need these knowers of truth, knowers of themselves.  We need those who are the most courageous of all…those who trust what they feel deep, deep inside, and who are willing to even find out what that is.  This year so many things will come full circle, and you will be the only judge waiting at the final trials.  You will be the only one waiting at the end of the long hall, holding up a mirror, and the only one who decides if what you see is beautiful.  And against all odds, and against all the training we have all been exposed to, you are the only one who can decide to let go and not sentence yourself anymore, not judge yourself anymore.  You are the only one who can decide that you were perfect when you began this journey, and no matter what it has contained, you are perfect now.  And then all the illusions dissolve away, and the spell is broken, and there is only you, and the universe, and love.  And you can walk through the old worlds with the new world in your heart…living by its ways and none other.  Living by the ways of your own true heart, and therefore true heart of the universe.

As I write this a crescent moon rises in the sky.  It shines with the same promise I feel for this year and those to follow.  It shines with the promise that I feel for each of you as I write…for all of us…the promise of fullness.

Waxing or waning, dark or light, whatever you may be experiencing or surrounded by, remember your wholeness…remember your light of knowing…and the new world and your oldest self will become one, while you walk here, now on this earth.  And the heavens, leaning in to hear the softest breathing of your hearts voice, will rejoice.


© 2010 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

Eye of the Butterfly ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, Summer Solstice, 2009

It is upon us…a new gateway of light.  It shimmers, and we can feel it, though we can’t quite see it yet.  In blind faith, we await it…for it arrives already in our hearts…

This Solstice, June 20th, 2009, a powerful gateway opens.  I am writing today to tell you about it, and what it may mean to your life.

All Equinoxes and Solstices have the power to open portals.  On this longest day on one side of the planet, longest night on the other, it will be a powerful portal indeed.  In the year 2008 we were disassembled, deconstructed, taken apart.  The reconstruction and rebirth didn’t immediately follow.  Instead, in this first half of 2009, we were further dissolved…past the point of recognizing what we had known as ourselves.  We waited, in faith and courage, and surrender in this ambiguous and undefined state.  We had no choice but to exist, restlessly at times, in this plane of the limbo of becoming with no promises of resolution but our hope.

And now that the time has come for the new state of being, for the butterfly to emerge, we have been broken so many times to be able to shed the old self so fully, that we are almost afraid to emerge whole and new.  We are almost afraid to try our new wings.

What if, mid-flight, we fall, as we have been falling over and over for so long?

We will always be caught, if we fall.  Even if we don’t know we have been at first.  But in this new state of flight that begins around the time of this Summer Solstice, we will fly in a new way and even the falling will be different.  For we will be lighter.  Like the butterfly, our lightness of being will make flight easy, and falling soft.  It will all feel more like a dance, and one we have more energy to maintain with ease, and to receive more support for with every smallest breeze.

So, with the Solstice, we will finally be able to expand into the new space created when the boundaries of our self changed so radically over the last year and a half.  We will finally get to truly become and enjoy the new self we have become.  Systems in our bodies that have been out of balance or swung to extremes will begin to stabilize and find the new harmony they have been seeking to exist in.

We may be terrified.  We may feel we are suddenly made out of thin tissue paper.  And though, having lived lifetimes knowing such burden, lightness will seem alien at first…we will come to love it.  We will remember it, and find the path of bringing it to this earth at this time an absolute joy.  Perhaps a joy we thought we could never experience in this lifetime and on this planet.

The shift may feel so intense at first that we feel literally dizzy or lightheaded for a period of time.  It may even be disconcerting and deserves to be honored by taking time to rest and relax, and give yourself comfort when it comes on very strongly.  You may also feel nervous and have a nervous stomach or digestion for a few days or weeks.  You may feel as if you are going to float away and have become insubstantial even physically.  Rather than running to things that ground you in the old, heavy way, allow yourself to be in places where you can give yourself to the lightness and feel balanced…like nature.  Eat foods that nourish you, rather than just anchor you.  You are anchored in your heart, so it is okay that your physical anchor has been drawn up into you…for you have journeys to go on now.  Explorations of the joyful heart.

As you find these new joys inside of you it will be easier at this time to find the creativity and inspiration to share them with the world around you.  Bringing the inner world to the outer world will feel much more smooth and energized, and will bring you the fulfillment you have been asking for in this last year and a half.

This period of emergence, exploration and experiencing the new self will continue until the next Solstice, though it will also be enhanced by energies of the Fall Equinox.  At the time of the next Solstice the energies will begin to deepen in a way that will allow us to amplify and broadcast our new vibrations and radiance even further from a powerful base in our being.

For this reason and many others, this coming period is a profound time when we will learn to see with the “eye of the butterfly.”  Metaphorically and energetically speaking, when we see through the eyes of the butterfly self, we will receive new vision.  We will, first of all, see ourselves as we have newly become.  Our fresh and vibrant and sacred beauty will be reflected back to us and we will see it for the first time.  When we discover how beautiful we are and how much more of that beauty we have allowed ourselves and others to see, we may have the desire to run away from it…we may fear knowing our own beauty.  But it will only be a momentary reaction, because all the work we have done in the last year and a half has been preparing us for this moment, and for the many more revelations of our beauty that will continue to come.  For we must know our beauty in order to radiate it and allow it to heal the world…to become the ambassadors of love that we truly are.

There will be many signs and resources for support along the way.  Look for them and take advantage of them when they come.  They are there to nurture you on your path like nectar in the flowers.  Drink.  This is your new food of the soul, your new nourishment.

You will find yourself drawn to some kind of visionary work during this new phase.  This will provide tools and an outlet for the new vision that will be coming to you.  Don’t disregard any true and positive vision at this time…each carries a seed of light that may grow into a tree of illumination in your life, with fruits of bliss for you and others.

Ready yourself for vision, for love, for knowing your own beauty in any ways you can.  This will make your path clear to the gateway that is opening so you may most easily glide along it, and at the end, when you have crossed its shining threshold, take flight…


© 2009 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
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Call from the Goddess ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, April 2009

Can you feel it?

The body of the goddess is suddenly shifting and turning…she is waking.

She is starting to stir and to trail her hair along the earth behind her…blazing lines of energy beneath our feet…her slowly-deepening breath creating ripple effects through the field of the earth…earthquakes in our hearts, rumblings behind our ribcages, wildfires in our minds.  It is time.

In one respect there is no “goddess,” no “god”…just one loving energy pulsing.  And where there is a goddess, or a god, they are inside of us.  We are the ones waking, stirring, allowing our love to ripple out in new ways.

And where there is a goddess she speaks to me often.  She has been whispering in my ear forever.  And lately she has whispered things I would like to tell you now.

I have foreseen so many things, and waited for this time for such a very, very long age.  And though most of the world may think spirituality and growth are about becoming more meditative and peaceful, I believe the feminine aspect of the divine has a path for getting there that has mostly gone unseen and ignored.

Her idea is that it is time to stand up…for yourself.  It is time to stop being afraid of making waves.  Make waves.  Make tsunamis if they are in you to effect.  It is time to stop being afraid of your power.  Because someday, if we are ever really going to see change, somebody has got to have some.

We may think we are not ready to claim power.  We fear that we will misuse it and reap the results of that.  But we will never know if we are ready until we try.  Then we will discover we may even have been ready for some time.  We will find that our hearts were pure long before the last of the clearing campaign launched and got us scouring corners and cracks in the floors.

It starts with getting angry and for once in your whole frigging life being okay with it.  It doesn’t mean you have to take it out on anyone (that happens sometimes to all of us and all we can do is forgive ourselves, make amends if need be, aim to deal with it differently next time, and move on.)  But we are so afraid of anger and being out of line (as integrous as that concern is) that we don’t realize its beauty and power.  We don’t realize that many times the truth will never come out of our mouths, or our bodies and hearts, if we don’t let that fire inside start to burn hard.  We will also never find the new passions of our souls if we aren’t willing to discover that flaming and fiery kind of love.  And then we forget the gift our sometimes hard but oh-so real truth is to others.  Love isn’t just one way.  Real love takes the ultimate courage, and gives the ultimate reward.  Real love burns, and it burns away its obstructions.

We think anger makes us attack and act in a way that is out of balance or out of alignment with our true wishes, but it is the repression of anger that does that.  Letting ourselves feel it when we are angry is deeply healthy, and deeply healing, and naturally reveals to us the way to its release.

It is time for the women to get angry.  Don’t get me wrong.  They have been angry for a long time.  It is just time for them to stop being ashamed of it and claim it in a powerful way that will allow them to be the true queens and teachers and healers that they can be.  When the women can have a space for their anger to become power, the men will follow and the world will shift…radically.  If you are androgynous you may fit anywhere along these lines, for in truth we all are, and we have all been “woman” and all been “man” many times.  The story of each rings true and is shared by every single one of us.  It is very limited to see only the form we came in at this particular time as our full identity.  However the form we came in now also has special relevance to our path at this time.  So women, get pissed.  Men, let the woman in you get pissed.  Let the women around you get pissed.  And believe me, when the women let their power-anger show it won’t be scary.  It will be seriously, indescribably beautiful.  You will find yourself cheering them on, in reverence.  And then your reverence will become theirs for you.  And we will all feel whole again, if we do not.

So get pissed.  Yes, really.  Women, reclaim the bitch.  (Men you can find the inner bitch too…she is absolutely fabulous.)  Because underneath the bitch that none of us would want to be in the same room with, there is an epically gorgeous and empowered woman…whole, healed, and on fire with the passion of the universe.  And the world needs you…to lead.

What does this mean on the day-to-day level?  Start speaking your mind when it matters to you.  Start saying no when you want to, and yes even when you are afraid to.  Start honoring your boundaries (and find out what they even are now) and drawing lines in the sand.  Step up, and stand up for yourself.  Don’t let anybody treat you in a way you don’t deserve to be treated.  Tell the people who don’t appreciate you where they can go, and then MOVE ON.  Leave it all behind and trust you won’t end up totally alone because of it…because of actually choosing your company and having high standards.  Find out who will still show up when you have the guts to be everything you are.  Leave the rest.

Yes, you are probably going to upset some people.  If you get out of line with what is really right to your soul and others then you will realize it…or life will show you.  But outside of that you can decide if some people choose not to like you over it then it is just too darn bad for them, and not important enough to you what other people think to let it stand in the way of becoming all that you are.

It is time to rise up.  It is time to claim the power of your incredible heart.  It is time to take up some space, and to not be afraid of asking for more.  It is time to put your foot down, ruffle some feathers, and stir up some very good trouble.  This, this is how the goddess stirs…right now…even as we speak.  She is you.  She is stirring your heart, and you won’t be able to help, very soon now, but to laugh out loud at the tickling, and cry out with courage at the pain as it moves up and out.  Until there is nothing left but the sweet churning of honey.  And we will all share it, when the rest falls away.  Rise up, beautiful ones…of all genders and all paths…rise up so it can fall.  Be unconditionally okay with who you are and all that greets you on your path, greet it as you would another new day.  Your faith will change the stars.  They will shine with new light.

Shine.  Shine more than ever before.  Shine bright.  Shine hard.  Shine on, and on, and on…


© 2009 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.


2009: Year of Realization ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy
Jennifer Luna Posada, December 2008

I write to you these words from the space between worlds…the place I sit not alone now, but in which all of us find ourselves.  We are all Oracles awakening, and trying to remember the dream we had while sleeping, of a new world…

We stand at the edge of a passing world, asked to leap into what looks like a sea of possibilities, but which is actually a new world long ago arranged from a dream in the depths of the universe’s heart.  It is a perfect pearl, born of the irritation of ages.

Beginning in the year 2010 we will really see form come to more of this new world, so we have 2009 to realize its dream within our own hearts.  It is time to claim the new dream, even in the midst of being told we should be scared of the magical future.  For even with the heart of an Oracle of many lifetimes, I can tell you that the future is always a mystery, one that we can fear or revere.  I have seen much of the future, from a long time ago, and I can tell you it is incredibly beautiful.  But we can only claim the beauty of this new dream, if we have first found its roots in our very Soul.

It is time, my fellow Oracles, to remember and realize your sacred Gifts, to begin to share them with the world again, and to do so in new ways.  For they are needed, and now more than ever before.  This is the time you have been preparing and cultivating these gifts for.  This is what your journey has been about.  The fruits of your labor are about to be revealed.  You will find them first within.  You are carrying in your soul’s essence the greatest treasures this world has ever known.  Your heart carries the key to the new world.  You are the Gift.

2009 is a year to expect revelations of all kinds.  These new gifts of your soul will be revealed, and gifts you already knew about will be empowered and enhanced.  Ancient powers will be brought forward again by the human heart.  These realizations will also begin to touch your physical world and life.  Projects you have been hoping to undertake will finally take flight, or be let go of once and for all, making room for something new.  Some friendships will end and new ones will be discovered.  These new and retained alliances will begin to become a community of the soul.  These communities are unlike any we have known, and are nourishment and lifeblood to the new world we are bringing into being, and the personal joy it will be born of.

We are in a powerful window of time right now as we enter the Solstice and New Year.  There are many energies vying for our attention, trying to tell us the story of what is coming next.  We must not be told the story of our futures.  We must be the storytellers to ourselves.  We must decide, in this darkest time of the year for so many of us, that the light truly is returning.  We have the power to decide whether to pay more attention to fear or hope.  We must let hope win, against whatever odds exist in our minds, hearts and lives.  Decide your future is full of glory and beauty.  Decide the future of the world is a destiny of absolute grace.  Hold this like a mantra in your heart over these next several weeks as we pass through the solstice, holidays, and into a new year.  This is the time to build a fire in your heart and sit by the hearth there, no matter how the storm seems to rage outside your window.  It is warm by the fire and the light of your soul, and that warmth will reach the world if you build it for yourself.

This will be a year of great psychic opening.  It is time we know our heritage.  It is time we know who we truly are.  Be prepared for new channels to expand in ways you might not have thought possible for you in this life, and for your third eye to flutter open in a new light.  Look to your guides, in this world and beyond.  Find the foundation that is strong under all the ones that have crumbled in these last years.  You will find more of the others now too…more of the ones you knew before…your soul family and a community of the “rememberers” will reunite.  I will see you there.

Let the flame in your heart burn bright.  Its brightness is our future.


© 2008 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

The Portal – An Oracle’s Prophecy
Jennifer Luna Posada, August 2008

Upon the sands of a thousand years, and those resting upon the sands of eons, a stir begins…a breath so silent that it may go unnoticed at first, while other louder shifts are being heard…but it will build until the tides are carried upon it…the tides of the hearts that beat deepest, in these times when we will finally match the heartbeat of the mother once again…

Many times I have spoken of the energetic opportunities that will continue to open for us as we move through the Great Change and the Great Remembering. We have just passed through a moon, a month, of catalytic energies entering our fields and bringing about change both that we may have yearned for, and that we may not have expected or even known we were asking for. We may still be spinning and not understand what these changes mean…but soon we shall know.

Today, August 1st, with the new moon and full solar eclipse, a Portal opens…a new Portal related to the energies of manifestation. It begins to open now and will reach its fullest opening on August 16th with the full moon and partial lunar eclipse. It will remain open for about three months, bringing in powerful potential for manifestation. As it closes again it will do so slowly, as the new patterns and forms begin to gel and be sealed, so that we can enjoy them, deepen their roots, and build upon them even more…

And what are these energies of manifestation about? What, aside from what we have already been requesting or praying for, are we asking for? The Portal is opening purely and solely for the purpose of manifesting more of who we are. For everything we truly want at the soul level, everything we need to know about our path, and everything we could want to bring in for this world is already in the greater field of who we are.

Your spiritual gifts and guidance, your greater prosperity and support, your foundation and physical health, and the health of your heart and spirit, are all more available to you as more of the great being that you are is welcomed into your consciousness here, now, in this life, in this body, in this world.

You are going to fall in love with the things you may not have liked about yourself, and find that the missing pieces, the fragments that never seemed to fit are finally coming together and creating the sense of wholeness and interconnectedness you have so desired. The dreams you have that seem to belong to another realm, another world, dimension or paradigm are being made room for here in this world. You may notice that if you had before, you stop feeling as much like a stranger in a strange land or a fish out of water, and find that someone seemed to turn the ocean on around you.

Our kin, our support, our land of more subtle energy and ease, is coming here…and it is coming through more of our great and holy Selves being welcomed in to a space that was once too cramped to fit it.

Like any fitting, there will still be moments of discomfort and adjustment for some time to come, but as we squirm and tense up in the tight places they will begin to open. We just have to find ways to care for the soreness it creates in the meantime…ways to welcome in even more love and nurturing…from the universe, from the goddess, from god, from each other, from nature, from animals, from ourselves…

By trying on what it means to be more of who we truly are in this world we are both opening more space for the joy of our hearts to enter, and assisting the greater space in opening for all to experience this. We are doing our soul work, and we will be deeply blessed at the same time. This is not a delayed reward as it has often been in ages past…it will happen as we open.

We are going to be finding, suddenly and where they didn’t seem to be before, new and joyous resources of energy, joy and illumination within ourselves. And then we are going to be broadcasting more of that light, and beginning to receive each other’s frequencies more clearly…and finally come together.

This coming together will be more joyous than anything I can give words to…and it has been a long time coming and arranged. The length of time we have now to wait is nothing in comparison…a last tiny speck of sand to fall through the hourglass.

We will help each other, and ourselves, not to lose hope when those moments or phases enter in which nothing seems to fit. We are surrounded only by the old which does not nourish or support us, and we feel at times cut off from the communion with the love of the universe…but all of those growing pains are just healing the old wounds so that we can ultimately open even more deeply to that love than we ever imagined before.

As this Portal opens we may feel a much greater abundance of this nourishment, and a greater receptivity within, or we may first feel the clenching of the tight places that are getting ready to expand, and release. Either way, at whatever level we can trust this process and know that it is right, no matter how it seems, the softer and smoother the experience will be as we ride the inevitable waves of change.

Great potential prospects and benefits of inviting in more of who we are, as this unfolds over these next many months are: a deeper sense of true soul empowerment and grounding, easier access to illumined revelation, stronger experiences of being supported and deeply guided by the universe, a more profound sense of your purpose and path, a clear raising of magnetism, and very heightened creativity.

This is a time in which the energies of the Divine Feminine are being more consciously brought to light and manifestation as well, and right now and over these next few years we are going to feel her energy coming back into full presence in the mass awareness, and to all of any gender or gender identity…and this will be very, very good. Signs we can look for are a return to connection with the body, sensuality, and illumined sexuality and sexual, creative, loving energy. The Divine Feminine will show us how to make heaven in form, and form in heaven. And she will love us all the way through it.

As the Portal opens there is nothing you need do. Just feel and be. Just be present with what you feel and are in each moment, as often as you can and with as little negative judgment as possible. Just feel and be. That is more than enough. In its fullness, that is everything.

If it brings you joy, follow the sparks of new light that will be, right away or eventually, beginning to go off in your heart. They may be inspired by something you didn’t expect, or something that you think seems insignificant on some level. It is not. If it makes sparks in your heart, it is not. For a new flame is being lit in your being. More of your beautiful, luminous Self is being invited and ushered into this form and this life, this expression of your being, and this world…and it is a thing of such great beauty and joy.

Be as patient and kind with yourself as you can be as these times unfold, and follow the fireflies of your new bliss as soon as they begin to dot the once dark night…


© 2008 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

A Message from Mary Magdalen on 2008

December 21st, 2007 ~ Solstice

Dearest Friends,

I write these words to you from a place beyond time, to tell you what you of great heart must know from within it. You stand at a crucial moment, one which can allow you wondrous advantage in the time of the turning of the great wheel.

As you begin a new year a vacuum is opened in which you can reconsider your reality. This is a powerful opportunity, for it is in your reality that the seed of the greater collective is born.

This, beings of flame and light, is the year to reclaim your power. For you will need it for the road ahead, and it will be the bearer of your joy. This is not a passive process. To reclaim your power is to investigate your heart, seek out the places you have given its gold away, and actively recover it. The gold of your heart can only truly be shared from within, and the places we may have partitioned it out will only weaken our energy fields at a time when their strength is needed.

You will need your voice. If you have lost it you will have to find it. You are its mother, so it will never be too far from your reach. It is time to cull from the clay of your being, and create yourself anew.

It is a time to take a retreat, or to make space to reflect in writing or thought. It is a time to consider all the people, places, situations and things in your life and decide if they are supporting you or drawing from you. This you must know, for this is the simplest of ways to strengthen your field.

Then you must decide. You must decide who you are going to be when your power is truly your own again, and the life you want to live from it.

When you decide the life you would like to have, do not do so in fear. Do not choose a life based on potential catastrophe or in expectancy of poverty. For this is not what you wish to bring forward. You must be aware, educated and prepared for that which you are led to prepare for. But should you make the choices about your future or new life in fear, it will make a very weak foundation.

The coming year marks the beginning of the end of the world you know. This can be a reason for terror or for throwing a celebration. It is you who decides. This world has known catastrophe before, just as you in your own life have known catastrophe before. For that reason you know that fearing it will bring no good. We must know joy to build reserves of energy which would serve us in times of challenge. We must have a light load within if we wish to float rather than sink in the seas of uncertainty.

For when I say this year marks the beginning of the end, you may focus on the end, or you may focus on the beginning. For it is more truly, the beginning or the end.

How differently might you see your life if you thought this year was the beginning of a new era, rather than the descent into great destruction and distress? If we are all dreading the time of change, who will anchor the joy of the new? If we are all in labor pain, who will assist with the birth?

But our joy cannot be abstract. It must be inspired. It must come from within, and be allowed to take form in our outer lives at the very personal level. And joy cannot be forced. We can only make way for it.

Here are my offerings of how to cultivate your inner earth for joy to take seed and root, to make your life thriving and prosperous with flower and fruit.

Don’t postpone your bliss. There is no reason it can’t start now.

Find, with great courage, the places you have been giving your power away, and say goodbye to them. For if you are giving your power away repeatedly, joy cannot find consistent sanctuary within you.

Dream a new vision. Turn a page in your life and imagine that the entirety of your future is a blank slate. Do not paint misfortune onto it as a background just because your world is in change. See the change as good. Bless the change. Trust that the universe will take care of you, and follow the guidance it gives you. Prepare when and how you must for whatever you feel may be around the corners in your life, but try not to do so out of fear, and instead out of calm and centered response to your guidance.

When you are choosing what to paint on this blank page, choose powerfully. Choose to carry over only that which nourishes you and reflects you. Think radically. Let go radically. Love yourself radically.

This is a year of setting foundation for the changes to come, and you want yours to be strong and full of supportive resourcefulness and creative energy. Do not give up on your dreams because the world is shifting. She is shifting to encompass them.

Draw or write about your visions for your future before or at the time of the new year. Revisit and add to or change them several times. Daydream about them. Pray, if you choose, to me for three days either in the morning, before sleeping, or during your meditation or writing if you would like assistance with your new vision or reclaiming your power. Then look for signs in your life in response.

Know that I am with you. For I have returned to the consciousness of the many as the embodiment of the return of the goddess, in communion with god, in androgynous wholeness, in divine oneness. I am the second coming, and I come forward in you. Know your power. It is all that is needed for the birth of the new world. Begin the new world now. Do not wait. Begin to live it in your life, and create it around you. You are the hope and the light, and the joy of my heart.

In Great Love,
Mary Magdalen


The New World – An Oracle’s Prophecy

At the changing of the seasons, in the ninth month of the seventh year, I, an Oracle of many ages, write to you these words…

When I was a young girl, my mother asked me, as a child who was already aware of my role as an Oracle, how long it would be until the great changes came. I told her that if the word “soon” could be laid out like a journey, we were traveling along the letter “n.”

Recently, before a presentation I did in Seattle for about two-hundred people, I was approached by the Egyptian Goddess Isis and her mother Nut, Goddess of the Night Sky. They then commenced to tell me that they would offer through my sounds that night a conversation between the two of them, through sound, about how they see the state of the universe, and our place in it, right now.

I was immediately deeply moved. They told me it would have a healing effect for people simply to hear this “conversation” between them. Later that night, as the sounds moved through me, I understood.

Their conversation was pure love.

It was hope, and healing, and bliss. At one point Isis expressed her concern or lament for the loss of an old world. Her mother, Nut, told her, “Don’t worry…the Universe has dissolved before.”

But the interesting thing is that Isis already knew this, and could never really “worry” about anything. What was actually happening was an example of what is occurring within us…the even more ancient self is telling the great creator within that it is okay for the old world, the old self, to die, and that it is not the end. It is the necessary step to rebirth.

More has been revealed to me about the phenomenal meaning of this time. Most people think of the time of the coming of the new earth or great shift as occurring in 2012 (I have always felt the real effects will be shown in 2013.) However, more and more it has been shown that now is the time. Now is when we leave the old world behind and begin to dream the new one, and bring forward its birth.

I have spoken also of the “red moon” as a symbol, in this case brought into physicality once again by the recent lunar eclipse, and of remembering seeing it in past lives many times when the “old world was dying.” In those times, it had come to mark that death, like a visage of the blood of that old world, infusing the new one with what was beautiful, valuable and worth saving of it.

I tell you this now, not just because it is happening in the world around us, but because it is happening inside of you. As we pass through the great shifts of our time, the intensity fluxuates, giving us moments of more stillness…and yet this stillness can bring forward an uneasy feeling of death. This is the death of who you have been. But, like the red moon hanging over a world that is dissolving, what is beautiful and true will remain and be brought forward into the new being you are becoming.

We are used to focusing on creating, and intention, and working on ourselves. To die to our former selves, we must surrender, and all that requires is trust…and letting go. When an old self and an old world are dying, the immediate response is to want to hold on…to think we are losing something we should not, but as Nut reminded Isis, the Universe has dissolved before, and it only brings new life. Nothing is ever really lost.

I bring you an important message for the coming times, and that is don’t be fooled by how things appear. It is going to look like things are going wrong when they are not. If we can trust at our deepest core, we will be shown the confirmation every time…but first we must be blind when we most want to see. We must sit in the dark of the night, alone with our deepest selves, and all the while trust somehow that we are not alone.

We are simply becoming what we really are. This is not easy, I know. Aside from the fact that we have cellular trauma from the ancient shifts to overcome and heal, there is the fact that the outer world does not reflect the inner changes yet. So we still interact with the remains of the old world every single day, and all around us. But it is we who will bring forward this new world, and we will do so from within. So what we are being called to do now is to cultivate this new world within us, so we can give it birth in the outer.

The current and upcoming astrological movements and energetic shifts will also assist in our bringing forward the new world from within. It will assist us in trusting enough to express it. We have had terrible things done to us in the past for expressing our truths…but if we trust enough to know that this time it will be different, we will be shown the support we are hoping for.

Remember that now is the time for deciding. Deciding who you are, and who you want to be. Deciding what you want to become, and what you want the new world…your new world…to look like. Remember to decide by your own heart and its sacred desires and wisdom. If you try to decide for others or the world at large, you will dilute the power of your own divine knowingness, but if you trust your ability to create a new inner world for yourself, it will benefit all.

Your inner world must become so strong by your commitment to honoring, realizing, cultivating, and trusting it, that it will carry you through the outside world as it dies and is reborn. You will be asked to let go of the things that don’t support this burgeoning new life within you…the people, places, and things which hold you back. Trust this. You have to be willing to give up everything you never wanted, to gain what you do. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always, I know.

The old rules don’t apply. The old shift is over. This one is new. We are going home, and staying here, both at once. Yes, we can have both. This is heaven, and we are going to find out what that really means, even though we have seen hell. Hell will have taught us things about heaven that we would never have otherwise known or understood.

It is a time to be soft with yourself. To be gentle in your soul, and to try amidst the dying old self, to begin to dream when the skies open again. Remember. You will find yourself suddenly remembering a past life and its connection to your purpose now, or remembering something you loved to do as a child so much, that you had totally forgotten. And then the doors will begin to open more and more to support you being able to do those things that bring you joy…that make your heart sing.

Trust. Remember things are not what they seem, and your heart knows all.

What it means to not pay attention to the panic or the dark energies around us is that we focus on what we desire to bring into being, and hold it there. So if you are feeling seized with fear, nostalgia, or change, know that all is alright. We are all letting go, and even grieving, to make space for the new. For the new, as I have mentioned before in my “upcoming eclipses” message, is what we have been praying for. It is all the things we have been wanting for this world, and in our own lives. It is the manifestation of our dreams, and the collective dream of what is good and whole. Sometimes we don’t recognize our prayers being answered right away, because we don’t realize what has to happen first in order for them to take place.

Know that this is a time of vulnerability. It is okay to be vulnerable, and indeed may be where you find new strength. Mary Magdalen has often told me that it is in innocence that we will find this new world, as she says all true passion exists within innocence. Find whatever place is a sanctuary for you within or without, as the old world dissolves away. If you are drawn into the confusion of others, recall that you do them no good by joining them in fear, and instead gently remind yourself where to return in your heart to hold your center and your vision of a beautiful new life. Hold strong this vision and trust, for it will provide the very anchor or channel for the new world to come through…the very ground for it to be planted in and the seed of love for it to grow from.

Don’t be pulled off track by the forces around you. Learn to always find your center in the storm, whether that storm be severe or a simple social gathering or city street. Every moment is a chance to stay in that center, where it is warm and the light of the divine is clearly holding you. You know that place, and there is no need for you to leave it, no matter what happens.

Yes, as Nut said, the world has dissolved before, and as you watch the traces of your old life passing, begin to feel the quiver of the new life growing, full of love, and hope, and grace. May that same grace fill your heart and carry you into the new world, and new life you are beginning.



© 2007 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.


Upcoming Eclipses: An Oracle’s Prophecy
Through the Eye of the Needle
August/September 2007

Can’t sleep? Too sleepy all the time? Dizzy, ill, or anxious? Irritable or numb? Stuck in old thoughts of the past? Too sensitive to others? Feeling negative? Food not digesting well? Frustrated, forgetful, stuck, drowsy? Emotional, having headaches, achy?

Yes, these are feelings many of us have frequently, but if you are having almost all of them at once I think I can offer some comfort today. You are not alone. In fact, we are entering into one of the most intense passages of preparation for the great change and new world coming. There are two upcoming eclipses in the next few weeks, and Mars will be at its closest point to earth soon as well. The heavens are reflecting and supporting the wish for change, as has long been destined. Just as it reflects a global change, it is as radical a shift in our own personal, individual lives as well.

As far back as there is any record eclipses have been omens of transformation and signs of upcoming change. In essence they were thought to actually create a new world with their passage. These next few weeks will be the most potent of this year for many of us, and we are likely to feel like quite different people on the other side.

You see, we are about to get what we have been praying for, and like I reflected upon in my last entry here, when new worlds come into being the old empires must first fall. Yes, this refers to larger systems, but it also refers to the “empires” within each of us. The old worlds, dreams, loves, projects, thoughts, relationships, and onward that won’t be a part of the new dream. The things that are holding us back from having what we are asking for. This is one of the reasons that ancient wisdom sometimes warns us of the perils of getting exactly what we ask for. It is not that we are not meant to enjoy and receive what we desire, but that it is the path of a brave soul to do so….a Soul who is willing to surrender. Sometimes we have to let go completely of the path we have built for ourselves if we are going to be shown another way.

We are about to be shown that other way.

But we have to let go. And letting go of so much at once can almost drive a person crazy. It is why Neo threw up when he learned the truth of the Matrix (in the movie by that title). It was too overwhelming. This is why some of us are feeling sick or a little less than sane right now, to put it mildly. The old world within us is dying to make way for the new. I know this happens on an absolutely constant basis, it just happens to be occurring on a colossal level right now.

However while our identities are being ripped apart, we are being asked to take the opportunity to remember who we really are underneath them, and to fashion a new sense of identity from that core of our being. We are being asked what is really true to our nature, and what we have been doing in our lives that is against it. We may not even be aware of it…like a strange smell we pick up when we first walk into a place, we get used to it and soon we can’t smell it at all. This is why painfully intense energies like these eclipses, the recent solar flares, and electromagnetic waves and shifts have come along. To knock us off our horses. Not to bring us down, but to make us clear on who we are, what we want in our lives, and what we don’t. What supports us, and what drains us. What gives us our freedom, and what puts us in chains. It is so that when we get back up on the horse we are sure to pick the one we really want to ride, and to do so from a truly empowered place, with mind and heart present.

Whatever you have been praying for is coming, and that is what you are readying for. Hang in there, because some days it is going to be a very rocky, bumpy ride. If you can just make it through each day right now, it will feel easier. Perhaps you could stop trying to perfect yourself and just accept that you are in the perfect place exactly where you are. There is nothing you need to do better, fix, or complete. Just be. Just dress up when you feel crappy (or crazy!) or go see a movie, or walk in the woods. Just pass the time in the most gentle way you can, because your higher Self and guides are already working with you and the energies, which is why you feel the way you do.

Here is a guide to some upcoming events…the planet Mars is moving closer to us right now and will play an important role in the energies of these eclipses. This energetic represents bringing action into the attainment of our dreams, and the bringing forward of our gifts and essence in the world. It means that soon there will be opportunities to express and make physical that which we have directed our will toward. It also represents life force being available toward those endeavors. It helps brings the means to the ends. This is also, along with the red-orange color of the moon during a full eclipse, a representation of the “red moon” I referred to in my “Sibylline Prophecy” as a sign of the coming of the new world.

On Tuesday, August 28th at around 3:30am Pacific time, there will be a total eclipse of the moon…visible in this country and several others. This will be the coming to a head of the inner shifts we have been waiting for. This is when everything inside us will “implode” and begin to settle into new form during the “eclipse window.” The eclipse window refers to the time period between two eclipses, and energies will still be very high and very intense during this time, while the inner self attempts to decide where to put new roots or what new form to settle into. This is a powerful time for intention. This will be the time of passing through the “eye of the needle.” It is like the time a caterpillar spends the caccoon before coming out a butterfly. And the solar eclipse on September 11th will be that butterfly’s emergence. The solar eclipse will be when the inner changes take outer form and manifestation. Whether the first flight is awkward or graceful, things will become clearer again and your path and new direction will seem better illuminated. Something may seem more “settled” inside and great new movement forward may begin at that time or shortly after.

Going through the “eye of the needle” for the next couple weeks will mean that things will seem very condensed or compressed…like a pressure or force is at powerful work. Know that this is part of what makes possible the winnowing and selecting of what we are going to bring to the other side. Know that you may find yourself seduced by the past or the future, as the Buddha was visited by temptations just before he received enlightenment…that these images or promises from the future and past are going to tell you that it is in them your redemption will be found. It is easy to avoid them, by simply letting yourself be seduced by the present instead. This is the only moment you need to be in, and it will offer you the gifts you ask if you but let it have your attention and energy.

So just be where you are, and trust that it is perfect. Make it through each day, and be gentle with yourself as you do so. Diversions are okay, just don’t let them take your power, and your faith. Stick to the diversions that light up your moment with a golden, sparkling glow. Reflect, deeply, for these times will call for it…but don’t get lost in the past. Dream, hugely, but don’t postpone your beauty. Intend what you can in each moment that speaks of who you most hope and believe yourself to be. Feel crazy when you need to…just don’t lose faith. The storm, which sometimes is a welcome shower and some a fearsome wail, will pass. In some way this storm has lasted longer than we have history books to note it, and the true end of that storm will be an awesome sight to behold. It must come. It has already been written.

May your days be filled with sweet moments of total relief and occasional torrents of joy, always moving toward a life full of both.




The Return of Magic: An Oracle’s Prophecy
July 2007

On the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year, and in the new moon that follows it…I, an Oracle of many ages, write to you these words…

Once upon a time, nymphs and fairies roamed the earth, followed nimbly by unicorns and satyrs…watched over by elves and mermaids. The magical realms were not separate, but one with our earthly realms. These beings were our friends. We were these beings.

And though magic itself has never left, and is never absent in any moment in this miraculous life and planet, her full glory is about to return…in the time when it is most needed and we are most ready to receive it.

We know a time of great change is coming, is here. We have heard this for many years, and are told this by many powerful and ancient prophecies. We feel it in the swells of our own hearts…the time has come for the end of paradigms and the dreaming into being of a new earth.

As I have said before, I do not see the current shifts of energy as menacing, but indeed most decidedly as incredible affirmation and support of the “Great Change.” However, we can be aided by even more collaboration with our brothers and sisters beyond this world, and as the veils thin and the portals open more day by day, it is made that much easier for us to invite these kindred beings to our sides.

I speak of our guides, angels, and deities…but I also speak of the nature spirits and the return of the rightful place of animals. Furthermore, I speak of the world we have, for the most part, come to think of as “myth,” the world of the nymphs, the mermaids, and the fairies. The world of the unicorns, and the shape shifters, and the phoenix. The land of the satyrs, and the gnomes, and the elves.

I speak of the return of magic.

Long ago, when the world was young, we did not all take the same form. Still now we can merge in our inner journeys with other animals (for even humans are animals)…but in those times we could merge with them physically. We could embody as part human, and part fish, or serpent, or horse, goat, bird. We were part tree and part flower. We were not limited to one form, and we embodied the inherent magic in nature, and the phenomenal gifts of the other creatures around us.

We were telepathic, and intuitive visionaries. The earth was our lover. The world held one un-ending line of connection and flow.

In my book, The Oracle Within, I refer to something called the “Great Forgetting.” When it began, those who were wholly of the magical bloodlines, and therefore subtler in energy, slowly began to leave this earth or simply disappear from our vision as it became less and less multi-dimensional.

When it became unsafe to know the old secrets, and certainly to share them, the bloodlines became hidden in sisterhoods and brotherhoods who would try to continue or preserve the wisdom and memory within it.

One such sisterhood, according to my revelation and memory, was that of the ancient Sibyls…part woman, part nymph. They hailed from a tradition of Oracle-nymphs before them that had been some of the earliest souls who helped remind others when the “Great Forgetting” began. They could remember by listening to the Earth Goddess speaking to them through the babbling waters of the springs, and the melody of the wind through the trees. And they loved to remember. It felt so good to remember…our source and heritage of love and enchanted joy.

We are calling them back now. These helpful elves, nymphs, fairies and others. We are calling them back, however, not just interdimensionally but through our very own bloodlines…we are calling forth the magical beings we already are and reclaiming the gifts we once had.

This is why we are being compelled to learn more about our intuition and vision, connecting with our guides, nature, and animals, sacred and internal systems of alchemy and energy work…meditation, the healing power of sound, our creativity and onward.

These explorations and many others are vehicles through which we can bring back our memories of these fantastic abilities we once had, and offer them at this very special time to what I call “The Great Remembering.”

It is destined.

To assist in this process we may find those places or practices that help us to remember, and to connect with our intuition, nature, and our guides of all kinds. We may try to do those things that are true to our nature, rather than against it, in any and all cases we can. For it is with the grain of our nature that all things will be revealed.

There will be signs. Watch for them in your own life and in the world at large. The animals will keep speaking to us. Those who are most sensitive to challenging electromagnetic waves, genetic tampering, pollution of all kinds, and particularly to destructive sound vibrations, are the first to show us what we are not yet seeing fully among ourselves. They are the first to show very particular implications. The ones I refer to today are the dolphins, more recently the honeybees, and next will be the frogs. They are showing us what happens when other vibrations drown out the sound of your own heart, and asking us to listen to our own.

So the last offering I will make is that you find what makes your heart sing, and make that song very strong. Move aside whatever you must, to let yourself sing it. Make your life this song, and nothing else but that which either restores or reflects it.

To experience more deeply the teachings of this message, or to engage in practices to access your memory and magical gifts, join us October 5-7 for The Oracle’s Path: Healing, Sound, Creativity, and Bliss. (more information below)

In the name of the Oracles of all times, and the Oracle within your own Heart…
Jennifer Posada
© 2007 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

An Oracle’s Prophecy — May 2007
A Sibylline Writing for Our Time by Oracle Jennifer Posada

The Great Remembering is upon us. It has been awakening like a blossoming flower for a long time, but soon will bear undeniable fruit.

The worlds are splitting, as long foretold, and rather than fear this change, we will yet learn to celebrate it.

There are veils between the worlds being removed–between our world and others. This can let in negativity, but if we focus on it we are distracted from power of the light.

Instead we focus on what this opening allows in that is of support. These veils are being removed in the name of the Great Remembering, and they open portals more clearly to the other worlds. There was never a better time to listen to our intuition and connect more clearly with our guides than now, and the times that are coming. We must take advantage of the open portals to bring light and joy and guidance through. We must travel through these portals to bring back gifts from those realms to this one. We must not get caught up in survival, or fear or “fighting” the dark side. We must instead invite that which we wish to have with us in these times. We must find what we are seeking within, and learn to ask for what we need in order to more easily do so.

We have long yearned for a time in which the deities walk among us again, and that time is coming. For as we discover that we are these deities, then the others who match that vibration can more easily join us here.

We establish a space and vessel of light and truth within us and around us for the new world to be born, but not if we are too distracted defending ourselves to notice what we should be nurturing into being.

The fear is a contagious disease, and when we know there is nothing to fear our energy becomes free and we are more than ever a part of and help to the Great Remembering on our planet.

We have received the first sign, as the honeybees are dying and thus disappearing by the thousands and hundreds of thousands. They, of our sisters and brothers of this earth, are bringing this first sign with their passage, and we would do well to listen.

There have been countless signs of the great change, and many species have been lost to this world to extremes that the bees will not, but the disappearance of the honeybees is one of three specific signs for this time foretold ages ago by ancient Oracles.

Though the retreat of the bees is foreboding, we must look deeper than appearances to understand their true message, and to avoid the further disappearance of their kind, as they are also one with us and represent our place here on this earth as well.

For these three signs represent the falling of our current civilization, as three signs of this nature always have. They represent that fall, and also the rise of a new world and new life. If the signs are heeded, one need not follow the other and catastrophe may be avoided as the vehicle for change. However, if catastrophe will come we must trust its place in the nature of things and attempt still to stay true to our practice of the heart. If we embrace the fight against or fear of the catastrophic we are lost among its waves. Some of us must be strong enough to still be present when the silence returns and life begins anew.

These are signs of grace, which portend possible danger but also great liberation. We must decide what these signs portend, for the power to do so is in our hands.

We cannot run from what is set in motion, and though the tide can be turned it will not be by forced intention, but by revelation. Revelation of the power of the true Self as the vessel of the divine.

The message of the bees is not at all complex: we must reclaim our joy and remember how to draw the nectar from simple living before it is too late. We must pull back from the buzz and the chatter and the endless drone of lives that do not work for us and absorb all our silent and fertile spaces within. We must drink the life-giving drink of the goddesses and gods, found right where we may not be looking…in our back yards, public places, and alleys…in one another, in what seems broken, and what makes us feel holy, and whole. We must take back what is ours in our lives and our souls before we are drained of the joy of living on the earth.

If we give that joy only to the heavens and those with the right circumstances here on earth, then we will long only for the celestial and leave behind the earth. As we who have the consciousness to enjoy and appreciate her leave and take our hearts elsewhere, the earth finds no reason to invest her energy in graceful renewal, but chooses a reckoning to awaken those who do not see and remain only as the lifeless do.

The power of this chance is not in the hands of those who are supposed-governors, or carry weapons of ignorance, and the earth is not a blind eye turned. The power is within us, and not when we have perfected the path of sainthood and enlightenment, but now, now! As we find this perfection already within. We are there in the place we must be, and must only claim it!!!

It is not a service claimed solely for nameless others, but must be a joy and giftedness claimed for the self as the greatest embodiment and most direct source of the divine that we have the clearest access to, so that from that most empowered place alone we extend into all other creation. For the Self is all. We must become the vessels we were born to be, and the divine creative fire that we are.

If we forget ourselves we forget the earth. If we begin to think of the earth only as a place of struggle and pain then we leave it to those less suited to inhabit her. If we think the heavens are bliss and the earth is pain then we are forgetting she is our body and that our bodies are meant to give us joy and pleasure, rather than suffering. Our bodies were not given to us as punishment but as a gift through which to find a pleasure different than that of the life without body and density. It is this pleasure we must find in our bodies and the earthly, however challenging it may be at first, in order to turn the tide within.

For it is within that we battle with the darkness truly. It is within our reality, perceptions, wounds, personalities…and when we become free to truly release our burdens and find the beauty of who we really are, we can then give ourselves permission to offer that beauty whatever it wants, and to invite more pleasure into our earthly lives.

We may not feel we know how or are able to give ourselves these pleasures yet. We must learn and find ways to do it even when our resources are low. We must tap into the resources that are boundless and infinite…nature, the movement of our bodies, sexual pleasure, animal and sometimes human connection, meditation or music or creative pursuits. When you have begun and committed to making it through the sometimes-rocky beginnings of this offering to yourself, it starts to take on a life of its own…until finally it becomes your life.

At first it may just be a way to exorcise your fears and pain, which is perfect, for these arts are naturally healing to the soul, and expressing your current life or past pains can be either the entry to or an ongoing part of this connection.

The art of your soul will take its own flight if you can but strengthen your wings, even through hardship.

There is help on this journey and quest, as I spoke of in the thinning of the veils, your beings, guides, and angels are becoming closer and more accessible than ever. If you wish to enhance your sense of them you must simply learn to open the channel in your heart to them, more and more.

What has caused the disappearance of the bees are the disharmonious sound and electromagnetic waves, which confuse the bee’s ability to navigate and therefore find home. This is a sign that we must now more than ever tune into our own internal navigation systems like our intuition or the voice of our hearts, so that we can find home, both here and beyond, and most certainly within.

Technologies such as cell phones are not the only culprits, though they do indeed impact their environment seriously…the electro-magnetic frequencies within and entering the earth’s sphere have been raising and raising in an effort to counteract certain damage being done on our earth. The difficulty is that if we do not help channel these frequencies properly then they not only are not able to be of assistance, but actually further the damage.

These frequencies are a raising of the voltage of all things…they intensify the already-present nature and essence of things like a magnifying glass or amplifier. They make what is harsh harsher and what is luminous even more so. That is why we must learn to take advantage of these as-yet neutral forces to amplify the energies of love and goodness. The most steadfast and direct way to do this is through honoring our own heart’s desires and allowing this to extend beyond us naturally as it will.

First honor thyself, just as one must first know thyself.

To harness these raw energies we must first learn to hear the song of our own hearts over the din of noise in our current world. We must learn to recognize this song of our heart within, and then in the things outside of us that reflect it…which resonate and sing back. We must make this song strong, but not by forcing or pushing it. We must learn how to listen to it and allow it.

We must be exquisitely gentle with ourselves, and yet be bold. We must learn to be able to let the song that lives within us sing free and strong at all times, and share this song even in silence or aloneness…it will always have impact. For we have been told the dark is powerful but every act or intention of the light is a thousand times more powerful, and when we know this we begin to glimpse the power in our hands. For the dark is only the negative of a positive: a greater, truer darkness which is the dark, miraculous and beautiful source of all that is. This is the loving “Void” we were joyously born of.

We must find our home here on earth, while still taking solace in the home we have in other realms and beyond this earth. We must find them in some way to be one, and live as if they were one here and now. As above, so below.

For such is an ancient prophecy as now remembered by this ancient Oracle:

When the earthly life and the heavenly life are one,
When the beasts roam equal to man,
And the goddesses and gods return to form…
When woman and man take one place, or one body,
When the moon turns red,
And the ocean creatures speak,
This will be the time of heaven restored to earth.

Yes, these signs speak also of the end of the world, however it must be known that it is the end of a world which needs to end, an ending which we have prayed for, in order for a new world to be born. It is on the new world we must place our focus, not the old. To place our focus on the old world keeps it alive. The earth wants to give birth to the new, as do our own hearts again.

We cannot force the light for another. We can only light a flame so bright within ourselves that others may spontaneously be drawn and fed by it. We must not try to save others, but must save ourselves, and let this expand naturally as it may, trusting the greater will, destiny and wisdom of each other’s higher selves.

Begin to light the flame in your own heart with the assistance of the universal love, nature, and your guides. Let them become your nourishment and the diet that sustains your soul, and strengthens it. Make a ritual of connecting with your guides as frequently as you can and seek out opportunities to learn more about how to access your intuitive powers.

Connect with others who are doing the same. Take and give refuge only with those who know themselves, or earnestly strive to do so. Connect with them and allow the common glow to pass through all of you and gain strength.

It is the passage of this light from hand to hand and heart to heart that sparks and feeds the Great Remembering, and the great rebirth. It is the passing of this light which seeds the gardens of the new earth.

In Love, and in the heritage of all the Oracles who have walked this earth, those who walk it now, and those within your hearts.

Jennifer Posada
© 2007 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.


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