The Serpent Powers of Regeneration ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

by Jennifer on June 7, 2014

the return of the serpentSaturday, June 7th, 2014

I have two secrets for you…The first is that there are only two kinds of people in the world right now…those who are breaking wide open and those who are still doing everything in their power not to.  But this breaking, heart-crushing as it may sometimes feel, is something far deeper in nature than the others you have known.  And that is what my other secret for you today is about…

Once upon a time we all lived from the same deep place inside our bodies and souls…the same place where the serpent power lives, and breathes, and moves, and guided us.  And then the world began to forget, and by the time a story was made up about a girl, and a snake and an apple, the disconnection was sealed.  But that lid always had an expiration date, and it only came about to seal something deeper…a destiny of reconnecting with our inner knowing in a more powerful way than ever.  The time for that reconnection is now…

As we get ready to enter into the portal of this upcoming Solstice, and all the way through the Fall Equinox (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere), and the eclipses of October, we are going to start to hear the voice of our serpent life force and deep knowing as never before.  It will begin with stirrings, ancient and deep.  You may have begun to feel them already.  They may bring up strong emotions that you don’t understand, or just press themselves onto you like soft petals.  And they may make you re-think not only what is no longer fitting in your life, but even your fondest dreams…because you may find that there is something much more grand waiting for you than you had ever dared to hope before.

And while you watch the old theater of your life fall down, and the worn-out frames lift off your unfettered soul, you will see a light emerge you had almost forgotten, and had thought you would never see again.  Life is not going to be as you have known it…it is going to be more splendorous and aglow because your serpent power has returned.  Life will regain its sparkle in ways you haven’t imagined yet, because we have lived without the pure, full access to that regenerative power for so long…

Most people are starving for energy.  Not plugged in.  Walking around with their power cords trailing behind them instead of their tails.  We need to learn how to plug in again, and then we need our tails back…to be our animal selves again.  And first we have to shed a skin.  We have to realize we are not even the color or the shape we thought we were…that beneath the conditioning we are fire and ocean waves, and almost nothing else.  And from that place we will regain life…not just the life of shallow breathing we have often known, but the life of pure energy.  Of pure love…

Long, long ago, before stories were told, the serpent reigned.  The ignition of that energy could set a planet ablaze, and write universes into the sky.  We can have all that we want, and want more than we’ve ever allowed ourselves to, if we can truly know ourselves again, and reconnecting with our serpent powers of regeneration is the most potent and direct way to do that at this time.

Begin with the whispers.  Your serpent knowing always begins with whispers, and soft, quiet songs your heart knows so well.  They are the songs you heard when your soul was born.  They are the songs of home.  Over this next six to nine months, you will begin to hear these messages.  They will not always say the things you expect, though sometimes they will say the things you know so well you have stopped listening.  They will lead you to the tree of the knowing of your own deep being, and they will beg you to eat the fruit.  They will upset apple carts in doing so sometimes, but by then you will be content to sit back in your old chair on your porch and watch the apples just roll down the street.  You will let the forbidden fruit fall where it may, and you will be ready for the harvest that we have all avoided in the world for as long as (almost) anyone can remember.  That harvest is the healing of the world.

Become undone.

But only do it your way.  Let it be your own hand, and in your own way and your own time, that slowly unlaces the bodice that has held you in…

I love you.


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