The Breakthrough ~ An Oracle’s Prophecy

by Jennifer on October 6, 2014

Jennifer Luna Posada, October, 2014

hughes_e7Remember that time when the earth cracked beneath your feet, and you might have been excited except that you were so terrified…and you ran?  Remember where you set up camp instead?  Somewhere far away from cracks and rivers and wildfires?  Somewhere hidden that made your back bend and soul ache?  Well, the time is coming again.  The cracks will find you, and this time you will fall right through…and it will be the best thing that could ever have happened to you…

We are in the midst of three doorways…the first was the recent equinox, and the second two are the eclipses, one the day this is being sent out on October 8th, and the second on October 23rd, 2014.  The first is a total lunar eclipse, the second a partial solar eclipse.  These three doorways lead to a powerful new time in our lives and the world, and it all begins by falling through the cracks…it all begins with our breakthrough…

I know there is a part of you, maybe it even feels like every bit of you, that has been waiting for a certain kind of breakthrough for such a very long time.  Perhaps so long that it is tight in your throat or your heart just thinking of it, or such a long time that you have numbed yourself to its ache.  Perhaps you have lost hope.  Or perhaps the hope of it consumes your days.  Perhaps you have told yourself that this wish doesn’t matter anymore…that the place you found away from the cracks and the rivers and the wildfires is good enough.

By now you probably know, deep in your very bones, that breakthroughs are often brought on by breakdowns.  Falling through the cracks, the thing we have all tried to avoid with all of our energy for our entire lives, requires falling.  Like falling in love does, too.  It requires losing your bearings and starting over.  But so many of us feel we’ve had all the breakdowns and not enough of the breakthroughs…

So that’s exactly why I have written this message about these approaching breakthroughs…because as a result of these three transformational doorways (the equinox and eclipses) this coming season and the year to follow are going to be filled with them, and we need to know how to recognize them and embrace them, to let them change the face of our lives…and the world, in the most beautiful imaginable ways.

I bet you’ve imagined meeting your long-lost breakthroughs.  You’ve seen the deep recognition and the tears of joy.  So you already know that is one way some of them might be when they finally come.  Like the veil being gently pulled away, and a crisp new vision opening before you.  Like water quenching the dry places in your heart.  Like honey rolling down your skin, covering you in the warm shade of sweet.

Yes, those breakthroughs are coming, but there are others.  Others with sometimes even sweeter fruits that I wouldn’t want you to miss out on, or to not be able to decipher because it speaks in a long-lost, ancient language.  This ancient language is spoken by the type of breakthrough you won’t recognize right away.  The one that looks like anything but what you asked for.  The one that makes you feel sure that you will never get anywhere, and that no one, not even the universe, loves you.  The one that makes you feel alone, or ashamed.  I am speaking of the fruits that come in the night, the ones with dark outer petals or hard husks, the ones that haven’t revealed their beauty yet.  The ones that will only reveal their beauty if you take a bite…anyway.

The ones that have the deepest medicine for your soul, and taste like nothing you have ever eaten before.  They are the dismissed, the discarded, the forgotten.  These night fruits…so rich with answers and light…hold the unknowing that contains all knowing.  While it is common spiritual knowledge that hard times can bear beautiful gifts, and while breakthroughs can happen at any time, this fall (spring in the Southern Hemisphere), and the year 2015 will do for breakthroughs what a meteor shower does for shooting stars.  And this triple gateway of the equinox and the two eclipses is the entry point.

So how to be in the position to best watch the night sky light up with stars, so to speak?  How to best take advantage of this time?  First, look at the thing that is in your life that is the most difficult, and know that by going through it you are letting the earth crack beneath you, and if you can, even for the briefest of moments, trust this fall, you are taking a bite of that night fruit, and beginning to replenish yourself body, mind and soul.  The idea is to take as many bites as you can.  You will get stronger, more whole and more radiant as you do, and your life will begin to align around that new energy.

For these past six months, as I wrote about in my past prophecy message, have been a time of making contact with our most primal energy…even if just brushing with it at first, and even if it was or is scary to make this contact in the beginning.  Returning to this essential regenerative power at this time is crucial.  For it leads us, as the serpent led Eve, to that night fruit…yet another forbidden fruit we have been scared away from but which has the most power.  And it is our power.  Our pure, true, good power.  And it is our fruit, and our serpent energy, and our tree, and our garden, and our world within.  And it is time to be able to reclaim it all, beginning with the whisper of serpents, and the widening of cracks, and the surrender of falling.

Where does it hurt right now?  That’s where your breakthrough is coming.  That is where poison is being pushed out, and fresh clean blood is beginning to course through.  That is the place of most healing and beauty, and the place where the new goodness will ultimately enter into your life.  The places that hurt, if we sometimes don’t run away from them, (you will know more easily when to run and when not to when you listen now), will lead us to the places of our greatest dreams, but we have to take the untaken path.  The path that requires the most courage and faith.  The path that tells you everything is perfect, right now…that everything is perfect, even as you dream of something different on the next page…

You may think your future is like your past, or like the most likely path that would unfold from where you are now.  But the future is magic.  Your future is magic.  And it starts with the magic present.  We have been separated, for ages, from the moment, from our bodies, from ourselves and each other.  That changes now.  You will eat from the tree of knowing, and as you experience these breakthroughs, begin to recognize your true power as never before…

And then the garden is lit with gold, and the dark spots don’t scare you anymore, or when they do you aren’t ashamed of your fear, but walk in the night like an animal that knows it’s home.

Think of the top few things in your life that are causing you struggle.  Know that whether you choose to dive into them further or walk away from them when you are finally ready, what follows these painful episodes is going to be clarity, beauty, revelation.  You are going to become more real, and it is going to be divine.

You will finally reach the crossroads, one of the ones you always thought was coming up and deliberated about which way you would go when you arrived at it.  But by the time you get there, you won’t even need to hold up your lantern unless it is to admire the moment, because you will know that the right path is whichever one you take.  And you will pick the one that makes you feel cracks, and rivers and wildfires.

And the world will open up…

Love You,

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Kat November 3, 2014 at 8:53 am

Yep… this is spot-on. I just fell thru a big crack last week that I didn’t see coming. I am very much in the dark right now, waiting for my night vision and other senses (or dawn) to come, but all signs point to “don’t rush it”. The sensations are very different to me. Am feeling profound gratitude for the many friends who “have” me. I feel safe and afraid at the same time, like a spelunker radioing back to the surface what is down here..


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