Message for the Men and Those Beyond the Binary

To all the Lovely Men, and all Those of Other Gender Identities than Female, who Love my Courses,

Just a little note to thank you for being so wonderful, as all of you who have attended my courses (or would like to) have been so fabulous and I am honored that you love my work.

All of my courses are open to all genders except Magdalen’s Fire: The Sacred Sexuality Oracle Course.  Though it has been important to the women in this sexuality course to be among only other women because it provides a special feeling of communion, there are some options available to all genders!  (please note:  if you are non-binary and still feel you belong in this course that is absolutely up to you and you are welcome!)

The most relevant to sacred sexuality are:  The Energy Orgasm Course, The Becoming the Sexual Priestess Mini-Course and The Essential Self-Love Course which has so much important sexuality content and even an entire fantastic gender-neutral session dedicated to Sacred Sexuality.

Also, I would love to create more sexuality courses open to all genders…if you are interested, stay tuned to my email newsletters, and you can also email me at jennifer(at) and let me know!

And, of course my writings, my book and CD, and the many new offerings I will be making in the way of free videos and more are meant for everyone!  (Stay tuned to the email newsletters. : )  Also, if you love the sacred sexuality content, be sure to follow the The Orgasmic Woman Project on Facebook for fabulous free resources and to stay connected to my multi-gendered sexuality Community!

Thank you again for your interest and your beautiful hearts, and I look forward to our ongoing connections. : )