Time to Refresh: Mid-2018 Eclipses ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

by Jennifer on July 16, 2018

Jennifer Luna Posada
July, 2018

In the wake of a fresh new moon and solar eclipse, there is a silence.  A pause…but one covered in frantic, intense energies, obscuring that precious pearl of new knowing you attained by moving through recent deeply transformational energies.  Your boat has been rocked, rocked again, and perhaps even struck by lightning or thrown against rocks recently.  You perhaps may wonder where you veered off course, and how you lost sight of the stars even for a moment…

I am here to tell you that you didn’t lose sight of the stars in some terrible momentary mistake…you simply closed your eyes and trusted as you never have before…

Maybe you didn’t know such a powerful moment was coming.  It wasn’t in the plans or on the map.  Maybe you were just sitting on the edge of the boat on a quiet night and you dipped between the worlds without even meaning to…and when you came back from that mere moment the waves were upon you.  I want you to know you did nothing wrong.  You were following a deeper guidance than maps, or even stars.  You were following the beginning of a wave of eclipse energies that have been perfectly designed to take you to a new shore.

Yes, it might not be what you had planned, but whether you realized it or not at the time, you truly let your boat be guided by a deeper force than ever before.  Now, as has happened at other times, older structures have crumbled and you may feel too weary from the destruction of the old to continue on your journey.  That is precisely why this is a good moment to rest…

“Jennifer,” you might be thinking, “that is a lovely message and sentiment, and I appreciate where your heart is coming from but really…rest?  Now?  Now I am being pushed along by a tide I can barely keep up with…now I am being forced with great energy to go, go, go…whether I have little or a lot to do.  How…in the world…could I possibly rest now?”

And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that a bit.

But I would like to share a different view of rest that will allow us to take the best advantage of the current eclipse and other planetary energies in this great alchemical window between the recent solar eclipse with the new moon that happened on the 12th, and the two upcoming eclipses over the next month, July 27th and August 11th (search online to be sure of the correct dates for your time zone.)

This different view of rest involves resting more deeply into yourself.  And while it would be profoundly advantageous to experience it on long afternoons in a hammock, on a beach, or just snuggled into your bed, it can also be experienced in moments…and the more often we dip into it the better.

But how to feel this deeper rest inside yourself and be nourished by it?  Get everything else you possibly can out of the way.  In my prophecy message for this year, I wrote:

“So cast off…cast off your inhibitions and the things you don’t love anymore.  Take the risk of unburdening yourself in whatever possible ways you can.  Clear out your garage or do that releasing ritual from your last relationship you know you so much need to do. Buy new sheets or a new piece of clothing or whatever you know it’s really time to refresh.  But, whatever else you do, donate, recycle, or throw away every possible item that weighs you down and holds you back.  Burn some things if needed.  Just get the layer of dust off of your life and your heart and get ready to shake the fuck free.  It’s time for your spine to move again, your lungs to fill again, and for life force to flow through you like music…”

So when I speak of this being a time of being refreshed by a deeper rest within in order to make room for new freedom and powerful new blessings in your life, while that may mean painting your room a new color or getting a radically different haircut (and those things might be a part of this for you!) I am not just speaking about physical things or posessions, I am really speaking about releasing on a fundamental level possibly more than you ever have before, in all areas of your life, and being left with a lightness you have perhaps missed since childhood, or before…

Secondly, take every moment you possibly can to be more deeply sensual…notice the colors of flowers, look around at everyone’s faces at dance class, sink your fingers into ocean water, or stones, or run them along the bark of a tree.  Sink in to anything you can that feels good.  Sink further back into your chair for a few moments before you pop up to run that errand.  Find out what it means, right now for you even a moment at a time, to feel languorous.  Because right now that is the alchemy that can change your life.

And the path to languorousness, is quite simple: lingering.

And the path to lingering is noticing when a moment feels good, and letting it hang in the air of your being.  Stay with the fragrance of that moment just a second longer before it fades and you face the next thing that comes your way.

Because a lot is coming our way right now.  And so much of it unavoidably needs to be addressed.  This is your chance to weed.  This is your chance to get better and better at choosing.  This is a time to really decide what you want to bring forward into the rest of the year and a new life with you, and what absolutely must be left behind in order for you to fly free.  And even when you can’t decide, the Universe (you at the soul level) will decide for you and make it absolutely obvious what needs to be released.

After these potent energies pass, you will be able to feel the new space, and deliciously decide what you want to invite into that space.  But the space must be made first, and sometimes that may feel painful, (other times wonderful,) and if it is painful we need space to heal, rest and refresh…

I am talking about experiencing the feeling that you can lean into yourself.  That you can lean back more profoundly into your essence.  That you can let go into yourself as you haven’t been able to in so long, or perhaps ever.  And rather than this being a sudden destination, it will be a slow realization…something you ease into by possibly first being jarred out of it by the intensity of shifting energies during these eclipses, and then finding your way over and over again to sink back in…to lean in and listen to deeper knowing emerging from deep within you…

If that sounds like a lot of work, I understand.  But I promise it is just surrendering to nature…your nature…and that the circumstances of your life and the current energies will simply guide you there.  I am just recommending that if you have moments to weave your fingers into the fur of your cat like the woman in the painting with this writing, please do.  It is one of the most potent ways you can take advantage of the current support and transformational energies…to sensually recharge in whatever feels like “your way” at any given moment.

Know that the sensuality and rest you might be able to find or forage for or ferret out of this wild time is valuable…it’s not just like finding a lucky penny or a pretty leaf, (though those are special too)…it’s like finding pure, alchemizing gold.  It’s like finding a fallen star.  If you cherish it…if you can remember to pause just long enough to languor in it for even an instant, leaning into even a slightly deeper rest into yourself, you will be rewarded in a way that carries you with more ease through this passage, and ultimately that changes your life forever…

What’s crumbling away now is some of the last of what has held out the things you want most.  Letting it crumble means making the way for some of what your heart has cherished and dreamt of, and it is such a very big deal to do that.  Please know that I think you are amazing for doing it, even one crumbling bit at a time…and one little bit at a time is just perfect.

Because there is nothing more beautiful you could offer this world but yourself, free.  Yourself, wild.  Yourself, released and shining.  This is a process and the time it takes is blessed beyond measure.  No need to have a perfect outline of how to sensually rest…if you have one minute now just see what it feels like to close your eyes and sink deeper into your being in whatever way comes.  If you have ten minutes or more, step outside, or make your favorite beverage and drink it languorously…do anything that feels good languorously even for a few minutes…for langurously is the way right now to the language of your soul…and trust me, you are going to want to hear the exciting things it is going to start to say…

I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and I am by your side through this.  We will make it from shipwreck to new shore, and we will even do it while lingering wherever the magic leads us…and the magic always leads us somewhere wonderful…



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