Welcome to the S.w.e.e.t. Program! The Sweet Program is made up of any of Jennifer’s sexuality courses available all over the world…  There is no particular curriculum or requirements, just take whichever Sweet Program Courses you like!

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Other Previously and Regularly Offered Sweet Courses:

The following are Sweet Program courses that have been offered previously at The Oracle School. Some may be offered again, or will be available at some point as recordings, transcripts, or courses online! Do stay tuned to the email newsletters for these future releases, and if one of these courses really strikes your fancy, let us know at jennifer(at)jenniferposada.com (your requests can make a difference in the offerings!)

The Sacred Sexuality Oracle Course, and Special Version: Magdalen’s Fire: The Sacred Sexuality Oracle Course



The Sexual Woman Ecstatic Enlightenment Training (The Course)




The Five Forbidden Goddesses: Reclaiming Female Sexual Power




The Five Sexual Goddesses: Return to the Serpent Power




The Sacredly Sexual Priestess Trainings




bee priestess cropThe Thriai Nymphs: Lessons from the Bee Priestesses




inanna's crownInnana’s Crown: Journey Through the Seven Gates




blue fire dakini crop Blue Fire: The Sexual Alchemy of the Dakinis




dodona doves cropThe Black Doves: Practices of the Priestesses of Dodona




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