Better than Heaven

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Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

There are moments in moist love when heaven is jealous of what we on earth can do.


I have been asked so many times in my years of teaching why I love being here on earth and in a body, and there are multiple reasons but the heart of the answer is: because I am a nymph.

Despite all the pain and struggle of living in this world at this time, and of having a human body, the magic of it has never escaped me at the very same time.  I know the secrets that the nymphs knew: that there was never so rare a gift as this.

Never so rare a gift as being embodied.

I know we have mostly forgotten this gift, because it has stopped feeling like one…because it seems unlikely, unobtainable or dangerous to feel pleasure.  And pleasure was how we knew.  

But we can remember, for we need to restore this inner guiding light now more than ever to return to our most profound intuition, our most powerful soul gifts, and become the medicine most needed for our own lives and, as a ripple effect, the world.  The path from pain back to pleasure, and the ability to move between them, is only for the brave.  But it is we who are brave enough to travel that path that will restore the heavenly to the earth.  And the nymphs can remind us of the way…

For the nymphs earth was a more beautiful place than heaven.

Let’s begin with the simplest of notions that changes everything.  Nymphs could live by what felt good.  They could respond to all situations with whatever felt most right to them.  They could lean in to what felt good, and pull back from what did not.  In fact, they were so powerful that what did not feel good could not even enter their energy fields simply because it didn’t resonate.  I do understand that we do not live that way now, but knowing this information gives us the map to return more to this most enchanted and natural way of being.

Nymphs were magical creatures who were far more powerful than the watered down descriptions of them in myths, and even more so than I will be able to describe in words at all.  They were omnipotent and omnipresent.  They were some of the most enlightened beings I have ever encountered in any world (and I visit so many.)  And they established and maintained this enlightenment through their connection with nature, their bodies, and each other.

They lived solely in nature, and in states of ecstasy we would equate with varying levels of orgasm all the time.  The fact that their bodies could experience pleasure and connection with nature was the height of their path of illumination.  They loved caves and springs, because they loved going into the earth mother and they loved what came out of the earth mother.  They were the original oracles and the original sexual priestesses, and while their legacy is mostly unknown, it lives on in us today.  And because I remember it, it is part of my life mission to bring it back into our conscious memory when we need it most.

I know…sometimes the weight of the pain and the stress and the trauma of the world and one’s own life can be so overwhelming that even the thought of pleasure or returning to experiencing more of it may hurt.  What I am suggesting or offering is not some flip over into some unreachable-seeming life of ecstasy…what I am here to help provide is a path of tiny steps out of hell, and to a beautiful realm that is our birthright.

And even more than that…a validation of the hell you’ve been through and may be going through even right now.  A recognition of your incredible bravery, and an acknowledgement that you have brought or will bring gifts back from that hell you endured.  Gifts that are the true reason you went.  You did alchemy and transformation there that you bring back now as the antidote to the void of love, and goodness and empathy that is happening in so many hearts and in the world.

We can restore magic and goodness and what we do, feel, and experience matters.

Our pleasure and being able to experience it is not selfish, it is what restores our magical abilities so that we can have the ideas, energy, insight, imagination, clarity, courage and skill to make any and all difference in this world that we want to.  Being able to sense what feels good and what does not allows us to recover our inner knowing and gifts, and returning to it will heal us. 

To make this shift in our lives we have to re-learn what was once innate in us, before we were trained to ignore it, and we must then reorient around our original design, and reclaim our essential life force.  I am very aware that even once we know what feels right and does not, what feels good and does not, as the world and our lives are set up now we can’t always make choices according to that information.  But trust me, having that information at all is the first step.  If we know, for instance, that what would really feel perfect would be to have time to write or sit in the woods but we have work to do, we will have the clarity to seek a moment out for that and we will recover the drive to do so. 

Then we will start to hear more inner direction because we paid attention to the first guidance, and begin to build the magnetism to support making it happen.

What I am calling the “baby steps” are actually the core of returning to your inner nymph, returning to your magic, and healing your life. 

(for more information about these steps see my online nymph courses here)

And then there is moist love.

Moist love is not a little step. 

Moist love is the most secret, and nearly lost, of all the alchemies.  Moist love is the experience of awakening, healing, potency, transformation, and restoration so profound that it was most driven underground and made most unsafe.  It had to be for any other way, practice, religion, or source of control to survive and thrive because nothing else can ever compare to its power.

Nothing else can ever compare to its ability to return us to our true nature, reveal what is untrue and allow us to shed it, open us to insight, and beauty, and goodness, and connect us most powerfully with our inner guidance and deepest gifts that it is a joy for us to share and live from.

Moist love is the reminder of who we really are and what we really deserve.

Moist love may be sexual.  It might be something we experience with a lover or lovers, or ourselves.  It may be feeling the soft damp moss of spring, or the bright wet leaves of fall.  Or it may be another kind of experience of love and touch, like the warm cheek of a baby on your chest.  While for the nymphs the path of most radical liberation did involve sexuality, what matters most is not which activity you are involved in but whether you can allow yourself to feel it, whether you can allow yourself to only engage if it feels right, and whether you can open to it when it does at ever-increasing levels that allow in the more and more profound nourishment we so incredibly need.

The reason why we have to be so courageous to return to deeper levels of moist love is that to do so we have to be willing to go through everything that scared us away from it in order to get back to it.  But here too there are baby steps, and with each one we take we are lighter, and freer and more healed…the very things we most want to feel and be.  So therefore even the treacherous path is nothing but an incredibly precise, shockingly beautiful and perfect gift.  That very path through the underworld leads to the caves of the nymphs…leads us to healing and freedom.

It takes such courage, too, to simply open ourselves to the possibility of that healing and beauty flowing into our lives.  To discover the spring of the nymphs within, and gently turn our head in that direction.  To gingerly lean down and cup a handful of that most needed nourishment, and bring it to our lips.  It is not that one act, but the daily return to that sustenance that begins to shift the tide of our lives, and of the world, in ways we can barely imagine now, but which we once knew, deep in our bodies as we lay in the dappled light beneath laurel trees, reveling in moist love.

It was once the answer, and the key; the doorway and the passage; the only guide we needed, the communion that we sought, and the way home.  We can find our way back to this way of being, touch our fingertips to the honey of life, and remember why for the nymphs this was better than heaven.  We can find joy, love, goodness and healing in the rest of the days of our lives here, and bring more to all that we touch.  We can remember why we came here, and what we are most meant to do.  We can restore our aching bodies and hearts.  We can help the world remember itself, by knowing ourselves most deeply.  We can return to what is good, and whole, and sustaining.  We can grasp this magical moment to experience what is most precious about being here and in a body, and as a ripple effect bless and inform the entirety of beingness. 

There is a power in you, even richer than you knew before.  All you have to do is light the first light.  Then you will be shown the next.  Then you will take the path with no name, the path of moist love, that will take you home.



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