The Energy Orgasm Course

A Three-Session Online Course with Jennifer Posada

Long ago in very ancient times, it was natural to live in orgasmic energy, and for humans to have ready access to many kinds of orgasms, including “energy orgasms”…hands-free orgasms that don’t require touch, or that can inspire touch in entirely new ways…

Exploring my ancient lifetimes as a Sexual Priestess I remembered remarkable ways to increase and experience these various types of orgasms, experienced through breath, movement, and other methods.  I began with a simple practice, and soon even just thinking about the energy would cause me to spill over into orgasm and have incredible access to my purest life force, impacting every area of my life.  Now I can have an orgasm listening to music I love, looking at a flower, during kissing, or in an infinite number of ways.  And you can learn how to do this, too…

People who experience this type of orgasm, sometimes called “thinking off”, have been scanned in MRI machines, and it has been proven that these orgasms light up the same areas of the brain as traditional climax brought on by genital stimulation.  While this opens up an entire world of orgasmic possibilities, it does even more than that…

The things you learn in order to have energy orgasms are also the most important and powerful principles of Sacred Sexuality, and shift your body and your entire world in life-changing ways.  Opening these orgasmic pathways also enhances your relationship to your intuition, and access to your life force and your deepest sexual wisdom and gifts…

Finally, and perhaps most powerfully, these orgasms are a potent tool for sexual healing.  Working with these energies is one of the purest alchemies I know.  Taking the steps toward and having this type of orgasm bathes your entire energy field in the nourishment it needs to heal from past sexual trauma, shame, low self-esteem, disconnection from your body, or negative body image.  Furthermore it is incredibly restorative to those who have had injuries, surgeries, or in any other way have experienced decreased sensation in the genital area, including women who have experienced female genital mutilation.  One can use these techniques to experience deeper sexual healing, to have a first orgasm, or to more easily have orgasms if they have challenges doing so, have lost the ability to do so, or do not currently feel comfortable touching themselves or being touched due to trauma or pain.

I can teach you how to create the foundation, and simple methods, to have these types of orgasms, and as a result to increase the overall orgasmic energy in your body and life.  Crossing the threshold into this type of experience is like entering a magical new realm in  your life…nothing is ever the same in the most magnificent ways, and is a beautiful contribution to a newly-birthing orgasmic earth.

How and where does this course take place?

This is an online course that will be available 24 hours a day after you register…and though it is meant to be taken over three weeks, you can move at your own pace and have access to this information for a lifetime!  Course content will be available on a members-only website via video and audio recordings, also available for download.

Why register right now?

Though you can register for this course at any time, signing up right now begins your journey of deeper connection to orgasmic energy, and begins to change each day of your life so beautifully from today forward…  And since you can listen in your own right timing after registering, right now is a perfect time to start!…

Are people of all genders welcome?

Yes!  While this course was originally designed to be taught for women, people of all genders are welcome and there is language specific to all genders and, when relevant, all genitalia.  Everyone is welcome!

What if I already have energy orgasms?…

This would be a fantastic way to hone and add to your abilities, or deepen your practice.  It is also very helpful for those who have energy orgasms spontaneously but would like to be able to experience them at will.  There are always new levels to be reached, experienced and enjoyed, and wherever you are in life there will be new ways to blossom as never before with the material in this course.  This course is equally fortifying and revolutionary for those who feel that they are new to or re-opening to their sexuality, and those who are already very experienced with sexuality and sexual healing.

You will receive as a part of this Course:

~ An introductory audio and 3 weekly sessions by audio recording, including the teaching for each week and a closing sound healing session (70-90 minutes per session)

~ A special Q & A Recording to assist with deeper learning of the material (90 minutes)

~ PDFs with optional weekly explorations and suggested exercises for the time between sessions

~ Access to this material indefinitely!

~ Recordings of each session can be downloaded and listened to on the device of your choice!

This is an 3-part course available around the world at the online Oracle School & Community…

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“Finding your course has been like a ‘miracle’ – for the last several years I was looking for guidance on how to embark on a journey into a more spiritual, more powerful sexuality.  It is as if I knew there was more, I just could not find the door.  Going with you through this course, is like opening the doors…” Maria, Vienna, Austria (…praise for my Sacred Sexuality Course)

Jennifer, you are EPIC! The “into ecstasy” session was just that…what I’m feeling is indescribable…the sensations. The yoni breathing has me tingling everywhere. I’m blissed out and manifesting like never before. Deities surround me. And the other day I had maybe 80-100 orgasms in one sitting. I just kept enjoying them and they kept coming until I was fully inexplicably nourished and satisfied. What a glorious time to be alive!…”  Jackie F., Minneapolis, MN

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