Becoming the Sexual Priestess

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Dover+Orientalist+paintingFriday, April 12th, 2014

I am a Nymph.

I am not wholly happy unless I am often enough by the ocean, skipping bare-footed from stone to stone, laying back into the hush of moss, bathing under the moon.  I am not in touch with the utter wholeness of my being if I am not feeling my sexual energy, life force, and setting it free to rush through me like lightning on a summer night, or a healing wild fire, or a soft, rushing, warm river to the sea.  If it doesn’t flow through me unbidden like the ocean, I am not truly free.

I am a Nymph.  But I am not the only one.

You are a Nymph too.

This is what the Sacredly Sexual Priestesses, who once were the world’s spiritual leaders, and carriers of the lineage of the wisdom of the Nymphs, existed to remind us of.  This was their work.  This was their play.  This was their breath, and their pulse, and the only way they knew, or could ever truly know.  The way of the body.  The way of knowing.  The way of bliss.

This was their love…and this is what they taught, and what they shared.  While they lived and gave what they did, no one could forget that each of us is love, no one could forget their own power or their beauty.  The world is ready to once again remember this, and the Sexual Priestesses will be the ones to return and remind us.  For we are all Nymphs, deep inside.  We are all animals, waiting to be returned to our deep, powerful, all-knowing animal nature.  Waiting to be returned to our holy instinct, heavenly and pure, and so belovedly earthly too.  Finally, the return…to body and spirit as one.  To sexuality and spirituality as one.

I tried to write this earlier today.  I had the perfect window of time and I tried, though gently, to press myself into it.  But it wasn’t a right fit at all, and I soon railed against it like a bird beats its wings on the bars of a cage.  Like a wildcat paces in captivity, I was soon filled with the growing madness of wanting to run free.  The only difference between me and most other people, is that I knew what was happening, and I took care of my animal body and my wild soul.  I went to the ocean.  I went to the shimmering waver of seaweed under clear waves, where there is no language, and I came back feeling whole.

It doesn’t always work so smoothly.  On a cold winter day I might have to free my wild soul another way.  And some days almost nothing works.  But I don’t give up.  I am a Sexual Priestess.  I know the sacred path, and I know you can walk it here, now on this earth.  Oh yes, I miss the temples, and that special kind of sisterhood and brotherhood, and some of the specific practices.  But all of that is returning in new ways.  And it is people like me, and you if you will join me, who will bring it all back.

The world needs guides.  As I have explained in my past two writings in this series, we all have a Sexual Priestess within us, no matter where we are on the spectrum of gender.  Absolutely anyone can take what I express in these writings and be inspired by them and begin to implement what I share.  Yes, I believe that it is the women and those on the female side of the gender spectrum who will most embody this Priestesshood again, and model if for the world.  I believe women carry the healing balm needed most in the world right now, and that it will bring out the golden honey of truth and love from all others when we begin to radiate our power and deep knowing.

I know why we hid it in the first place.  It was literally brutalized underground.  But the groundswell is coming, for it only made us ultimately more powerful.  All of us.  There was great wisdom in what I call in my book, The Oracle Within, “The Great Forgetting”.  Great wisdom that will only reveal itself fully with the unfolding of “The Great Remembering” that has just barely, finally begun…

This is why I have dedicated my project, The Orgasmic Woman Project, to rediscovering The Sexual Priestess within and bringing her back into the light of the world.  Not just because the world needs her…because you need her.  Like you need oxygen.  She is the missing breath.  The one you can’t quite breathe, that makes your life not quite fully lived…


And that is also why I am sharing this writing today.  I want to give you the first three steps to rediscovering The Sexual Priestess within you, the very foundation, so you can start to bring her back into your life today, right now…

While there were countless traditions of the Nymphs and Sacredly Sexual Priestesses, (also known as Sacred Prostitutes) around the world and throughout time, there are some essential practices they all have in common…the crucial bedrock and heart of them all…

1.  Reconnect to pleasure

I mean really feel it.  Unapologetically.  And really seek it.  And really allow yourself to feel worthy of it, and as if it is a non-negotiable, as if it is a birthright…because it is.  It is the serum, and the bloodline.  It is the hidden door.  It is the path and the passage.  It is the wild freedom you crave.  It is saying yes to finally walking through the land of punishment and denial, the ruins of your past pains, and yes…perhaps crying…but walking onward through them anyway with the faith, sometimes almost spent to nothing, that something else is waiting for you.  It isn’t just about meditation, or ecstatic visions, or something you find after twenty years of hard work overcoming your humanness while sitting in a cave and relinquishing all desires.  It is rose buds, and laughter with someone you love, and soft skin to skin, and baby lambs in the spring, and warm fires, and cookies and good books and long sighs and deep cries and full moons and breakthroughs and heartaches and new hope and sunsets and starting over and starlight.  It is the thousand moments that might capture your heart in a day if you broke open, and let pleasure back in.

I know you have to essentially go through the fires of hell to get to the place where you can allow yourself to feel the deepest pleasures sometimes, but that is only because you have been hurt, in this life and before, and you have to be able to re-visit those fears in some way to disempower them and reclaim your flaming heart.

To be clear there are just a few steps:

a.  Find the pleasure in your life, (even if it just feels like a mere contentment once a day when you drink your afternoon tea…start anywhere you can.)

b.  Let yourself really feel the pleasure when it happens.  Focus on it.

c.  Repeat.  Notice other pleasurable moments.  Try to have more of them.

When they lead to through challenging lands, let them.  And let the growing healing balm of the pleasure you have been charging yourself with help carry you through.

2.  Reconnect with your body

Reconnecting with pleasure will help you do this.  Because when you feel any kind of pleasure it is registered in the body, (not just obvious pleasures like sexual experiences, but even the pleasure of reading a good book translates to the body.)  When it is a pleasure to be in your body, it is easier to love your body naturally.  If you have been in pain for a long time, think of your first movements toward pleasure as tiny sips of water after having been in the desert for a long time, or tiny sips of air after holding your breath under water so very long.  They will grow.  And if at first you have a hard time finding pleasure at all, start with relief.  Start with the things that give you even the slightest relief…like a warm bath, soaking your feet, or cuddling into soft pillows.  Laying down.  Not pushing yourself.  Crying.

Welcoming the animal of your body truly back into your life is a radical and beautiful process.  It requires the willingness to meet it slowly, like any animal that needs your love to heal, and grow strong again.

And then, or now if you already have a strong relationship with pleasure and your body, it takes the courageous step of putting your body first, as often as you possibly can.  That’s when your animal body, your Nymph-self, starts leading your life.  And that’s when the miracles truly begin.  Yes, she will take you places you never imagined, and are currently afraid to go, but she will also take you all the places you haven’t even dreamed of going yet, and want with your whole soul’s thirst.

3.  Reconnect with the earth

When you can let pleasure move through your animal body and be led by this, as the voice of the whole of your experience and beauty, you need just one more thing…to be able to be in the flow of earth energy too.  If you restrict your connection to the life force of the earth and nature, you limit the amount of support you have, and the strength of the connection you feel to all life.  To be The Sexual Priestess you are within, you will need that current running through you at all times.  It will keep you centered, and your life force will never diminish.  It is pure nourishment, and like connecting with pleasure or the body, it is not a one time event but a practice…something you return to again and again.  Something you let yourself feel.  Something you creatively seek and interact with, continuously.

Some days you might connect to this energy as one might imagine…standing barefoot on the earth or spending some time watching the ocean waves or walking in the woods.  But sometimes you might connect with this energy (as well as pleasure and your body) through dance, connecting with your animal friends, or in countless other ways.

You see, these three energies work in perfect synergy.  We just want to be open to each, and if we can even get the door to them open a bit, so long as we continue to listen at that opening, it will open more and more until the great convergence within happens, and we re-awaken to the infinite wisdom, power and beauty waiting inside of us.  And not just once, but over and over and over again in growing waves.  Like an orgasm.

When you are aligned enough with these energies, and you know this because you can feel inside that you are ready, your work as a Sexual Priestess is simply the overflow of that knowing, beauty, wisdom and joy.  Yes, many of us will feel very specifically directed about how we share it, and will want to share it with others through sexuality as the Priestesses and Nymphs did, each in their own special way.  And, like them you will find your special way.

You will decide who you want to share this with, and how.

To learn about specific sexuality practices of the Sexual Priestesses and much more, join The Orgasmic Woman Project, or stay tuned to my future writings and videos here.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss this movement.  It is yours.  It’s liberation time.  And it will find you in whatever ways you most need it to.  It is a date with destiny.  It is a date with your deepest self.  A date with Love.  And the greatest date you’ll ever keep…

Love You, Always,


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