2018: Coming Full Circle ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

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Jennifer Luna Posada
December, 2017

You know you still ache for it deep inside

That fresh feeling a flower feels when it suddenly knows it is time to open…when new energy fills you and every moment is like a first morning in a magical land, precious and perfect and whole.  A feeling of falling in love with one’s life and the rightness of it…

But unbelievably hard times may have made you question that desire, and bury it, and quiet its whispers with coverings until you don’t remember it is there…

If that’s the case, I have good news.  This year we pull all the coverings away from that fresh, bright vitality you long to feel again.  This year we get naked in the most sumptuous way and it is all because we are coming full circle, at last…

Yes, 2018 is the year of coming full circle.  Many long chapters will be coming to a close, and new beginnings will flourish.  What major phases or cycles of your life could be coming to completion now?  What new ones would you like to begin?

In preparation for this year of coming full circle, this coming month, December 2017, is going to be one of the most amazing portals of letting go, casting off, and releasing that I have ever witnessed in this life.  The energies are ripe the way a fruit ready to fall from the tree is ripe.  We don’t even have to do anything to make these releases happen.  We just have to be able to make peace with all the fallen fruit, and trust the seeds within them will bring new beginnings.  And, if the energies feel peak for it for you individually, maybe even drink some honey wine and crawl beneath the tree of what you want most, and roll around in the fallen fruit.  Let it coat your body and feed you through your skin.  Nothing is truly lost, and it was time for that fruit to fall.  It’s okay if you can’t eat it all, or don’t want to.  It’s okay if your desires have changed, or if you don’t know what the new ones are.  Don’t worry about waste…nothing is wasted.  The old fruit lived a full life and informs the new seed.  It lives on in a new and even more pure and elegant expression of its essence.  Like you and I.

So cast off…cast off your inhibitions and the things you don’t love anymore.  Take the risk of unburdening yourself in whatever possible ways you can.  Clear out your garage or do that releasing ritual from your last relationship you know you so much need to do. Buy new sheets or a new piece of clothing or whatever you know it’s really time to refresh.  But, whatever else you do, donate, recycle, or throw away every possible item that weighs you down and holds you back.  Burn some things if needed.  Just get the layer of dust off of your life and your heart and get ready to shake the fuck free.  It’s time for your spine to move again, your lungs to fill again, and for life force to flow through you like music.

Again, because it matters so much, light a fire inside.  Light a fire and let things burn.  You know just what to put there…you know just what to set aflame and how to burst with light when you are freed from it.  And when you follow the first inkling about what to purge or cleanse, something else will reveal itself to you.  Follow the trail of release that opens up…one breadcrumb after another you will be guided…

All of this shedding and releasing in December will prepare you for 2018, the year of coming full circle.  And it’s not just one circle in your life that will come to completion this year, it is many at once.  It will be like a textured and orchestrated piece of music that is just about to come to one bright, blessed, consummatory note of resolve.

And then you will take such a sweet, deep breath, and start anew…

And this time you will start the dance with a different consciousness.  You won’t have the heavy bags you tried to dance with before, but you will keep the beautiful and weightless gifts of what they taught you.  This coming full circle is about one thing most of all: freedom.

So, look for new blossoms and new stirrings under frozen ground, and most of all: forget the rules. Forget the rules in your heart. 

Forget the rules that you bound it with…trying only to protect it.  The heart will show you its own organic, ever-shifting boundaries, and their sacredness.  But the rules that constrain you, and trap you in the fears of yesterday…love them, hug them goodbye, and when you are ready throw them right in the fire.  Make sparks, make wildfires, make moonfires and bloodfires and new universes with your awakening luminosity.  Shine all the rest away.

So, shed your skin bright one…slither and shimmy until the restrictive layer on your being and your life comes loose and slides off of you.  Let go of the people, places, projects, possessions, activities and influences that are making your wings heavy.  It’s all coming full circle again, and for the first time in many years you will feel the liberation of being so deeply complete, and a new chance at spilling into a sparkling, radical new life…

Just lay, soft, under the tree of your desires and let the old ones fall.  You don’t have to grab any of them.  Let them tell you secrets as you sleep there, and give you new dreams.  You will be shown the new way.  It will wake you from your slumber in a love so great it pounds in your heart and ripples out from your soul…and a sky of new stars will open itself to you, all yours for all time…



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