‘Time to Exhale’ Eclipses ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

‘Time to Exhale’ Eclipses ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

Jennifer Luna Posada, May, 2012


If you close your eyes and listen carefully, you can hear the cry…the one from your heart that you have held back for so long that is finally coming forward…the one that must be finally heard and known again, the ancient one, the one you have been holding back every day to the point that you have almost forgotten it and yet it colors every aspect of your very life. I know it is the thing you are most afraid of, but I am here, an Oracle of many lifetimes, to tell you that releasing it means only one thing: freedom.

It is about to be yours…that freedom. That freedom you ache for with every fiber of your being. That freedom you long for so deeply that you have nearly forgotten it. The freedom at the bedrock of your being that has just been guarded so fiercely by its most faithful companion…fear. Oh yes, fear has been your friend. It has kept you from opening the box of some of your greatest treasures for so long, but only to keep them safe through what I call in my book, The Oracle Within, “The Great Forgetting.” Safe and intact so that you could re-access these gifts now, during “The Great Remembering,” when it is time again to know yourself fully.

Everything that has occurred in your life, the beautiful as well as the brutal, has been leading you to this freedom. The freedom that will let you taste the sweet bite of salt and feel the sprouting earth under your feet again…the freedom that will bring blood rushing back to your cheeks, and compel your heart to blossom like you never thought possible. That’s what this year of 2012 and the coming next few years hold for us. (For more about this see my 2012 Prophecy Message here.)

As we approach the middle of 2012 we greet two eclipses, one a solar eclipse at the new moon this Sunday, May 20th, and a second, a lunar eclipse at the full moon on June 4th. (Both dates are based on the Pacific Time zone.) Eclipses, like solstices and equinoxes and the midpoints between them, are always powerful portals of transformation. These particular eclipses are here to free up the cry in our hearts…the one that has been there for so long…the one that started the first time you tried to be something you were not, and grew from then every time you did it again. It is the hereforeto silent scream of inauthenticity…of compromising who you are, either for very real reasons of safety, a perception that safety was somehow on the line, the desire to fit in with others or belong somehow, fear of loss, survival…the reasons are countless. They are all valid and have all had their place and reason, thing is, we need our true self-knowing and the freedom to really be who we are, in any given moment, in order to create and step into the new world…

That means that this is the breaking open…be it faster or slower for you, a lightning bolt or slow dig, that is finally more powerful than the fear and hits that bedrock inside of you…of the real, of the fearless, of freedom. You may be so tired of stifling the cry in your heart, having it keep you awake at night exhausted and all the while pretending it isn’t there, that you are ready and wondering how to go about this bursting open…do you pray hard for a lightning bolt to come? Do you go looking for tools and pick some random spot to start the hard work of digging? I am here to tell you exactly what to do at this powerful eclipse time (that will continue for a full couple of weeks at least after the second eclipse)…just exhale.

That’s right. I mean that you have already been all over the desert dodging and finally surrendering to lightning bolts, and you have dug up just about everything you can get your hands on. You are probably weary, but still committed because by now you know there is no way out but through. I’m here to tell you that you can really give yourself a pat on the back (in the biggest possible way) and honor how incredibly freaking brave you have been, and diligent, and strong. And now the biggest trial ahead of you will just be letting go. It will just be not holding your breath anymore, letting out that air that you started holding back so very long ago. And once you have exhaled, it will be natural to inhale, and when you do it will be a fresh, new air unlike anything you have felt in such a long time. It will be the air of remembering, of knowing, of feeling…yourself.

Though at first it may be a shock to the system, it will ultimately give you the new world. Your new world of beauty and joy, and the new world for all of us will also be found this way. Once you take the breath of real air again, you will find that after the initial shock you fall in love with the fact that you can breathe again…

Sure, you may blow away some people that aren’t ready. Let them go. The others who are ready are going to be seeking you out, and you them. It is time to reunite with your tribe, but you won’t feel or find them, nor they you, if you are still plugged in to those who live by fear and wish to hold you back to keep you where they are, in the old dying world. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean you can’t see or talk to them anymore, with some people you may feel that is the right way, but with others you just may notice you are less invested energetically, or see them less often. It will happen naturally if you let it, and keep trusting your heart. It knows everything.

These eclipses, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, are imbued with the energy of the recent “super” full moon (full moon closest to the earth in its orbit in over a year) at Lunar Beltaine. These potent transformational eclipse energies will hit us right at the sensual, the earthy and earthly, the sexual. There is a world transformation occurring here, as we open our hearts we will also finally return to the sexual in a whole and powerful way, which is crucially needed for our passage into the new world.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere the energies of Samhain will imbue these eclipses with a thinning of the veils leading to revelatory insights. There will be some transference of each of these qualities to the other hemisphere as well, so to some degree we will all feel both aspects of the gateway that preceded these eclipses in both parts of the world.

It may sound so easy that it seems difficult…just exhale. Just let go. Just trust that, as we’ve all known and forgotten countless times even in the period of a day sometimes, everything really is exactly as it should be right now. Know that everything is going to fall down in the perfect way for the coming forward of your dreams, and those dreams bring forth the new world. Know that you haven’t done anything wrong that you are now having to make up for in order to step into more of your power. You are in your power, and you are just about to realize it. When you get caught up in thinking that you are supposed to be doing something the right way, just breathe. Just exhale, and let the natural inhale follow. Like that inhale, you won’t have to force what comes next…just let it happen. Just, as best you can, trust. Trust, and let go, and breathe again.

If you can remember how to really breathe again, literally and energetically, you will know just what to do in any situation that arises. You will know how to be carried from within, and how to find out what feels truly right to you again, and you will understand that things are just as they are meant to be and are unfolding perfectly.

You are becoming a butterfly and there is no “right” way for the disintegration of your former sense of self to occur, nor is there a right way for you to break free when the moment has come. It will just happen. And when it does you will know there is nothing more to know, nothing more to do, but fly…and that you have always known how to do that, and were just waiting for your moment, to be free.



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