The Orgasm Sessions

energy orgasmWhen you register for my Energy Orgasm Course by setting your own price as supporter of my Orgasmic Woman Project, you will also receive this beautiful monthly gift!

Every Orgasm Session will contain a transformational teaching and tip about orgasm, and each of these sessions will be a golden gem!

Each session will last 15-30 minutes and be sent out to supporters monthly, with the option to download and keep it indefinitely, and access to an archive of past sessions.   You will keep receiving them as long as you are a supporter, and this is a perfect way to keep a focus on orgasmic energy flowing in your life!  (for all genders)

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Receive the Orgasm Sessions and set your own price here!…

Here are some sample topics!  (Not in any particular order)

What is an energy orgasm?  (And why do they matter?)

Is there a “better” kind of orgasm?

What is the difference between orgasm, orgasmic states, and orgasmic energy?

What are multiple orgasms, and how can I have them?

How can orgasmic energy change my life?

What is a whole body orgasm?  (And how do I have one?)

Orgasms during penetration?

How to have stronger orgasms (or a first orgasm)

Orgasms: The Build-Up

Energy Orgasms and Nature

Orgasms and Intuition

Turn-on and Orgasm

Orgasms and Healing

Orgasmic Pleasure and Sound

Orgasms and Alchemy

Orgasms and Manifestation

Orgasms and Health

Living the Orgasmic Life

Receive the Orgasm Sessions and Set Your Own Price Here!